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Found 24 results

  1. ValerieR

    Evo 13.5 Mantis Reef Tank

    I started out with a trip the the LFS to "look". Found Mr Pickles, labeled as a "Green Mantis". Decided after 10+ years away, that I needed another predator tank. Researched, decided on the Evo 13.5 for general ease and compactness. We don't have a lot of space, which is why I didn't have a tank yet. Set up the tank using buried pvc for tunnels and LifeRock Shapes for scaping, added water on April 4th. Cycled with Mr Tim's, "live" sand, and a healthy clump of chaeto from my LFS. Tossed in a sacrificial small pair of threadfin cardinals (cheapest fish at the LFS) for ammonia and backup meal plan. Tested, tested, tested... tank cycled in about a week. Picked up Mr Pickles and 2 huge Turbo Snails which could hopefully withstand some bashing. Got a sand sifting star for detritus. Got an Octospawn (a wall - had looked like a branching initially at the store) and some zoas from the $10 and $20 bin. Mr Pickles eats krill from tongs easily. Cardinals prove harder to feed, mysis in the water column makes a mess. Got the intank chamber for chamber 1. Turned chamber 2 into a fuge. Having issues with wild temperature swings. Octo isn't doing so well. Added a controller. Added an ATO. Added another light. Occasional improvement followed by more decline. Started nightly searches for pests. Mr Pickles is still doing well, holes up in the tubes at night. Research discovered he is likely a she and is a Pseudosquilla Ciliata, a spearer. After two weeks she buried herself in her tubes and won't come out. I think it's time to molt. LFS said they had her at least two months. Have added more corals. Everything is doing well except the octo. I dipped it. I changed the water flow. I tested. Everything looks fine, yet, it declines. I'm beginning to suspect an overzealous Turbo of picking at the lower edges, causing it to retract and stress out. Algae growth is appropriate, chaeto/ grape culerpa in the fuge is growing. Tank is chock full of pods, which may explain why the cardinals never seem hungry. Micro brittle stars that came in the grape culerpa are doing well. I hand sorted and picked them out to put in the display portion. PH as of today (5/8/19) is 8.0, ammonia is 0, nitrate is 0, nitrite is 5.0, salinity is 1.025 and temp ranges 0.5 degrees from 78, usually 78-78.5. I do 1 gallon weekly water changes. We added a purple firefish last weekend to have something that would swim around. The cardinals aren't like Biaggi (sp?) Cardinals like the LFS said, but are schooling and want a group, so they are healthy, but hide a lot. The Firefish promptly tried to hide in Mr Pickles' tubes, but we were able to block them until it found another place in the rock. It wasn't too expensive at $15; I won't put a fish in I'd be devistated to see eaten, but this one is at least interesting to watch for now. I may try to trade the cardinals for almost anything else. Current corals: Octospawn, candycane, red acan, green acan, orange/green zoas, GSP both long and short variety, duncan, small liverock piece with a mushroom, featherdusters, and sponge on it. Considering getting a peppermint shrimp or 1-2 hermits while Mr Pickles is in hiding. Maybe they won't smell "new" my the time she comes out and might survive... briefly.
  2. In 2013 I had just put my current house under contract, and knew I had no logical space for a 50g reef tank. I broke it all down, and only brought with me a 20g long low-tech planted tank. For 7 years I kept telling myself there was no space. Then, just browsing LetGo, I saw this dirty, ugly, hair algae overgrown Fluval Evo 13.5. This was Jan 9th 2020. On Jan 11th, the tank was in my living room. With 12lbs new Caribsea Real Life Rock, new live sand, and a very good cleaning, it looked brand new. I'll try to get a pic of it before purchasing. I re-homed the chocolate chip starfish and two firefish as well. I was left with two Wyoming Snowflake Clowns and Royal Gramma. Using the advice here, I kept the inherited HOB and rear chamber sponge filters going for a few weeks to reduce the chance of a new cycle, considering all new rock and sand were added. Pardon the pics, I am still trying to figure out the "Pro" mode on my Galaxy Note 10+ 2020.01.10 FTS: 20200112_094159 by Mike Fielder, on Flickr Display: 13.5g Fluval Evo Lighting: Nano Box Reef Mini Tide Plus Filtration: Poly, ChemiPure Elite, Purigen. InTank Chamber 1 basket. Heater: 50W Fluval Circulation: Tunze 1073.008, Aqamai KPS ATO: AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro on the way! Controller: Not yet! Skimmer: Considering IceCap K1? Dosing: Vibrant 1x/wk, MicroBacter7 1x/2wks
  3. So I've been reading around on how to improve my evo, and I read I need to plug the hole in the false wall. Any idea on how I can do this safely? My tank has been up for a year and is already stocked.
  4. Hannahhhh

    Octopus tank

    Hi everyone. I’m starting a new journal for my pygmy octopus tank. Fluval evo 13.5 Aqueon heater Bumblebee snails Nassarius snails Margarita snails Assorted hermits Turbo snails Assorted mushrooms Zoas Leather corals Macroalgae Octopus joubini I didn’t need to do too many modifications to the tank to prevent escapes. I used filter floss with suction cups attached to block off the overflow. I cut a piece of styrofoam to fit in the large hole on top of the hood. Lastly I stuffed filter floss in the small hole that is in the back wall of the evo. The octopus arrived Wednesday January 29th. I ordered him from salty bottom reef. His first hour in the tank he did a lot of exploring, but after that he has spent most of his daytime hours in one of two crevices in the rock. He seems to move around a bit more at night, although I still haven’t seen him do much moving, I just find him in new locations. As far as I know, he hasn’t eaten yet. There are hermit crabs in the tank and it’s possible he has eaten one, but I don’t think any are missing. I forgot to count how many I was adding to the tank so I’m not positive that they are all there. I am a little worried that he may already be nearing the end of his natural life, hence the lack of appetite and activity. According to salty bottom reef company, this species is seasonally available from October-March. That makes me think that perhaps March is around the time the adults start dying off, and the offspring hatch. I’m guessing the new hatchlings are too small to be caught for the first half of their life, which is why they aren’t available for part of the year. Of course, it’s also possible that he’s simply still acclimating and adjusting to the tank. I don’t really have any good pictures of him yet, since he spends most of the daytime hiding. You can see him in the red light picture I posted, but the rest of the pictures are just of the tank so don’t spend any time trying to spot him. Lastly, to anyone who is considering starting up an octopus (or any cephalopod) tank, I highly suggest joining tonmo.com. The folks on that site have spent so much time answering my questions and helping me out. This is all the information I could think to add for the moment, but I’m sure I will add more later. If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts or questions about octopuses, feel free to post!
  5. Thetravelguy

    13Evo first mini reef

    Current tank stocking - - - 4 Blue Hermit 2 Red Hermit 2 nacarius snail 2 astrea snail 1 tailspot blenny 1 ocellaris clown 1 canary wrasse 1 Skunk cleaner ------ xxx 1 BTA (mini tank crash) Xxx peppermint shrimp -RIP, nem dinner xxx 1 damsel (sorry dude I effed up the PH) - - - GSP Zoa (unknown variety) Zoa- King Midas Clove ricordea hammer Kenya tree chalice (Hollywood stunner) candy cane (caulastrea) Favia Duncan Meteor Shower Cyphastrea Mystery frag Mystery Acro Toadstool Newest inhabitant ————————————————————— ————————————————————— Current Tank Shot _________________________________ Hey y’all. I’m one of those people that has flitted off and on the forums over the years. I’ve also been in and out of the hobby. I’ve had freshwater off and on for about 15 years. I had a saltwater Fowler tank for a few years in high school but gave that up when I went to college. I’ve wanted to get a sw for years but I’ve been pretty unstable as far as taking temp jobs all over the country, living abroad and traveling tons. But now I’m kinda settled down a bit and decided it was finally time to jump back in! Back when I had my sw I tried my hand at a couple easy corals but they never did all that well. They kind of existed but never thrived. I suspect I was just too immature to understand how to truly care for em. Anywho I’ve been planning this comeback for a while and today I drove on over to my LFS and picked up my fluval 13.5 evo. I decided I really like the look of the tank, the price was right for what I was looking for and it’s not too big- but not too small. I’m super psyched to get the ball rolling. My intentions at the moment are to keep the stock lighting (kind of the point of getting an all-in-one system right? Haha) and I plan to mod some extra blue leds on in there (I saw a journal where someone did that here). I plan to pick up some eggcrate and also mod the filtration as it seems most everyone on her does. I’m not suuuuper diy minded but I love doing it (I just kinda suck at it, so we’ll see). Ive picked up all my extras as far as test kit and sand and even about 11lbs of rock from the lfs. I plan to get it thrown together tonight and to get that cycle started. I do still need to go get the eggcrate and some media for it. My plans inhabitant wise are still pretty up in the air. In the past I had a clown (honestly it’s been 10+ years and I don’t remember exactly which as far as percula or which). I had a sixline wrasse that I LOVED but unfortunately lost to a surfing accident. I had two cardinals and a bicolor blenny (ended up being the most active and interesting fish in the whole tank). - this time around I’d love to try some different things but my heart still tugs at the clown (why do we all love them so much). And I’ve been thinking perhaps a different species of blenny. But who knows. As as far as corals I want to start off real easy, so I’m thinking some zoas and maybe a hammer. I once saw a tank that had green star spread across the back wall and I loooved how that looked. Soo. We’ll see where I end up. Sorry now im completely rambling. In any case, I’ll document my journey here. And I consider myself an experienced newbie... any and all input is always welcome. I love to learn and grow and won’t be annoyed by friendly advice!
  6. 4 month update after lighting upgrade to stock hood: May 13, 2018: SPS growing really nicely! Thicker & better coloration too! Compare these pictures to the older ones. Update: January 22, 2018: Upgrades: - Aquamai KPS Wavemaker - Current USA 12" Truelumen Pro LED bars (x2) and 10" LED strips (x2). This is in addition to the stock Fluval light. Total wattage 40.2 watts - Current USA Single, Dual and Dual Pro Ramp Timers - Smart ATO Micro Auto Top-off System - Aquatic Life 115 Protein Skimmer - inTank Chamber 2 Media Basket - Inkbird Aquarium Dual Stage Temperature Controller + NTC Sensor - Hydor Centrifugal Pump 300gph (it's not much stronger than stock pump, although smaller) - Green Killing Machine Mini 3W UV - Fluval Edge 25W heater (The room is fairly warm all year so don't really need much heating) Filter Media: Purigen, Matrix, inTank Poly Filter Floss --- March 4th, Day 1, tank goes live & cycling: April 5th, one month after: It's been a bit over a month since I setup this tank and it's my very first reef tank. I've been in the freshwater world for over a decade (currently have a 55g Discus tank) and decided to take the plunge and setup a reef. I'm running the stock lighting for now and it seems pretty decent. Even my SPS are starting to show new growth although the coloration isn't too good. Here are the additions/upgrades I've done so far: - Fluval P2 Protein Skimmer - Hydor Koralia Nano 425gph - Hydor Centrifugal Pump 300gph (it's not much stronger than stock pump, although smaller) - Green Killing Machine Mini 3W UV - Fluval Edge 25W heater (The room is fairly warm all year so don't really need much heating) Filter media: Purigen and Phosguard I got 17 different corals (mostly frags) right now including quite a few SPS. Cleanup crew consists of 5 snails, 3 hermit crabs, emerald crab and a blood red fire shrimp. And an acid rain bubble tip Anemone!
  7. medinar83

    Fluval Evo 13.5 Peninsula

    Decided to document the Fluval Evo 13.5 journey on Nano-Reef Received the tank July 20th from Amazon, no damage thank god! Mostly set up for my 4 and 2 yr old daughters, had to breakdown my IM 25 gallon a few months ago due to being away for work, huge money loss as expected so I didn't see myself coming back for some time, but we got the itch right away, love this hobby and the community. Plans were to keep the tank completely stock and ultra low budget, reason I got this set up in the first place, well that changed a week later when everything stock went out the window.... keeping it simple still though Replaced the following Light AI Prime HD Sicce 1.0 pump Hydor nano power head Chamber one filter floss Chamber two In-tank Media basket w/ filter floss, chemi-pure and Fluval bio rings Weekly 3 gal water changes pic below is from 7/25 I have since added a few pieces of coral more pics coming
  8. Reefanatic24/7

    Chalk Bass!!!!!

    I visited my LFS today and saw a group of chalk bass in their main display and I fell absolutely in love with them. I want all the info possible on these fish so please PLEASE share. I was thinking that I'll get one for my fluval evo 13.5 (still not set up smh...) Do y'all think that an evo is adequate for one bass? Igreen's guide to nano tanks suggests a 20 gallon but the only tankmates I'm planning are a YWG and pistol pair... I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK lol
  9. 4Swanson2Reefer0N00b

    Major changes in flow-yes or no?

    Ok I've got an evo that's coming to two years in October and it's beautiful. No reason at all to mess with anything! But I've got an ich might need talking out of. What at would be the drawbacks of making a major change to the flow system I've been with for much of my time and everything is stable and I believe my clown fish are on the cusp of mating. I would like to angle my power heads in a manor that will essentially reverse the water flow of the entire tank. I want to do this because it will push my rbta (3) Ina different direction away from a colony of utter chaos Zoas so they can be undisturbed and considerable sized toadstool will have less direct flow at it and will extra it's polyp/arms much longer. It's grown great but I know it's getting blasted a bit currently. My my tanks is stock with an upgraded 32 w led and I have chaeto in Kidd chamber with stock sponge carbon and bio media in chamber 1. 185 gph pump. I probdvly shouldnt do this right?
  10. Friend at work wants to give me this, as she's in the process of shutting down her tank. I have no idea what it is but she says light and flow requirements are "medium" ... Any ideas, I bet you folks can identify it. Also will it be okay in my Fluval Evo 13.5 with stock light & upgraded powerhead? Thanks in advance.
  11. Jason2000

    Fluval Evo light control

    I am using the stock lighting on my fluval evo 13.5 and would like to incorporate a light controller for dawn/dusk effect. Is anyone using a controller with the evo stock light, and if so i'd love to know what they're using. I see that fluval itself does a 2 chanel LED lamp timer- does this actually have a gentle progressive dim function or does it dim the light in stages until off? Thanks in advance
  12. Floundering_Around

    Need a new light

    Unfortunately, as I was moving back to college after winter break, all of my plugs and cords for my tank's equipment got wet. Some of the equipment just uses standard plugs so after drying off, they were able to be plugged right back in and continue working. However, my new aqamai kps and the adapter and timer for my light currently do not work. I am unsure if they'll start working after drying out some more but as of right now, my tank has had no light since Sunday (other than sunlight from a nearby window) and a backup pump for flow. Up until now, I've been using the stock light for the fluval evo 13.5 and it's was working out well. If I can't get a new adapter from fluval (the actual light is fine), then I will be looking into a different LED that's appropriate for the evo 13.5. I'll also need a lid for the tank as I want to 1) minimize evaporation, 2) keep my fish from jumping, and 3) keep my roommate's cat out of the tank. If this is cheaper than getting a new stock light or at least comparable, any suggestions would be appreciated!!! 🙂 I need to get a light back on my tank as soon as possible. current tank stock: - softies (GSP, mushrooms) -LPS (acans, duncan, torch, goniopora) -SPS (pocilipora) - inverts (RFAs) - NPS
  13. Floundering_Around

    Won a flame angel...

    So as the title says, I won a flame angel in a raffle from Reef2Reef at reefapalooza today. However, I only have my Fluval Evo 13.5. The fish in question is a baby captive bred dwarf angel. I have plans in the future to get a larger reef tank but I'm currently in college and don't have space at my mom's house with all my existing tanks. There is also the concern that the little flame going after my softies, especially my new utter chaos polyp and some other new goodies. The guys at reef2reef say it's unlikely since it was captive bred and may not have gained the taste for corals like its wild caught cousins
  14. Hi all, nice to have found you I am starting up a tank again after 6 years and decided to go smaller. In my last tank, (20 gallon x-high and 10 gallon fuge) my live rock had 3 plants that popped out and grew like crazy without me doing anything special (big mistake letting that rock go but we were moving and Hurricane Sandy hit at same time so everything live went to pet store in next town that had power) Had seahorses first, then 4 fish with clean up crew. After a lot of thought, I believe I will be getting the Fluval Evo 13.5. It is the perfect size for a shelf I have in my kitchen. My husband agreed to a new tank only because I said it would not flood (old tank protein skimmer hung outside the fuge) and will be covered so not bad salt creep (old fuge was on metal stand and open, and not in a closed cabinet) but it seems everyone who gets this tank will alter the lights (for reef), the filter (already decided to do that) and being too hot (main worry). I'm planning on doing regular water changes instead of getting the protein skimmer. The DIY scrubber looked interesting too. So, any thoughts on if this tank on whether the standard lights will be good for some macro and few fish?
  15. 4Swanson2Reefer0N00b

    Fluval evo 13.5-stock tank-8months

    Hey everyone. Just loving my tank these days. My first ever salt water experience and TBH my first fish tank ever on my own. I'm 35..... So my best friend has been in the hobby for a couple years and always loved staring at his tank so I took the leap last fall and started my first tank in October. Rushed things of course and had a clown and fire shrimp in there within a month but things have worked out pretty well I must say. I've started backing off the weekly water changes and am up to every other week and thinking about three weeks in between also. I was dosing fusion one and calcium for a while but have found it isn't really that necessary. Every month or so I also pull the stock filter setup of ceramic rings and carbon ( which I am still only on my second bag so I've changed it about every four months) from the big sponge (which everyone hates?) and ring it out in my dirty tank water from a water change. My my tank has really blossomed by finding the right places for my corals to thrive and grow and to really find the right foods for everything has taken time when considering all the other variables in making corals happy. I feed green flakes and pellets a frw times a week Mysis shrimp maybe once or twice and my new favorite brine shrimp-all my food thawed from frozen and never rinsed. I also do reef roids once a week with the filter jets turned off for about twenty mins or so. I direct feed with a pipet to specific corals or with long forceps. I should add that I used to have an arrow crab, which we loved,but traded back because it was simply too big. It molted three times and green from a quarter and a stretched out hand and fingers in about three months. So yea full size quick. Also had an identical black clown to the current one that I lost to a parasite pretty early on so I think I just bought a sick fish. I also had a tail spot blenny that was amazing but died mysteriously after seeming to be super happy and healthy? Sad face. I just wanted to post post cause in proud as hell of what I've got going so far and what I have learned basiclLy from scratch. This whole project has been done with my four year old son who knows the names of everything in the tank and my lovely wife that has been supportive of my spending habits at the reef store 🤑 And also been a great partner in putting things together. Things are boomin and wanted to share. Hope you like. Fire shrimp-monster orange clown-pretzel black clown-bubbles yellow clown goby-mustard green chromis-tuna 1turbo 3-5 nassarius 1cerith 7-9 Astra and astrid snails 6-8 blue and banded hermit crabs any corals I bought for 15 bucks or less so they were all small frags with the exception of the bubble tip which I just got for my birthday for 30 bucks and it split in two greenish Zoas on left started 3 teddish Zoas on right had 15 a purple tip torch duncan coral started with 1 head aussie toadstool? cats paw stylophora green stylophora goniopora flower pot coral (only unhappy guy in tank because of recent water change) green button palythoa (got a single polyp for two dollars) 1 rocordia 1 superman rhodactis orange leptospirosis (any tips on this guy would be great) 1 growing birds nest 1 bubble tip anemone into 2 a field of green star polyps
  16. Floundering_Around

    Something's wrong

    We've got some trouble in paradise. So as some background, my most recent water change was this Saturday, three days ago. Ca was at 440 and all other parameters were fine (don't have my own test kit so I got my water tested at the pet store when I went to get more saltwater. Waiting for a good one to go on sale). Before doing the water change, all of my new zoas were acting up (Radioactive dragon eye, eagle eye, and utter chaos). They were all closed up or half closed, not fully opened and pretty. At this point, all of them have been in my tank for about a month; the UC was always open and it was the RDEs and the EEs that were giving me problems. On the advice of another zoa keeper, those two got a peroxide dip. Nothing had happened in the tank other than a hermit crab knocking my Fat Head Den on top of my UC; even then it was still open though. Following the peroxide dip, my UC polyp starts acting up, Mind you, it was fine before and didn't receive a dip. Now after the water change on Saturday, UC still has not opened up and the polyp looks likes it regressing? At the same time, my Monti cap (which was also fine on Saturday during the water change) has started bleaching?! The Monti has also been in my tank for a month and was totally fine. Its mounted on a magnet so I have it at the surface of the water where the par is the highest. It's directly across from my wavemaker so it's getting good flow. And, I feed the tank a mix of benepets and Reef Chili so there is food in there small enough for it to eat. I've been checking for flatworms on both but I see none or any eggs. Any clue as to what's going on? I don't want to lose either of these corals!
  17. Intro: Hey guys, Luxembourg here. I am a longtime lurker and decided to make an account, and make an aquarium journal. I ended up getting a Fluval 13.5. This is my second reef/SW tank, After a yearlong hiatus I decided to startup another tank. I will (hopefully) update you guys on the status of my tank. Current setup (03/16/18): Tank: Fluval Evo 13.5 Rock and Sand: CaribSea Base Rock (Dry Rock) and CaribSea Arag-Alive "Fiji-Pink" Heater: Cobalt Neo-Therm 75w Lighting: Stock Fluval Evo 13.5 LEDs (I may upgrade, they seem sufficient for now) Cheap LED light for chaeto Filtration: First Chamber inTank Media filter. Chaeto, then filter floss in the top slot. Purigen and more filter floss in the second slot. In the bottom I have ChemiPure Elite and a little more filter floss to top (bottom?) it off. Coralife Nano/Biocube Protein Skimmer (in 2nd chamber) Livestock: At least in my opinion, the most important part of a tank: Fish: x2 Black-Ice Snowflake Ocellaris Clownfish x1 Royal Gramma Basslett x1 Tail Spot Blenny Invertebrates: x1 Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp x1 Blood Red Fire Shrimp x1 Candy Cane Pistol Shrimp x3 Dwarf Hermit Crabs x3 Nassarius Snails x2 Trochus Snails x2 Cerith Snails Corals Soft Coral Glove Polyps LPS Torch Coral ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pictures: Royal Gramma Basslett Tail Spot Blenny Blood Red Fire Shrimp Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp Torch Coral (below same frag under blue) Green Glove Polyps Thanks for taking the time to read my aquarium journal! I will end with my most recent FTS (updated 03/16/18). -Luxembourg FTS Archive:
  18. bluegreen

    Studio Tank 13.5

    Hey everyone, this is the journal of my first saltwater tank. I keep a pretty close eye on it since I spend most of the week working in my studio. The Tank Specs/List of stuff I'm using/doing Live Sand Life Rock 2gal water change per week (maybe reduce qty?) Tank: Fluval EVO 13.5Lighting: StockHeater: EHEIM 50WCirculation: Hydor 240Skimmer: NoneFiltration: StockTop-Off: NoneDosing: NoneController: None Just after cycling 6.4.18 Fish Fancy Ocellaris Clown Invertebrates Red Leg Hermit Crab Blue Leg Hermit Crab Skunk Cleaner Shrimp Corals Green Star Polyp Wish List (Im a beginner so still trying to research and figure out what will work. So this list is more of what catches my eye not really a plan. Would love input and suggestions!) Fish Fire Fish Darwin Clown Goby/Pistol Shrimp Combo Blenny Coral Zoas Birds Nest (Is this even possible with the stock light?)
  19. StephLionfish

    Steph's 13.5 Invert Haven

    After a several year hiatus from this hobby, I've decided join the Fluval 13.5g bandwagon. Along with many of you, I plan on upgrading pretty much everything in the tank, including the return pump, light, and media basket. As the title suggests, I plan on excluding fish and going invert dominated with emphasis on Sexy Shrimp, along with LPS and Softies. -- What I have so far: Tank: Fluval Evo 13.5g Stand: Imagitarium 20g Wooden Stand Sand: Caribsea Aragonite Heater: Eheim Jager 50w -- What I'm waiting on: Various items from InTank including the media rack for chamber 1 and mesh screen kit -- What I am planning on ordering: AI Prime HD+ mount (not sure on which to get, if it matters) Salt- Maybe Red Sea Coral Pro? Any thoughts on preferred salt? It will be my first time mixing my own! Rock- My lfs has a terrible dry rock stock, so I'll likely end up having to order online (because 10 bucks a lb of liverock seems unnecessary). I looked into the rock from BRS, but my main concern is the size of the rocks. I saw where I can put in a request, but it seems many people still get rocks too large for their nanos. Any thoughts on online rock orders are appreciated. Pump- I was thinking maybe the Hydor Centrifugal 300. Is it possible to have a strong enough pump in the AIO compartment that I would not need additional powerheads in the display? Keeping in mind that I don't plan on SPS. ATO- I'm cautious towards these from all of the horror stories, therefor have never used one, but one that I've seen come up frequently is the Auto AquaSmart.  I think that's the gist of it for now-- thanks for stopping by!  Â
  20. clinton w

    my fluval 13.5

    Hi Nano-reef people. I wanted to share my tank with the forum. It's an Evo 13.5, which so far I'm really digging as a new marine hobbyist. It's 3 months in, and it is stocked with: 2 Ocellaris clowns 2 purple darts 1 sand sifting star 1 fire shrimp 1 emerald crab 3 tiger stripe snails I've been running perfect numbers in the water, but I've also upgraded a bit to keep up with the waste all the critters produce. Of course I made these upgrades after reading all the fantastic posts on this site. It really has been a help! So far I have: swapped the stock pump to the Eheim compact 1000 (which runs a little hot even at halfway to keep the tank at 77 degrees), this blows all the waste out of the tank much better than the stock. I have to shut it off during feeding so the star gets his share. I took out the bio bag and added a second bag of charcoal matrix. There is also a 6.5 bag of chemi-pure in the second chamber under the sponge filter. I also added the specified skimmer, which works very well, and I opened up the chamber lid openings with my dremel drill so the thicker cords let the lid sit. I do the 10% change once a week, and haven't had to scrape algae much. I do see it form through and the snails polish it off pretty quick. Last month there was a fantastic bacteria bloom which made the tank milky white, but it went away after about 12 days. After reading other posts I'll wait until the tank is about 5 months old before i add an anemone, then month 6 I'll try a coral. I'll ask questions if anything weird pops up, but so far everything in there seems to be real happy. Thanks for having this site!! -c
  21. So...just set up everything last night. Rocks, sand, RODI, filter floss only in the media rack.... Poured the whole bottle of BioSpira into the tank, put some pure ammonium chloride (literally a pinch approximating 1/10 tsp), and let it swirl overnight. Tested this morning showing 4+ppm of Ammonia, 0 nitrites and didn't bother testing for nitrates. Came home from work and ran the full set of tests...and I am pleased to report that my tank is already showing signs of cycling... Temp at 81F Salinity ticked up to 1.027 pH at 8.1 Ammonia down to 2ppm Nitrites at 5ppm Nitrates at 40ppm Is it normal to see levels change this quickly? Plan to let this keep cooking....let me know if any of you advise anything else (e.g. partial water change)
  22. Smitten4Witten

    Smitten4Witten's Fluval Evo 13.5

    I was originally a member back in the early to mid 00s and have had a few reef tanks from then till now. After a 3 year period of no tank the bug has bitten again. This will be a source for any and all updates to my trip down the rabbit hole for the 6 time..Also and unfortunately, I do not remember my user name from the older days so I had to create a new one. Go Cowboys. This is day one and all is stock for now: Â
  23. 4Swanson2Reefer0N00b

    Looking to solve problems

    Hello all! new to the game and I have a fluval evo 13.5 nano tank that has been up and running since August.  Admittedly I am not a patient person and I rushed things together knowing full well that isn't what should be done. I have a little boy see who's passion matches mine and we made moves, ok?!  ?  So im running the tank stock with the addition of a small wave maker that's positioned to supplement my power head flows.    My issues involve the skimmer and my feeling that it doesn't work properly.  The main chamber is filled plenty to have the water cascade over the breach into the first filter chamber but for whatever reason it doesn't flow.  Surface tension?  Algae?  The currents are circulating water and it flows directly at it but still doesn't seem to want to skim.  Tank is basically in the end stages of cycling and I'm still battling a small diatom flare up here and there.  Why won't my skimmer flow?  Thanks!  oh right-  1 Fire shrimp 2 small clowns 1 yellow clown goby about 7-8 various snails 4 hermits 1 recently found crab that just appeared outta the blue (any thoughts on this would be fun to discuss cause I've not a clue how this thing got in the tank and If I didn't catch it on video id chalk it up to some sort ghost)
  24. paul200299

    Biota Aquariums

    Hello I was wondering any opinions on the Biota Aquarium. The biota aquarium is a saltwater kit that includes fish and optional coral. If anyone of you guys have one can you please tell me how you like it pros/cons of each plz? Thank you https://biotaaquariums.com/
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