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Found 13 results

  1. Hey whoever’s reading, I decided to start a little journal on my up coming tank build to track its progress and to share my journey with all of you. I’m prettt new into the hobby, just under a year. I currently have a Fluval Evo and when I saw this tank for sale I couldn’t pass on the price and decided to start up a second tank. I finally finalized my scape and am just waiting on some live sand (CaribSea Special Grade Reef Sand 20lbs) before I can get her wet. I went with 4 CaribSea LifeRock Nano Arches and a couple other LifeRock pieces from my LFS. I plan on housing mostly softies and LPS with a little dabble into the world of sticks. Still can’t decide which bio media I want to use between Seachem Matrix, MarinePure Bio Balls or Brightwell XSport Cubes, feel free to chime in. Equipment: Tank: Innovative Marine Nuvo 20 Pro Pump: Stock Mighty Jet DC Pump Light: EcoTech Radion XR15 Blue with RMS Mount Wave Maker: EcoTech MP10w QD Protein Skimmer: IM NuvoSkim Desktop Heater: Cobalt NeoTherm 50W 2x InTank Media Baskets InTank Refugium Basket (just for extra bio media) Fish Ideas: Tailspot Blenny ✅ Bengai Cardinal ✅ Royal Gramma ✅ Red Dragonet ✅ Helfrichi Firefish ✅
  2. travoose

    travoose's IM Nuvo 20

    Backstory Been around here for quite some time and had a IM10 for about 5-6 years. However, our family just recently finished building a new house and we are moving in very soon. With the new house came an opportunity for a new tank. I have only ever had ten gallon tanks, but this time I wanted to double the size and go for 20 gallons (I know, not exactly setting size records). I figured 20 gallons will double the size of what I have already known and not break the bank or take up too much room. With that being said, my goal is to first successfully transfer everything from my existing tank and get things re-established. Once I get that under my belt, my goal is to look for a unique torch to add and rebuild my fish population, as it currently is at zero, as my clown passed away about a month ago. Equipment Tank: -IM Nuvo Fusion 20 Stand: -Custom from a local craft store Light: -AI Prime HD16 Filtration: -15lbs of live rock (from Gulf Live Rock) -13lbs of Pink Fiji live sand -Chamber 1: -Chamber 2: -Chamber 3: Flow: -Stock return pump -MP10 ATO: -Smart ATO Micro Parameters Salinity: 1.025 PH: 8.2 Ammonia: .25 PPM Nitrite: 0 PPM Nitrate: 20 PPM Temp: 77.5 F Stock Fish: -Snowflake Clown -Smudgey Clown -Pink Fairy Wrasse Inverts: -Various Snails and Hermit Crabs Coral: -Green Star Polyps -Mushrooms -Various Zoanthids -Frogspawn -Trumpet -Acan -Torch Current Status Settling in and letting things take root/even out.
  3. TatorTaco

    Fusion 20...March Update

    Can't set journals to private, so let me just tell you in advance, this journal might be pretty boring. I'm experiencing slow coral growth so I wanted a way to date coral growth, and also a place to write down random reef related thoughts. I had a Cadlights 45G but it was a bit too much for me - water changes, fish and coral stocking, etc. It was more expensive to stock than I planned. My wife said I could sell my perfectly good 9-ish month old tank when we moved, so when we bought our first house I started shopping for a new tank. Here's a picture of that tank: I got a Fusion 10, but as soon as I saw it I realized I might have gone a little too nano. I found a Fusion 20 through Facebook a couple hours north of me, and the next thing I knew, I went from 1 big tank to 2 small tanks in the course of 1 weekend. You might notice that I'm not a smart man, or at least - I'm quite fickle and change my mind a LOT. The seller offered his liverock, so I took it too. I had to rig up my corals + rocks from the 45G so that's why you see an AP700 secured over 2 totes. Here's the Fusion 20: The 45G is gone, and now I'm left with the Fusion 20 & Fusion 10. Since I couldn't make up my mind which tank I preferred, I've kept both tanks the the Fusion 10 is my wife's tank in the bedroom. For the sake of continuity, we're going to say the start date on both tanks was 9/3/2018.
  4. Current Hardware: Innovative Marine Fusion Nuvo 20g Aqua Illumination Prime 16HD Innovative Marine NuvoSkim DC inTank Refuge Media Basket inTank Filter Floss Basket Innovative Marine Mighty Jet 8502 - 538gph Hygger Mini Wave Maker Magnetic DC Powerhead Eheim Jager 50w heater Tunze 3152.000 Nano Osmolator ATO Mindak 3w LED Light (Used for refugium - Need to upgrade) ADA Style DIY Stand EZ Reefing Solutions - EZ Water Level Adjuster Corals:SPS: Green Pocillopora Stylophora or Pocillopora (Cant ID it) Orange Polyps Montipora Spongodes Montipora LPS: Pink Marsh Acan Juicy Fruit Lord Acan Green Indotorch Green Neon Hammer Green Toadstool Neon Green Trumpet Blue Tip Elegance Soft Corals: Green Star Polyp Daisy Polyp Pulsing Xenia Metallic Blue Mushroom Rainbow Ricordea Mushroom Kenyan Tree Leather Devil's Hand Finger Leather Nuclear Green Palythoa Jason Fox Captain Jerk Palythoa Orange Bam-Bam Zoas Rasta Zoanthid Bam Bam Orange Zoanthid Eagle Eye Zoanthid Fruit Loops Zoanthid Green Bay Packer Zoanthid Livestock:Inverts: Rose Bubble Tip anemone Pink Bubble Tip anemone Pistol shrimp Sexy Shrimp Cleaner Shrimp Fish: Naked Stubby Clown Snowflake Clown Firefish Yellow Watchman Goby Latest FTS/Video: (Updated June 28th 2020) Issues I'm having: (As of June 28th) Ph will not go above 8 Alk will not go above 8 Things I'm currently waiting on / working on: Dosing pump Dosing Container Pump upgrade to use my RFG nozzles Second AI Prime 16HD or upgrade to Hydra 32HD
  5. JTfromthe313

    Back into the Reefer game

    Started my first reef tank since i shut down my last one when I lived in LA. I am back in Michigan and have a new water box. Already had an algae outbreak and fought it off. Currently growing some frags out. IM Fusion 20 AI Prime Aqamai KPS Powerhead In tank media baskets IM Media Reactor Smart Micro ATO Livestock 2 clowns- Black Ice and Snowflake 1-tailspot blenny
  6. New to nano-reef and looking for some advice from anyone with experience using the Current USA Orbit Marine IC Pro Dual LED 24-36 in. I’m in the process of setting up an IM Nuvo Fusion 20g. This is my first tank after taking a +10 year hiatus and my plan is to start out and keep easier to maintain soft and LPS corals, no imminent plans to keep SPS, but maybe in the future. In researching this light, which includes 2 fixtures, it seems to have PAR ratings that would be more than adequate and the coverage would be ideal for the footprint of this tank since almost all of the 24 in width would be lite (https://current-usa.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Orbit-PAR-Measurements-1.pdf). In addition to providing a decent light source that will grow LPS corals, my other primary goal is to reduce light spill. My tank is going to be in a main room and I have 2 small children, so I’m a bit worried about having a light mounted high above the tank with the little ones looking up at it. This is where these lights also seem to be a great fit since their included mounts place the light directly above the water, while still covering the full tank. Most of the reviews I’ve seen seem to be focused on older and less powerful models from Current. These seem to have the power and PAR needed to grow any LPS and probably some SPS in the top half of the tank. Downside is that the controller is just Bluetooth and not WiFi, but I think I can live with that. I like the AI prime HDs as well, but to get what I want I think I’ll need 2 of them which is going to be way too much power for a tank of this size. Also like the Nanobox Duo, but not sure it will cover as good as these when mounted a couple of inches above the water surface. Anyone have success with these? What am I missing? Is the disco effect terrible on these? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  7. HI there, I just add the water to my live sand and rock in my IM fusion 20 tank and turned on the pump and heater to begin cycling. However, (as you might have heard) the stock pump is really loud and headache inducing. I've ordered another one but do I have to keep the stock on for the few days before the new one arrives, or will the cycling process be fine if I turn it off (at least while we're in the living room with it)? THanks
  8. Lugmos12

    IM Fusion 20

    Backstory: So I started my first reef tank in July 2017 with an EVO12. On January 31, 2019 I switched over to an Innovative Marine Fusion 20 gallon. I found the deal on CL (came with a stand, skimmer, reactor, ATO and a bunch of miscellaneous reef stuff). This thing cost me what I would ONLY pay for the tank itself. Not a bad deal in my opinion. Since then, I've added a few new zoanthids, leathers, and a piece of SPS. I'm also pretty sure I'm going to order a dosing unit so I can cut down on water changes and just dose to maintain Alk/Mag/Ca and give the corals more stability. Through testing I notice that my Alk decreases to a really low number over the span of just 1.5 weeks. I want to also get into more LPS so dosing will be necessary to maintain stability. I'm debating between BRS and B-Ionic. Breakdown: Tank: IM Fusion 20 gallon ATO: XP Aqua Duetto Light: AI Prime HD Skimmer: Reef Glass Nano Wavemaker: Aqamai KPS Doser: TBD Live stock: CORALS: montipora setosa green digitata pocillopora green star polyps duncan hammer toadstool leather green nepthea red goniopora ricordea red mushrooms Candy Cane Zoas and palys: Utter Chaos, Banana Munchers, Laser Lemons, Purple Hearts, Rainbow Incinerator FISH: frostbite clown misbar clown six line wrasse INVERTS: Nassarius Snail margarita snail astrea snail Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp scarlet hermit crab
  9. FTS: 5th May 2018 Hi all 😁 Thought I'd start a thread to share the progress of my nsw IM fusion 20 reef tank. I've recently upgraded from a aqua one nanoreef 35 that had been running for 3+yrs. This is my progress so far : Equipment: Stock return pump (will be upgraded in the future but working well for now) Jebao sw-2 wave maker eheim 150watt heater Two im 18w skkyelights 1 Asta full spectrum nano light 20lb caribsea live sand Live stock: Two ocellaris tank bred clown fish. One red fire fish. Corals: Mettalic green star polyps Assorted zoas Pink hystrix/birdsnest Yellow bottle brush acapora Orange plating montipora Yellow and green montipora hirsuta blue discosoma Green striped discsosoma Red rainbow acan Blood eyed favia Cuc: one blue black legged hermit crab One true peppermint shrimp Various snails Pics 😁🌊 Picked up the tank from Innovation Aquatics in Southampton 🤩 Cabinet. Storage inside cabinet for fishy stuff Filling it up 18hrs later all cleared. Over next 24hrs everything was moved across FTS : 2nd May 2018
  10. colorado.reefer

    Colorado.reefer Fusion 20

    Started up this IM Fusion a couple months ago. I think its going to be a mixed reef. Equipment Tank - IM 20g Fusion Skimmer - IM Ghost Light - AI Hydra 26 x 2 Wave - Echotech MP10w QD 2 IM media baskets Apex controler 05/01/2017 Livestock:
  11. After moving to Minnesota from Iowa last November, I am finally starting to put together a new system. My goal is to take my time with this tank and do things "right". My equipment is split into two categories "Things I have" and "Things I still need/want" The things I have: Two Koralia 850 pumps Hydor SmartWave Refractometer Instant Ocean Salt Dry Pukani and BRS ReefSaver rock Hydor AutoTop off (Not super happy with it, and I'm debating getting a Smart ATO micro instead but that is extra money) 4 bulb t5 lighting (2 blue+, 1 Coral Plus, and 1 Purple Plus) or AI Hydra 52 or both. The things I need: IM Fusion 20 tank 100 watt heater Ghost desktop protein Skimmer Algae Reactor Mediabaskets for Chemipure elite or blue or what not. RO/DI unit (something portable for apartment use. Looking at the BRS value 150GPD ) Water change bucket (heater, pump. tubing) The Algae Reactor will probably come from MarineDepot though I am thinking about adding an extra strip of red and blue plant LEDs to boost growth. I'm hoping the reactor will boost my pod populations as well. I'd really like to get my pods, and clean-up crew well established before I add fish. I've always used a protein skimmer in the past and they have saved my butt on many occasions but I am thinking about waiting to get it until a week or two before I start adding fish to allow for a break in period before the fish are out of quarantine. (I plan to set up a 5 gallon quarantine tank if space allows.) I've been working on saving a chunk of change so I have a decent budget, but I plan on taking things nice and slow. I have a few corals a friend has been nice enough to keep for me while I set up this new system; a Duncanopsammia, a small goniopora, a few zoas, and a turbinaria. No real fish plans as of yet, I know that I don't want clownfish, so I guess that's a place to start. Anyway, I gotta get the tank before I can get it wet, and then cycle time before coral, inverts, fish, and such. Thoughts and advice are always welcome, cheers.
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