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Found 2 results

  1. robertsdalton

    Dalton’s 5 Gallon Pico Reef

    Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve had time to keep things updated on here. But I just finished my first year of college & hopefully this summer will yield lots of progress. My last update was during a rough time for the tank: I battled the cyano for a while and had some help from fellow members @JBM and @dpoltsdsu who sent some macro my way to help get nutrients under control. Thanks guys!! Unfortunately, I came home one day to see that my yellow goby had disappeared. He wasn’t on the stand, not on the floor, nowhere in the tank or the internal filter. Just disappeared without a trace. It was a sad day. I also decided to completely take the internal filter out of the display. I originally liked it, but I decided the rimless look would be better without it, it would give me room to spread out the rock and fit more coral, and would give just a bit more room for fish to swim. It was a pain to take out because it was siliconed to the glass & I didn’t want to empty out the tank just to cut it out, but eventually I got it off & stuck an AquaClear on the back. I spent the next few weeks collecting coral from various road trips. (The local fish store where I live has a selection close to nothing). I also dared to take in a starving bubble tip nem & nurse it back to health. 😧 Things are looking good now, and I’m super happy with my little ocean. Things are are a bit closed up in the photo. I took it this morning right as the light turned on & things started to wake up. The anemone has been a wonderful inhabitant. He’s got his bubbles back & the color is looking so much better. I also picked up a Fiji Devil Damsel who quickly became comfortable & now acts like king of the reef. My goals for the future are pretty simple. I of course want all of these frags to start getting bigger. But I also want to fill this little tank with as much life as I can, in a sustainable & humane way. I’m also still using the Current Marine Orbit LED, and it’s working at keeping things alive, but that’s about it. I have plans to upgrade the light to the Kessil A160 sometime in the near future. Well that’s all for now, thanks for reading!! Dalton
  2. robertsdalton

    My First Pico

    The journey begins! After wanting something different from my freshwater, I did lots of research on reef keeping and I’m so excited to get started. I’ve just set up my very first pico and the cycling has begun. I wanted to challenge myself by using the small tank I already had. It’s a 5 gallon with internal filtration. Here’s what’s in the tank so far: About 7lbs live sand 5lbs live rock Aqueon pro 50w heater Hydor Koralia 240 I’ve taken out the filter cartridge for the cycling process and plan to add filter floss and Chemipure Elite when the time comes. I added a pinch of flakes to the water to kickstart the cycling. My test kit will come in the mail tomorrow. The 3.6w LED light that came on the tank probably won’t be enough to grow corals, so I’ll be buying one tomorrow. Is it okay to put in a clean up crew now or should I wait until ammonia and nitrite is at 0? Also I plan to make this mostly coral but a pair of clowns is very tempting. Feedback would be greatly appreciated! I’m new and still have lots to learn so I’d love to hear from you.
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