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Found 2 results

  1. Our biocube29 redux has been going well except for a GHA outbreak. Tried scrubbing the rocks with a metal brush, 35% peroxide, nutrient control, but this stuff just kept spreading. So I tried Reef Flux on July 9. Within 10 days the GHA was in retreat. At 14 days I did a water change and added 1/2 cap more to keep levels up. Now on day 17 almost all GHA gone, just 3 patches left that are only 1/16th inch long instead of the 1+ inch long that had almost overtaken the largest rocks. Now for the unexpected part - on day 11, the large facial "benign tumor" on my over 6 year old female clown, Ilsa, was half gone. All of the white ragged portion was simply gone. I waited to see if she had somehow just scraped it off, but 6 days later just the orange ragged base remains. She began developing this 2 1/2 years ago, was treated with every medicine & combo known to fishdom, but nothing worked and it had slowly grown larger, never shrinking. This morning she actually laid eggs for the first time since the "tumor" began. Sadly, husband Rick decided to eat them instead of fertilizing them, but hey, he is out of practice. Anyway, thought it interesting. Will be watching closely to see if the lump continues to abate with the Reef Flux still in the system.
  2. I'm sure many of you have read the many posts about dosing fluconazole to treat bryopsis. Thought i would share my experience dosing my 29 gallon biocube. Due to a few mistakes i made, a tough turf algae took hold in my Biocube. I was overfeeding way too much, and let detritus buildup in the 1st chamber of my cube's sump. I do not think it was the common bryopsis that i have seen pix of because it did not have the fern-like appearance when it got long. Maybe a different variety of bryopsis? Whatever it was, it was tough to remove manually, my snails wouldn't touch it, and it was starting to take over. I of cource reduced feeding and made it a routine to clean the 1st chamber, but the damage was done. I was very hesitant about dropping chemicals in my tank, but based on all the positive reviews i decided to give it a try. I am amazed at the results so far. I began by doing my weekly water change. I removed my purigen bag, filter floss, and carbon. I kept the refugium up and running and ran GFO like i normally do. I dosed the tank later in the evening after the water change. They say dose 20mg per gallon. I estimate i have around 25 gallons of actual water in the cube, so i guessed about 500mg of fluconazole would be needed. I cut open 2 1/2 pills and emptied the powder into a small glass of tank water. I stirred it up as best i could and dropped it in. I turned off the return pump and let my powerhead mix it up for about 1 hour before turning on the return pump. Then, i waited. I noticed the algae starting to get white tips around day 2 or 3. The bulk of the die-off happened between days 6 and 10. Seemed like when it weakened the algae, my snails would start eating it. I noticed some of the dark green tint on my rocks lightened up too during the treatment. All, and i mean all of the other life in the tank was not affected by the treatment. My fish and corals were fine. Snails, shrimps, and starfish not affected. I have cheato, dragon's breath, and shaving brush macros and they were all fine too. At first i thought it was killing the shaving brush because some stalks were turning white and wilting. But a bunch of new, healthy stalks have popped up out of the sand so i think it was just their natural life cycle happening. I did not do any water changes for a full 14 days. After that, there was still some spots left so i did my usual 4.5 gallon change, the re-dosed 400 mg. I am 8 days into this second cycle. The spots are thinning up for sure, but i don't think it will kill 100% of the algae. However, this stuff did wipe out about 95% of all the turf algae and even a small tuft of GHA that was growing in between my Blasto polyps. So i consider this a very effective treatment and would recommend it to anyone struggling with bryopsis / turf algae. Let me know if anyone has any questions about my experience. Thanks. Day 1 pix Day 7 pix
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