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Found 4 results

  1. Chris's Fishes

    A more DIY approach to things...

    Hello! So, now that I've kinda got my housing situation and such lined up for college, I want to expand my desk for schoolwork, and also add more space for aquariums. Right now, I've got a tiny corner desk and a tiny dresser to keep tanks on, and to be honest, I'm feeling pretty cramped. Which is my own fault, for having aquariums, but y'know... I've got the bug. I was looking around at desk pricing, and for what I'm wanting, it's going to be pretty expensive to buy something sturdy and big enough. I want a desk that's going to be at least 72" long, 16" front to back, and at least 32" tall or so. Every price I've found has been several hundred dollars for something that looks tacky and might not hold up to water spillage and the constant shifting weight of water, so I've looked around for more DIY options. I actually considered attempting to modify the King of DIY's stands, as they're cheap and easy to build. But, I don't want that bottom beam to be there, and I'm not sure how much that'd effect stability and strength. So, I turned to Aquarium Co-op's old stands, which are basically cinderblocks stacked on top of eachother with 2x4's running between stacks to create table tops. I'd need to wrap it in some cheap plywood or something, but this'd be an easy, cheap, and very moveable way to add some more table space in my room. It wouldn't look great, but I think I could make it fit in fairly nicely. Here are the plans: 1) I'd be using 16 of these: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Common-8-in-x-8-in-x-16-in-Actual-7-625-in-x-7-625-in-x-15-625-in-Standard-Cored-Concrete-Block/3608978 4 stacks of 4, for a resulting height of 32", which is basically how tall my desk is right now. Would that be too far apart for the 2x4"s to support the weight? Weight is supported on the corners with most normal tanks, correct? So, if I shifted the tanks so that they're kinda balanced over a cinderblock, would it ease the pressure on the wood? Anyone know more about this than I do? 2) I'd basically be using whitewood 2x4"s, treated with a non-toxic sealant to avoid water damage. Cheap, long-lasting, and strong. I'd thought about just using two along the length of the desk, with about an inch of space in the middle (since 2x4's are actually 1.5x3.5"s, right?) Which should be fine. I'd hand-pick the best ones I could, but the Lowes near me usually has decent lumber, believe it or not. I'd probably use some adhesive to make sure the 2x4's don't move around on top of the blocks, and maybe some plywood to wrap the sides, but I THINK that those would be the only supplies I'd need other than perhaps a few mats to avoid the blocks damaging my already-ruined hardwood floors. Does anyone see any flaws in this? Any reason why this wouldn't work? Remember, I'm going with something cheap, effective, and easily assembled and disassembled. I just need something to keep my pets and my PC on. With my current plans (wood, blocks, adhesive, and felt), I've got this costing me around $60.
  2. Tangina20

    40 gallon breeder/20L sump

    Set up date: 06/22/18 Last update: 02/10/19 Newly built, few free to comment any tips or ideas! This is an upgrade from the 20L being used as the sump. Fish yellow watchman goby white lightning maroon clown 4 stripe damsel Inverts 4 astrea snails 3 blue legs 1 red leg Rainbow bubble tip Coal banded shrimp Softies Green striped mushrooms Red mushroom Blue mushroom Turquoise mushroom pulsing xeina eagle eye zoa Alpha zoa Electric joker zoa Liams clove Polyps Rasta zoa Hypotonic zoa Green goblin zoa Neon orange mushroom Neon green finger leather Sunny D zoa Rainbow infusion zoa playboy zoa scrambled egg zoa purple monster zoa blondie zoa rainbow hornet zoa pinwheel zoa Mohawk zoa Large Polyp Stoney Atomic Torch Green tip hammer Red Lobophyllia Green favia Duncan Acan Toadstool Galaxia Purple acan Red/blue acan Gold/Orange acan neon geeen octospawn orange lepto jack o lantern lepto war paint lobo green/orange acan miami hurricane chalice blue candy cane mummy eye chalice Small Polyp Stoney Red montipora digitata Red montipora capricornis Sour Apple birdsnest Purple monti digi Stylophora monti spongodes Equipment 1.5” overflow Quiet one 5000 return 2 hydra 26 hd SCA protein skimmer ow 10 wavemaker
  3. Snazxy

    The Snazxy Reef

    About Me and This Tank (TLDR at bottom) So a few years ago (about 4) my family and I were getting cichlids for my little brother's bow-front from this little shop that our uncle recommended. Keep note that the closest thing Ive ever seen close to a reef tank was a shark-filled-false-coral tank at Seaworld. As soon as I stepped into those doors I was greeted by a 32 gal Biocube. As fast as a blink of an eye I was hooked, not just by the clownfish playing around in a foot long circumference of a bubbletip anemone, but as to what I noticed as those alien like creatures that I have roughly known as coral from the books in the elementary library (I was a big reader). I was mesmerized by the beauty of a 30 gallon box of water to the point where my parents had to pull me away from the dang thing. Naturally I was pissed and refused to leave the thing. But my parents told me to check something out. I round the corner see a room full of frag tanks, my jaw dropped. That day was the day that I owned my first reef tank. We got a Fluval Spec 5 gal, some live rock, live sand, a small strip light, a clown goby, a firefish, a 6 lined wrasse, and some zoanthids as well as a paly. I had that tank for about three years until we moved and things went down from there, I had my first algae bloom and the tank went out with a boom, everything dead except for a GBG as well as my blue coral banded shrimp (that I still have today lol). I was devastated. Even though I didnt know what I was doing I knew I was on fire, I mean, I had some pretty cool corals as well as a dragonface puffer (that somehow lived about 6 months but sadly died to my firefish -big meany) and on top of that I never did a single waterchange! After that I had nothing but an algae filled tank for about a year. That brings me to where I am now! Last year for my birthday my parents got me a Fluval Evo 13. BIG learning curve. I had constant algae blooms and the seams even busted. But luckily that gave mw a clean slate-- the best of the slates! I started doing hardcore researching on reefing, and I mean hardcore, as In staying up til 3 AM on school nights (still a strait-A student!) watching videos and browsing forms, until I had a rough Idea of how to properly care for the delicate, money draining art forms we call reef tanks. As of today I have my Fluval evo 13.5 that only houses about five corals, sad I know but its hard when the closest LFS from where I live as 45 minutes away (an hour if you count Austin traffic). I have also recently bought an AI Prime HD that I got with lawn mowing money😄! Im still learning but since i've been doing water changes algae is at a minimum, only a few spots. Tommoro I will try to add pictures but thanks if you've made it this far through my story. I look forward to adding pics soon! TLDR; I have been reefing since a young age and I have a Fluval evo 13.5, but srsly this doesn't do my story any justice just read the above lol
  4. thegoldenboymike


    I am looking to see if anyone could help me out with the dimensions and plans for a basic DI"Y stand for my Nuvo 40 similar to the ones people do for the 40 Breeders. The dimensions are 24 x 20 and i would like the height of the stand to be 36inches. I am not very handy so I am looking for the number and measurements of the 2x4 so i can go to home depot and have them cut them to size for me.
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