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Found 5 results

  1. TimeOrMoney

    Sea of Stars

    FTS: Start and post date 9/5/2021 Hello all. I used to frequent these halls years ago. At some point Ill put a link in here to my old aquarium, but I dont even recall what name I used. Nothing special, but definitely put a lot of time and care into it. Update, found it: Well..my floor is wet again after years off. This time I'm going simple. The scape is 2 rocks....and that's it... The plan is to have a Euphyllia rock, and a star polyp rock. The GSP rock has some pretty large holes for a blenny or more to peak out from. I may get a couple firefish, but not sure yet. Equipment is also simple: - NUVO AIO 20 (not peninsula) - Eheim 75 - stock pump (may change..need to find source of vibration) - MP10W that still works! - In Tank floss holder - Kessil A150W Ocean Blue This tank will be called Sea of Stars, named for the GSP, but also after some lyrics from a band called Lord Huron. FTS will be updated.
  2. After starting my membership here with a strong showing, and for my own educational purposes and record, I guess I’ll start a journal. Seems like a good place to keep a list of ideas and tips to help me on this journey! Tank: Fluval Evo XII 13.5 gallon started 1/21/2019 Equipment: Fluval spec return pump 132gph Fluval sea mini protein skimmer 5-10gallon Fluval 50W heater In Tank Chamber 1 media basket Current Orbit Marine LED light w bracket arm Current Orbit Eflux Wave pump 660gph (along w their hubs) IM mesh screen Media: Fluval bio rings (bottom level of media basket) Fluval 100gm carbon (bottom level media basket) Fluval clearmax (middle level media basket) IM filter floss (top level media basket) Stock: 14lbs live rock ? Lbs of life sand Black oscellaris clown True percula clown Blue spotted goby watchman Red banded snapping shrimp Scarlet shrimp Trochus snails x4 Dwarf red hermit crabs x 10 Star polyp x 2 (one split into two sections thanks to hermits, so there’s three-ish) Palys x 2: both protopalythoa Hairy mushroom x3 (all on one big rock) Hammer x 1 Zoa x1 Now obviously I didn’t start with all of this at once. We started with three clowns in fact- two percula and the oscellaris, but the two bigger fish kept trying to kill the smaller so I took the small guy back to save him from certain death within a week. Following that, the black was named Jolly Roger and the percula Jack Sparrow. (What can I say- this tank is “supposed” to be owned by my soon to be 9 year old who LOVES POTC, but secretly, it’s mine 😁) We started with two trochus and five hermits, but I doubled that for more cleaning power after about two and a half weeks. Those guys don’t get names. We added the goby and his “pal” Jan 22, but they NEVER hang with each other and in fact I’m not sure they know the other exists anymore. The goby was named J Edgar Hoover because he is always watching us with disapproval from across the room and follows us around the tank with his permanent frown. The pistol shrimp was named Snappy because well..... 🤷🏻‍♀️ We added the scarlet shrimp a week ago, and he’s quite the personality. We call him the Red Baron. We started the tank with a zoa and the little star polyp that the herms split in two. We next added the protopalys. Added the hammer today, with some drama due to the LFS lady who evidently thinks I’m out to kill everything in my tank 🤦🏽‍♀️. That’s it for this tank in a nutshell.
  3. Nano gut


    Basically, it’s been around six months of my tank being set up, I’ve slowly added two Zoanthids and green star polyps. I would like to add a few more corals that are easier to look after and don’t require much maintenance but I would also like them to be colourful and aren’t too big. Any suggestions?
  4. Hello everyone! I am new to reef keeping and could use a lil help please. Currently experiencing an problem with my GSP I got this nice size mat from a reputable fish store and it looked amazing in their tank it was an electric bright green very healthy lots of polyps when I purchased it. Its only been about two weeks and the polyps have never open since I added them to my tank. Now I do understand it take time for GSP to open but I can tell something is wrong with this coral. I dip the GSP in ReVine coral dip before adding it to the tank. Now the purple mat appears to be disintegrating right before my eyes exposing the inner green body of the polyps on some of the mat. There are other parts of the mat the look normal but are still closed up tightly. I have pristine water conditions as I run my system very clean maybe a lil to clean I’ve been told I could possibly not have enough nutrients in my tank for this coral to thrive. This system had fish at the very beginning however, I had to remove them from the main display into quarantine because they were ill. The main display has been without fish for several weeks almost a month now so I’m not sure if this could be my problem. I have done water changes as normal and all my parameters seem to be in range. I recently added 1 new snowflake clown fish to my system yesterday hoping this would help add nutrients to my system since the other fish are still ill and I don’t want to add them back to my main display yet. I do target feed my corals with Reef Roids at least once a week. I have also tried to do a really good job at making sure I don’t have any bad hitchhikers in my tank. I dip all my corals and fish before they go into my main display and I have checked the tank with a flashlight after lights out to see if there’s anything going on and I see nothing. What else could I do to save this beautiful piece of GSP I paid a lot of money for it and don’t want it to continue dying. Please help!!! Water parameters: SG 1.025 PH 8.0 Amo 0 Alk 9.4 Mag 1290 usual at 1350 NO2 0 NO3 0 Cal 460 Phos 0 Tank Specs: 3 months old 30 Gallon long 12 total corals all doing well but the GSP 1 snowflake clown fish 2 PP4 wave makers very strong Great lighting set on a auto timer to ramp up and down throughout the day. Auto top off system Filtration rated for 150 gallon tank (Canister filter) no sump 😞 Refugium with chaeto growing inside of it
  5. Hi, Just a bit of advice please guys. So I have put in my first corals, got them last Saturday, drip acclimated and up until today both are still closed tight, LFS said they will be for up to 48hrs after adding to tank, have contacted them again as now on day 4, they tell me not to worry, are they right? Tank is a AquaOne Nano 35, running since Nov 17 with live rock, weekly 10ltr water changes. Current livestock, 1 x Blue Damsel, 1 Blue Leg Hermit, 3 Nassarius and 1 Cerith Snail. Water - 1.025 PH - 8.2 Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - <5 Any advice would be appreciate. Cheers
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