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Found 4 results

  1. FTS: 5th May 2018 Hi all ? Thought I'd start a thread to share the progress of my nsw IM fusion 20 reef tank. I've recently upgraded from a aqua one nanoreef 35 that had been running for 3+yrs. This is my progress so far : Equipment: Stock return pump (will be upgraded in the future but working well for now) Jebao sw-2 wave maker eheim 150watt heater Two im 18w skkyelights 1 Asta full spectrum nano light 20lb caribsea live sand Live stock: Two ocellaris tank bred clown fish. One red fire fish. Corals: Mettalic green star polyps Assorted zoas Pink hystrix/birdsnest Yellow bottle brush acapora Orange plating montipora Yellow and green montipora hirsuta blue discosoma Green striped discsosoma Red rainbow acan Blood eyed favia Cuc: one blue black legged hermit crab One true peppermint shrimp Various snails Pics ?? Picked up the tank from Innovation Aquatics in Southampton ? Cabinet. Storage inside cabinet for fishy stuff Filling it up 18hrs later all cleared. Over next 24hrs everything was moved across FTS : 2nd May 2018
  2. colorado.reefer

    Colorado.reefer Fusion 20

    Started up this IM Fusion a couple months ago. I think its going to be a mixed reef. Equipment Tank - IM 20g Fusion Skimmer - IM Ghost Light - AI Hydra 26 x 2 Wave - Echotech MP10w QD 2 IM media baskets Apex controler 05/01/2017 Livestock:
  3. After moving to Minnesota from Iowa last November, I am finally starting to put together a new system. My goal is to take my time with this tank and do things "right". My equipment is split into two categories "Things I have" and "Things I still need/want" The things I have: Two Koralia 850 pumps Hydor SmartWave Refractometer Instant Ocean Salt Dry Pukani and BRS ReefSaver rock Hydor AutoTop off (Not super happy with it, and I'm debating getting a Smart ATO micro instead but that is extra money) 4 bulb t5 lighting (2 blue+, 1 Coral Plus, and 1 Purple Plus) or AI Hydra 52 or both. The things I need: IM Fusion 20 tank 100 watt heater Ghost desktop protein Skimmer Algae Reactor Mediabaskets for Chemipure elite or blue or what not. RO/DI unit (something portable for apartment use. Looking at the BRS value 150GPD ) Water change bucket (heater, pump. tubing) The Algae Reactor will probably come from MarineDepot though I am thinking about adding an extra strip of red and blue plant LEDs to boost growth. I'm hoping the reactor will boost my pod populations as well. I'd really like to get my pods, and clean-up crew well established before I add fish. I've always used a protein skimmer in the past and they have saved my butt on many occasions but I am thinking about waiting to get it until a week or two before I start adding fish to allow for a break in period before the fish are out of quarantine. (I plan to set up a 5 gallon quarantine tank if space allows.) I've been working on saving a chunk of change so I have a decent budget, but I plan on taking things nice and slow. I have a few corals a friend has been nice enough to keep for me while I set up this new system; a Duncanopsammia, a small goniopora, a few zoas, and a turbinaria. No real fish plans as of yet, I know that I don't want clownfish, so I guess that's a place to start. Anyway, I gotta get the tank before I can get it wet, and then cycle time before coral, inverts, fish, and such. Thoughts and advice are always welcome, cheers.