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Found 3 results

  1. Mike P

    Fish for my Evo 12

    I was wondering if a Royal Gramma Basslet would be okay in the Evo 12? The only other fish I currently have is a shark nose goby and I plan on purchasing a court jester goby. I’m really looking for an a more active fish other then a clown or firefish.
  2. Hello all, today i I added in my last edition to my Fluval sea evo 13.5 gallon. The first fish was a royal gramma, followed by a black ice clown, and today I added an azure damsel and blood shrimp. I added the azure last as I know it was the most likely to be aggressive.. I have had 0 issues with aggression from the damsel/clown, but the gramma seems to be a bully. My aquacape is set up with 2 large stacked rock caves on each end, with open space in the middle. My gramma occupys the left cave and the damsel has been in the right cave.. however my gramma is coming out of the cave, across the tank to the damsel and opening its mouth. Should I relocate the gramma? I have a 32 gal biocube I could put it in.. or will the territories be settled and things will calm down in the days ahead? Also I would like to ask if this tank is overstocked. I have had the clown and gramma together for a week and have 0 nitrite, nitrate and ammonia. I could either: 1.) keep the 3 together 2.) have 2 damsels with the clown 3.) have 2 clowns with the new damsel any help would be appreciated!
  3. Ajh715

    Help stocking Fluval Evo 13.5

    Hello everybody, i just finiched cycling a fluval evo 13.5. I just put in my first fish which is a royal gramma, with the intentions of putting in a black ice clown and an azure damsel last. However, I have another tank which has a clown I love, and was wondering which would be the best choice for stocking the fluval (it will be a reef tank) option 1: 1 royal gramma 1 black ice clown 1 azure damsel option 2: 1 royal gramma 1 black ice clown 1 Picasso clown option 3: 1 black ice clown 1 Picasso clown i would like to have a good bit of movement in the tank, as I went with a 2 island aquascape and there is a lot of open room in the center. Option 1 or option 2 are the stocking options I would most like to do, while option 3 is my least favorite but I will if it's truly the best for the tank. I hate algae in tanks so I want to keep this water as crystal clear as possible! Any help or other ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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