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Found 9 results

  1. Hi All! I've been lurking around for quite some time, reading all that I can read, and researching. I finally took the plunge and started my first saltwater tank - fish only for now. I have a 20H gallon, live sand with dry rock. I started the cycle over a week ago with Bio Spira and Dr. Tim's Ammonium Chloride. According to my testing, I believe the cycle is complete (ammonia is converted to nitrites and then to nitrates, in about 24 hours), however, my nitrates were a little on the high end - between 40-80 ppm. I did a water change yesterday, probably around 15%, and it dropped it down to 20. Is that still too high to start adding fish? Should I do another water change first, to lower them more? Also, my ph is running between 7.8-8.0, is that too low? I plan on starting with a pair of Occ Clownfish, then adding a cleaner shrimp, and possibly a royal gramma, at some point. And of course CUC as needed. Thanks!!
  2. hi everyone! im upgrading from my 15 gallon column tank to an Aqueon 36 gallon bowfront tank. so far it's going great, I have 40 lbs live reef rock, 45 lbs crushed coral, 2 Hydor Koralia 425 gph powerhead, 2 aqueon 100 watt heaters, and an Aqueon 50 filter. the only issue I'm having is that I have no idea where or how to put my rocks, so I'm looking for inspiration please! even its not a 36 gallon. just show me your pics of your purple live rock! also any advice for transferring fish would be appreciated!
  3. I am going to setup a fowlr tank in my 20 gallon hexagon. But I would like to find something decent for a lighting unit. I dont want to go crazy expensive because it is only a fowlr (~100 or less.) Or I could just get a bulb for the current hood I have; but I really dont know the type of bulb to look for. I want something that will be nice and bring out the colors in my fish and crow coralline if possible. ALSO Could I get a glass lid for it from somewhere??? I would like to do this, but dont know if anyone sells them anywhere at all.
  4. RyanShore

    Fast Rock ?

    I am starting out my first nano "reef" and want to know what type of rock would be ideal for a quicker setup. Obviously the tank still needs to cycle; however, I would like a rock that will not need to be cured for a long time. I don't plan on putting coral into the tank initially, FOWLR to begin. Having the rock be dry would be fine by me. The options I have seen are the following: Reef saver rock from BRS, Life rock from CaribSea, and Walt Smith Pukani Live Rock - Cured / Cleaned from Premium aquatics. I also was looking at basic caribsea base rock as an option. I just want to be able to set up the tank as fast and hassle free as possible. With the live sand helping a lot in getting bacteria to begin in the tank. I also will use bio spira to help kickstart the tank as well. So far I will be setting it up in a 20 gallon hex tank. Using ocean direct live sand, a hob filter I have laying around (rated for 40g), and some cheap pumps. I plan on stocking with: 2 clowns, a clown goby, and a firefish (and some snails and hermits)
  5. Hey guys, I want to add a 40g FOWLR lionfish tank to my bedroom fishtank corner but I need to make sure that the floors can support the weight. As seen in the diagram below, i would put it along the exterior wall of my house, on the second floor. My room is situated at the back corner of my house so i have two exterior walls, but the unmarked one pictured is interior. I've read a bunch of articles saying that it should be fine but I just want to be sure. Thanks in advance for the feedback! You can follow all my tank builds n such on my youtube page, linked on my profile.
  6. Hello, I'm looking around for an Ich or velvet treatment for my FOWLR tank. I have a 10 gallon quarantine but all 1/2 of the fishes in the DT have ich. Do you have any suggestions which medication really works beside dosing copper on my DT. My fishes are quite big and putting them in that 10 gallon QT is not a good idea. Please help.
  7. lonewonderer

    Sugar dosing for FOLWR help!

    Hello everyone. Does anybody here tried sugar dosing or vodka dosing in a FOWLR bare bottom tank? i have a 40 gallon with 30ppm nitrates. im just wondering if someone could shed light on my question. tank has the ff 40 pounds LR 1 yellow tang 2 blue damsel 1 tomato clown 1 lemon peel 1 cleaner shrimp 4 snails 10 red hermit crabs filters basic protein skimmer aquaclear 110 HOB CPR refugium with light including ogo and chaetomorpha
  8. lonewonderer

    Can I add more fish?

    Hello everyone. I would like to ask for your honest opinion. I have a 40 gallon FOWLR tank with a 10 gallon refugium sump and an aquaclear 110 for filtration. I was thinking to add a butterfly, a foxface or some other fishes on it. I have the list of my stocking below. Do you have any recommendation what to add. Looking for a peaceful fishes. any suggestions? tank has 40 pounds LR 1 small yellow tang 2 blue damsel 1 tomato clown 1 lemon peel 1 cleaner shrimp 4 snails 10 red hermit crabs filters basic protein skimmer aquaclear 110 HOB 10 gallon DIY sump refugium with chaetomorpha, chemi pure blue, purigen, 2" sand bed and filter sock.
  9. Ive had a few reef setups in the past (35g & 55g) but it has been years since i broke my last tank down. Not that i dislike or have lost interest in the reef hobby - its more so that i am broke and busy! Its no secret that these tanks take money, most people would tell you they're expensive. That said, they also require a lot of time. Until 3 weeks ago i gave in to the "too broke & busy" argument.....but what if? What if i could enjoy this hobby on a budget? Would it be worth it? Could i afford good enough stuff to have a healthy reef setup? I set out to find out and the result is this 10g build that sits next to my computer desk and i love it. At close to a month old i think the waters finally starting to stabilize. My Build: tank $14.95 - 10gal walmart aquarium heater $14.95 - 50w constant style submursible heater (petco) hang_on_filter $14.95 - petco brand (rated for up to 15 gals i think?) 20" LED Light Bar $10.95 48 leds (white+actinic) wave maker $6.95 - 530gph powerhead - actually impressed with this power head! (from china, ebay) sand $14.95 (caribsea live sand) live rock (1lb from petco) $7 couple pound piece of coral/rock (base rock - found at the beach) - $0 Cleanup Crew: 3 turbo snails 2 cerith snails 2 margarita snails 9 red leg hermit crabs 1 blue leg hermit crab $22 Seagrass $0 (petco was giving it away due to an abundance) Fluval Hydrometer $10.95 TOTAL: $117.65 Timeline: I let the tank cycle with just the live rock, base rock, a small cutting of seagrass, led light bar, and wave maker (530gph pwr head) for 2 weeks. Then added live sand, hang on filter (my $20 DIY canister filter design still needs some tweaking to get 100% right.) Yesterday i added the clean up crew and overnight theyve made a HUGE difference! Base/Live rock are spotless today but they still have plenty of glass to clean (sand took a while to settle ). My questions: 1. Clean-up crew covered so much ground in a day that im thinking 3 turbo snails is way to many - that the likelyhood of a few starving is high in a nano setup like this. 2. Thoughts on seagrass and its contributions to the water (is it as beneficial as macro-algea in a sump? etc) 3. Fish - suggestions on speciies that could be kept in such a nano setup but still are unique, vibrant, and have some kind of personality. 4. If i let the seagrass continue to spread, to the point it covers half the surface of the bottom, will the combination of a small hang on filter and these plants provide enough filtration to support anything more complex like corals? Or will i need to bite the bullet and invest in a canister filter if i decide to venture beyond the FOWLR setup? thanks!
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