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Found 11 results

  1. Krish87

    It's Feeding Time!

    These guys put up such a lovely show when feeding. I was lucky to get this shot :-)
  2. HingleMcCringleberry

    Acan Echinata: How fast does it grow?

    Thinking of buying a decent sized colony of Acan Echinata on sale at my LFS. Does anyone know how fast this coral grows? With/without feeding? Is it hard to care for? Basically any advice? Is it ok for someone with beginner to moderate experience with corals? (I’ve been keeping Monty Cap trumpets and frogspawn successfully for a few months)
  3. I have a betta named Buddy. Had him for about 8 months maybe? This month I got a mystery snail and 2 ghost shrimp to join him. The mystery snail was fine. Buddy didn't really mind him. He got stuck in the filter and died. The ghost shrimp hid a lot. My fish got sick so he's in a separate tank right now. The shrimp are alone in the original 5 gallon tank. They have never been so happy looking and ACTIVE! Usually they hide until it's bedtime and Buddy is sleeping. That's the only time they can eat as well. Buddy will see their food and guard it so they cannot eat. I try to put more food in another place so Buddy can't guard both areas. I recently had problems with high pH thus why Buddy is sick and I think it's cuz we left food out for them and it got icky. I know they eat other crap in the tank but it's very clean and the only live plants I have is one of those moss ball things. The shrimpies are SOOOOO happy alone being able to eat anytime during the day not being chased. Do I put Buddy back in the 5 gallon tank with the shrimpies and see what happens or do I put the shrimpies in a 2.5 gallon tank alone? Please help!
  4. Multifasciatus

    can we? Or can we not?

    So as the title states, can we? Or can we not? Being Reef hobbiest as a whole we all have many things we say can or cannot be done, from fish store employees, to hobby literature, , veterans, to beginners, everybody’s opinions are different. I’ve worked in the industry for years, and have heard many many things. What I’ve noticed is most of these have no bases in actual science. Some of which I’ve proven through expierments to be false and others true (gorgonians do not die if they touch air, some sponges however do) what I have found is a “you cannot unless you....” is more appropriate. So everybody post things that you think cannot be done or “rules” you have heard that you are unsure about and let’s discuss them. See if someone has evidence to the contrary. And maybe have some results for expierments proving if this to be the case or not. Please let’s not take unneeded risks with livestock, always be mindful and responsible of the creatures we care for. And please keep an open mind and remember some of the species we keep now would have been considered impossible not that long ago.
  5. Hello guys, Just added a clown pair to my previously coral only setup. I already feed my corals reef roids regularly. This got me thinking about how practical feeding the fish and coral the same thing, in one go, would be. I know a lot of you probably have their own DIY recipe of sorts for feeding the tank. Care to share? My thoughts were something on the line of: - Seafood mix - Garlic - Bit of reef roids (for good measure) Blend and freeze. What are your thoughts?
  6. ffoott

    Reef Roids - how often?

    Hello guys, I have a 12g coral only system (+ 1 small shrimp). The corals are pretty small atm, zoas mainly. For the last month and a half I have been feeding them reef roids, with great results. I have been feeding them daily, with the recommended dose (eyeball measurements). Filtration-wise, I run filter pads, purigen, skimmer and a refugium. Trochus snails help too. Everything looks amazing. Corals look healthy, colorful and spreading. Algae is nowhere to be seen. Thing is...most people seem to feed much less often than I do. Wouldn't want to be running into any problems in the future by being overfeeding now. So, what would be a sign I might be over doing it? Besides zoas having wet dreams...
  7. I just added a Clarkii Clown to my BC32. How long should I wait before feeding it?
  8. GenericReefer

    Fish Feeding Equation

    What pellet food is needed, and how often should I feed a Clownfish, a sexy shrimp, and a few CUC snails? @Clown79 recommended I use Spectrum Thera Pellets. They seem to have generally positive reviews online and is what I am looking to get. Could I get away with feeding the pellets once a day, and feeding a bit of Rod's biweekly? To complicate the equation further, I'm looking into getting some Tisbe Pods to the tank. I am sure I have made a simple thing confusing, but still would like to hear your comments! Thanks! -Generic Reefer
  9. lonewonderer

    feeding vinegar worms

    Hello all, I just have a quick question. I culture vinegar eels for my freshwater fry. My question is.. can i feed this to my saltwater fishes and corals? i put 3 drops of them on my nano tank and my clowns went crazy for them. Is this safe or better not to do it?
  10. Waylon

    Feeding Crabs?

    I have a 5 gallon Pico with an emerald crab, hermit crab and hopefully a smaller shrimp once my LFS gets some in. But for right now there are only the two crabs. I have two pieces of rock that are covered in red and green algae. They pick off the algaes and eat them. Should I be adding a supplement like algae waffers or is the algae good for them? It just feels weird having a tank and not putting any food in it lol.
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