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Found 6 results

  1. cadroved18

    Tiny black/brown worms in tank

    I am pretty new to this. my tank in cycled ammonia, Nitrite, 0. and Nitrate 1-5. I had tiny black worms in my tank, they looked as if they were just sitting on the sand maybe dead. They were a bit thick and only about a 1/4 long. I am not sure what they were I just vacuumed them all out so I dont have a picture. Any idea what they are?
  2. TL;DR Two of my six year old fish suddenly died a week apart for no apparent reason in my three year old reef tank but all of my snails, crabs, and corals are fine. So I have a Nuvo Fusion 40 that has been running for almost three years now. The tank’s inhabitants include astrea snails, banded trochus snails, blue leg hermits, a scarlet skunk shrimp, a royal gramma, and a snowflake clown fish. About a month ago I added a total of eight frags of LPS and SPS to a frag rack on the left wall of my tank to acclimate them slowly. I did dip them all in Coral RX Pro (and then in a cup of tank water to remove any dip residual) prior to adding. I don’t know if its worth mentioning, but it would appear that some small brittle starfish made it with the coral, as I’ve noticed a number of brittle starfish peaking out from within my live rock that I defiantly did not have before. I also added a pajama cardinal that appeared healthy and ate regularly. Two weeks ago I noticed that my royal gramma did something very odd. For the last three years my RG slept between two pieces of live rock in the back left of the tank. The clown fish for the last three years slept near the RG behind the rock structure but more near the center of the water column. Always. Two weeks ago however, the RG burrowed out a little hole in the sand underneath an overhang of live rock at the front of the tank. The RG subsequently slept there every night since. A week ago (01/18/20) I found the RG dead and being eaten by my hermit crabs in the corner of the tank. Additionally, the pajama cardinal suddenly disappeared. I checked the rear compartments of my tank, the surrounding floor and all over my display area to no avail. For the last week (after the RG died) the clown fish suddenly started sleeping in the RG’s new sleeping spot at the front of the tank. This morning I saw my clown fish looking perfectly normal before I left for work. When I got home today, about eight hours later, my clown fish was dead on the floor of the tank with hermit crabs crawling over him. He looked freshly dead when I removed him, with no bite marks. I checked the clown fish and I did not observe any signs of sickness or damage that would lead me to believe the fish had died by a physical attack or obvious disease. Additionally, my parameters have been pretty stable- aside from an algae outbreak I’ve been dealing with (only by scrubbing/blowing off the rocks each week with a water change- I never use any chemicals). My parameters have been pretty stable overtime, and my current numbers are as follows: Magnesium: 1360 Calcium: 440 Alkalinity: 8.79 PH: 8.28 Temp: 77.8 Salinity: 34 ORP: 260 (which is normal for my tank) Ammonia: - Nitrate: - It should be noted that my PH/Temp/Salinity/ORP is monitored/measured by an Apex system, my Mag/Calc is measured with a Red Sea Pro kit, and my Alk is measured with a Hannah checker. I also have a Aquamax HOB-1 protein skimmer thats been running on the tank since it was started. As for ammonia and nitrate, I unfortunately ran out last week and have two kits on order; but I sincerely doubt I currently have a dangerous amount of either as I do regular 30% water changes every two weeks (and even did a water change four days ago). I also have a bag of Chemipure Elite and a premade bag of purigen in a rear chamber of my tank (which are the only two things I've ever used). I never use any candles or sprays near the tank, and I only ever wipe down the tank glass with RODI water and a clean paper towel. The tank is also next to a rear glass slider (which has a screen door), so periodically it gets fresh air from outside as it has for the last few years (nothing new). I am currently baffled as to what has caused two very hearty fish I’ve had for six years to suddenly die a week apart for no apparent reason (and a third new fish to disappear). Especially when all of my hermit crabs, shrimp, snails, and corals appear perfectly fine. My inverts and roaming around the tank doing their thing and my corals are open, colored, and appear happy. The only possible thing I can think of is there is some sort of predator I've missed that caused my royal gramma to suddenly change its sleeping spot and then make the clown fish change too- but I have no idea what on earth that could be. I've seen no such animal and I've heard no weird clicking noises. Has anyone been through something similar or have any ideas as to what on earth could be the cause? I tried my best to answer any situational questions but please feel free to ask if there's a detail I missed.
  3. I bought a tiger pistol shrimp and I can’t tell if he is dead or not. I acclimated the shrimp for 3 hours and followed all the necessary steps. My PH is at 8, nitrate 0 and ammonia at 0. The shrimp was perfectly fine all day but it got scared and went on it’s side. He seems to occasionally move his underside but I can’t tell if his dead or alive.
  4. Hannahhhh

    Is my coral happy?

    I just got my first coral, it’s spotted mushroom from live aquaria. I’ve read their instructions on placement and water flow, but I’m wondering, how do I know if these corals are happy/doing well? How do I know if I should move them to a different place in the tank?
  5. hawkingcolorado

    Cant setup Nanobox light

    Bluefish app will not configure light . Just keeps spinning and times out with error. I saw Dave mention the 2.4 ghz router thing but my comcast router has not such 5 or 2.4 choice on it. Light is a paperweight right now
  6. If anyone is currently using a coralife biocube 32 with the InTank media rack and the InTank floss could you please help me out.... I am having some odd issues that they have never encountered and I wanted to see if anything similar is happening to you guys... Must be the 32 biocube, InTank media rack and InTank (white and blue) floss.... this has me and them stumped... lol
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