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Found 16 results

  1. Ash1176

    First saltwater build

    Hi, I’m new here, coming from the freshwater side of things. 1st post on nano-reef but I’ve been creeping behind the scenes for a while, soaking it all in, research, research, so much more research. But I’m finally here, got my first salt water tank set up and cycling! Guess what ? It’s a super original tank... no it’s Fluval Evo 13.5, would have rather started with something like a 40 breeder but space and money are tight for that scale, it’s definitely size down but the ease of the Evo is what appealed to me. I know there’s literally 100+ of these threads, but I kinda kicked myself for not starting one when I set up my freshwater tank. So here it is: - AI prime HD -stock pump -VCA Random flow generator -hydor Koralia 240 powerhead -cobalt neo therm 50w heater -inkbird temp controller ITS-308S -XP Aqua duetto ATO -diy eggcrate basket for chamber 1 running filter floss, and a bag of seachem matrix Got about 12lb of the CaribSea life rock and 10lbs of their Fiji sand. the plan is to have a clownfish, a watchman goby and maybe down the line a third fish (purple firefish) and some cuc (trochus, nassirius, cerith, and emerald crab, might add a skunk cleaner or red shrimp but keeping it to two fish) and obviously add some coral down the line, can’t wait to add more colour and movement to this tank! Let me know what you think.
  2. Darrel

    Darrel's Fluval Evo 13.5

    Hello everyone, I'm a long time freshwater, planted aquarium hobbyist setting up my first saltwater/reef tank. I'm starting with a nano tank in my office at work because I have access to RODI water in our lab, and a nano tank is all I can fit inside my office. I went with the Fluval Evo 13.5 because I liked that it's an AIO and I prefer its dimensions over other peninsula tanks like the Waterbox Peninsula Mini. The fact that so many people have it is a bit plus because I know I'll have a lot of resources to turn to for help. I purchased the Evo on Amazon Prime Day, so I got a decent deal on it. The tank has been sitting in my office for months as I sort out the aquascape and wait for the tank upgrades to come in. I upgraded the stock pump with a Sicce Syncra 1.0, and upgraded the light with an AI Prime 16HD. I'm going to go with a mixed reef tank and will be using the WWC 24g Nano Reef Schedule: https://worldwidecorals.com/pages/led-lighting-presets. Lights will be off for the duration of the cycle, and I probably won't turn them on until I put in something that needs it. I've also purchased a SmartATO Lite, and media baskets from InTank for chambers 1 & 2. I'm planning on setting up a fuge in chamber 1 to help with nutrient export and be a home for copepods, and attached a chaeto light from Innovative Marine. I decided to go with dry rock and sand from Marco Rocks to avoid any unwanted hitchhikers. I'm patient and can wait for the nitrifying bacteria to colonize the rocks and sand. I'm also going to add copepods from AlgaeBarn as soon as the tank is cycled. I'll be doing my best to keep this journal updated, but the tank will be cycling for a few weeks. In the meantime, here are some photos of the tank as it is. I also ordered a Kraken Reef lid, which hasn't arrived yet.
  3. Yesterday night my clownfish started flashing. There was nothing visible on his skin. I gave him a freshwater dip. I just got home from work today and he’s got a big white something hanging off his face. It almost looks like some sand stuck by his mouth, but it’s definitely stuck on. Quick background on my tank, it’s new (like 2ish months) and all the fish are newish too. I added a cardinalfish a LFS. Then I added the clown who I got from divers den live aquaria. Then I added a second cardinal from a second LFS. I’ve added coral from local stores and that I’ve ordered online. I didn’t quarantine anyone (I know I know I should have). Both cardinalfish are looking and acting totally normal. I gave the clownfish a freshwater bath for 5 minutes last night. I know it was probably too little too late, but I wanted to do something. Nothing visible came off him. It’s my first tank and I didn’t quarantine because I don’t really have the space or money to set up a quarantine tank. WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE?? What’s the cheapest/easiest but still ethical way for me to fix my clown? Aldo let me know if you need any additional info from me.
  4. Thetravelguy

    13Evo first mini reef

    Current tank stocking - - - 4 Blue Hermit 2 Red Hermit 2 nacarius snail 2 astrea snail 1 tailspot blenny 1 ocellaris clown 1 canary wrasse 1 Skunk cleaner ------ xxx 1 BTA (mini tank crash) Xxx peppermint shrimp -RIP, nem dinner xxx 1 damsel (sorry dude I effed up the PH) - - - GSP Zoa (unknown variety) Zoa- King Midas Clove ricordea hammer Kenya tree chalice (Hollywood stunner) candy cane (caulastrea) Favia Duncan Meteor Shower Cyphastrea Mystery frag Mystery Acro Toadstool Newest inhabitant ————————————————————— ————————————————————— Current Tank Shot _________________________________ Hey y’all. I’m one of those people that has flitted off and on the forums over the years. I’ve also been in and out of the hobby. I’ve had freshwater off and on for about 15 years. I had a saltwater Fowler tank for a few years in high school but gave that up when I went to college. I’ve wanted to get a sw for years but I’ve been pretty unstable as far as taking temp jobs all over the country, living abroad and traveling tons. But now I’m kinda settled down a bit and decided it was finally time to jump back in! Back when I had my sw I tried my hand at a couple easy corals but they never did all that well. They kind of existed but never thrived. I suspect I was just too immature to understand how to truly care for em. Anywho I’ve been planning this comeback for a while and today I drove on over to my LFS and picked up my fluval 13.5 evo. I decided I really like the look of the tank, the price was right for what I was looking for and it’s not too big- but not too small. I’m super psyched to get the ball rolling. My intentions at the moment are to keep the stock lighting (kind of the point of getting an all-in-one system right? Haha) and I plan to mod some extra blue leds on in there (I saw a journal where someone did that here). I plan to pick up some eggcrate and also mod the filtration as it seems most everyone on her does. I’m not suuuuper diy minded but I love doing it (I just kinda suck at it, so we’ll see). Ive picked up all my extras as far as test kit and sand and even about 11lbs of rock from the lfs. I plan to get it thrown together tonight and to get that cycle started. I do still need to go get the eggcrate and some media for it. My plans inhabitant wise are still pretty up in the air. In the past I had a clown (honestly it’s been 10+ years and I don’t remember exactly which as far as percula or which). I had a sixline wrasse that I LOVED but unfortunately lost to a surfing accident. I had two cardinals and a bicolor blenny (ended up being the most active and interesting fish in the whole tank). - this time around I’d love to try some different things but my heart still tugs at the clown (why do we all love them so much). And I’ve been thinking perhaps a different species of blenny. But who knows. As as far as corals I want to start off real easy, so I’m thinking some zoas and maybe a hammer. I once saw a tank that had green star spread across the back wall and I loooved how that looked. Soo. We’ll see where I end up. Sorry now im completely rambling. In any case, I’ll document my journey here. And I consider myself an experienced newbie... any and all input is always welcome. I love to learn and grow and won’t be annoyed by friendly advice!
  5. Hi I have just started my first saltwater tank and got the Evo 13.5 - and I have a few questions maybe you guys can help with! I've had it running with live rock for around 6 weeks now and have the following set up: Stock pump Hydor Koralia Powerhead 240gph INtank baskets in chambers 1 & 2 Stock light Livestock: 2 x Clownfish 4 x snails 4 x hermit crabs 1 x zoa coral 1 x brain coral (I think!) I've noticed the fish seem to struggle to find a spot to sleep and past few days it looks like they are letting themselves just get sucked into the part where the water flows into Chamber 1. See pic attached. Is the flow too high? Should I turn off the powerhead at night? My other question is on my coral placement? I have the brain coral right on top at the moment (see pic - its small and red!) not sure if the brain coral would be better on the sand or lower down, and should I have my zoa coral in a brighter location? Its at the bottom right at the moment. See pic. Finally, does anyone have experience with Oct-Lids? Considering one for this tank. Thanks for any help!
  6. Maddie

    Maddie's Evo Adventure

    So... This wasn't exactly planned, but now I have saltwater again! After about 3 years of being out of the hobby, I'm back. When a friend offered me his Evo 13.5 for 100 bucks fully set up I couldn't say no! It arrived tonight, with a minor gha infestation and looking kinda bad. The stock pump apparently kicked it unless I'm doing something wrong, and I also might have dropped the SG to 1.022 after it was at 1.029. Oops. So tomorrow it looks like I'll be running to the LFS to pick up a new pump and saltwater. Tank currently has an emerald crab, a hermit of some sort, a damsel of some sort and a rainsford goby which was looking bad when it got to my house. Also, a partially dead gorg and some snails. I put a maxijet 1200 on it for now (good grief, it's horribly noisy!).
  7. appleSHAMPOO17

    Another Evo - Kevin's 13.5

    Hi All, I'm Kevin. After a year of keeping a Spec V I decided to upgrade to something larger, ultimately deciding on the Evo 13.5. Fast forward a year later and I'm finally getting it running, it took me a bit to gather equipment and longer than I'd like to admit to create a scape that I'm content with. So, two years into the reefkeeping hobby here I am with a new journey beginning. I decided it was time to finally make a journal of my own, and no longer just be a lurker. Tank: Fluval Evo 13.5 Equipment: Sicce Syncra Silent 1.0 w/Vivid Creative Aquatics Random Flow Generator Aqamai KPS InTank Chamber One Basket w/flow director 75w Cobalt Neotherm Heater Baylite temperature controller Aquascape: Marcorocks Reef Saver Rock Marcorocks E-Marco- 400 Mortar Caribsea Fiji Pink Sand I have yet to purchase my lighting, I'm still undecided which direction I want to go. I'm between an AI Prime HD and a Nanobox, I plan to make a decision in the next week or two (input is welcome!). Once the 13.5 is cycled my plan is to move my Smart ATO Micro over to this tank, for now I'm just topping off nightly. I set up and started cycling 07/08 with Dr Tim's and ammonia. I have had the Dr Tim's for a while so who knows if it was still alive or not? Currently my chamber two is empty, I may put Chaeto in there after things get settled in. I have Chaeto in a small hob on my Spec V currently that I could grab a chunk from. My stocking plans initially are to move over what I have in my Spec V, which include: Pink Streaked Wrasse Scarlet Hermit Astrea Snail Duncan Blastomussa Merletti Hammer x2 Acro Zoas x2 Trachyphyllia Lobophyllia Red Trumpet Blue Trumpet Blue Sympodium Ricordia Florida x2 Rock Flower Anemone For the future I'd like to add some more fish, the top of the list includes: Gold Assessor, Green Banded Goby (pair), Two Spot or Tailspot Blenny More corals too of course! I hope to keep it a mixed reef with mainly LPS and SPS. I'd also like to get one or two more RFA's after things get settled, we shall see! It took two tries but I was finally able to get a good layer of Plasti Dip on the rear glass. I rinsed the sand for 10 minutes and still got some cloudiness, oh well! I'll try and stay on top of updates as things progress! I'll also try and get better at taking photos... oof. If anyone has suggestions or ideas on corals and possible placements that would be cool. -Kevin
  8. norbert

    Help me choose my next tank

    Hey, longtime lurker here that finally decided to make my own post. This won't be my first nano reef (it will be my second) but it will be my first all in one tank. I'm trying to keep it within a reasonable budget and I need to choose between the IM nuvo fusion 10 with the hipargero/aqua knight light (I think they're the same thing?) and the fluval evo 13.5 with the stock light. These are basically the same price and as far as I can tell, the main differences are that the evo has a closed top, which I like because there's less evaporation, and 3.5 extra gallons total/4 extra gallons of display space but the hipargero is a better light than the stock evo. This will be a mostly lps tank with some softies and maybe one or two easy sps with 2 or 3 fish. Low-tech, no skimmer or anything just weekly water changes and maybe some dosing down the road. I'm also considering going bare bottom to keep the tank as clean as possible. Any help with these decisions is greatly appreciated!
  9. To those of you who have a MAME design skimmer, could you post a picture of how you have it set up? Specifically, how deep into the water do you place it and how high up do you have the bubbles go? I know it is working for me since I have green water that comes out, but sometimes it works awesomely (like very dark green water) and other times it doesn’t work as well. Im under the impression that I need an ATO to get the best use out of it, but until I get one, could you guys share with me the ideal placement for it? Additionally, do you find it to be super wobbly? I’m not sure if there’s a better way to set it up, since the instructions were all in Japanese.
  10. I ended up, on a whim, at my LFS and was shocked to find a little Green Mantis. I haven't had a tank since my daughter was born (she's 8), but I'm jumping back in for this guy with a Fluval Evo 13.5. I set up the tank on Sunday (March 31, 2019) and have live sand, chaeto, and Dr Tim's. I was going to add a firefish for cycling/movement but they ran out and I grabbed 2 Threadfin Cardinals instead (bad idea... too shy). Main question, how soon can I add my mantis? The LFS won't let me "hold" him, but insists no one else has been interested in him. I'm worried I just set everything up and he'll get snagged. He looks like a Veridis to me, anyone else have any thoughts on what he is? Excuse the bare tank... the rock will be here Friday. There is a full network of PVC tunnels under the sand for him though.
  11. So I have decided on keeping a fluval 13.5 as my first reef tank, I maintain one at my LFS I help out at, so im not completely new, and im curious about my stocking, I was thinking about keeping one clownfish (Ive heard this is ok) so my stock list will be below Equipment -Korelia 425gph powerhead -Hipargero 30W LED -InTank media basket running chemi-pure blue, sachem matrix (just because ill have a spare compartment) and poly filter pad. -Eheim Jäger 50w heater -ATO micro -5-10 Lbs of dry rock, how ever much fits my scape. -10 lbs of Fiji pink Arag-alive Corals (Just what im starting with) -Multiple types of leathers -Zoas -Hammer coral -Frogspawn -Kenya tree -Elegence (I know it might out grow my tank but I LOVE them) -Candy cane -GSP (separate rock) -Monti cap Fish & Inverts - 1-2 narssarius snails - 1-2 torchus snails - 1 Cleaner shrimp - 1 Occ. Clownfish - 1 Clowngoby - 1 neon goby or firefish Thoughts? Anything that should be changed, is there too much.
  12. Hey guys, just wondering if I could get some input on whether these kinds of snails would be a good start to my clean up crew? My tanks been cycling/going for around a month or two now, I see multiple Amphipoda crawling around constantly and I’m starting to get some algae growth. I’ve placed nothing in there except for a few zoa frags Would turbo snails, nassarius snails, and trochus snails be good for my tank? Note that I’m rural Australia and would have to drive a good 2-3hrs to get to a marine store and can’t find many good websites to order live stock thanks!
  13. I have a fluval evo 13.5 and it's running about 1.5 to 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than I'd like. And this is in the winter. I will probably be dealing with a good 3 to 4 degrees in the summer. I really, really don't want to buy a chiller....big money, no room to run lines, too cluttered, etc. I don't know of any fans that will fit on the tank without removing the covers. I was thinking that if i point the pump nozzle a little more upwards it may create a greater turbulence on the surface and chill. It creates a small turbulence at the moment. I also have an air driven skimmer, but it's not doing enough to cool the tank. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I have a evo 13.5 mixed reef. I just got a jabao sw 2 Wavemaker and I have been messing around with the modes. I have had nitrate build up so that is why I got the sw 2. I can not decide between w1 and else. Else is a little strong but it might work. What would you recommend for a mode in that size yank to reduce nutrient build up
  15. Doc martin

    Removing evo stock pump

    Hi, first post! I’ve bought the sicce 1.0 pump for my evo 13.5 but can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the stock pump out. The suction pads are holding it right to the floor of the aquarium and I there is no easy way to generate enough force to break the suction. anyone managed to get the pump out? Any tips?!!
  16. I want to upgrade the stock pump on my fluval evo 13.5, but I would like to hear some pros and cons of the different options from actual owners. I recently purchased an Eheim Compact 1000 pump for this tank but I ended putting the stock pump back on due to high temps. My tank was reaching 87+ degrees F with the eheim whereas with the stock pump, i'm steady 80 degrees F. Eheim compact 1000: Pros: -smaller size than stock -260 GPH -no filter to clean Cons: -loud -5/8" non-barbed outlet (requires zip tie; fluval pump is 1/2" outlet) -heatsoaks the tank Some other names I hear about for this tank are Sicce 1.0 or 1.5, MJ1200, and Hydor 300. Do any of these options produce significant amounts of heat in the Evo 13.5? Not too concerned about the noise, but quiet is preferable.
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