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Found 7 results

  1. So, it’s been a long while since I’ve posted, and a lot has happened, most prominently, a persistent outbreak of hair algae and what I believe is Cyanobacteria (red-ish looking slime on a small part of my sand bed). I was informed that this was still part of the “ugly stage”, since my tank really isn’t that old quite yet. However, it has lasted since late March and I am noticing increasing problems arising with the outbreak, not all of them directly related to the algae, so I might need to make more posts to cover them all. The hair algae is the worst part- it’s unsightly and impossible to remove from the rock and it grew on the glass in a place that is also impossible to scrape off. I have also noticed some sort of strange creature that I may need to make another post on once I get good pictures. In short, all I can really see of it are these very long stringy tentacles that retract when disturbed. It doesn’t look like any pictures I have seen of anemones, but I can’t be sure. My trochus snails are dying. Just last weekend, I noticed that both of them were flipping over regularly, something that they never did before. They seem weak and their foot is irritated. This may be unrelated but I also have a large ricordea Florida in the tank that looks very bright and healthy accept for some weird white protrusions of tissue on its foot ending in little bristles. So what is your input? Are all these issues somehow connected? I have thought about some possible issues: bad source water, high nitrates, low calcium, problems with flow/light, dirty filtration, over feeding Here are the steps I have taken: water changes, parameter testing (as far as I can tell, everything is fine), bacteria dosing, Vibrant Aquarium Cleaner, lawnmower blenny, new filtration media, decrease lighting What I want to do: Replace carbon and evaluate filtration conditions, purchase new test kits, and I don’t know what I would do when all that fails Let me know if you need pictures or if you think I should create separate posts for some of the specific issues I have mentioned. That was a lot, but I have avoided posting about this for too long and need some solutions. Although I have a lot of problems with my tank, I don’t really fear a total collapse, but the little things can contribute to disaster in the future, so I was just concerned.
  2. Leo_ian

    Phosphate dip

    Well my sps havent been opening up and i tested my nitrates and phosphates today. the worst came, even though my nitrates were stable, my phosphates went from 0.25-0.1. i think that is the cause, how can i raise it without dosing? fish? higher feeding? i already started on pellets since that was my suspicion, i knew i should have tested earlier. Any help would be appreciated THANK YOU!!!
  3. cadroved18

    Tiny black/brown worms in tank

    I am pretty new to this. my tank in cycled ammonia, Nitrite, 0. and Nitrate 1-5. I had tiny black worms in my tank, they looked as if they were just sitting on the sand maybe dead. They were a bit thick and only about a 1/4 long. I am not sure what they were I just vacuumed them all out so I dont have a picture. Any idea what they are?
  4. Cole.mormon

    Can I move an emerald crab

    So I was wondering since I just moved zoanthids to my dt cam I move an emerald crab too the inverts are snails a cbs and a scarlet skunk does that pose any risk or can they hold their own?
  5. Cole.mormon

    Neon dottyback w zoas

    Is it ok to keep a neon dotty back and zoanthids in the same tank in a 55 gallon
  6. Friendofish

    PLEASE HELP: Fins Destroyed

    Hi guys. I just got a new Rainfordi Goby in the mail yesterday and he seemed to be doing fine. Then this morning I look at him and my firefish and both their fins seem to be tattered and messed up like fin rot or like they’ve been nipped. The thing is, they both seemed perfectly fine yesterday and there doesn’t seem to be any aggression between them. They are both eating well too. I’ve tried to get a picture of the firefish so you can see, but it was kinda hard to get a good pic. Please tell me what y’all think it is and what I should do.
  7. Zephyrsue

    Hurricane Irma

    Good day, fellow Reefers. What crazy weather that's been happening, amiright? I was wondering what kind of emergency plans, if any, you all have for your aquariums. Light scrolling online shows a lot of people are more likely to just abandon their fish in the event of a planned emergency. So here I sit, wondering what to do. I have a 10 gallon nano, with just a clown and a yellow watchman goby named Onyx and Jasper, who I adore nearly as much as my dog. I'm also military and live in the barracks. I believe my evacuation plan is fairly solid- put the fish in a bucket with a lid and battery operated aerator and take them with me, after powering off the equipment and putting as much live rock into another bucket with a lid as possible and leaving the live rock bucket likely in the bathroom away from windows. Better to replace equipment and a tank than your pets, right? But being military, I was told today that in the event where evacuation is necessary and we have to move our operation to our emergency location, myself and my friend will be the two to go with all the officers to that location as we are poised and comfortable briefing officers. That leaves my fish out of the equation. What would you do in that situation? Still put the animals and rock in buckets in the bathroom with an aerator and hope for the best? It's a little nerve wracking thinking about removing them from their life support but we're in Virginia so I'm not too worried about them not having a heater. If I add a couple pieces of live rock to the bucket they'll have some natural filtration and I could even toss in some of the chaeto to finish the nitrogen cycle for them. So so what do you all do, who live in areas with planned emergencies that you have time to prepare? What would you do in my situation? Any conversation is good here.
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