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Found 5 results

  1. I found this growing with my Chaeto and I do not know what it is
  2. Blenard the Blenny

    possible clownfish eggs - next steps?

    Good morning all, the other day I noticed my 2 clownfish being overly aggressive to our chocolate chip starfish and a snail (and my feeding hand), turns out it looks like 1 clownfish is guarding a small clutch of tiny black / brown eggs, and the other seems like it would rather watch tv. I'm both excited and nervous. I have a few questions that hopefully someone might be able to point me in the right direction. I would like to see these little guys open up and live, thrive etc. Quick stats: Nanocube 24G DX AIO 2x clownfish 1x chocolate chip starfish 2x money cowrie 1x small trochus snail 1x large trochus snail Quick questions: 1) With our tank having just 2 clowns and the rest are snails, would the spawn be possible food for them or no? Might be a silly question but i really don't know! 2) Should i be killing the pumps at night before i go to bed? Will they at some point "break off" the rock and start floating around as eggs? Or do they spawn and then float around? I'm looking at maybe picking up a larval trap online, if that might help 3) Whats with the dark eggs color? It looks like the top of the egg has a darker brown spot, and the rest of the egg is a bit lighter. I'm sorry i don't have pictures available currently, something i'm working on, but due to the location of where the eggs are, and the coraline algae on the glass, it's hard to snap a picture. Thanks all!
  3. So I have a few new things popping up in my tank that I haven’t seen before and I also saw a clearing looking big crawling on the rocks that I haven’t ever seen before. Can anyone tell me what these things are?
  4. seabass

    Clownfish Eggs

    OK, so this might not be the right forum, and I haven't done my research yet , but here goes. Day 1: The clutch is currently in a 100 gallon tank with sump. Flow is very slow (just the return, and less than 10 times turnover). The only other fish (besides the parents) in the tank is a bicolor blenny. I have a number of questions: All I have for food (that might be suitable) is Coral Frenzy; would this be enough, or do I need rotifers? Should I grind the Coral Frenzy up further with a mortar and pestel? Should I remove the rock and put it in a 20L with an airstone, or leave it be in the 100 gallon and just transfer the fry? Or is it just unrealistic to think that I can save some? Any help would be appreciated. I'll do a little research in the meantime. I'm currently reading this: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/269202-pickles-guide-to-breeding-clowns/
  5. Hi guys looking to possibly ID the owner of this egg sack. We found 4 total mostly attached to clove polyps. Have you ever come across eggs shaped like this? Thanks!
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