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Found 8 results

  1. ahouseofscales

    Scales' 10G Simple Nano Reef

    Hi all! I am finally starting my first personal saltwater tank! I have managed a saltwater culture lab for the past three years so I have experience but I have never personally kept marine species before. I am excited to get started! Below you'll find some info about my setup and species that I have been looking into. This tank is going to be a mix of a few different things but I'm confident that I can make it work! Please feel free to ask questions! Thanks! Setup: Standard 10 gallon tank 50W Aqueon Heater 10G Aqueon Silent Stream HOB Aquatop MaxFlow CPS-1 Powerhead 20" Finnex Planted+ 24/7 Aragonite Sand Live Rock RO/DI Water (AquaticLife RO Buddie+DI) Instant Ocean Salt Mix Aqueon Glass Lid Refractometer pH + TDS pen API liquid tests Params: 78F Temp 35 ppt Salinity 0 ppm Ammonia 0 ppm Nitrite 20 ppm Nitrate 8.2 pH 11 dKH Current Stock: Green Star Polyp Pulsing Xenia Palys Zoas Green Hairy Mushroom Green SPS Pink/Orange Rock Flower Anemone x1 Blue Leg Hermit Crab x2 Planned Stock: Percula/Ocellaris Clown x1 Shark Nose Goby x2 Peppermint/Cleaner Shrimp x2 Emerald Crab x1 Feather Dusters Macroalgae 7/7/21 Running with dechlorinated tap to test all equipment and settle out the silt from the aragonite. 7/17/21 Running with live rock and inverts!
  2. Layzie Chi Reefer

    Green AND Teal star polyp mixed frag?

    This is the second time I get a GSP frag. The first time I got it it didn't work for me it started growing and then it started melting away and never found out why. Everything else in my tank was thriving and I just thought I was one of those "lucky" people that gsp didn't take over anything lol. So I just got a new GSP frag about a month ago and it's been spreading very nicely. I just notice a couple days ago that its speading to the bottom of the rock where it's located but its a TEAL color. Its like its transforming itself going from bright Green to Teal. Has anyone else ever seen or experienced anything like this with GSP?
  3. Hi All, After some months of issues I finally got my tank back in decent order. I moved home from college 2 weeks ago and picked up some Green Star Polyp about 1.5 weeks ago. It opened completely about a week in, but recently only parts of it have been opening and I haven't been able to figure out why. Ph is around 8.2, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, and 0-5 nitrates. I understand the water here at home is different and dKh read about 6 which is low. Yesterday I started dosing to work back up but regardless the dKh has been around 6 since I've moved home so it doesn't seem to be the reason why they would suddenly not open all the way. Any ideas? I have some diatoms/dino's (don't know which) growing in the sand, is it possible its inhibiting the GSP from opening? I attached a picture of it fully opened Saturday, and then about half open today (which it has been the last few days). Thanks in advance, Chris
  4. AquaristShelle

    Growing Hole in GSP. What should I do?

    (Edited: the bristle worm is no longer living in the coral. The hole is my primary concern now. It appears to have grown over the 14 days I've had the coral, and the last two days the polyps have been tightly closed. The first photo is from day one, the second is from day 12.) I got my first coral, a quarter-sized GSP frag at a swap last week. It looks... okay. I didn't dip it before adding (I know, I know) and only about half to 1/3 of the polyps will extend. Upon getting the frag home, I immediately saw a bright orange bristle worm curl up inside the coral. There's a raw hole through the coral's purple 'flesh', and I don't know what to do. In the pictures (sorry they're so blurry!) you can see the orange worm hiding inside the hole, and then crawling across the GSP. Did the worm eat its way into the coral? I'm pretty confident this isn't a bearded fireworm so I'm leaning away from that idea. However, the hole looks like it's growing 😬 Did the coral start to die back first, and then the worm moved in? Is the worm irritating the coral, causing the polyps to stay closed? Making the hole bigger? Ultimately I wonder, should I remove the worm? Is my coral dying regardless of the worm? I'm also a complete novice when it comes to coral care, so maybe the GSP is just taking a long time to acclimate. My water is: 0,0,0, 80F, 1.025, 7-8dKh, calcium 480, mag 1320, and phosphate is undetectable with my API test. Any advice would be great! Thanks 🙂
  5. Chris O

    Green Star Polyp Recovery

    Hi all, I can't believe I managed to do this but I somehow seem to be killing Green Star Polyp. I have a 10g tank and I went away for a little over 2 weeks for Christmas. I knew this was going to be stressful on the tank so I did the best I could to prepare such as putting a glass tank top on it to slow evaporation and an automatic fish feeder. Despite the top, almost half the water had evaporate from the tank, but all fish and snails were fine. I added water over the course of a few days and did a 30% water change, I have also since added a torch coral and pistol shrimp. Everything seems to be doing well except the green star poly seems to be struggling to recover, if recovering at all. Any advice on speeding up the recovery? Attached are photos of the coral before I left and after I got back (clearly much smaller now). I also included a photo of water parameters. Salinity is around 1.023 and temperature is about 77. Thanks, Chris
  6. ihglifelol

    FREE GSP?!?!

    I was at my lfs and looked at the corals, i wantd 1 for my 1 gallon pico as the only coral in it, I wanted gsp but they didnt have it so i decided to buy a kenya tree coral, once getting larger, i frag it, put it in the pico, so i put the kenya tree in 1 of my other tanks, a 5 gallon. I looked at it and saw these tiny little guys. 😁. have a white center, is a pale green. did i get FREE gsp palys 😀
  7. Kinda sucks this is my first post on a forum I lurk almost daily on. but anyways, I noticed with my first 2 corals I have bought (a pulsing xenia & GSP) that one is doing great and the other looks like it's been receding. My xenia is growing and doing really nice so I wont talk about that one, but instead on my GSP. I know that you have to give a coral some time to acclimate to the tank and leave it alone. and afaik sometimes with GSP it can look pretty bad before bouncing back. well I decided to look at it more closely and i saw this white flatworm move in some of the crevices. I decided a freshwater dip would be best for about a minute, but besides the amphipods it didnt want to come off, I manually used my aquascaping tongs to reach into the coral and pull the flatworm out. well after putting the coral back into the tank, i must have agitated the flatworms, because i have pulled another two off the coral. tank specs to best of my knowledge size: 10g 2.5 months old 1.025 ppt salinity 0 ppm ammonia 0 ppm nitrite 0 ppm nitrate ~180 ppm kh 2 20" stingray LED on timer chaeto refugium AC 20 sponge filter 1 occ clown & TSB 3 electric blue hermits 1 trocus snail ~ the question is, can I have an ID on this flatworm? I searched online and this forum but cannot find anything that looks like it. And if anyone knows what it is can they tell me if they are beneficial or parasitic? could this be the reason my GSP is not doing well? Thanks ahead of time for the replies,
  8. fr0ntsight

    ritter anemone interactions?

    I just got a nice big ritter anemone for my tank for my clown's and he is doing well. I was curious if there is any concern with him being close to my green star polyp coral. I noticed it's polyps have been retracted for the past couple days. I looked around online but couldn't find anything definitive. Would really appreciate any info. Thanks!
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