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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Everyone! This is my first post on this site I think so excuse me for any issues with formatting. A few months ago I kind of went on autopilot with my tank since I moved to Philadelphia and reef stores are no longer a thing. Stocking and Equipment I have a 10G tank, no sand, has been running for about a year. It's lit by an AI prime 16HD running all of the blue channels around 70 percent and the cool white channel at about 5 percent for 3 hours a day. Total light is on for probably about 8 hours a day. Flow is provided by the smaller Nero and another small hyger power head. There is also an ATO (water is provided by an RODI unit) Stocking is many zoas, small torch head, a few more LPS, a leather, a clownfish, a cleaner shrimp, a few snails and a single very happy millipora. I'm sure I'm missing a few random coral, no huge colonies though. Parameters To be honest since I do 50% water changes weekly, I decided not to invest too much into testing. I do have Hannah checkers for alkalinity and calcium, but that's about it. I also know testing for phosphates during an outbreak isn't very useful as GHA likely uptakes most phosphates The Problem I cannot get rid of GHA! I cleaned most of it manually and using some hydrogen peroxide on a few rocks and brushed most of it off, the main rock I scrubbed with H2O2 regrew GHA within a week. I only feed a few pellets every 2-3 days to my clown and shrimp so nutrients should not be high... water reads 0 TDS.... any help would be appreciated!
  2. πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈβ†’πŸ€β†’πŸŒΏβ†’πŸ€Œβ†’ πŸ—‘β†’πŸŒ πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈNotice the algae 🀏Reach into the tank with your fingers like tweezers 🌿Grab the algae (a tiny amount per grab is usually best) 🀌Pull algae out πŸ—‘Put it in the trash 🐌If you do all of this and algae re-grows, then you don't have enough snails. Or your don't have herbivores. Add a small amount (1-3) after the next cleaning and see how it goes for the next few weeks. (Use the new additions to replace non-herbivores if that's your case.) Technically you and the snail are on the same cleanup crew, you're just way bigger: πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ>🐌🐌🐌🐌
  3. Hello all, long time since last posted. I have been battling GHA for long time and I am about over it!!!!! It is more than a little bit, has almost taken over. Always have had ULN, always, Do not think that GHA using up nitrate so not in water column. My tank is too clean!!! Here is my plan, and perhaps last ditch effort. Here is my tank stats reefer 170 live sand dry rock AI Hydra 26 HD (blues 60% low red and green white 26%) system 3-4 years old, matured slowly through out rodi Apex apex top off protein skimmer carbon reactor, have been running both carbon and GFO until recently. Dose CA and DKH, BRS 1.1 ml pump on run on apex bio load: royal gramma 1 chromi, (should get more) pulling out GHA and has stress out others that did not make it, so hesitant to get more before GHA under control) LPS and soft coral only CUC: 1 tuxedo urchin 6 astrea 5 narsarius 7 turbo 4 hermits 1 peppermint shrimp (maybe, see him every six months or so, it has been a long time since last spotting) SG 1.025 PH 8.0-8.35 DKH 9.6 CA 460 Mg (typically high I don't test anymore Nitrate 0 Highest has ever been in 3 years has been 3 phosphate 0.02 TEMP: 77.5 WC 2-3 weeks I am sure this is not a high nutrient issue, I have been down that road for a long time. Still have original flake food I bought 3-4 years ago. Here is my plan, curious what people think 1. have been manual removing, hoping if removed would increase nitrates. I have removed a lot of gha nitrate continue to be 0 and P0 0.02. This is steady 2. turning off reactor 3. Skimate always tea color, going to dial back and really just use for oxygenation, not nutrient removal 4. frozen food for fish and increase reef roid 5. track nitrate and phosphate for 2 weeks 6. continue to remove GHA manually 7. dose Nitrate, bright well 8. have phosphate to dose if necessary (brightwell) GOAL: nitrate of 5ppm and continued 0.02 and decrease in GHA Tried to keep post short, hoping people will have feedback. Clown79, I need your help!!!! Thank you!!
  4. This is a 60litre tank purpose built DIY for use with the triton method. I will run this aquarium journal I will log weekly my successes and failures and water parameters. With weekly photos of this tank as it matures. The tank will be a mixed reef with ULM in mind.
  5. Our biocube29 redux has been going well except for a GHA outbreak. Tried scrubbing the rocks with a metal brush, 35% peroxide, nutrient control, but this stuff just kept spreading. So I tried Reef Flux on July 9. Within 10 days the GHA was in retreat. At 14 days I did a water change and added 1/2 cap more to keep levels up. Now on day 17 almost all GHA gone, just 3 patches left that are only 1/16th inch long instead of the 1+ inch long that had almost overtaken the largest rocks. Now for the unexpected part - on day 11, the large facial "benign tumor" on my over 6 year old female clown, Ilsa, was half gone. All of the white ragged portion was simply gone. I waited to see if she had somehow just scraped it off, but 6 days later just the orange ragged base remains. She began developing this 2 1/2 years ago, was treated with every medicine & combo known to fishdom, but nothing worked and it had slowly grown larger, never shrinking. This morning she actually laid eggs for the first time since the "tumor" began. Sadly, husband Rick decided to eat them instead of fertilizing them, but hey, he is out of practice. Anyway, thought it interesting. Will be watching closely to see if the lump continues to abate with the Reef Flux still in the system.
  6. So I've been doing quite a bit of research on using hydrogen peroxide and I think I'm ready to do it I've been battling green hair algae pretty heavily in my main display tank for a while now it's killed off all my smaller frags and my large colonies are starting to struggle. I feel like I've been out of point where I can't add anything new to the tank for a couple months now. I was going to use food-grade but I can't find any local source and and I see people have success with the standard 3% available. From what I gather I should start with one milliliter per 10 gallon but that really doesn't seem a lot especially with the amount of tank that I need to do. I can remove my rocks if necessary but I would really like to not do that method, mostly to not having a proper place to store the rock while doing the treatment. The store is also going to be another source of before and after so Brandon can add to his ever-growing collection of success hopefully. First let's list what I've done for the past 6 Plus months: Manual removal and scrubbing with a firm brush and toothbrush. Reducing feeding to bare minimum for livestock, which they hated as they are super spoiled. I run both carbon and gfo. Set up an install a sump and refugium. Been up and running successfully for about 4 months now Deep clean my sand bed Recently treated fluconazole, this was a double whammy as a fish purchased had a fungal infection. Some GHA got a little white but no effects that was measurable beyond that. Sadly the fish did not make it. Many many hours of tank husbandry and maintenance. Reduce lighting schedule and intensity. Sweat and Tears, though I think that's just raising the salinity... So now my goal and treatment going forward assuming I'm correct is: Kill pumps and Flow Manually remove as much as I can from area without water change. Target one section of rock with algae a day with 5ml, 45g tank+sump Maintain normal water change schedule, 15g once a week. Does this sound right guys, guru @brandon429 ? I do have an RODI system and I can make SW at home if I have to do a water change after each dose. Edit: Photos added, this is what it looks like 3 weeks after a deep scrub.
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