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  1. MoxPickle

    13.5 nano bio media

    is buying an aqua clear 70-110 bio media bag be just as good as buying a small block or 2 of bio media? looking to switch out sponge that comes with the tank for more bio media
  2. drewdarling

    5.5 Gallon Pico Filtration

    I’ve just setup a 5.5G (standard starter kit tank with the top lip removed for a cleaner look) Pico Reef Tank. I’m currently running an Aquaclear 50 HOB filter for the filtration/flow of the tank. I have an extra MP10 laying around and was wondering if I can replace the Aquaclear 50 with the MP10 and rely on the water to flow through my rockscape as my main source of filtration with frequent, high percentage water changes to keep water parameters in check. I like the more randomized flow pattern of the MP10 as well the much cleaner look it would bring to the tank. All thoughts/opinions are welcome and appreciated!
  3. Hello all, So I have been running my Fluval Evo 13.5 a little over a month now and I am thinking about upgrading the filtration. Currently I am using the filtration that was provided with the tank: -Sponge Media -Bio Media -Chem-pure elite (subbed it in for the activated carbon, though I did put the activated carbon in chamber 1) I am also running the Fluval protein skimmer. I've already upgraded the pump to the Eheim Compact 1000 and put two 1/4 RFGs to replace the two flat nozzles that come with the tank. Essentially what I am asking is, any suggestions on upgrading the filtration? I did purchase a replacement media basket for chamber 2 that will open up my options for different media. I know filter floss is good to go with...any other suggestions on what's been working and what hasn't? TIA
  4. As I’m researching reef tanks, I keep seeing sumps and I’m not completely sure what they are. Is It just another type of filter? Do I need more advanced filtration for a 5 gallon reef tank than a HOB? I was planning on using a seachem tidal 35 since it says it has a built in surface skimmer but now I’m not sure if that’s gonna be enough filtration since I’ve seen people use sumps for pico tanks. My other concern is that the media basket is gonna be too small since I have it on my 20 gallons freshwater aquarium and it’s pretty tight but I don’t know if the next size up would fit on my 5 gallon tank. Plus I don’t want it to be an eye sore when I actually fill up the tank since it’s cube shaped with no designated spot to hide equipment. Also, for filtering I was going to use the bio bag and sponge that it comes with along with some carbon and filter floss. Is there any other and/or better filter media I should use instead? 🤔 thanks!
  5. Broseff

    FW vs SW

    I'm not like new new, but I definetly haven't been doing SW long enough. I've noticed in my general findings, research, and experience (only like 1-2 years of SW) that SW tanks are much harder to maintain in general than FW. And I do mean this in a general sense, so like FW vs SW in general (I don't mean FOWL FW tanks vs SW tanks with coral specifically, incase anyone thought that). It seems like SW tanks battle with nuissance algae a lot more than FW tanks. I've seen plenty of FW tanks with just spongefilters running and little to no problems with algae, but I can't say the same for SW. Is there any particular reason for this? Do SW tanks just have a more complex mix of nutrients than FW (which make it harder to balance/maintain things)?
  6. meanduck124

    Filtration for 5g cube.

    Hi all, I have a 5g cube have been running for 3 months now. For first two month, its only filtration was a dophin hob filter and a hob refugium which I modified for better flow rate. Also a bunch of live rock and live sand. Now I just got a Bubble Magus QQ1 skimmer from a friend. So if I run the skimmer should I get rid of the dophin hob and replace it with a wave maker instead? And I also want to get rid of the sand bed, it's just a little too much for me to clean them everytime I do WC. Thank you guys
  7. Hi tank m8s, I’m running my first reef tank and have a Waterbox Cube 20. I recently decided to install a protein skimmer in the middle chamber. However, this doesn’t give me enough room to put all of the activated carbon, bio balls, and filter sock into the first chamber. The third chamber houses my heater and return pump. I can fit both the carbon and the bio balls into the first chamber which leaves no room for the filter sock to go back in. Or if I take out one of those two things, I have room for one media bag AND the sock. For those of you with a similar set up, what are your opinions on eliminating the sock, carbon or bio balls? Many thanks!
  8. Hi everybody, I have a 30cm cube aquarium that I am going to set up as a reef, I know a lot of people will say that a 6 Gallon tank is way to small, but I have experimented with a thew different marine aquariums now and I have done a lot of research and I feel I am now ready to set up a tank of that size. I have a hang on the back filter that I am going to use as my filtration and to create sufficient water movement and I had planned to get a small heater for the tank that would be able to fit inside the filter itself, however after reseaving the filter I realised that it was about 1cm too small to fit the heater I had planned on getting. ☹️ Does anyone have any reliable heater suggestions (The heater needs to be under 15cm in height) the heater also needs to be able to heat around 5-6 gallons of water. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello fellow reefers 😊 I have (2) custom made corner overflow boxes (both a left and a right side) that were originally made for an ADA 60P 17g aquarium (approx. 24"L x 12"W x 14"H). I made these for my son's specifications at the time, but he has since acquired two young and rambunctious cats in his house, so he'll now need a reef system with a fully enclosed canopy. So basically, tested in freshwater to perform properly, but never used in saltwater. The ADA 60P aquarium you'll see in the photos has since been sold to a person doing freshwater shrimp, so these reef specific corner overflows are available for those who want/need to have all equipment located inside the aquarium...without the equipment showing. Features: 1. 3/16" high-gloss black acrylic with rounded corners (shaped to minimize space intrusion into the aquarium) 2. Tunze Silence 210 gph pump with Hydor rotating nozzle (designed for easy removal/install to facilitate cleaning) 2. Hand-cut overflow slots (located on 'inside' corner for minimum line-of sight impact) 4. Bottom plate with silicone feet to reduce/eliminate pump vibrational noise 5. Top plate to reduce noise 6. 1/16" black gloss acrylic siding (to hide equipment/prevent light penetration) 7. Room enough for typical aquarium heater, thermometer and chemical filtration bag if desired (these items NOT included) As they say, pictures speak louder than words :) Original configuration idea with both corner overflows installed, black background & black siding: (was pretty sharp!) Right corner (top removed): Tunze pump/Hydor nozzle assembly: Tunze pump/Hydor nozzle installed: The overflows were made for an aquarium 14" in height, but can be adapted to an aquarium down to 12" in height by cutting material from the bottom (ex: for a 12" height aquarium, cut 2" inches off the overflow bottom and 2" off the clear plastic tubing used to connect the pump to the rotating nozzle, then use aquarium safe silicone to fix in place). I'd recommend one overflow for LPS/Softies/Mushies and two overflows for high-flow SPS. Price: Only $35/each (includes ground shipping anywhere within the Continental USA). PM me if interested.
  10. I have been fighting keeping the water clear on my 24 gallon cube. I've had it for about 9 months Do all the suggested maintenance. I just did a complete water change about three weeks ago and now it looks like green water. Before refilling I cleaned all the decorations and glass. Replaced the gravel and scrubbed out any visible allege. The water was great for about 3 weeks now it looks like I need to start over. My tank has 4, about an inch, tetras, 4 smaller then the tetras fan tail guppies and a cat feeder. I put in a couple of water plants hoping that would help. I do replace the foam filter and charcoal as required. Maybe I need to do it more often. I currently don't have any allege blooming. Any suggestions? I am considering putting and exterior filtration system and a bigger pump. Would this be advisable? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Greetings everybody! I have a question about my filtration on my Fluval 13.5 I'm using these Marine Pure balls which are suppose to have crazy amounts of surface area and all that. But it seems something that people talk about that they don't are the levels of aluminum that it could leach. being a small nano reef I don't want any levels of aluminum in my water column. Has anyone heard of this? Also, is there a better alternative for such a small tank? I've filled the whole second chamber with these balls. Maybe transitioning to a small bit of chaeto would be a more natural way? If it matters, I have upgraded my return pump to the Sicce 1.0, so there's an alright amount of flow back there! Thank so much!
  12. donutmanstan

    Marine Pure Bio-Balls?

    Greetings everybody! I have a question about my filtration on my Fluval 13.5 I'm using these Marine Pure balls which are suppose to have crazy amounts of surface area and all that. But it seems something that people talk about that they don't are the levels of aluminum that it could leach. being a small nano reef I don't want any levels of aluminum in my water column. Has anyone heard of this? Also, is there a better alternative for such a small tank? I've filled the whole second chamber with these balls. Maybe transitioning to a small bit of chaeto would be a more natural way? If it matters, I have upgraded my return pump to the Sicce 1.0, so there's an alright amount of flow back there! Thank so much!
  13. Coopdod50

    IM 20 peninsula filtration

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on Nano-Reef and I'm in need of some opinions/advice/help. In September I bought the Innovative Marine 20 gallon Peninsula tank as a tank to keep me company and take with me to Oklahoma State in August. Right now i have just Zoas in there but I'm planning on getting some euphyllias and LPS once this quarantine is over. I feel like my filtration setup is ok but could be better and that's why I'm here. In the right chamber where the water comes in I've got the IM nano caddy with the shelves removed and Poly-fill stuffing inside acting as filter floss. In the middle chamber I've got the InTank refugium caddy filled with SeaChem Matrix for biological filtration and just the return pump in the third chamber. If any of you have suggestions or own the tank I would love some advice and feel free to drop photos of your filtration setups!
  14. Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster here 👋🏼 I'm an avid but new lover of plants and saltwater aquariums, and this space has been instrumental in being able to learn so much in a short amount of time. So far, I have a pretty successful 10g AIO with 2 clowns, some macro, and a few LPS going. But recently I found and bought a used AI Prime HD and decided I wanted to set up a 5g planted macro tank with my first light: a fluval sea nano. Now I want to keep this as simple as possible and buy as little extra equipment as I need to. This is where I would like your input. I got a 50w Aqueon heater and I have an Eheim Skim350 that I occasionally run on my 10g- could I use that for flow and minimal filtration? The system would mostly be running on biological filtration and water changes. As a thought also, is live sand enough? Im still working out the scape in my head but it's a question I had in my head 🤔 I don't plan on having animals in here except a clean up crew and maybe a yellow goby? (Is this appropriate or too small a volume for the fish?) Thank you for anyone reading this and those that might respond 🙂
  15. 505nano

    505Nano*New 16 Biocube

    Hello all, new to this forum and the nano community. I currently have a 54 Gal Aqueon corner tank, which was my first saltwater tank. I have successfully had that tank running from July 2019 and in that time, I instantly fell in love with owning and maintaining ( weird, I know) a saltwater aquarium, its almost therapeutic. I find myself now always looking for places to put a tank in my small ish home and I decided to look for nano for my bedroom. Marineandreef had a sweet deal for the 16 biocube with stand for $269 (after discount and sale) and I decided it was time to expand ha. After convincing wifey (really just ordering and apologizing after), I found myself tracking and waiting. Fast fwd to today, I have the stand set up in the corner of our room with the nano boxed back up ( did not want the toddlers to move it around and possibly drop it empty). I am currently studying, reading the journals and ordering the necessary items needed to begin the tank and start the cycle (so much fun, bleh). Enough backstory, the following will be about the nano I decided to start a journal from the very beginning of this nano to notate what is planned and get advice. As far as Filtration, I have decided to use the included basket for now with the following in order: Poly Filter Floss SeaChem Purigen SeaChem Matrix bio-media in bag (obviously) I have contemplated so much on the filtration and am open to any suggestions. I do not think I will be doing a refug at this time, so that will not be currently considered. The Heater I have decided to go with is the Aqueon Pro 100W, which will be placed in the 1st chamber after false floor is removed. Rock & Substrate: Walt Smith Reef Rock 2.1 20lb dry purple rock Carribsea fiji pink live sand 20lb I do plan on taking some of the smaller pieces of live rock from my current 54 gal to assist in seeding nano. Wavemaker will be the Jebao SW2. This is the brand I currently use on my 54 Gal, and have had no issues and love the controllers for them. I do not plan on modifying the led lighting just yet. Also, I will NOT be running a skimmer on this nano at this time, as I don't mind maintenance and will be planning on weekly 5 gal water changes. Now, Salt.. When I started my 54 gal, I initially went with IO salt as I was not planning on having coral, but of course I was seduced by the beauty.. now I am wanting to switch to some type of high quality reef salt for both tanks. I am leaning more towards Red Sea Coral Pro Salt, I would love any input on this! As far as livestock, I am planning on having 2 designer clownfish (havent really decided on type yet) and maybe a firefish or goby, also undecided lol I will have a clean up crew consisting of a couple trochus, cerrith and maybe astrea snails as well as a couple hermits and debating on a fighting conch. I am undecided on which corals I will be adding just yet, as I want to aquascape first and see where I can place them, which will better determine what I decide on. I will be posting on this journal for anyone who would like to keep up with the nano build. Let me know if anyone has any advice or critique! Thank you! 505nano
  16. Without going into water Params, does this look like Dino’s or diatoms? There’s coralline, hair algae and then the brown all mixed together. On some rocks it looks like Dino’s, on the sand bed it looks like diatoms and on the glass it looks like all of it. My 20G Long has been a swing of issues over the last 3 yrs. Mostly green hair algae. But this brown crap has been going on for a little while now. Thanks a bunch!!!
  17. I'm running a Biocube 32 and have a bit more live rock than i'm sure what to do with, is there any sense in hammering some to rubble and putting it in the bottom of the second chamber like some people have done? Or would this just needlessly complicate things and allow for a unnecessary build up of nutrients?
  18. Multifasciatus

    can we? Or can we not?

    So as the title states, can we? Or can we not? Being Reef hobbiest as a whole we all have many things we say can or cannot be done, from fish store employees, to hobby literature, , veterans, to beginners, everybody’s opinions are different. I’ve worked in the industry for years, and have heard many many things. What I’ve noticed is most of these have no bases in actual science. Some of which I’ve proven through expierments to be false and others true (gorgonians do not die if they touch air, some sponges however do) what I have found is a “you cannot unless you....” is more appropriate. So everybody post things that you think cannot be done or “rules” you have heard that you are unsure about and let’s discuss them. See if someone has evidence to the contrary. And maybe have some results for expierments proving if this to be the case or not. Please let’s not take unneeded risks with livestock, always be mindful and responsible of the creatures we care for. And please keep an open mind and remember some of the species we keep now would have been considered impossible not that long ago.
  19. I’ve been sitting against the wall staring at my 40 gallon breeder aquarium, and the thought popped into my head, how about Saltwater? I understand that the chemistry is vastly different, and I’m very experienced with freshwater, however saltwater intimidates me. My question is would it be possibly to turn this 40 gallon GLASS not ACRYLIC into a good saltwater aquarium, any information/suggestions would help, but my knowledge on saltwater is limited. I don’t not wish to heavily stock this aquarium because I understand that these creatures are delicate and require a more in depth knowledge.
  20. Hey guys! So i bought this 20 some odd gallon biocube off of craigslist but I dont think it is biocube brand because the filtration is a little odd and I was wknderi g if anyone knows any DIY solutions to create a filter basket for something like this? Its just two big open chambers in the back, I put filter pad and an eggcrate but I know I need more Its still cycling also
  21. I am re-setting up a Fusion 10g and I want to house mainly an anemone some chalices maybe a stick if i am lucky ...oh and my clownfish. So wanted to get a conversation started regarding the filtration I currently have in mind: Was thinking of going with: Reef Glass Protein Skimmer MarinePure Ceramic Spheres Chaeto Algae Reactor Do you guys think this is overkill? What you think? Thanks for your time.
  22. I need advice from experienced reef keepers. I want to decide do I need skimmer or it will better to place Chaeto instead of protein skimmer in skimmer's chamber. I have Fluval Evo 13.5 mixed reef tank, which I installed in beginning of January. Equipment is the following: - stock 500 l/h return pump - Sicce sincra 1000 l/h wave maker - Fluval PS2 mini protein skimmer - AI Prime HD lights Other filter media I am using - piece of Acurel nitrate remover media pad, + piece of phosphate remover media pad - Xport bio plate from Brightwell aquatics - Activated carbon. Live stock for filtration - around 12 kg live rock - 20 kg black live sand from Carib Sea Arag-alive Right now it is already one week that I removed skimmer and placed Chaeto and seems everything is still ok, just my Seriatopora is opening it's polyps little bit smaller. Please advice me was it right decision to remove the skimmer or not?
  23. Hey all I've had several freshwater tanks but im finally going to scratch my saltwater itch. I'm going to be running a Biocube 32 that I plan to upgrade with a tunze 9001 skimmer, Intank Media basket, and Hydor Evolution Pump 240. I was planning on using CaribSea Arag-Alive Pink Sand and mostly base rock with a few pounds of live. Any and all suggestions, recomendations, and advice on filtration media, heater, etc, etc im all ears. Thanks in advance for any help, super stoked to start this up.
  24. Sugawara2

    Acrylic Back Sump Wall

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to get back into the hobby again after being on hiatus for about 3 years and am planning a 16 gallon (roughly) AIO tank. I've decided on integrating the filtration into the back because I don't have that much space below the tank and I wanted to keep it a bit tidy lol. The tank dimensions are 24" L x 16" W x 11" H. So.. I was wondering If you guys think that 2mm thick black acrylic is okay for the wall of the back sump as well as the baffles inside? It's kinda expensive to buy acrylic where I'm from so I cant really go for the 4mm thick ones and they only sell them in large sheets. hoping to hear from y'all
  25. Hello. I'm new to the reefing hobby and have just started my nano tank (Coralife Biocube 32). Everything is stock and I also have a skimmer. I am looking for suggestions for the types of filtration to use in the middle chamber with the media rack. Right now I have that filter cartridge with the carbon on top of the rack, and the matrix with the media bag on the second shelf. What else should I consider adding? Should I add filter floss or some other type of carbon? Just need a little insight on what works best. Thanks in advance.
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