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Found 8 results

  1. Hey all you KAMOER Fans!! THE NEW X1 Pro WIFI Doser is HERE!!!! Everything you’ve come to love about Kamoer Is still here : the compact design, ability to run 4 pumps off a single power supply, and easy wireless control. Whats new? Bluetooth is out and WIFI is in! Kamoer doubled the daily dosing times. Most importantly , both programming and time are now saved if power is lost.These improvements prove Kamoer is a company that really listens to their customers! So let’s Talk about Kamoer’s reputation! Did you know Doctors and Scientists use Kamoer technology in hospitals and laboratories around the world?? Their trust in Kamoer makes us Proud that we have the privilege of bringing their precision machines stateside. The new Kamoer X1Pro WIFI Doser is sure to Please!!
  2. If you have a dosing pump that does not have a calibration feature (like the Bubble Magus or Jaebo), you can still calibrate your pump with a little basic math! Even better is that it doesn't take much more effort than calibrating a pump that has the calibration feature. This is something you should do periodically - maybe once or twice a year, every time you replace the head or components, or if you change fluid types - and shouldn't take more than 10 minutes per head. You will need to complete each step for each dosing head! Step 1: The Setup Fill a small reservoir of water (anything more than 1 cup will work) that runs to the input on your dosing pump. On the output side of your dosing pump, set up an accurate measuring cup. I'm just using a Pyrex measuring cup, but if you have something more accurate like a graduated cylinder, use it! This is what it should look like: Step 2: Prime Make sure your pump is fully primed. That means after you get water flowing, letting it run for a full 30 seconds. Any air bubbles caught inside are going to throw this exercise off. After it's primed, make sure your measuring cup is totally empty (just pour it back into the reservoir). Step 3: Get a Baseline Set your dosing pump to run 100ml in a single dose and run it into your measuring cup. Record this number - it's your baseline. Is your baseline exactly 100ml (or close enough)? If it is, congratulations you are done and your pump was calibrated correctly. If it isn't, we are going to start calibrating. Take the number that you just got and divide 100 by it - this is going to be your starting calibration factor. For example, if you got 73ml instead of 100, your rough calibration factor would be 1.37 Step 4: Refine your calibration Now we are going to attempt to get exactly 100ml of out our dosing pump by multiplying 100ml by your rough calibration factor. Using my example above, set your doser to 137ml. Now run it three times, recording exactly how much your dosing pump dosed out. Lets say you got the following doses: 104ml, 105ml, and 103ml. Looks like the original calibration factor was off and you'll need to adjust it down slightly by a little over 4ml. Since we know that the dosing pump doses out only 70% of what you set it to, we'll pick a happy-medium of a 5ml adjustment on the doser. Using my example, that would leave us with a final calibration factor of 1.32. Write this number down on a Post It and stick it to your pump - this is what you will multiply your dose by to get the exact dose! Step 5: Verify Multiply 100ml by your final calibration factor a couple of times to ensure you get exactly 100ml (or extremely close). Make sure your math is correct! Using my example, if I needed to dose exactly 9ml of an additive to my tank using pump 1, I would simply multiply that number by my calibration factor of 1.32 to get 11.88, which I would round to 12ml. This is what I would set my doser to.
  3. Hi guys, I wanted to share with you my Arduino DIY Dosing Pump.I worked on them for some time so i have many versions of it, but the final one is great and can dose with a great precision (0.1 ml).Here a pic of the finale work: Build on Nodemcu, a ESP8266 chip based they are controlled via Web: You can also log all your test results on the website and have graphs You have an alarm when your containers are going out of liquids: And you have alarms on power failure too: You can find all the step by step instruction and the software at: JoyreefFeel free to ask for details, or help.
  4. Psilopsych

    Seachem 2 part dilution?

    My system 10g cube is about 6g total water volume and I am losing 1dkh a day. I am manually dosing 1.8ml of Seachem fusion 2 to bring me back up to 8. I have to dose twice a day and I’m worried about big swings. I would like to spread this dose out to about 4 times a day by using a dosing-pump. I picked up a Jebao and I understand that it only doses 1ml increments. So here is the question. Can I dilute my 2part with RODI so that I can spread out the dosing and maintain my parameters better? Ie 1:10 ratio of 2part and RODI there by dosing 18 ml diluted solution a day. Would the dilution be as effective? I’m sure there is someone here that has a solution to this problem. Thanks
  5. Kamoer F4 PRO: How to Setup & Schedule a Dosing Program Get your new doser up & running FAST with this video!
  6. CoralVue Aquarium Products

    The new Doser everyone is talking about is HERE!

    The new Doser everyone is talking about is HERE! Introducing the Kamoer F4 PRO WiFi Doser
  7. Hi. I have been researching a bit about dosing pumps, testing a couple of them, comparing features, etc. trying to find out the ideal feature set for nano reefers. I'm considering building a product prototype. I assume that most nano reefers use dosing pumps for: Carbon dosing (vinegar, nopox) Alkalinity Calcium Magnesium Perhaps additives like the ones from KZ (Zeovit). Some thoughts (product design goals): Must be able to dispense small doses with a good level of accuracy. 1ml accuracy? Adjustable flow rate from 5 - 14 ml/minute would be ideal? Good enough for the needs of most nano reefers? Must be compact. What do you think about a dosing pump that comes with a power supply for stand-alone use (with a separate timer, just like most people do with BRS and Drew's dosing pumps), but also has an optional cable for connecting it directly to the 24DC port of a Neptune Apex controller? Would that be a desirable option? Easily replaceable pump heads. Easy maintenance. Your feedback is appreciated.
  8. Hi. The motors of my Jebao DP-4 Dosing Pump are corroding. Of the 4 pumps/heads, the 2 that are being used for dosing vinegar are the only ones getting their motor pins corroded. I'm guessing that somehow, a little bit of the vinegar gets its way out of the head tubing and into the motor pin. Nothing is wet in there... So it must be very little or even some kind of fume, gas or exudation. Anyone experienced this? Any ideas of what could be happening? Also, if you are dosing vinegar via dosing pump, I would like to know which dosing pumps are you using without issue (let's say for a year+). Thanks.
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