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Found 3 results

  1. After about 6 months without a box of ocean in my life, I'm back in the hobby. We moved in October 2021 and at the time, I was on tank burnout. I felt overwhelmed and had lost the love. The only problem was that reefing in my small town was almost non-existent and those who were in the hobby didn't have the $$ to take my whole setup. Thankfully, a reefing friend said that he'd keep my tank happy and healthy until I was able to sell it or decided to pick it up. Fast forward to about a month ago when I finally had an interested buyer for my 40 breeder. Here's a pic 👇🏼 I kept having second thoughts about selling but I knew that the buyer had a lot of experience and a thriving reef at home. Now on to the reason for this thread!! Little reminders of the hobby were popping up all over my social media and I realized a couple weeks ago that I needed this hobby in my life. Facebook Marketplace found me a great deal on a Coralife Biocube 16 LED and I jumped at the chance. My plan is to keep it simple. Right now, the only upgrade has been a Sicce Syncra Silent 1.5 in the return chamber. I haven't decided on what to do for the middle chamber, maybe a mini refugium? LFS water and rock has been in the tank since April 22nd. I will be continuing to use their water for my weekly water change as they use Fritz Pro (blue box) and it was very successful with my last tank. Also, I didn't want to get another RO/DI unit and make water because that is where my burnout started. My aquascape is a work in progress but is really growing on me. The rock is live and was cured and cycled by my LFS. I'll be going bare bottom for this build because I hated the sand in my last tank. April 22nd: Last week, I added a Hygger wave maker to give a bit more flow and I'm pretty impressed with this little thing. On May 1st I added a Tail Spot Blenny, one of my most favorite nano fish, and an acan frag. Here's the TSB in his hidey hole. The acan was more pink and peach at the LFS but it has a golden look to it in the white light and a reddish look under the blue spectrum. Thanks for checking out my new thread ☺️ Happy reefing🏼✌️
  2. Hannahhhh

    Is my coral happy?

    I just got my first coral, it’s spotted mushroom from live aquaria. I’ve read their instructions on placement and water flow, but I’m wondering, how do I know if these corals are happy/doing well? How do I know if I should move them to a different place in the tank?
  3. Hey! l have had an ORA Wall Pink Hammer Coral for a couple weeks now and I have had it in two locations: on top of rock work with more flow and now I have the hammer on the bottom of tank with low flow. l am new to reefing in general and do not know how to tell if my coral is happy and healthy, since every coral is different. Some of the smaller tentacles on my hammer have small curls in them and l am just concerned. Also, the hammer coral’s tenticles look spread out instead of compact like other hammer’s l have seen. Please give me some feedback. The hammer comes out everyday and never stays retracted, which makes me feel he is just fine! l will be upgrading to a Kessil 160w light eventually. Thanks!! For my tank details: - 20 gallon - Dual Marineland biowheel filter - 500 GPH power head - Clownfish, damsel, chromi fish - Frogspawn and Zoa Coral - Live sand - 2 Marineland LED Lights Tank was established and cycled until levels were at zero before adding anything. Cycling took 21 days before anything was added. l cycled with the product Stability and my water is tested every day. Water temp is kept at 74 with salinity of .022. The tank has been up for almost two months now.
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