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Found 14 results

  1. ninjamyst

    Ninja's Custom AIO Frag Tank

    One of the joy of this hobby is watching your corals grow. So I used that as an excuse to start a frag tank because I am tired of seeing frag racks in my other tanks. This will be mostly for zoas and easy SPS. The acrylic tank is custom made by a seller on Ebay. It measures 20 x 16 x 6 and is only 8 gallons. It's sooo shallow and wide that it looks much bigger than 8 gallons. It comes with two frag rack that holds 100 frags total!! This tank will go into my basement that flooded a couple of months ago and remodeling is just wrapping up. I originally wanted a 18 x 18 x 8 tank, but it is impossible to find a cheap, modern sideboard / console table that's 18" deep. I will be running a MJ1200 pump and NanoBox Tide. I can't wait to stock this bad boy with corals. I will be using this thread to document growth and also to eventually start selling stuff on the forum when the weather gets nicer to ship 2 days USPS.
  2. Hello reefers, Previously I made a really simple Frag tank that was actually happy with, work well, this was the version 1: So here is the Version 2 of the frag tank and it as been running for almost a month now and I'm super please with the results: After you watch the video I think some of you will be concern with the intake, but here the thing: I only plan to put one fish (Sixline Wrasse or Damsel Springeri), so I might simply put a simple mesh that I have like I shown in the video, will see, I think it will be fine without it. For the evaporation, I didn't mention much in the video but I simply put water manually time to time, but I planned to add a ATO. I hope this inspire you to make your own tank, now will excuse me, need to add some corals in it 😛
  3. Cadlights 40g Artisan (retired) Equipment Tank: CADlights 40g, 36"x16"x16" Stand: CADlights euro white Sump: CADlights 16g Skimmer: Eshopps S-120 Cone Return: SpeedWave DC pump Heater: Eheim Jager 150w Lights: ATI Sunpower 36" 6x39w Controller: Neptune Apex w/ 2xEB8 Circulation: Vortech MP10 x2 w/backup battery + Tunze 6015 Cooling: JBJ 1/10 chiller Top Off: Tunze Osmolator ATO Dosing: Bubble Magus BM-T01 Fish Picasso Clownfish Pair Fathead Sunburst Anthias Resplendent Anthias Pair Mystery Wrasse Inverts Assorted snails Corals SPS Acropora sp. "ORA Pearlberry" Acropora sp. "ORA Hawkins" Acropore sp. "ORA Red Planet" Acropora secale Acropora yongei "Green Slimer" Acropora tenuis Acropora loripes Acropora sarmentosa Acropora millepora Acropora microclados "Upscales microclados" Acropora microclados "Strawberry Shortcake" Acropora nasuta "Pink Lemonade" Birds Nest ORA Metallic Green ORA Bird of Paradise ORA Green tip Stylophora Green Pocillopora Pink/purple Pocillopora Montipora Green cap Copps Purple cap Forest fire digi Orange digitata Rainbow monti Superman monti Mystic sunset Undata ORA German blue digitata Green digitata Tyree Sunset Setosa LPS Rainbow acan Blastomussa Soft corals Green star polyps Assorted ricordea Zoanthids Devil's armor Bam Bam Tubbs blue Raptors Rainbow Purple & Green Death palys Sunny delight Rasta Lunar eclipse Magicians Fruit Loops Star Fire NPS Dendrophyllia Colony Water Parameters Specific gravity: 1.026 pH: 7.8 to 8.2 Calcium: 380 - 420ppm Alkalinity: 8.0-9.0 dKH Magnesium: 1300-1400ppm Nitrate: 0-0.2ppm Phosphate: 0.00-0.03ppm Potassium: 380-400ppm Temperature: 79.5 - 80.5° F Pictures FTS July 2011 (Beginning) August 2011 October 2011 February 2012 November 2012 September 2013 February 2017 October 2013 Featured Reef Red Sea Reefer 350 Equipment Tank: Red Sea Reefer 350 Skimmer: Nyos 160 Return: Ecotech M1 Flow: Ecotech MP10, MP40QD, 2x Maxspect xf230 Light: ATI 36" PowerModule Hybrid Controller: Neptune Apex May 2017 September 2018 May 2019 October 2019
  4. Aqua Splendor

    DIY frag tank - Video

    Hello, Reefers 🙂 I made a custom Frag Aquarium. I don't have a lot of space at home so it's a standalone tank. Hope this video will entertain you a little bit 😛 📽️ If you have any tips to improve this setup let me know, super curious to have some feedback!
  5. CenCalReef

    CenCal Reef 24x24x12 Mr Aqua

    Hey everyone figured I go ahead and start a journal of my tank setup and have it logged on the internet for ever and ever ha. Anyways not my first tank but its been a while and my previous tanks never had a sump this time around i wanted to build a cheap decent setup plus i found this tank for cheap while craigslist searching for harley tanks and somehow this "fish tank" came up on the all for sale section so i impulsively bought it🙃. 24x24x12 Mr Aqua Symbolic MA-610 30Gallon Two Kessil A160WE Custom Acrylic light mount I DIY'd 20lbs of Reef Saver Dry Rock by MarcoRocks Ecotech Marine MP10QWD ReefOcto Classic 110-S Eheim Compact+ 2000 return pump Neptune Systems ATK V2 Neptune Systems Apex Jr with Display and Temp Probe DIY Acrylic sump 21Lx14.5Wx13H = 17gallons roughly 10-12 actual use gallons, drain and emergency drain go into a chamber that overflows into the filter sock then into the Skimmer Chamber then over into what will be a Refugium with live rock rubble chaeto and maybe some marine pure blocks? or bags with media? that then goes over another baffle into return chamber. Custom made stand i DIY'd BRS 6Stage RO/DI unit let me know if you guys have any suggestions on equipment or think i should add anything else or any great products i should look into, I know this was a bad idea but i couldnt find any info on if people do it or tried it but i added three loc line flat nozzles to my return line output inside the tank would like to change them to RFG Nozzles with a bigger sized return pump to hopefully eliminate having to add another MP10 but of course need to keep the sump flow low in order for the fuge to work i figure the bigger pump would just help maintain pressure coming out of three loc lines being fed by one 3/4" line🧐
  6. 6/13/2019: The overhaul! Tank: Inovative marine Nuvo 14 peninsula Equipment: Stock return pump 100w Ehime Heater Custom caddy with filter floss and Marine Pure Gems IM media reactor with Seachem carbon and Purigen AI Prime HD Coral: Zoas: JF rainbow Infusion, Vamps in Drag, WWC Scrambled Eggs, OG Rastas, Bam Bams, WWC Super Stars (my favorite), Space Queens Palys: Beauty and the Beast Mushrooms: 1 Kryptonite (large enough to start spitting out babies fingers crossed) LPS: Space Invader Pectina SPS: ORA Red Setosa Other: Sexy Sea Rod Inverts: 1 money cowry, need more snails but trochus are hard to come by so I’m trying to breed some more again in the drop off Fish: 1 missing Green Banded Goby (my favorite fish and I think he jumped 😭) Will probably pick up a blenny that’s SPS safe for algae and a captive breed damsel or a small wrasse for pest control just in case Future Plans: Build a custom frag rack for the soon to be colonies on an upper tier with a lower tier for the frags to heal or grow Last FTS before the over haul and the frag tank now
  7. I want a frag tank, And I like the deep blue tanks, because they are already plumbed, and can be rimless and stuff. I want to know where I can purchase a deep blue frag system. Short and sweet, any advice?
  8. If_Only

    Frag Tank Stocking

    Ive decided to set up a 50 gallon low boy instead of setting up a larger display, and I will plumb the low boy into my Plumbed 60 cube. I have a very opinionated answer to my question. I already know im using two wave link circulation pumps, and a maxspect duo 9k return one pushing into my display and this one into this new frag system. Lighting will be maxpect ethereal's, Hydra 26's, Or some kind of Kessil (still haven't made up my mind). What fish would be comfortable in this system. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a tang, like Kole tank or Yellow tang. I do not need the tang police to chase me, as I haven't placed the fish in the system yet but have heard that 4 feet is ok for them. I have a yellow corris wrasse in my 60 cube, I would put him in my frag tank but there will be no lid, and Ive heard that sixlines don't jump often as yellow corrises, I also couldn't see the yellow corris jump (And I am stocking LIGHT so a sixtine is ok). So to dumb it down I will list out simple options and specs down below. Dimensions 48x24x10 (Length, Depth, and Hight). Frag Tank Well filtered (Plumbed into a 60 gallon system, for around 100 gallons of well filtered water volume.) Well circulated Stocking Options: #1 Sixtine wrasse, Tang (Kole or yellow is they are compatible) #2 Sixline wrasse, sailfin blenny (Maybe one other fish?) #3 Write In fish, I want useful fish (Pest control and algae control) All opinions are welcomed
  9. kopilatte

    Jed's 20G Long Frag Tank DIY

    I have a fluval evo 13 that is almost full of corals, some zoas are already reproduce a lot and i need somewhere to place them. I wanna buy bigger tank but not right now because i have a lot of expenses. So i bought 20 gallon long from petco $1 per gallon. I was thinking about drilling the tank and have sump, but then i don't want to make this frag tank simple. I read about HOB filter, so i bought Aquaclear 50, but then it was too small, so i returned it and get 110 for replacement. Attached is the tank and the HOB filter. With aquaclear 110 i will have space to make it as refugium.
  10. Hello Reefers! John here, getting ready to start a new build. For a few months I have been drooling over the idea of doing something like Joshporksandwich over at Reef2Reef and going with a Zoa/Paly only tank. I seem to always have better luck with zoas in the past than anything else, so it just makes sense for me really. Also, my local fish store got some Zoomed Lowboys in for the remodeling of the shop and I was able to snag one for a discount since they purchased so many at once. This post will serve as the equipment/feeding/livestock list and the full tank shot. This is going to be fun, enjoy the ride! TANK EQUIPMENT - Zoomed 50 Gallon Lowboy Frag tank - DIY stand - Aquaticlife T5 Hybrid with 2 Blue plus and 2 True Actinic - 2 AI Primes - Icecap 1k Gyre - Eshopps Eclipse M Overflow SUMP EQUIPMENT - Aqueon 29 Gallon - Corian sump baffle kit from Billy Pipes - Eshopps S120 Skimmer - Marinepure Spheres - Pinky Filter floss - Chemipure Blue - Syncra Silent 3.0
  11. This guy is extra salty

    This Salty Frag Tank

    So I have been thinking of doing this build for quite some time. mainly figuring what would be beneficial, and not having to upgrade just to “add” on to it. At the time I got a 60 gallon frag tank and stand at my LFS for an extremely great price. Now I’m probably going to be spending roughly 400(usd) for lights. I found that I can do a LED diy build for about 300$. Unless someone can convince me that there is a better option for under that price. (I’m going to be needing a high enough PAR to grow SPS) Next is the sump, I have a 20 tall boy. Which I’m going to “make” my 3 or 4 chambers with refugium included. (Planning on doing the Triton method) as for a mechanical filter, I’m going to have two filter socks that water will spill into the first chamber in the sump. And for biological filter I’m putting in 3 or 4 marine pure or the Brightwell bricks..maybe one powerhead will be sufficient, I haven’t decided. I’m open to any suggestions
  12. I am looking into setting up a frag tank- around 20-25 gallon size due to limited space. I was considering a fusion 20 or the lagoon 25 gallon, as these have similar footprints, however the lagoon may require two distinct lights due to it’s increased width. I am interested in hearing people's experiences with AIO tanks of this size and how well they would work as a frag tank- Advantages/ Disadvantages over other options? Please chime in with other suggestions as well! Some pros that are appealing for a tank of this size: 1. AIO offers a lot of features that would allow me to hide most of the equipment- heater, nano skimmer, filter media, thus eliminating HOB equipment 2. Comes with some circulation included, meaning I could get away with a single small power head in the tank 3. I can upgrade my main tank’s lights and reuse my Marine orbit LED’s (24” strip) Does anyone run a fuge with their tanks? I would not have the room to set up a sump with the AIO so I would consider making an aqua clear 50/70 fuge mod - I am guessing I could put it so it’s return goes into the main back chamber? My main goal is the lowest maintenance frag tank possible - with a small bioload (1 fish to feed the corals)- I could probably have great water conditions with filter media/ skimmer only though. Thanks for any input!
  13. CinnamonTorch

    Do i need to cycle a frag tank?

    Hello, i have an interest in starting a nano frag tank of around 5-7 gallons (havent decided yet) but i wanted to know if i need to cycle such a tank? the tank is going to be a frag tank only! No live rock, no live sand. Just straight water in a tank. if its necessary, i would add bio balls for biological filtration, however i dont want to add any fish, this is just a frag tank. any advice? My thought was to just add half of the water from my established tank and then add some new saltwater.. and then i'm ready to start adding frags. its my first time doing a frag tank (please keep that in mind) thanks for your help!
  14. This guy is extra salty

    80 gallon Frag build

    What I have so far: 60 gallon deep blue Frag tank/with stand 20 gallon tall glass aquarium (sump) 4’ of 1” pvc pipe 1”check valve 1” gate valve 6- 1” unions 2- 1” bulkheads(slipxslip) 150 protein skimmer 2-Brightwell Xport bricks 2-4”x8” filter socks 2-100watt heaters 1- 8” shop light 1- Par38 plant grow light (IKEA) right now I’m saving for a return pump and lights
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