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Found 15 results

  1. lakedawgs

    Lakedawgs 13.5

    Howdy, I have had 2 small reef tanks in the past but have been out of the hobby for 8-9 years. Picked up a Fluval EVO 13.5 and have just set it up and am currently cycling. Thought I would start a journal thread. A buddy is tearing down his 90 gallon in mid April. He is offering me some different polyps, a small hammer coral, a leather, a trumpet and some other small stuff. Really lucky timing on my part for sure. Fluval EVO 13.5 Upgraded the pump to a Tunze Silence pump Cobalt 75 watt heater 13-14# of live rock from a friend (only out of the water, covered with a wet towel, for about an hour, hoping for a short cycle) 7-8# of Carib Sea 'Super Naturals' sand paired with 8-9# of crushed coral Not sure I love the initial rockwork. I might break up the large slab on the left side, it is pretty big for this small tank. Thanks for checking out my new setup, much more to come. Lakedawgs
  2. Hi, The skimmer is noisy, hard to maintain (Fluval PS2) and eats coral's food. I found a better solution - (UAS) Upflow Algae Scrubber. Your water will be crystal clear and maintenance is very easy. You will need (upd. you don't need an airpump in AIO chamber area). Innovative Marine AUQA Gadget Chaetomax 2-in-1 9W Refugium LED 1$ basked from the dollar store (just find any basket that will fit) Plastic mesh screen (I rub it on asphalt to make it rough) Airpump (I think is not necessary, but I use one for "Micro and nano bubble tank treatment" and for this scrubber too). I use Fluval Q2 (stay away from noisy Q1). Airline tubing with many holes (I drill with 1/16 drill). Always use Check Valve and stay away from "Hagen Elite Check Valve". Airline Gate Valve for air control One Suction Cups (I use "Marina Black Thermometer Suction Cups") I attach the mesh screen on each side of the basket (using tie wraps, but you can use reef safe glue). Use a drill to make the hole in the airline tubing - if not, all the air will out from the biggest holes: Scrubber test: I put it in the middle chamber: Result: UAS in working (at night when light off): Future upgrades: I need to install this for better airline tubing: Good luck!
  3. ethanhh

    UV Sterilizer

    I’ve had my UV sterilizer for about 3 days and my tank is getting clearer. I was wondering how long I should leave it running? Should I just set it and forget it or should I take it out once my tank is all clear?
  4. EvilFish

    Best pump for Fluval 13.5

    Hi, I tried Eheim Compact 1000, fits well, great flow but heats the tank too much. Stock pump is silent and doesn't heat the tank that much, but really weak. Is there any other good pump for this tank? To improve the flow and reduce heat. Others pumps that can works: Cobalt Aquatics MJ1200 - 295 GPH Sicce Syncra Silent 1.0 - 251 GPH Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Inline - 210 GPH Hydor Centrifugal 300 GPH Somebody tried on of those pumps or something else? Thanks
  5. Hello all, I got started with jumping into the saltwater tank life about 6 months ago. I was gifted a awesome 180G set up that I have been tailoring to my own. But that is another thread. Decided I wanted a nano build as well for a coral QT and grow out tank to eventually transfer to the 180G. So I joined the Evo 13.5 gang..... And off we go with my latest obsession. Tank as it currently sits.
  6. Morning all! (here at least) So if you've seen my tank thread, you'll probably know I'm having water issues and some nice algae... but! I've got a "proper" breakout now but I just can't seem to get it under control. I tested the following parameters last night: Temp: 26'C Salinity: 1.025 NO2: 0 NO3: 0 PO4: 0.01 dKH: 6 (This was way down at 3.5 but I'm slowly raising it using the Red Sea kit) Mag: 1470 Ca: 600 NH3/NH4: 0 I'm running a Prime HD with the following settings; on 20% acclimatisation mode, here's a few images of the tank with "lights off" last night, as you can see.. it's wild! I did a 30% water change yesterday, and plan on doing another Friday/Saturday. I'm wondering whether my test kit is WAY off and giving me false readings, and my params need lowering rather than raising, I tried to get my LFS test for me yesterday but due to the current situation and in an attempt to reduce the amount of people in there at any one time, they're offering limited services. I really don't want to go rushing out to buy a whole new load of test kits if I can avoid it, but I'm probably running out of options. In regard to CUC, I'm currently stocked with the following; 2x Algae hermits 1x Conch 3x Nassarius snails 2x Astrea 2x Rounded Turbo 4x Cerith 1x Cleaner Shrimp Live Stock/Coral: 2x Clowns 1x Royal Gramma 1x torch (3 heads) 1x hammer 2x BTA 1x Duncan (3x heads) 1x green star polyp 5x Kenya tree (was 1 but recently fragged down due to crazy growth) 7x various mushrooms! It's worth noting that I'm getting crazy amounts of coral growth, and they generally seem to be doing well. I had one head of my torch melt, but I've got a feeling that was due to damage rather than issues with my water, although I did wonder if it's grown so much recently (past 2-3 months) has it effectively starved its self and now it's melting away?! I think I've covered all the main parts, but if there's anything else you need to know please do let me know! Thanks in advance!
  7. Greetings everybody! I have a question about my filtration on my Fluval 13.5 I'm using these Marine Pure balls which are suppose to have crazy amounts of surface area and all that. But it seems something that people talk about that they don't are the levels of aluminum that it could leach. being a small nano reef I don't want any levels of aluminum in my water column. Has anyone heard of this? Also, is there a better alternative for such a small tank? I've filled the whole second chamber with these balls. Maybe transitioning to a small bit of chaeto would be a more natural way? If it matters, I have upgraded my return pump to the Sicce 1.0, so there's an alright amount of flow back there! Thank so much!
  8. NanoOceanio

    Nano Reef Tank

    Hello all reef keepers, I have just made the transfer from freshwater to saltwater by purchasing the Fluval EVO 12 gal. aquarium tank and I can not tell you all how excited how I am to add some livestock. I am looking for a pair of clowns, a watchmen goby and pistol shrimp, also would really love a royal gramma but do not know if the tank is big enough for one. And of course a cleaner crew, but unsure if I should wait until after I get fish. I am honestly more intrigued about the coral life and would love to hear your opinions on how I should establish/stock my aquarium. The whole setup is stock, and I will not be using that clear tube as my output flow do not worry I have ordered the dual output flow nozzle because for some odd reason that piece was missing from the kit. Anyway, I needed an opinion on my aquascape. Is there too much live rock? Also, if any of can share any beginner coral recommendations and placement ideas for the aquascape it will be greatly appreciated. I have a few ideas in mind, but I am open to others and would much appreciate any tips, feedback, or advice that any of you can share. Thanks!
  9. St3

    Fluval 13.5

    My tank is 14 months old I am running the skimmer in chamber 2, HD Prime carbon, jebao sw2 wave maker compact 1000 return pump LIVE STOCK CLEAN UP CREW CORAL blue damsel 3 hermit crabs ZOAS black and white clown. 5 snails 2 chromis pistol shrimp goby pair algae blenny been doing 2 gallon water change once a months for nearly a year, things are about to change tho, have lots of corals ordered so my tank is in for a big change, I have been really busy sins i borro got the tank moving house etc,,,, so now I have time to put some work in, hopefully the next picture will be better, WHAT ARE YOU GUY’S RUNNING, WHAT FOODS ARE YOUS USENG WHAT LIVE STOCK HAVE YOUS GOT WHAT CORALS HAVE YOU GOT
  10. Hi all, I'm going to be making the step into salt water here shortly and would like to make sure what I'm planning sounds good. I'm getting the Fluval 13.5 as the boxing day sale at my LFS is 40% off for my son. I'll be taking care of it for the foreseeable future as he is only 4 months but loves watching fish. For stocking I plan on an Ocellaris Clown, Purple Firefish, and Yellow Watchman Goby/Pistol Shrimp pair. I'm guessing best introduction to the tank would start with the firefish and end with the clown? Equipment beyond what comes in the box; Heater Powerhead Skimmer? Media Rack to replace the one it comes with (I'm thinking DIY for this) Dry Rock and Sand For the powerhead would this be required for FOWLR? I plan on adding corals once we move in a few years so I'll need it eventually. Any advise would be appreciated. This tank won't be up and running anytime soon as I don't want to be bringing livestock home when it is -20C outside.
  11. How's it going everyone?! I am starting up a fresh restart in saltwater and I decided I would start an aquarium journal this time around. My first tank into the saltwater hobby was a 29 gallon I had it running for the past year. I had many mishaps along the way and learned a lot my first time around. My old tank had crazy algae problems/dinos/and pests, so I decided it was time for a fresh start and I wanted to do an AIO tank that wasn't going to take up a ton of space. So I am going to be using a Fluval 13.5 this time around right next to my desk. Please leave any advice you have and follow me along my journey! 🙂Tank:Fluval Evo 13.5Lighting:-Current: Fluval Evo 13.5 Stock lights(I will be using this until I start adding corals) -Planned: AI Prime Planned Stocking: Fish: Pair of Ocellaris Clownfish Possible Pistol Shrimp Goby Pair Coral: LPS Softies Inverts: 1 BTA 1 Rock Flower Anemone Planned Filtration:1st Chamber: Mini Refugium Filter Floss CerMedia Marine Pure Bio-filter Media Chaeto Lighting: Innovative Marine ChaetoMax 2-n-1 Refugium LED Light 2nd Chamber: Chemi-pure Blue GFO Sponge 3rd Chamber: Heater Return Pump Rock: 7-8 lbs of Dry Rock Equipment: Powerhead: Voratech MP-10 Instagram: @mmacs_reef
  12. Hey guys I just made an account as well setting up my first tank. I decided to purchase the fluval evo 13.5 as so many others have. I’m no newbie to the hobby having freshwater tanks, but quickly being bored as I could neglect them and they would still look as I left them, I was up for a challenge. I am currently running it stock with live sand and rock to speed up cycling. The filtration is still the same, but with the addition of filter floss, purigen, and matrix in the first chamber. I’m looking forward to adding livestock to this tank soon. So far my ideas are clownfish, a yellow clown goby, a mandarin dragonet, and an orchid dottyback. My preferable choice would be the orchid dottyback with another fish. I understand that some people think that two fish is the maximum bioload for a tank this size. I’d be happy to hear your guys’ thoughts.
  13. Hi Everyone! Really excited to join the community here and hoping that you all will have the patience for me as I am totally new to stewarding an aquatic ecosystem in my apartment! First things first, I'm based out of New York City, and have access to a pretty great LFS. They managed to pique my interest in the hobby by showing me a fully stabilized tank with CUC, two clowns (NOID), and a host of different coral species. They were selling this tank for $600 which, after doing all my subsequent research, seems like a pretty decent value - but I decided to learn everything myself, start from scratch, and take things slow. If there's one thing I've gathered from reading the forum so far, it's that patience is key. What I'd really love your help with is the following: A ) Peek at my shopping list (let me know if you have any suggested adds/swaps/removals) C ) Let me know if you think my "plan" below makes sense Shopping List Infrastructure 1. RO/DI System: AquaFX Barracuda RO/DI Aquarium Filter 2. Tank: Fluval 13.5 Gallon SEA EVO XII 3. Nano Circulation Pump: Hydor Koralia Nano - 240 gph 4. Heater: Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm 50W Aquarium Heater 5. Media Basket: inTank - Chamber One Basket 6. 5-Gallon Pail: Leaktite - I like this one because it is clear with measuring lines 7. 6 Outlet Surge Protector Strip (generic) Tank Supplies for Set Up and Cycling 1. Live Sand: CaribSea Arag-Alive 20 Pound Fiji Pink Sand 2. Ready to Use Base Rock: Carib Sea South Sea Base Rock (Got 2 x 10lb bags for choices when aquascaping) 3. Salt: Red Sea Coral Pro Salt, 55-Gallon Pail 4. Bacteria Supplement: Instant Ocean BIO-Spira 5. Food to Feed Tank: New Life Spectrum Thera A Regular Formula Testing and Filtration Media 1. TDS Meter: UBANTE TDS, EC and Temperature Meter 2. Digital Refractometer: Milwaukee MA887 3. Saltwater Parameter Test Kit: API Saltwater Master Test Kit 4. Reef Parameter Test Kit: API Reef Master Test Kit 5. Initial Filtration Media for top compartment of Media Basket (Reticulated Foam): AQUANEAT Reticulated Open Cell Foam Sponge 6. Chemical Filtration Media for middle compartment of Media Basket: Seachem Purigen for Freshwater and Saltwater 7. Biological Filtration Media for bottom compartment of Media Basket: CerMedia Marine Pure 1.5 -inch Bio Filter Media Spheres Other Accessories 1. Aquarium Silicone 2. Pump Siphon Cleaner 3. Fish Net Action Plan 1. Set up tank with mods (what do you recommend I put in the second chamber if the water is flowing through chamber one? Do I need the protein skimmer?) 2. Add rocks (not live, don't require curing), then sand, then mix water and add bio-spira 3. Wait for tank develop nitrogen cycle, testing and feeding as necessary, wait for appropriate parameters before adding CUC Questions 1. What can go wrong during this initial set up/cycling stage? What should I be on the lookout for? 2. Is the filter that I've contemplated above going to complicate the cycling process? Will the chemical filtration interfere with the bacteria that are trying to establish? 3. How long should I expect the cycling to take before I can add CUC? THANK YOU ALL FOR READING - sorry I know this is a long post...
  14. So I made the biggest mistake ever, please help. It’s actually a couple of mistakes. So I recently upgraded my fluval evo 13.5 stock light to a kessil a80 tuna blue. I had no idea what settings I should do, I had the intensity at around 60% and color at 40%. Then an lfs employee said I should start at the dimmest setting and gradually go up from there but for almost a day the intensity was way up and my corals did not like it and we’re semi closed up. I then got a timer for the light that same night which works fine however I accidentally unplugged my heater and didn’t notice because it was around night time, I went to bed and woke up to the tank being at 70 degrees. I immediately turned the heater back on and added another small 10w heater to help turn the temp up faster but it took about 6 hours for the temp to go back to 78%. During the day my corals got worse and worse and now they’re completely closed up and looking horrible. My firefish was swimming really low in the afternoon then I came home from work in the evening and saw my emerald crab eating him, R.I.P. My nasaurius snail is now hanging out on top of a rock instead of in the sand bed. I’m not sure if the sandbed got really cold and affected the firefish and the nasarius snail. I’m not sure what to do now, should I just wait it out? Is the new light maybe upsetting the corals? I’m worried this mistake is now causing my tank to completely crash to the point of no return. btw I checked all my water parameters and they’re fine salinity: 1.024 ammonia: 0 nitrites: 0 nitrates: 5 ppm (just did a water change 2 days ago.) ph: 7.8 phosphates: 0 calcium: 420 if you have any advice please leave a comment. And before anyone comments saying I should have a controller for everything. I’m on a college budget which is all spent on my tank. I wish I can afford all that good stuff but I’m working with what I got. Thanks in advance!
  15. Libra Vibora

    Beginner Tank Suggestions

    Hi, guys! I've lurked on this forum for a bit and finally found the courage to create an account, so I'm very glad to be here. I'm completely new to saltwater; I've always wanted a saltwater tank, but only had freshwater tanks due assuming that SW tanks need to be huge and require lots of maintenance. So, I was completely surprised and happy to learn SWtanks can be smaller and aren't as hard as people claim them to be. Cutting to the chase, I am seriously considering getting a nano tank and making it a reef tank, but I'm unsure which nano tanks would be good for someone like me, a beginner with no saltwater experience. So far, based on limited space, my choices have narrow down to the Coralife LED Biocube 16, the Fluval 13.5 IM Nuvo Fusion 10, IM Fusion Peninsula 20, and IM Nuvo Drop-Off 20. I intend to research long before (as in months) buying the tank and all the equipment I need to successfully start and maintain a SW reef tank. What are the pros and cons of each of these tanks? What are the equipment/upgrades I would need for each specific tank?
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