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Found 5 results

  1. I’m back! Did a move to SLC last November and pretty much started my whole life over and it’s going great. Finally got a tank going again too! So here’s the details: Hardware: IM Nuvo 14 AI prime Aquatop titanium heater IM Custom Caddy (Filterfloss, Chemipure Elite, Marinepure Gems) Fish: Helfrichi Firefish Rainford’s Goby Invertebrates: 1x Nassarius Snail 1x Red Leg Hermit 3x Trochus Snails 1x Conch Coral: Green Polyp Toadstool Red/Yellow Yuma Green Yuma Rainbow Favites Aussie Torch Sea Rod 12/15/20
  2. wutsit2yuh

    Fluval nano 13.5 good stocking idea?

    I'm hoping I could add a yasha goby, randall pistol shrimp, tailspot blenny, and a red firefish to my 13.5 gallon tank. Are there too many fish/any compatibly issues? All comments and or suggestions are greatly welcomed and appreciated
  3. So this is my first dip into saltwater and this forum. I'm quite intimated with all of the information I don't know like what type of substrate I should use, how many fish, what type of coral, what species are compatable, etc, etc. I know I'd love to have a pistol shrimp/goby pair. Maybe a tasha shrimp goby? A tailspot blenny would be awesome to have. Is there another blenny I could add? I really like the pink streaked and possum wrasse as well. What considerations should I have regarding gender? I was hoping I could use arag-alive sand. Would 20 pounds be enough? Do yall have any suggestions? Literally any ideas/suggestions/information is welcome.
  4. I need some advice. Our little tank, despite my best efforts, seems to be humming along. Currently, it is stocked with Blenwood the tail spot blenny (TSB) and the yet-to-be-named possum wrasse (PW) (thinking about naming her Penelope?). The original plan was to add one last fish, a shrimp goby (most likely a yasha or orange stripe), however, unlike a teenage boy, we have wanted to take our time fully stocking. Recently, Blen-Daddy and the PW, seem to have become buddies. They swim around together; they to steal the dedros' food together; they snap adorably annoying selfies together eating ice cream and post them with dumb hashtags like #besties, #foodies, and #blessed (get a life... and a job, millennials). As a result, I have kinda soured on the idea of adding a true shrimp goby to the dynamic. 1) because, I think Blenwood, although he would never admit it, is a bit of the jealous type, and 2) because PW is just too pretty for her own good. Specifically, I fear a third fish could make things... awkward. While this would, admittedly, make a great reality TV show, the tank is to small for a confessional both, and our kitchen was poorly designed and is too small to comfortable fit a film crew. I am, however, intrigued by the idea of adding a Griessingei Goby. These saucy little guys seem to check all the right boxes: 1) small; 2) quiet; 3) low bio-load; 4) flamboyantly fun-looking. Basically, they appears as though Evolution at some point got bored, had a few too many cold-ones, drunk dialed RuPaul and Cirque du Soleil, and was like "betcha won't." Anyways, everything I have read says I will never seem them and they aren't worth it. Does anyone have experience with them? Or any thoughts about adding one? Feel free to comment, or tell me to shut up and write less, or even suggest possum wrasse names.
  5. Hi Fellow Hobbyist, I'm new to the forum, and like to start by saying Hi to all~ I had a Diamond Goby that I bought at a local LFS about 2 min from my house, and brought it home. I temperature acclimated it for 1hr, and then put him in my tank. He seems to be doing fine, coming out during feeding time, moving sand bed from one side of tank to the other, grabbing hermit crabs with his mouth and moving them away from his new home (tunnel). However, after the third day, he didn't come out during feeding. Later in the afternoon, he was dead at the corner of my tank, with the crab feasting. I have a BioCube32, with stock lighting, PH=8.4, Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrate all 0ppm, Salinity 1.025 (although LFS said they tested 1.021). I have a Blue Tang, 2 Clown Fishes, and Fire Shrimp as his tank mate, so nothing aggressive I can see. The only difference I can see that was different from Nemo/Dory acclimation was I only temp. acclimated, and did not drip acclimate. Do you think not drip acclimate a Diamond Goby could have killed after 3 days? Or could there possible be other reasons? I'm trying to figure out what might have cause his death, and hoping someone knowledgeable can guide me so I don't make the same mistake twice. Also, weird question, but would you feel bad taking back to the local LFS and asking for a refund? -Sango
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