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Found 3 results

  1. I have had this monti frag for a month or two, seemed to be content as far as I could tell until this morning. I noticed a slime trailing off of it and after work today it had a coat of slime in one area, was discolored, and looked completely different. I haven’t made any changes other than adding some zoas and a ricordea. salinty is 1.027~ Temp is 79. The only water test I have is the API 5 in 1 but based on that all looks good- low/no nitrites or nitrates, ph and kh are same/consistent. the only odd thing that has happened is the loss of a blue legged hermit this morning. My son did knock the frag off the rock like a week and a half ago but no damage and it wasn’t encrusting on the rock so just the glue came loose. I have lost two blue legged hermits and an emerald crab over the last 2-3 weeks but one was injured and not much for them to eat. any idea what’s going on? Anything I can do? thanks!
  2. Ten days ago I got a blue tuxedo urchin at my LFS. It's been happily munching on coraline algae and roaming my tank under a pile of shells and other small pieces of hard scape since it was acclimated to the tank. This morning, when I walked past the tank, I noticed that it now has a green discoloration at its widest point of one of the blue stripes on its body and I'm not 100% sure, but it looks a bit like the tube feet in this region are less healthy than the rest. The pictures below are attempting to show this region but my camera is having trouble focusing close up due to refraction issues (it kindly obliged for the picture by staying on this side for me 🙂 ). I'm unsure as to whether this spot was there when I bought it or not since it has kept itself pretty well completely covered in shells since before it was bagged for me and stayed that way until this morning. It's still moving around this morning with similar behavior to the last ten days, just lighter shell cover. You can see it's still wearing a number of shells. Any thoughts? I can't imagine how it might have injured itself overnight, so I'm guessing it is an infection of some kind. I'm not aware of any treatments for sensitive inverts like this for infections, but open to suggestions. Mostly just interested if others have had experience with this.
  3. I got these 2 clowns about 3 months ago and I noticed when I bought them there was white on my Percula lips that has been there since and 3 or 4 days ago I noticed my Ocellaris has a light brown kind of discoloration at the base of his pectoral fins(not actually on The fin its just around the base of fin) And has been Been worse on the left side today I woke up and saw there was a white spot On the left fin and the discoloration just keeps getting worse, I gave him a freshwater dip and the white thing is gone but it still looks bad help would be appreciated
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