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Found 6 results

  1. 13.5g Fluval Evo nano build. This one will be FOWLR to begin with (he says) upstairs in the hallway. NEVER LASTED! Tank running in situ with fresh water no heater is 23°c.. leak testing. So have a very small preset heater (targeted at 3 gal size tanks) to supliment if needs be. Got to think about lighting and flow ..for now I'll use an AquaOne nano skim I have from my old nano for filtration and flow... Might even get away with that long term but will see when it's setup. Added a nicrew light from the aborted fuge idea on the big tank. Now (from Dec 2021): Fluval Evo stock light, Sicca 1.0 pump, InTank media baskets. FISH 1 standard, 1 mocha Amphiprion Ocellaris Saffron goby INVERTS Asterina star Hermits - Halloween, Zebra Cleaner Shrimp Porcelain Crab Snails - Nassarius, Bumble Bee, Cerith, Astrea, Rounded Turbo CORAL Mushrooms (ultra green, blue, Yuma red) LPS - Duncan's, Acans Micromussa lordhowensis, Dragon Soul Favia, Goniopora. Zoas - space invaders
  2. Ratvan

    Mantis Murder Manor

    Hello again all, So, my luck with tanks has not been the best to say the least, so I managed to swap my TMC Cube for a boxed but used Evo 13.5G, along with a 4 Stage RODI and a bit of cash. I kept a good amount of the sand and my favourite rock (I know favourite rock 🙄), I still have a 50W Heater, Inkbird 308S (with silicone probe) i'm just currently lacking a stand and salt mix at the moment. So far I have rinsed the tank out a few times, got rid of a few light scratches, dumped out the filter foam but have kept the carbon. Set everything up and wrapped the cables so it looks more tidy. I plan to get a stand similar to the one below so that I can also keep my 2.5G Betta Tank on the shelf below The Plan: Livestock So for a long while now I have wanted to do a species tank/biotope, it is something that has always interested me trying to design and maintain a habitat for a creature as close as possible to the natural habitat, I am on a mailing list for my LFS and have seen a couple of specimens that really interest me. One especially ever since I saw @billygoat add the pearly jawfish to his then 18G. The Pearly Jawfish. So I have sourced, cleaned and roughed up a section of 3/4" PVC that I have placed underneath the rock I will putty this into position to ensure that any excavation works. Before adding this to the tank I made sure that I drilled a series of holes within the pipework so that any water inside will not become stagnant. The PVC pipework is in a square shape and I have made sure that there are two entrances, these are located at the front and the rear of the rockwork so that the jawfish can use either the left side or the right side of the rock as its entrance/exit. Currently I have sanded these entrances smooth and have left them bare slightly under the substrate level. The depth of the sand at the moment is a little over 3" all around, I am aware that I need some rock rubble and currently it is on the purchase list, I will most likely scatter this aimlessly around the tank and make the little jawfish work for its materials. The Plan: Corals, Macroalgae and Gorgonians The Current plans for the Corals, Gorgonians and Macroalgae is going to be easy to keep, low light and low flow corals as I plan on keeping this tank stock for as long as possible. Tank Details Tank: Fluval Evo Sea 52L/13.5G Heater: 50W Submersible Heater on Inkbird Controller Flow: Stock Fluval Pump (132GPH) Light: Stock Fluval Lighting on plug in timer switch Rock: 10Lbs Dry Rock Sand: 15Lbs Dry Sand (Samoa Pink) I have other stocking options in mind in case the jawfish is not suitable for the tank or obtaining one becomes an issue. (Leaf Fish, Mantis Shrimp, Wartskin Angler. Each would become a biotope tank)
  3. NanoNick0107

    Sicce 1.0 problem (evo 13.5)

    Just purchased the sicce 1.0 for my fluval 13.5 as I needed to increase the flow. It fits nicely in chamber 3 but I noticed that the water level in 3 was getting lower and the tank level was getting higher. All I can contribute this to is that the return pump is pumping the water in the chamber faster than it can refill. I am using the stock sponge and have a protein skimmer in chamber 1. I tried to take it out and turn it down but that defeats the purpose of having an upgraded pump. Do I have to upgrade chamber 2 to a different setup? How do I get the benefit of the more powerful pump? Has anyone flooded from this issue? It seemed that the tank will keep filling and the chamber 3 will empty leaving only a little water but that will be enough to overflow the tank possibly. Also the heater would be left with no water in that chamber. any input on what I might be missing would be helpful.
  4. wutsit2yuh

    Fluval nano 13.5 good stocking idea?

    I'm hoping I could add a yasha goby, randall pistol shrimp, tailspot blenny, and a red firefish to my 13.5 gallon tank. Are there too many fish/any compatibly issues? All comments and or suggestions are greatly welcomed and appreciated
  5. Darrel

    Darrel's Fluval Evo 13.5

    Hello everyone, I'm a long time freshwater, planted aquarium hobbyist setting up my first saltwater/reef tank. I'm starting with a nano tank in my office at work because I have access to RODI water in our lab, and a nano tank is all I can fit inside my office. I went with the Fluval Evo 13.5 because I liked that it's an AIO and I prefer its dimensions over other peninsula tanks like the Waterbox Peninsula Mini. The fact that so many people have it is a bit plus because I know I'll have a lot of resources to turn to for help. I purchased the Evo on Amazon Prime Day, so I got a decent deal on it. The tank has been sitting in my office for months as I sort out the aquascape and wait for the tank upgrades to come in. I upgraded the stock pump with a Sicce Syncra 1.0, and upgraded the light with an AI Prime 16HD. I'm going to go with a mixed reef tank and will be using the WWC 24g Nano Reef Schedule: https://worldwidecorals.com/pages/led-lighting-presets. Lights will be off for the duration of the cycle, and I probably won't turn them on until I put in something that needs it. I've also purchased a SmartATO Lite, and media baskets from InTank for chambers 1 & 2. I'm planning on setting up a fuge in chamber 1 to help with nutrient export and be a home for copepods, and attached a chaeto light from Innovative Marine. I decided to go with dry rock and sand from Marco Rocks to avoid any unwanted hitchhikers. I'm patient and can wait for the nitrifying bacteria to colonize the rocks and sand. I'm also going to add copepods from AlgaeBarn as soon as the tank is cycled. I'll be doing my best to keep this journal updated, but the tank will be cycling for a few weeks. In the meantime, here are some photos of the tank as it is. I also ordered a Kraken Reef lid, which hasn't arrived yet.
  6. Lovecoral

    Best wave maker for nano

    What is the best circulation pump / wave maker for the fluval evo 13.5g? I tried the CP1 from fluval and it’s blowing sand everywhere seemed to calm down when in raised the direction a bit and time passed but it’s grindy and noisy and I think maybe too powerful? The corals seem very happy but I don’t want it kicking up dust all the time
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