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Found 20 results

  1. Bullred710

    New kenya tree

    Just picked this guy up from a local pet store and he hasn’t opened up yet and it’s been 2-3 days any suggestions?
  2. https://conta.cc/3leDCEd https://youtu.be/H7uemK1I08Q
  3. Spark326

    Identify this frag

    Can someone identify this frag? What kind of zoanthid is it?
  4. ConawayCorals

    watermelon zoas 29 gal.

    was told they was watermelon zoas (dont at me if they aren't lol ) Took with Canon T6 rebel
  5. Hi. I'M new to the forum and was hoping some experienced reefers could offer some advice on my coral health! I have a 20 gallon DIY mixed reef tank that has been running for about 6 months. I have about 1 year experience running a 75 gallon reef tank that I took down about 6 years ago when I left for college. Everything I have added (soft corals, LPS, fish, inverts, nem) seems healthy and has been a pleasure to watch. Up until now I have never tried any SPS corals. 5 days ago I decided to venture into some "beginner" SPS. I don't have very accurate water testing kits so I am not looking to advance any further with difficult corals until I can at least better monitor my water parameters. I have a very large amount of live rock for the tank size and two hang-off-the-back filters (in case one ever fails). My heater is a decently stable and my digital thermometer always reads 78.4-78.8. My lighting is not very strong: Marineland LEDs rated at about 100 par at 12 inches and 6000K. It is also not diffuse at all and has almost spotlights of higher intensity throughout the tank. (yes, I plan to upgrade my lighting when I have the funds in about a month). I bought two montipora frags 5 days ago, one large orange monti cap and one small sunset monti. Both came from my LFS and were not shipped (at least not any time recently). To compensate for my low lighting I placed them about 5 inches down in the water directly under the "spotlights" from my LEDs. I really don't know enough to tell if they're doing ok or not. given that my situation is atypical bordering on stupid (I know it sounds bad) I want to make sure Im not killing the frags. I have a friend with a very successful SPS tank who will take them if I'm hurting them and I just don't want to see them die! I think they might be doing ok. I'll be watching for long term signs of health but I just wanted to ask if there are any issues visibly indicating immediate shock from new/bad tank conditions. Please don't be too hard on me. I know you'll want to know my water parameters and more details than I can probably measure. I don't want advice on keeping them alive as much as advice on how to tell if they're healthy (although all input is appreciated). If they aren't healthy I will rehome them at the first clear sign they're declining. I have attached pictures.
  6. Picked up 2 new acans and 1 micromussa over the weekend plus a Hanna ph checker
  7. Went to the grand opening of the big little fish store in Dallas today and picked up some new frags at a great deal. The store was awesome and everything looked healthy. All live stock was 25% off 🤗 so I picked up 2 bumble bee snails at $2.25 each, Duncan frag at around $20, acan frag $11.25, and galaxea frag $11.25. Seemed like good deals to me
  8. I received my first online order of coral from live aquaria. It is the soft coral pack they sale. What I didn’t know was that they would come on such large square bases. Does anyone know the best way to cut these?
  9. I have multiple free green paly frags. Ranging from 1 polyp to 5, all on rubble rock. Picture is of mother colony. Fast growing, easy to care for. These are free. Local pick up, in either 10019 or 11554. No shipping, not now not ever. Don't bother asking.
  10. MainelyReefer

    LFS frag trade in for store credit

    So I have fragged up 1/2 my neon green trumpet colony making 10 frags between 1-2 heads each, and my hammer colony and a portion of my frogspawn that was becoming shaded by overgrowth. I have called my LFS's and asked what kind of store credit I could get for trade in, one didn't want them at all, one store offered me 3$ a piece for the trumpets and 10$ a piece for the euphyllia. Another suggested they would give store credit at 1/3 the full retail which turns out to be between 3-5$ for the trumpets and 10$ for the euphyllia. I want to get rid of them to reduce Calcium/alk use in my 40 and am aware I could sell them on the local forum for more but it is significantly more work and time to empty my frag rack. So my question is, do you think it's a rip off? The LFS that will do 1/3 is actually really high end so I wouldn't mind trading 10 trumpet frags for a nice rainbow acan frag but am really curious do other reefers do this? Anyone make out better? Should I be trying for more? Here is a pic of the trumpets in question. I know they grow like weeds so the market is flooded but they are really healthy frags. The frogspawn frags are from the colony in the background which is a relatively common color too I think. Any insight is appreciated as I will likely bring them in tomorrow. I guess I can always frag more to sell on the local forum.
  11. Conner smith

    New corals for 20 g nano!

    New corals for my nano 20 gallon long! red montipora hollywood stunner chalice seasons greetings montipora zoanthids acans
  12. Hello, i have an interest in starting a nano frag tank of around 5-7 gallons (havent decided yet) but i wanted to know if i need to cycle such a tank? the tank is going to be a frag tank only! No live rock, no live sand. Just straight water in a tank. if its necessary, i would add bio balls for biological filtration, however i dont want to add any fish, this is just a frag tank. any advice? My thought was to just add half of the water from my established tank and then add some new saltwater.. and then i'm ready to start adding frags. its my first time doing a frag tank (please keep that in mind) thanks for your help!
  13. Hey guys, (skip to second paragraph if you want to get to the point of this thread) No plans on anything yet but just want to get some ideas IF I were to get another tank which i would want to be a frag tank. I know i should definitely be waiting a little bit because I'm only a little shy of 4 months with my main nano tank. Over all i have a totally of about 1.5 years of reefing under my belt, just not continuos. I would not say I'm anywhere near and expert but after succefully keeping a tank for over a year and getting threw my first algae out break very smoothly in the new set up plus having all my live stock thriving for the 3 month i've had it, I'm getting the urge to start of new tank, that eventually could hold sps and lps (for sure in no rush to jump to those coral). While having a complete eco-system with shrimp crab snail fish and coral with live rock structures and a deep sand bed I'm absolutely obsessed with the idea of just coral with a snails to keep the tank clean because the more i learn about coral the more amazed i become. I mean there animals that will never die unless it is my fault and I'm always up for a challenge. So any ways that a little background and heres more of what I'm tossing up for ideas and what i really could use some help with. So I am a college student living at home (only 5 minutes away from my school so being away from the tanks is never a problem). That does mean i'm slightly on a budget. I'd like to start a nano reef tank which I'd most likely plan on going with a shallow tank because i do not want a sand bed and obviously (at least as I know) is a better alternative for frag tanks. Looking to have between 15-30 in the display and have no idea what I'll do for a slump. Considering i wont have live sand in the tank I think I'm going to have to have a external sump so i can pile live rock in unless you know any shallow tanks that offer a all in one with the sump connected already. Which kinda leads to another question, with a shallow reef tank with no live sand an probably gonna be light on live rock in the main display should I be going with a custom sump? Ill try to reach the 1lb live rock-gallon of water mark, but since it is a frag tank and wont be producing much waste will i need to have 1lb-gallon or could i work with less? Another consideration i've thought of is going all custom and building it myself... so any help with that would be great along with what i could do for a sump. Ill use a GFO reactor and probably just a bag or carbon in high flow for keeping the tank clean as possible with water change of course. Also looking for ideas for lights. On my main tank i have the maxspect razor r420r 130w 15000k which is amazing. I could use that an find something slightly cheaper that would work just for softies in the main tank. Again I am on a budget but i know lights are not somewhere you want to cut corners. So anyways anyone who has a nano frag tank please give any input regarding what I have listed or just some tips that you think are important. I'm in no rush and this is really just to get a better idea of what i will do in the future.
  14. Xavier613

    WTB: Z's and P's

    Looking to buy a whole bunch of zoas and paly frags. Shoot me a list of what you have, only looking for a few polyps of each type, mainly want a variety over buying larger frags. A few examples of what Im looking for: Candy Apple Reds Sunny D's Gobstoppers Armor of God Rastas Purple Monster Nuke Green Purple Death Magicians Pink Zipper Armageddons Van Hellsings Bowsers Oompa Loompa Purple People Eater Valentines Day Massacre My Clementines Located in 08086 South Jersey. Willing to travel/ pay shipping, but preferably if I'm able to get a number of the frags I'm looking for. Thanks!
  15. Hey Nano reef, Just a quick question about placement of corals, So I have had a New Nanobox light running for about a week now, and am wondering when Can I start bringing my pocillopora up from the sandbed, and how high should I go at a time? currently it is about 18" from the light, and am wondering if I can move it to the top of my rocks now which are ~12" from the light or to put it halfway up the rock(~15" from light) and wait another week before to the top? Anyways just wondering how do people do it here on the forums and the best tips for it? Would not like to stress the coral too much during this, and thank you to everyone who replies
  16. help me i.d this coral please? dead center in the middle...got it for 5.99 at my local PD off the frag rack and of course the employees there know nothing lol...
  17. I'm Batman

    Bringing home Corals

    We all know bringing corals home from a pristine system and putting them in a poorly maintained system will cause all sorts of problems... and then we have a string of posts that go something like: OP - "My coral looks like it's dying" Reply - "what are your parameters?" OP - "I think it's dying please help" Multiple replies "what are your parameters!" OP - "I just dosed a bunch of part A and B formula and now everything else looks like it's dying" Reply "what are your parameters?" A WEEK LATER OP - "I keep moving my coral around and now I think it's dead and after continued dosing of random chemicals I have an algae outbreak and everything else is dying!!" Reply - "what are your parameters" ???? You get the picture!! The topic here is, bringing corals home from a poorly maintained system and putting into a pristine system that has plenty of thriving life. The reason I ask is, we a LFS that does not have climate control and EVeRYThING gets bleached out on the 90F-100F days but they still sell and then replace with more corals, then their UV sterilizer is out and they have "ordered one but it's $5000 so the owner might not order one for a few months because he can't make money since everything looks like crap, and then their chiller goes out and they have a bunch of "albino" corals. So you take a visit and they have something that catches your eye and clearly it's not in the best shape but they may have it priced where you can't turn it down..... then you take it home... I've had really good luck on even corals that have fallen behind rocks and died but I find them and glue them down and they flourish. Has a majority had good luck? Say taking a coral that's in a system with a 7PH and a 5dkh and putting them in a system with an 8Ph and a 9dkh? Taking a coral from a system that's low on any nutrient and placing it into your perfectly measured and maintained system? Thoughts welcome ?
  18. Frag racks getting full. Chicago Local only. I prefer to meet in public location around Harlem and Monstrose. Available weekdays after 7pm or weekend mornings / even afternoon. 1. Magician Palys ($10 for 3-4 polyps, $15 for 6 polyps) These are some of my favorite palys. Great splatter pattern in the middle. They grow fast and have big size polyp. They don't mind lots of light and can do well in medium light. Have 5+ frags of these 2. ORA Green Birdsnest ($10 for 2 inches, $15 for 3 inches) Hardy birdsnest. Had this colony for 2+ years now, grown from a tiny 2 inch frag. Have a few small frags for $5 if you want to try out a birdsnest. Have about 4-5 frags of these. Mother Colony (Not for sale) 3. Purple Stylo ($15 for 3 inches) Fluffy purple stylo. VERY fast grower once it takes off. Love a lot of light. 2 frag of these. Have a small $5 frag too if you want to try out a stylo. Mother Colony (Not for sale) 4. Starburst Monti ($15 for 1 inch) My favorite plating montipora. Yellow polyps on orange base. Not your normal red or green monti. Mother Colony (Not for sale) 5. Misc zoas ($10 - $30) Starting from top left corner, first row only: 10+ polyps of King Midas - $30 5 polyps of Orange Bam Bam - $10 2 polyps of Punk Rocker - $10 5 polyps of Yellow Scramble Egg - $15 2nd row zoas 4 polyps of Orange Bam Bam - free with purchase of $20 or more random no name zoas - free with purchase of $20 or more 6. Forest fire digitata mini colony ($20) Accidentally knock this off. Big chunky frag, about 3-4 inches across and growing in a very unique shape.
  19. Looking to buy or trade for a 24" 4 bulb t5 fixture. I can trade an AI Prime (white) and some frags, or pay a little cash. Let me specify I'd prefer this to be in the NYC area, will consider trades outside of the area, but not too far.
  20. lonewonderer

    Super glue gel. Safe to use?

    hello, is this safe to use to attach coral base to the rocks? how do you use it? is it safe? please help! I bought a kenya corals and from what i heard you can use super glue to attach it. I'm really scared to do it.
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