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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I have a Red Sea Reefer 170 in white that I am looking to sell. I have had it for a little over 2 years and have enjoyed it very much. But as all good things must come to an end - I have decided to sell it. Work and school are taking all my time and the tank is being neglected. Pickup only for Tank - Los Angeles, CA Things that come with the system - 1. Tank - Red Sea Reefer 170 (including the never used original sump) 2. Sump - Skimz - UP21 Sumpro Sump 3. Lights - ATI - 24" SunPower 8x24W (bulbs included 4xblueplus, 2xactinic, 1xpurpleplus, 1xaquablue special) 4. Powerheads - Tunze Nanostream 6040 x 3 5. Return Pump - Tunze 1073.05 Electronic 6. Skimmer - Tunze DOC Skimmer 9410 7. Controller - GHL ProfiLux 4e (including Powerbar 5.1, temp and ph probes) 8. Doser - GHL Doser 2.1 Slave, 4 pumps 9. ATO - Tunze Osmolator Nano 10. Misc (FREE) - Livestock - corals, clam, fish, inverts Hanna Checkers for Ca, Kh, Po 80% bucket of Tropic Maring Pro Reef 200g bucket. 30lbs of rock, 4x4.5g jugs, Eheim Jager heater, Refractometer, Cooling fans, ATI Essentials PRO 2L #1, #2 buckets etc. Original cost is over $3600. Looking for $1800 OBO. If the tank get sold without the equipment, then I would be willing to sell those separately. Thanks Reefactor
  2. Help me clean my crowded garage friends!! Finally able to clean up and list the SCA 50g cube. Package deal, asking $450 24x24x20 SCA starfire glass cube display tank plumbed w PVC 18g glass sump Atman 2500 return pump Atman 1100 skimmer pump SCA 301 skimmer ClearViewLids typhoon fitted screen with light, cord and feed door cutouts Stand included though may want to upgrade after a while- it’s functional but is made of plywood. All just over a year old, retired May 29th Houston metro and Woodlands area- pick up only
  3. ReefahBarra84

    Used Tunze equipment FS

    Finally picked up my fusion 20 pro. I've decided to go a different route from my old 30L filters, etc. I've got a Tunze comline 9001.04 Skimmer available, in good condition, no cracks anywhere, functional pump, just needs some new airline. Looking to get $60 plus standard ground shipping. Can sort out details later. Open to trades for coral/ equipment . Also have the Tunze nano osmolator 3152 full unit, fully functional. Both have been sitting for a year in boxes. $35 Can do both for $90 . Open to trades, etc. Just want them gone. Also have a IM custom caddy for nuvo fusion 30 Doesn't fit my 20 . $10 PM , if interested.
  4. I have taken down my tank and am looking o sell my DIY led/t5 hybrid light. This is a housing from a Coralife 4x 24" T5 lunar fixture. I removed 2 of the T5s, as well as the lunar LEDs, and mounted a 4 channel Nanobox Duo M inside of it. So total it has 2 24" T5s in the front and back each with individual reflectors, and a Nanobox Duo M (4 channels, moonlight channel, & lime LEDs) mounted in the middle. 4 channel Bluefish controlled with the t5s on a separate outlet. I'll also include the old nanobox duo gooseneck in case you want to restore it. The nanobox fan is burnt out. It is an easy fix, but works fine without it since the t5 has a fan and the housing is looser around the nanobox than the original housing. It also needs a cover for the nanobox fan hole I cut into the top. It also could use a better plexiglass protector, I couldn't find a single piece big enough. The mounts for the T5s are VERY rough, and it wasn't a finished project when I took it down. With a little TLC this could be a really clean fixture, but it's currently a bit rough around the edges. That being said, this thing works great for growing corals and has a great mix of flashy led and natural fluorescent spread. I really like the colors, and look of this light. I am selling because I have taken down the tank, sold all my stuff, and am moving across the globe.
  5. Aquarium controller for sale! Apex j: 4 outlet controller, temp probe, LED screen/remote, Netgear Wifi extension $175 shipped EB8. almost brand new, <6mo old $120 shipped PM1 in photo is no longer available. $250 for the complete package shipped. Also have a Nanobox Duo Led + t5 hybrid light for sale. Check my other post.
  6. Ended up breaking down my 4G cadlights nano and relocating inhabitants so I can have my desk back (starting a business and need for surface area...). I haven’t been following Nanobox developments since I bought it. Paid around $350 but see they’re now selling new for $299🙄. Never had a single problem with it! Black finish with blue metal cover. Willing to part with mine for $200 firm + shipping. Sorry, no trades please unless you’ve got drone parts😂. steve
  7. Hi all, I'm disassembling my custom LED fixture and selling the 48W LED super spectrum pucks. I worked with Yann to develop this specific flavor after significant testing. These are PCBs with premium LEDs intended for a DIY assembly. Yann sells my mix here: https://blueacro.com/acrostar/ for ~$85 shipped. These are custom chips with what I consider to be the absolute best spectrum for coral growth, fluorescence, and color mixing. Channel 1: 4x Royal Blue (450nm), 1x Warm White (2700k, 80+CRI); 1A max current, 15V required Channel 2: 2x Royal Blue (450nm), 1x 425nm Violet (Luxeon UV), 1x 415nm Violet (Luxeon UV); 1A max current, 12V required Channel 3: 1x Lime, 1x Warm White (2700k, 80+CRI), 1x Royal Blue, 1x Neutral White (4000k, 80+CRI); 700mA max current, 12V required Channel 4: 1x Blue (485nm), 1x Royal Blue (450nm), 1x Cyan (500nm); 1A max current, 9V required. A lot of thought and experimentation went into this configuration. It's cost me buckets of LED's to figure this out... but I feel like this is the PERFECT mix . At 100% it should result in something like 19-22k light (depending on your perception). It's focused on growth over unused accent colors but does include one Cyan and one Lime. The lime is too cool to not include and really allows a whiter look when called for - I feel that it does harm the overall color rendering, but it is an extremely efficient way to get a whiter light when you want it. If possible, I would run a 5th channel with just the lime. Cyan (~500nm) also doesn't do much for the coral but is necessary to compensate for the gap in phosphor converted white. This light leans towards warm white over neutral white - more warm white gives a very rich coloration that is less "sterile. Channel one, with one WW and 4 RB's is perfect for dawn and dusk viewing. You can see how it causes a reef tank to fluoresce here: You can see more of the coral growth and color rendering here http://bostonreefers.org/forums/index.php?threads/fresh-build-the-clean-white-stage.154756/page This is a bit of a specialty item - so let me know if you have any questions. They are sold with solder pads (not solderless headers) and are used, but have only reached about 1/10th of their usable life. Send me a text 978-502-7037 (preferred) or respond to this post. Best, Rob
  8. Got my Kessil A150W Ocean Blue up for sale. Picked it up off my buddy who bought it brand new. He thought he was going to use it on his wife's nano tank, but they never ended up using it I have been running it for about 6 months now, but need something with a little more controllability. Comes with: Like-new Kessil A150W Ocean Blue Goose Neck mount Original boxes for light and mount Original spare parts Price: $SOLD$
  9. I'm cleaning out some of my aquarium equipment before I move. Vortech MP10w - $50 - works great just took it off my tank when I broke it down. Going to get a gyre for my next system Fishneedit 70w metal halide pendant, ballast, and lamp - $20 - I just don't use it anymore, the lamps work, but should probably be replaced. Willing to ship at buyers expense or local pick in Atlanta.
  10. Hello, looking to purchase a Black AI prime HD or Nanobox Duo. I have an IM 20 and I am looking to upgrade the stock lights.
  11. SOLD HUGE FREAKING ROLL OF DOUBLE BONDED BLUE/WHITE FILTER FLOSS We have 1 ginormous roll of brand new inTank Filter Floss® that needs to go. Estimating 50-60 FEET long (it's at least 50, probably longer. I'm not unrolling to find out) 8-1/2" Wide Diameter of the roll before packing is 31 inches Thickness: 1" before packing Great for those with larger tanks, a pond, or you want a LIFETIME supply. Minimum Retail Value: $120 (calculated at 50 ft long including S&H) Sale Price: $45 + shipping Here is what it looks like before packing: Here is how it will arrive: Details about shipping: Because the box is 21x21x9" shipping gets a little expensive. Instead of adding into the price the highest rate to the longest distance, and possible overcharging someone closer to our amazing warehouse, creating vast profits that will surly be used for questionable activities. We will calculate shipping prior to purchase and add to the sale price. Estimated prices are $15-31 UPS Ground®, possible can go Priority® if you are in a zone close to 53051. Please PM if you are interested with your shipping zip code. If you have a business address please mention this as rates are cheaper UPS Ground®. PayPal® accepted
  12. Up for sale is an XR15 Pro G3 that has NOT been used. It is brand new. I had originally bought two of the XR15's a few years ago for a 90g tank build but ended up getting a 45g frameless for a good price and so decided to go that route. Any questions let me know. Shipping is $8 via USPS Priority mail. Asking $350... Will accept reasonable offers. Any questions just ask!
  13. I have one AI prime HD 2 months old for sale I was running it at 45%, I got a good deal for a Radion G2 thats why I'm selling the prime with the mount included. Price for both brand new $225 + $30 = $255 I'm asking $210 Shipping included in the US. $200 If picked up in Miami, Fort Lauderdale area.
  14. ****This is sold - close**** Selling my Bubble Magus Skimmer, curve 5. Was setting up a larger tank, and that project has been put on hold. This skimmer was bought with Tax Season money in March. Literally used it for 2 weeks when I was cycling some rock. Have all original packaging and instructions. Will not be setting up bigger tank for a while it turns out. Will knock off some money if you can pickup in NH. Shipping will not be cheap so the closer the better to me. Paypal only. $150 total
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