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Found 3 results

  1. I bought my boyfriend a 110g tank for his birthday last month, and I quickly understood his love for this hobby! So, here I am, working on creating a neat little habitat for my future coworkers in my Las Vegas desert home office. I've researched and planned my "dream" home office tank for a couple of weeks (I've got a lot of time on my hands lately..) before pulling off the bandaid and came up with the following livestock "wish list": For Sure: Leopard Toby Puffer Green Banded Goby Possibilities: Black Storm Clown Fish (though not sure I want 2, and I'd almost feel bad if just one got lonely? I've read mixed reviews on either experience) Black and White Chromis Neon Goby Pink Streaked Wrasse Nano Red Brittle Star OR Shortspine Urchin **Yes, I'm aware that some of these may outgrow my lil' 20g tank. But that's the beauty of having a boyfriend with a 110g tank available to re-home these little guys if needed. 😄 As previously mentioned I've done quite a bit of research on each of these possible tankmates, but I'm always open to your experiences that either differ or support my findings of these being suitable for my tank either part-time or for their full lifespan. I also plan on keeping corals in this tank. Yes, I'm aware it may be a slight gamble with my puffer, though per google research and forum research it appears as long as I keep him fed nice and well he ought to leave the corals fairly alone. I really dig the following corals (in no particular order as these are planned to enter my tank much later on): Purple Sea Blade Gorgonian (remind me of some cacti 😄 ) Green Sympodium (these things are just straight underwater daisies! Love 'em!) Plating Montipora Jason Fox Vino Acropora (helloooo $$$$$) Some sort of Acropora (like Jason fox Green Mango) Short tentacle Orange Plate And either a White or Green Polyp Toad Stool Leather Day One: The tank is in! Picked up my Nuvo Panoramoic Concept Pro Drop Off 20g tank from a local fish store along with live sand, a mixture of rock, and a little heater. Thankfully my boyfriend already has a RODI (?) water system set up and some extra salt on hand to get me kicked off. Spent a couple of hours messing with the rock to get my aquascape as close to how I imagined as possible (literally drew out aquascapes for over a week in planning this). Then got 'er all in the tank! Day Two: We didn't have as much extra salt as we'd thought... ha. Wound up back at the LFS to refill our salt supply to top-off my tank. Previously found a sweet deal on barely used Red Sea ReefLED 50w light and universal mounting arm that came in the mail today along with the Turbo Start that came with my boyfriend's algae barn order! Thus, Day 2 = Day 1 of cycling! (And will eventually throw this light on there since I don’t want to start unnecessary algae growth turning it on so soon anyway.) Day Three: Tested my water and came in around 8 for pH, around 0 for Ammonia, solid 0.25 for Nitrite and close to 0 for Nitrate.
  2. So here is the beginning of my next reef aquarium... Getting ready to finalize the purchase of a new home and that means moving. My 6.5 gallon reef won't be a issue, it's my 90 gallon freshwater that I don't want to bother with. So I had to negotiate a deal... Get rid of the 90 for another Pico (easy choice for me). I've liked the look of the drop-off/abyss tanks and wanted to recreate that. If you were to ask the three or four people who have followed my other builds they would tell you my stands and tanks look more like furniture than a square box with a light hanging over it and this build won't be any different. Currently I'm remodeling a house for a customer and have some leftover molding, vinyl planks and plywood so that is what the tank stand is built from. So far I think it looks great. Still a bit more work to do...
  3. Pjanssen


    Now that my busy work season has settled down a little it's time to give some serious consideration as to what to do with my contest win! I've talked the friend that helped me build the stand for the IM14 and he's going to help me build a stand for this one as well, probably similar in look as they are basically in the same room. I'm seriously considering going all out on this one, as I had a decent year business wise. So far the plan is to move all but the BTA's and clowns from the 29 and turning that into a anemone tank of some kind-still researching that. I'm looking at Hamilton Cebu Sun Lighting System Metal Halide and T5 HO Actinics combo, but not sure whether to go with 10,000K, 14,000K, or 20,000K-need some advise here. Also considering straight LED's-maybe a Nano Box. Would like a sump, but never had one so...Should I remove the back panel that makes this tank an AIO and have the bottom drilled, or is there a way to add a sump with less destruction/reconstruction? Anyway, just trying to move forward
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