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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys I am looking at purchasing a 12g fluval edge in great condition and I am wondering if I can turn it into a nano reef. if so what do I need to add and what can I use? I only want some live rock and anemone(s) And a clown fish or 2. Maybe a small clean up crew and some small corals as I grow but want to keep it minimal so that it is sustainable. I’m just not sure what I need in terms of hardware that the edge doesn’t already have. thanks in advance - pic more for aspiration not mine
  2. I own a stock 6 gallon Fluval Edge tank and was wondering if I can change it to saltwater. I should also mention that i do not plan on putting any live coral in the tank and only wish to have fish and a cleaning crew. Would I need to make any modifications to the filter and heater etc? Thank you for taking the time to read and answer my question.
  3. Skipo

    FLUVAL Edge lighting

    Hi, wanting to upgrade the light on my fluval edge 56l will this be any good for keeping corals? If not what you recommend?
  4. KNelson

    My Lil Fluval

    I've been bitten by the reef bug! I'm brand new to SW and am loving it so far. I've had my tank running since June 26th, but have not had time to sit down and put all of my documentation in one place. Well, here it is! Equipment: Fluval Edge 12 gallon Stock HOB filter AI Prime HD+ Hydor Pico Evo-Mag180 w/ Hydor Flo Koralia Nano 240 Deep Blue mini 60w heater attached to Finnex Max-300 digital controller 7lb LR from LFS + 5lb dry Florida Reef Rock from Reef Cleaners ~10lb CaribSea Seaflor Flamingo Reef sand Using RO/DI water from my LFS and D+D H2Ocean Magnesium Pro+ salt Inverts: 3x Banded Trochus 3x Nassarius Bongo Shrimp Corals: Stylo - Purple Zoa - Shabam Paly - Venus Flytrap Rhodactis - Blue-green GSP - Neon Ricordea Fl. - Lime Green Zoa - Magician's Duncan - Blue/Teal Blasto - Red/Teal Rhodactis - Green Striped Flower Leather - Brown Paly Grandis - Cinnamon Pulsing Xenia - Silver Leather - Toadstool Kenya Tree Alveopora - Green Discosoma - Blue Discosoma - Red Discosoma - Fuzzy Green Sinularia - Neon Yellow Fish: Clownfish (DIED) Purple Firefish Citron Goby Circus/Tiger/Full Moon/Black-Barred Convict Goby The tank cycled pretty quickly, about 2 weeks - the LFS was dosing ammonia - and I peaked pretty low. I had a Margarita and Spiny Star Astrea added 7/15/17 but the Margarita bit it 2 days later. He wasn't doing well from the start and I got him out before he did any harm. The Spiny Star just died (8/5/17) and caused a bit of ammonia spike (he has a tiny feather duster growing on his shell so I didn't want to take him out). I have a couple thousand or so copepods swarming my glass so my future inhabitants should be happy.
  5. Hi everybody, just bought this used 46l Fluval Edge on gumtree and this is what I’ve started with, hoping to get the marine pac 3 to begin my reef tank!!!!
  6. Good morning fellow nano-reefers! I'm ready for fish! I've searched and researched and read til my eyes bled and then I read some more. I had decided on my vertebrate inhabitants and was looking for them in one of my LFSs. I asked if they had any Panda Gobies and the guy showed me a Circus Goby. My husband, who has shown little interest in stocking besides fish that we can't have, perked up immediately and said that he REALLY liked that one. Now my question: Since the Circus/Full Moon/Black-Barred Convict Goby is nocturnal, can I squish in an Ocellaris pair, a Purple Firefish, and the Goby in my 12 gallon Fluval Edge? I'm not looking for alternative fish and I'm sure I'll be waiting a while to find the Goby in one of my LFSs (which happen to be Aquatic Warehouse and Aqua SD). https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/384489-my-lil-fluval/?tab=comments#comment-5548187
  7. HighlyCaffeinated

    Newb(ish) with a 46L Fluval Edge

    G'day All, After about an 8 year break from fish keeping I've acquired a Fluval Edge that I've started to get running as a nano this weekend. A bit of history on me, I was very into keeping and breeding Rift Lake Cichlids for a few years when I was younger. I've worked in an LFS way back and ran a fairly successful nano for almost a year before I had to give it away to move interstate. That was before LED lights were a thing worth buying, I had an 18" cube, with a sump, skimmer etc running MH lighting a fan on constantly in the warmer months (not that Tasmania Australia got that warm). Anyway, on to the Edge... I set it up on the weekend I started with ~3.5kg of live rock and a bag of "coral sand" from my LFS. After realising that wasn't enough rock for the tank I picked up another 3.5kg this morning and have the scaping where I'm almost happy with it. (Ignore the bag of carbon hanging, I'm just trying to polish the water after adding sand and moving rock around for days.) So hardware-wise at the moment I've removed the Aquaclear 200 hang on back and running an AquaOne 800lph canister filter (not ideal I know, but I hope better than the HOB?) While the tank is cycling I'm running the supplied media, but I'm planning to replace the bottom two trays with either Seachem Matrix (was the sh*t back in the day) or some new stuff I've been told about from Continuum called Exxodus Nitryx (anyone got anything to say about the Nitryx?) So that only leaves me lighting to worry about in the immediate future - the stock LED's a crap. I'm looking for cheaper alternatives to the AI Prime HD (over $300 here in Australia), but nothing cheaper really seems worth it. I know you'll ask "what coral do you want to keep?" But come on, how many people here didn't underestimate how hooked they'd get??? I'm not planning on SPS anytime soon, if at all... But if I ever do I don't want to have to buy new lights just to save $50 now. Hope it's not pushing the friendship, but I also have a hitchhiker ID question (the real reason for the post). Anyone know what this is? I'm guessing some sort of spiny sea cucumber? And what's the chance of surviving the cycle? So yeah, hi! Nice to meet you all, hope you like what I do with my tank and I look forward to any advise you can offer!
  8. Hi all, newbie here! I'm starting my first SW tank (Fluval Edge 12gal) in a couple of weeks and your forums have been an endless supply of wonderful information. I really feel like I'm knowledgeable enough to take the plunge, so thank you! I have a pretty good grasp of what I need/need-to-do to get started with the exception of lighting. I just can't afford a $300 upgrade and will not sacrifice the look of the Edge - we feel in love with that tank years ago. I fist decided that my very capable husband could build a setup that fit in the hood with minor mods. A great post on here pointed me in the right direction for about $160. Then I happened upon another post with a link to a product on eBay. I don't know exactly what the product was as it was posted years ago, but the current product is this: http://m.ebay.com/itm/Custom-Fluval-Edge-UltraBrite-Reef-LED-System-W-optional-Automated-Controllers-/120940928934? I think the price and the user-friendliness of it is great. I just don't know what wattage or colors I should have. I have looked through the stickied topic on lights and I just can't wrap my brain around it today. As this is my first tank, I don't really have any corals that I MUST HAVE. I just want colorful, easy ones to start. When I have a house and the room I can build a tank with more specific inhabitants in mind. Which wattage and light scheme would be good for me?
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