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Found 9 results

  1. timothymarsh

    Dr. FM Nuvo 14

    Welcome! I’m a family medicine resident physician in St. Petersburg, FL and I’ve been in the reef tank hobby since elementary school. I’ve had 5, 10, 20 long and high, as well as 30 gallon standard AGA tanks in the past. This IM Nuvo 14 is my first AIO setup and the livestock is transferred over from my last 10 gallon AGA build. I’ve been off of the nano reef community for a few years due to medical school, but I hope to document this build and connect with fellow reefers again. Let’s talk stats: Tank: IM Nuvo 14 gallon Pump: Stock Mighty Jet Light: Kessil A80 on a gooseneck with Spectral Controller Heater: Cheap no brand heater, plans to upgrade at some point Filtration: Filter floss, activated carbon, ceramic bio balls, stock IM media basket Glass cleaner: IM magnet cleaner Hood: Stock IM top Fish: -Clownfish #1 “Marshmallow” -Clownfish #2 “Graham Cracker” -Sixline wrasse “Skewer” Coral: Zoas Blasto Xenia’s GSP Frogspawn War coral Green toadstool Kenya tree Inverts: Hermits Turbo snails Blood red fire shrimp “Campfire” Emerald crab Rockwork: West Mariculture cave rock Future plans: Add to Zoa diversity on the top of rock, side frag holes to be filled with mixed LPS, bottom of tank to have GSP carpet and ricordea garden. Back wall- one or two floating frag mount with high end Zoas. Planning to add some type of goby/blenny in the next few months. Thanks for stopping by!
  2. Reefer-begginer

    125g mixed reef

    I think its about time I make a journal of my tank and everything going on within it rather than making separate posts about it. This is my 125g mixed reef tank,( http://imgur.com/gallery/m7jhmoc ) originally made to be a FoWLR Pred tank but after a few attempts at preds and them dying it became a Mixed Reef. Now what makes this a mixed Reef you ask? Well its all about finding fish that not only are reef safe, but have a toxic/predatory side within them ( i.e angles, butterflys, rabbitfish, tangs etc ). I had started this tank around 6 months ago and have had no luck with keeping preds alive, but have had no issue keeping butterflys and angels alive with my first ever herbivore fish being a foxface rabbitfish. My current stocking in the tank is 1x raccoon butterfly 1x coral beauty angel 1x foxface rabbitfish 1x cleaner shrimp 6x peppermint shrimp 1x chocolate starfish Now in regards to my tank issues, the past month I've been dealing with ich within the tank, and now all my fish are in a 14g nuvo QT tank for the next 30 days so the tank just has shrimp in it. I do feel as my tank doesn't like me with how many fish I've lost over these 4 months of the tank being able to hold fish. I've lost currently - 2 domino damsels, 3 lionfish( 1 dwarf, 2 voliton ), 1 Snowflake eel, 1 blue sided wrasse, and 2 hippo tangs ( tangs being 2 inches long ). I had my first Fallow period about 2 months ago due to the losses ( I found out that I had a flesh eating bacteria that affected my lionfish causing their slime coats to fall off and black round sockets around their eyes. ) After that is when I added the shrimps, starfish, angels and butterflys. Yet a few days ago I lost my emperor angel I had for about 70 days to ich, in which now the other fish are QTd to prevent them from dying on me. Stay tuned for more updates weekly
  3. Hey reefers, So I finally got my tank and im so excited to get started, its a 40 gallon tank. I went with a AquaClear110 Hob filter (Hang on back) an Eheim 150w heater and a saltwater refractometer for today. Im heading back to the Lfs tomorrow to get all of the other goodies like test kits, power-head, lighting, dry rocks, carbon and other stuff like that and possibly a Hob protein skimmer. Im not looking to put many rocks in and only a couple corals also not to sure what stock is going in as of right now just want to get the water parameters thing down pat. Tell me what you think about my setup and feel free to leave any advice that you think would help, Thanks
  4. Help please! What is this cord and what type of connector must I get for it ?
  5. Guest

    Fish Movement

    So here is the deal. I have two tanks. I have a 20 gallon tank and a 5 gallon tank. I want to move 1 of the fish from the 5 gallon tank to the 20 gallon tank. Here is the parameters. In the big 20 gallon tank, I have 2 clownfish, 1 little yellow fish, and 2 shrimps. I would like to move a four striped damsel from the small tank to the big one. Could that work? Would the fish get into fights? Any help would be amazing Thanks, Trev
  6. diddy2k

    Half Gallon Pico Jar

    It's been a while, and I had that itch again. Just started (well, brought to work after cycle) a jar for my desk. I wanted a lamp because sometimes we keep the lights off in the office. Instant inspiration. The "lamp that grows coral" was born. Welcome to the the journal. Installed 07/20/2017. COMPONENTS AND MATERIALS - Ball Wide Mouth Half Gallon Mason Jar - EcoPlus Eco Air 1 - Jebao Pp300Lv Water Pump 40 GPH (for water changes) - 15W E27 Warm White LED Bulb (lens removed) - (2) Royal Blue, (1) Blue, (1) UV, (1) Warm White LEDs - 1/2" PVC pipe (light stand) - Pipe fittings: (3) 90 sxs, (1) T - Aquarium airline tubing - Plexiglass (lid and led splash guard) - Spray shellac (for metal ring) - E27 bulb socket - Epoxy ---------- INHABITANTS - 1lb live rock - (2) Blue Leg Hermit - (2) Bristle Worms - (1) Stomatella Snail ---------- CORAL FRAGS - (1) Aussie Big Polyp Blastomussa - Single head - (1) Fiji Bam Bam Orange Zoanthid - Large polyp with 4 baby buds
  7. Landofin

    Clownfish Fighting Solutions?

    I have four clownfish currently in a 125 gallon aquarium i recently added one to the original three and the first few days he was bullied but now one of the clownfish breaks off from his group to be with the new one but still chases him and makes him submit and will be with him alot of the day now but will still sleep and hang out with his group what should i do and what does this mean
  8. I have four clownfish currently in a 125 gallon aquarium i recently added one to the original three and the first few days he was bullied but now one of the clownfish breaks off from his group to be with the new one but still chases him and makes him submit and will be with him alot of the day now but will still sleep and hang out with his group what should i do and what does this mean
  9. Hello, I set up a saltwater tank about 10 days ago, a fluval evo 13.5 gallon. I used established live rock from an existing tank, and 2/3 live and and 1/3 normal sand. I used RO water as well. My lfs told me to put in 2 damsels, and gave me a bag of very dirty water from the fish store to pour in my taank to kick off the cycle. I now know these damsels should not be in a tank this young, and after researching, i decided i would take them out at the first sight of an ammonia spike. however, after testing the water every day i have had this tank, i have had no ammonia spike. my ammonia is about 0, nitrites 0, nitrates are at about 5ppm, and ph is a little low (i bought buffer). So, i have been waiting for ammonia to increase, to take out the damsles as i now know using them to cycle is cruel, but the readings of my water seem as though it is cycled. Could this be? I would think after having 2 fish, feeding them every day, using live rock, live sand, and a big bag of dirty water i should see some ammonia, yet i see none. And it cant be my test kit, as i have had 2 different lfs test the water, as well as myself, and gotten the same reading. Does this mean due to my tank size and using very established rock, my tank cycled extremley quickly? If anyone has comments or suggestions i would love to hear them! Thanks!
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