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Found 16 results

  1. Tetra 10g glass aqaurium Started 5/26/2019 Equipment Aqautop 40UV HOB filter Air stone Tetra Whisper 60g sir pump Fluval 25W heater Digital thermometer Filter media Aquatop 40UV HOB filter Bio cubes 1/8 cup Seachem Phosgaurd Substrate/Aquascape black rock with colored gravel (it’s a kids tank) glass round rocks (again, see above) small grain black/white gravel sunken WWII battleship tiki head Broken barrel Plants Green wendtii x 3 Darker wendtii x 4 Livestock Starfire Red Glowfish tetra Electric Blue Glowfish tetra Electruc Green Longfin Glowfish tetra Koi angelfish Hill loach Cory catfish x 2 Clown loach Blueberry shrimp x 2 Bloody Mary Shrimp Red crystal shrimp So we started this tank back in May and there have been MANY problems. Have lost all stock twice due to bad waster, first from using tap water and the bacterial issues and second from chemical media. So now we have basically no media but the bio cubes, phosguard and the filter that works in the pump. This crop of fish have been doing well, and the trick has been offloading them when they outgrow the tank into the koi pond. Been happy with this iteration of the tank so far. Decided to finally make a thread here for advice and because I don’t keep up well with this tank, which is probably partly why it has suffered a bit more than my two SW tanks.
  2. 2 AI Prime Freshwater lights and two 18" flexible arms. Less than a year old. Perfect condition. Setup and control your lights with a app. Higher end lighting that can be fined tuned. If you would like to purchase just one, mess me and we can do that. $320 shipped $285 shipped $250 Shipped
  3. So a few people on Facebook are saying bettas are brackish fish and can be put into salt tanks if acclimated. I can’t find anything online in research to support this. Also don’t most Betta breeders use fresh water? So they wouldn’t of come from brackish anyways. If anyone knows please tell me.
  4. Hi all, I've been out of the hobby for several years, but I'm now planning a nano aio lagoon, sps dominated, minimal-fish build for a new apartment. For parameter consistency, there will be an ato system where I also plan to dose. Mangroves have always appealed to me, but I find they look out of place in the reef. I am envisioning instead a mangrove growing in a separate display-tank-made-ATO-reservoir adjacent the nano reef. The ATO would itself be topped off with RO as needed (I see the irony here). My understanding is these in fact grow better in freshwater than salt. The ATO tank would only have a powerhead for circulation and crushed coral over a soil or live-mud bed for rooting. Exact location is tbd, but I plan for a grow light supplemented by a window. All this was inspired by ewelch's Micro Mangrove Build which operates as a closed saltwater system. Some concerns: 1. Unwanted nutrient leach from the freshwater ATO mud concentrating in the reef 2. Impacts of dosing in the ATO on mangrove health I can't seem to find any examples of people stacking uses of their ATO's, certainly not with plants. There may well be good reason for this and that's why i'd like to hear from some of you.
  5. I am trying to bring euryhaline fish from freshwater to saltwater. here is my method: I have a 60ml syringe and every 5mins I’ll take 60ml and put back 60ml until I have changed the whole tank out. I just started today so here are my pics
  6. Greetings, So thanks for anyone that actually stuck through the first 6 months of my Reefing journey with this tank. The decision to go with Freshwater was a hard one but ultimately i think for the best as I will still get enjoyment from this tank while I think and plan about how I will get my "largish" reef. Tank Details Tank: Red Sea MAX 130D Heater: 100W Adjustable Submersible Flow: Ehiem Compact 1000 (250GPH) Return Light: 168w Chinese Black Box, white channel only (Warm White, Cool White, Red and Green LEDS) Filtration Intank Media Basket, Filter Floss > Carbon > Bio Spheres Substrate: Mix of types and sizes Aragonite 0.5 - 1.0mm Crushed Coral 1.0 - 4.0mm Black Gravel 1.0 - 2.0mm River Sand 0.5 - 2.0mm Livestock: Shell Dwelling Cichlids 6 Multies - Neolamprologus Multifasciatus 2 "Masked" Julies - Julidochromis Transcriptus Livestock: Clean up Crew 6 Zebra Nerite Snails ***Siamese Algae Eater*** - unsure if i want to add a SAE or Pleco, or leave entirely and just have the Tanganyika Cichlids. Aquascape Inspiration - Lake Tanganyika Aquascape Plan - Biotope (ish) I intend to create a tank similar in appearance to the above with some minor changes due to the livestock that I have picked. I'm not going to have as densely planted "carpet" as the fish are Shell Dwellers they will excavate and aquascape the tank how they see fit. I decided on the above as the Juliochromis (Julies hereafter) are typically rock dwellers and the Multifasciatus (Multies hereafter) dwell in shells in large colonies. I decided that the rocks off to one side (rear corner) would give me a greater amount of substrate area for the shell dwellers. I do have several slate pieces that I can add to break up line of sight and aggression if needed. Also I didn't want a bare sand and shells scape, I will be planting to give cover as well as movement to the tank at all level of the water column This is not going to be a true Biotope as a lot of the plants that grow in Lake Tanganyika are not available in the hobby, so I plan on adding plants that are as close as possible in place. Hence Biotope-ish. 😄 Aquatic Plants Anubias - various varieties Java Fern - various varieties Vallisneria - Various varieties Air Plants Considering having an emergent branch from the tank to which i can affix air plants..... Current Tank Shots
  7. Hi folks! Finally settled in a bit after my move from LA back to NYC and ready to get some tanks back in my life. I still have a 50g IM EXT lagoon reef tank in storage, but that'll be a setup later down the road. Decided to start out with a freshwater planted tank. Setup Display: AquaMaxx 12 gallon long (35.5" x 7.9" x 9.9") Stand: Have a wood/metal bookshelf that's the perfect size for it -- thinking it will be alright holding the weight Lighting: Aquatic Life Edge WiFi LED Aquarium Light, 36" Freshwater Filter: TBD - either AquaClear 20 or Dymax Slim Flo CO2: TBD - loads of reading to do (tips welcome) Rock: 26lbs of some sort of seiryu stone, or so I think Wood: So far I've bought one large piece of driftwood Substrate: 10L Ultum Nature Controsoil Freshwater - Extra Fine Black Livestock Fish: TBD - thinking either an axolotl or betta tank. If I go for an axolotl setup, I'll likely wait a while before adding it so I can focus on plants taking root//water chemistry etc. Plants: Specifics are TBD - definitely hoping to try some carpet moss Tank isn't delivering for another week so still in planning mode for the most part. Hoping to knock out my livestock/plant and hardscape plans by the time it's delivered. Believe if I end up going for axolotl setup, I'll have to consider cold water plants. Need to read up on CO2 equipment//instructions against my desired plant stock, as well - any tips or articles are welcome. Excited to get this started!
  8. CoralVue Aquarium Products

    Something FRESH From Aquaforest...

    We have some FRESH new products coming from Aquaforest. 😎 Leave us a comment and let us know if you have a freshwater aquarium in addition to your reef! 💚💙
  9. I know this is off-topic to this forum's purpose, and I hope this is allowed, but I was wondering if anyone had any information on the freshwater pom-pom crab. They seem to be pretty new (or at least rare) in the hobby, and seem to be relatively hardy and easy to care for - but there's very, very little information on them online. Everything I'm seeing is either from vendors (which I tend not to trust), or is from forums with little actual information attached. I went to the LFS to see if they had any cool corals or inverts in from the latest shipment, and ended up finishing the stock in my freshwater 5.5 gallon. I picked up a trio of male endlers, 9 ember tetras (2 of which basically died in the bag, I assume due to immense stress), and a freshwater pom-pom crab to add to the pre-existing two ghost shrimp. This tank is definitely heavily stocked (overstocked, for some) but I'm pretty religious with water changes and am a believer in letting plants and algae do a lot of the work for you. Everyone has settled in nicely (with some good schooling action from the tetras as they follow the endlers around), and the pom-pom crab has made a few appearances too. Mostly picking at algae on the rocks and such. I'm assuming that this guy will eat algae, frozen shrimp, and maybe dried seaweed - anyone know differently?
  10. Hello, I was strolling the shore of Lake Michigan when I stumbled onto this species. I know starfish are not native to Lake Michigan so I am mainly curious on the species of this creature and how it might possibly came here. Thanks a lot! p.s. the square represents a square inch.
  11. HingleMcCringleberry

    How often can I dip a fish?

    Hi all. I know there’s lots of literature on how to dip your fish to get rid of parasites. But I want to know how often you can dip a fish and I haven’t been able to find any answers when scanning the forums and web at large. I have a fish that’s gotten to be covered in ich. Very visibly so with large dots. I know dipping won’t eliminate the problem with the parasite still living in my tank. But I dipped my fish this morning in fresh water for 5 mins and watched the majority of the ich fall off or seem to disappear after returning the fish to the tank. I don have a quarantine tank or I would be using it. And I don’t want to treat the whole tank with chemicals if I can avoid it. Currently the fish is behaving as if it were healthy with somewhat elevated breathing but still eating well and swimming normally. In any case. The dip didn’t knock all the white spots off the fish but I was encouraged by the results. Assuming this infection is going to continue to persist to some degree after dipping the fish I am hoping that repeated dips might slowly allow the infection to lessen and the fish to have a chance to fight it off. (Yes it will live on in my tank but it could starve off in time if all the fish are healthy enough to avoid infection no?) bottom line. I do plan to dip this fish again as needed to prevent it from ever reaching a point of no return but I’d like to be as aggressive as I’m able. How often can I dip my fish? Twice a day? Every couple days? Every couple weeks? Etc.
  12. My 60g cichlid aquarium and my favorite fish, tmy Z-Rock hap.
  13. So as the title says,I'm converting to saltwater tanks. I definitely have a tight budget because I want to get my feet wet,not just cannonball in. In my 10g,I've already upgraded my aquarium with the Aquaclear powerfilter 110V. My tank currently stays around 76-77 degrees. I definitely want to house a pair of clownfish and a cleaner shrimp...and corals in the near future. I'm so scared of lighting and don't want to buy the wrong thing for corals. I'm getting a custom glass lid so I can't have anything clipped to the tank in the back,so for now I prefer the lights that slightly hover above the aquarium cover. Since price is strict,here's some lights I've run into on Amazon...let me know what you guys think 🙂 Green Element EVO 18"-22" LED Aquarium Light Fixture - Reef Capable 10x3W https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00APBO2XU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_nFPtBbHM2NND9 EVO 12 LED Aquarium Light Nano Marine Coral Reef Cichlid 6x 3W 3 Watt 30-40 cm by Odyssea https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00N0PJK0S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_TFPtBbVPXKD1Q SLR Lighting LED Aquarium Lighting – All Sizes for Fish Tanks, Terrariums, Vivariums – Plants, Coral, Seaweed – Natural Night & Day Light Patterns w/ Brackets & Remote Control [Size: 14-22 In.] https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0759NLDSB/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_dGPtBbAF0Y92Y
  14. Mariaface

    Freshwater Shrimp Land

    So it turns out you can't just shove every kind of dwarf shrimp in your freshwater community tank and call it a day Sometimes they need much lower TDS readings, a different temperature, lower pH... And suddenly you're converting your contest peninsula tank into a dwarf shrimp tank! Pardon my dust algae while this tank settles! Crypt is melting, as it sometimes does... It turns out you also can't just drop brand new driftwood into your tank and assume it won't let out a bunch of yummy carbon for bacteria! Or maybe the Curse of Maria's House is hitting this tank, too, before its bacterial population gets established correctly... Hmmm.. Either way I'm left with this: And this, which is much cuter: And of course these are the little guys actually meant for this tank: The end result will be a planted tank with a colony of Red and Black taiwan bees, along with some blue bolts. Wish me luck!
  15. Pjanssen

    Penny's Planted Pursuit

    I started documenting this build/rebuild on the "Show off your Freshwater!" thread, but then realized it should have it's own thread. So for the sake of documentation, the beginning of this will just be a recap of what I've already posted in the other thread. This tank started off looking like this. Up and running for probably 15 years with little attention or maintenance. It was originally put in place to hide the poorly made ledge that it sits on. Untitled by Penny, on Flickr
  16. Originally posted on theplantedtank, but figured you guys might have some good input as well, so I figured I would ask here too. Hey guys, I'm setting up my first freshwater planted in a long time. I've kept some fresh before immensely over the years, but transitioned to reefing the last decade or so. I've decided to build my own pendant for my new (Amazon prime deal) Marineland portrait 5.5g setup. The tank measures (approximately) 9.5x8.5x16", so it wont take much to get some good light going on. I wanted to be able to adjust it up later if I ever get into anything higher light/advanced, but for now will likely do Java Fern, Anubias, Banana plant, Water sprite, and whatever else I can find that does well for me :wink2: So far I was thinking that a large CPU heatsink would be a decent pendant, and this would allow me to have a backup fan for summertime or high-intensity operation, but I intend to passively cool this setup ideally. I was thinking of a couple different setups, but either way the light would hang from 3-6" above the tank. Possible LED selection, keep in mind I'm a bit fuzzy on the state of freshwater lighting, last time I set up a planted tank PC Fluorescent was still the choice lighting!!! I would like to be able to have a nice range of adjustability, from a stark white to a deep blue. I will likely be using a Typhon or similar controller, still undecided. 2-4 channels possibly, but I'd likely do just fine with 2. Most likely will use LDD type drivers. I have ways of making by when I first build it up and test it out though. All on 3-up stars (separate wiring, and spread around for good mix) from stevesleds most likely, stars tightly spaced- 2x NW (5000k) 1x WW (3k) 1x RB (440nm?) 1x Lime 1x hyper violet I was thinking of possibly doing that, but adding the following as well- 1x NW (5000k) 1x CW (6500k) 1x B (460nm?) I like a nice crisp white, I despise the heavy yellow tint a lot of tanks end up with. I like a bit of blue too, but will tend towards more of a neutral tone to this little tank. Something like these are the look I'm after... I tried to do a ton of research, but since photobucket nuked the offsite links it's not that easy to find any pics of smaller buiids...
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