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Found 5 results

  1. leonoramichelle

    Clownfish & Mandarin Dragonet

    Can two ocellaris clownfish and a mandarin dragonet live together in a 100 gallon corner tank? Yes, i will be providing plenty of live rock with live copepods which i will be harvesting. It will also have plenty of corals. (reef tank is my goal)
  2. HingleMcCringleberry

    Mandarin fish that eats flake food?

    I really want to add a mandarin fish to my tank but I don't have a tank large enough for a sustainable supply of copepods. I've heard some captive bred mandarins will eat flake food. Is this true and where can I buy one?
  3. GraniteReefer

    Rey the Biota Mandarin

    Just got the call that my LFS got in the tank raised biota mandarins! Running there really fast to have first picks! Meet Rey!(Star Wars name as I speculate her and Poe Dameron may get together in the movies, just like my mandarins hopefully will!) In Tank Day 1 My plans for this thread are to showcase Rey as she grows from the pipsqueak she currently is, hopefully all the way until she's a healthy fully grown wife for Poe! She is now eating pellets!
  4. GraniteReefer

    Mandarin Rescue; Failure

    New Attempt with a Biota Mandarin! I started a new thread as this one makes me depressed link to new thread December 24th marks the 2 year point of my first mandarin being in my tank. It took well over a year of watching him suffer and shrink until I successfully trained him to frozen by luck not purpose. Now he eats a slew of frozen and any .5mm pellet. Having gotten him fat and healthy I feel confident in my ability to supply his needs, and have been really wanting to get him a female as mating is the purpose of life and maybe he wants that. Yesterday at my LFS I spotted a tiny female green mandarin dragonet, she is skin and bones.... but her fins are all intact, she was actively hunting the sand and minimal rockwork, and her color was good although dull in spots. So today I put a chunk of nutramar ova into a baby food jar and brought a pippette down to the store and got permission to try feeding her. She immediately took to the frozen so I bought her right up(no discount no guarantee, typical LFS) for $25.99. I couldn't get them to put her on hold so I could set up a proper QT but I figured my reef bowl has loads of pods and is tiny enough to really fatten her up with easy spot feeding over the next week and I could to 1/2 bowl WC's after easily. Not planning to QT her for a longtime as mandarins are pretty resilient when it comes to diseases and such. In store she screams FEED ME! That's nutramar floating around because they couldn't stop the flow In the bowl She is already hunting the pods in the bowl, really hoping I can confirm her health and then worry about pairing her with my male successfully, any ideas on pairing? My plan in this thread is to follow her successes and failures as she works her way into my DT with her future mate and hopefully she will be well trained and super fat on pellets and frozen!
  5. Fish Facts with Quality Marine, Episode 2 - Dragonets Scooter, Red Scooter, Ruby Red, Green and Red Mandarin, and Spotted Mandarin!
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