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Found 18 results

  1. I wanted to get your input on upgrading circulation in my biocube 32. It's been set up for ~ 14 months and I have been using stock return pump with ~500 gph coralia powerhead in top left corner pointing up and forward from early on (see pic below). Over time I have been adding a vatiety of sps corals to the top portion of the rocks. They have been growing, but I feel like polyps are being moved too gently by the current. I would like to give them more of a beating. On the other hand I don't want too much flow ripping at the hammer on the bottom left and the brain coral on the sand. So so do you think I should put an icecap 1k gyre along the top horizontally or get an mp10 for the right side of the tank? One thought I have against MP10 is that I like having unobstructed view of the tank from all 3 sides, but obviously can't have it all. Any other ideas? Or should I just leave it alone since the corals seem to be getting by and better is the enemy of good?
  2. HingleMcCringleberry

    Does more flow make the tank feel bigger?

    Hi all. I picked up a coral beauty angelfish for my 30-gallon tank. My 30 has most of my collection of corals and I got unlucky and got a coral beauty that picks on all of them. I also have a 20-gallon tank set up that isn't fully stocked yet so I have moved the fish to that tank. I think 20 gallons is a little small for a fish that size and I had an Idea that I thought might help but I want to get advice first. I've posted to this forum before about getting a tang and everyone informed me of their need to do lots of swimming and that my tanks just couldn't provide the needed swimming space. That got me thinking. If bigger fish or fish with a more active lifestyle need to get more exercise to be healthy and happy then could I supplement more tank space with more water flow. Obviously, it would never be a substitute for actual swimming room but if I increase the flow a lot would the tank maybe feel larger to the fish since it needs to swim harder to get from one side to the other? Could increasing the flow help my coral beauty be healthier and happier in my 20 gallon? Right now my 20 has a small powerhead that is rated for 200 gph and a hang-off protein skimmer and two hang-off filters that add some flow as well. I have a bubble tip anemone in my 20 and it's in a perfect location where it can't bother my zoas and frogspawn which are the only corals in the 20. I don't want a change in flow to inspire my nem to pack up and move so I don't want to add more flow if I don't have to. But I'm totally prepared to take that risk if you all recommend that more flow will help a larger fish feel more at home in a borderline tolerable tank. Let me know what you all think!
  3. Marine Depot

    What you need to know about FLOW

    What you need to know about FLOW Water flow is an integral part of coral biology and necessary for keeping corals in captivity
  4. Azure Phoenix Reefing

    Montipora Digitata polyp extension question

    I recently got my first SPS frag, a blueish Montipora Digitata. Now, with my other corals, I could get a decent enough idea if they were happy or not concerning flow and lighting for example, because their response was quite obvious and quick (Euphyllia and Rhodactis for example). However, this being my first SPS, I am not so sure, so I figured I'd make a small thread, hoping you guys and girls could help me out. As for my parameters, I measured these this morning and the frag is in my system for about a week; Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: ~3ppm Phosphate test kit is on its way PH: 8.2 dKH: 11.3 Calcium: 475 Lighting: AI Prime HD on a somewhat customized AB+ schedule and on an acclimation period until February 23 Flow: return nozzle and Aqamai KPS Left side view right side view Close up (crop) where the polyps seem to extend the most I am not entirely sure yet about the placement, because I see a lot of shading/dark sides on the frag, which is a result of the shape as well. I am also wondering if I could accidentally burn it, having it so high up on the rocks, that's why I put the Prime on an acclimation period though. Last but not least, my apologies for the quality of the images. They were made with my phone, yet I am looking to buy a filter and magnifier soon, because I really enjoy taking pictures of the frags and how they're evolving/growing. What do you guys and girls think? Polyp extension alright, or no? Anything I could or should change, any feedback is much appreciated! Bonus question, is it normal to tweak that much in the early stages of having a reef aquarium? I just can't seem to let it be, instead, I am wondering if the light schedule is alright, what about the placement of the frags....Flow, wondering if the return nozzle is aimed alright and the KPS schedule is decent enough....Oooh, how about the turnover rate? 🤦‍♂️ (I am really enjoying it though, don't get me wrong, haha!)
  5. Hey gang, Been going through my equipment since I am gonna be starting a 5g Pico and found I still have a Koralia Nano 240. Would this be tooo much flow for a 5g Pico? Don't want to blow everything out of the tank when I set it up lol 😄
  6. LaraLouM

    Blowing Sand

    Hey everyone! I have a 6 week old Biocube 16G with the stock pump and a Jebao OW-10 Wavemaker. We have a 20-lb bag of the fine Fiji pink sand. No matter where I have positioned the powerhead the sand blows all over the rocks and coral. It creates drifts right now where there are low sand areas, and very high sand areas. I’m not sure how to position the powerhead to keep the sand from drifting and blowing everywhere.
  7. Hi. Newbie here. Freshwater for a long time, new to saltwater. I'm trying my best to read through before posting and although I have found what I think is my answer, I would like to hear some opinions/recommendations from experienced keepers before I stick my hands in my water prematurely. I have a BioCube32 and am 3 weeks in to cycle. I have two LFS that I am working with as I don't know what I'm doing so I don't know what to look out for in the way of mis-guidance, so I figure two LFS is better than one and I can take in more information that way. That being said...I had my water tested for the first time at 2 weeks in. I took samples to both LFS and then tested using my at home test after just to see how all the results came out. LFS No1 said no ammonia, no nitrite, no nitrate, I'm looking good, keep it up, if I wanna add CUC I can, but wait for fish for two more weeks. LFS No2 said ammonia is low, no nitrate, no nitrite, I'm looking good, keep it up, if I wanna add CUC I can, but wait for fish for two more weeks. So, since both LFS said I was safe to add CFC, I did. I have 10 hermit crabs, two nassarius snails, two trocus snails, two turbo snails, and 1 fighting conch. I came home, tested my water, same as LFS No2. So, I still have a few more weeks to wait before fish/coral will be introduced, but in the meantime I am wanting to go ahead and get my pumps added and my controller set up. I don't want to be sticking my hands in the water adjusting and readjusting my pumps, so before I do, I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself a bit and get some opinions about placement and then I can take it all into consideration. I am posting a front view and side view of my tank so you can see how much room I have on all sides of the rock. Currently, I am thinking/planning on placing a pump just to the left of the return and below, flow towards center of front glass and placing a second pump on the right side, about two inches above the lower intake slots, again, pointed toward the center front of the glass, with about a 6-7 second alternating pump cycle. (both pumps are Koralia Nano 425) Please feel free to give any pointers, let me know if you feel one or both of my LFS are steering me incorrectly. As I said, I'm trying to read and absorb as much as possible, but appreciate experienced opinions as well.
  8. Over the past several weeks my Duncan and Frogspawn coral don't seem to be happy. The duncan has a few heads open, but most are somewhat or completely retracted. The one's that are open don't have their fingers extended as far as they had been in past. The frogspawn hasn't been as full/extended either. All corals are being spot fed every other day (reefroids and Mysis for the duncan). I've checked my water parameters and everything is in the normal ranges as far as I can tell. Calcium - 400 Phosphate - 0.5 Nitrate - 0 Salinity - 1.024 My inhabitants are all acting normal. The other corals seem to be fine. It leads me to think I have a flow issue. The Duncan and Frogspawn were relatively normal before I added a large rock of zoa and had to change the flow some because the clove polyps looked like they were in a category 5 hurricane. I changed the direction of one of the powerheads (from front right to front left-middle) and the direction of the pump return (slightly lower on the front glass) and while the cloves are okay now, the others aren't. Both the frogspawn and duncan are getting flow, but it's less than before, so I thought that would be okay since low to moderate flow seems to be the common recommendation. First pic is what the Duncan looks like most of the time the past few weeks. Please forgive the nighttime shot, I forgot to get a current one with the day lights on. After it's under the LED's only, like in the picture, it will become full retracted until the lights come on in the morning. So now, I don't know where to put these stupid circulators to make everyone happy. The second pic is where they are now and roughly where flow is going. I have a Hydor 240 and Hydor 425 for powerheads. All three are bouncing off the front glass. The second and third pic were taken the day I moved the circulator. You can see the duncan and frogspawn looked normal at that point. The third pic is a thought I was having based on a lot of other tanks I've seen with similar placement. I know that placement varies depending on the aquascape and inhabitants. It's driving me nuts, and I could use some experienced reefers advice.
  9. Hello, please let me know if you are selling an MP-10 QD IN GOOD CONDITION ONLY!!! I am in Canada
  10. Hello, I had a circulation pump, which stopped working a few days ago. I'm thinking to buying a return pump, because it's more cheaper! For my aquarium with soft corals how many gallon per hour would be better? Maybe 130 gph? Bye
  11. Hi Peeps, Just want some advice really - I have 2 Koralia Nano powerheads for my 14 Gal reef, one @ 204 g/ph and the other @ 422 g/ph - I want the water to sway for better surface agitation and thinking of replacing the 204g/ph with a 845g/ph Koralia Evo, would this be ok for my tank? I'd be really grateful for any advice! Cheers!
  12. NanoRox

    pumps and flow

    Hi guys. Hoping you can provide me some direction. I have a 14g nano with a total of two pumps...the return pump cobalt mj900 and a Current USA 6000 eFlux wave kit (660 gph max). I have the wave maker set to pulse and I am getting some coral movement but when I watch videos of larger tanks there is a much more flow and back and forth motion. I have my eflux pump on the left side pointing across the tank (so water flow bounces back). My total turnover is a little over 40x/hour so that's great (assuming my flow is what is actually reported on the product boxes)...probably a little less though...my wave maker pump is not turned all the way up. Issue is I have some dead spots I just cant reach. Anyway, I am considering getting another pump so I can lower the flow of both but have alternate flow patterns across the tank. does that sound ok to you guys or just overkill?
  13. pacificdiver

    Syncra 1.5 for 20G?

    I'm setting up an Innovative Marine 20G (not the fusion). I'm going to run it with a 10G sump. Would a Sicce Syncra 1.5 be overkill, with about 220GPH at a 3ft head? I'm factoring in some loss at the two elbows for the dual return outlets into the tank, so I'm guessing each outlet into the tank would pass about 110 GPH. Does this setup sound reasonable? I'm also planning on running a small powerhead inside the tank, for battery backup and additional flow. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello everyone! I currently have a fluval evo 5 set up with a jebao pp4 wavemaker. I do not have any issues when I run the wavemaker in terms of sand sand going everywhere or water splashing, but I just added a Black Ice Clown today (he is small, and I will eventually be moving him to a larger tank!) and I can't seem to tell if he is struggling or not with the flow. I have attached a video, but basically when the wave maker is on, he is in that corner and when I turn it off, he swims everywhere. I feel like he is struggling? I want to eventually add some soft corals in this tank and will need flow, but is this too much flow and if it is, any recommendations for a different powerhead? https://media.giphy.com/media/DF5eUeiX55oXe/giphy.gif SETTINGS: Jebao PP-4 Lowest power, W1, and two notches above midline. Stock EVO Pump, Its at full power so about 80gph is what it says.
  15. Lugmos12

    Nano Flow

    Alright, so I did some searched and didn't really found something that I found helpful per se. I'm just wondering what kind of setting I should use for a Jebao SW-2 wave maker on 13.5 gallon nano (EVO). I currently have softs corals and 1 SPS in it. I also found out that the stock powerhead is WEAK as f*ck so I'll probably have to upgrade that for more circulation.
  16. With great excitement I ordered the Hydra Aquatics Nano Vortex Flow Spinner to put in the Fluval Sea 5. No luck - it is a screw in and there aren't adapters to make it work. I decided to try it in my Fluval Sea XII. It fits. But does it spin?? NO. Not a millimeter. I have the Hydor spinner thing and it sticks out of the water and spins like a champ. This thing sticks out of the water just a bit and doesn't spin a bit. So, I'm not griping I just wanted to save others who own the aforementioned tanks time and money by posting this here as a searchable thread. Marine Depot was great and refunded my money and told me to toss it.
  17. thespinningsadhu

    Please Pass Judgment

    I discovered (by exploring the nooks and crannies of this hallowed forum) that we can embed Instagram videos and photos. So cool. I recorded a minute video of my frogspawn and the new duncan and would like for you to tell me what you think about the flow they get. I have the Fluval 13.5 with the stock output thing but I added a nano 200 gph with the rotating head so that there is a "pulse". I would like to see what you guys think about the flow and tell me if it's good. I have looked and I can't find any definitions to "high flow" or "medium flow" (that might be a great sticky for the beginner's forum if someone defined each of those with a video!). I don't want to move the corals much but I have seen the frogspawn way longer in my tank but he was in a stronger, laminar flow. To see the water "pulse" the duncan you'll have to watch for a minute. As a bonus there is a tiny, tiny sexy shrimp towards the end. Also, what is all the white schmootz on the inside glass? I can't figure it out. I think it may be sediment from the live sand? I don't have a mag float yet. I appreciate, as always, any judgment passed. *can't figure out how to embed Instagram video... it's not auto-doing like I read it should. @Christopher Marks **shit. I can't even figure out how to get the plain ol' link. I'm worthless. You may pelt me with live rock. *** hot diggity dog! I did it! You may continue to pelt me with live rock as long as it is fully cured and is beautiful with coralline and teeming with life.
  18. Hey, ive been getting cyanobacteria (red slime algae) outbreaks mainly on the sandbed and a little on the rocks of my 13g. I cant really adjust the pumps because of how small the tank is, and the corals are doing well with the current flow. I just lowered the photo period from 12 to 10 hours on the LEDs the system came with (its a fluval evo 13.5). I make a point not to overfeed and I only feed corals once a week. I do a 5g water change every two weeks. Pictures are below. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated because im completely stymied at the moment.
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