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Found 2 results

  1. Clown79

    Dark Side of the Lagoon

    Time to upgrade! I have wanted the 25g Lagoon since I set up my 15g Reef. The Lagoon wasn't in my budget at the time so I had to wait. My wait is over I am going to document this transfer from the planning stage to the actual transfer LIST of New Supplies: IM 25g lagoon Custom Stand IM Custom Caddy 30lbs Caribsea Aragamax Select 7lbs Caribsea Life Rock 75W Eheim Jager Heater Ink Bird Heater Controller Tower Inline GFCI Buckets Seachem Ammonia Alert Reef Welder Epoxy STAND I decided to have a custom stand built for my tank. I am lucky to have a friend who does wood working. He builds a lot of custom pieces and also does home improvements. Thanks to Jason for building me a very solid custom stand! I will be doing the wood filling, sanding, and then painting the stand myself. I wanted solid black to match my home furniture. I chose Satin Interior paint in Black Caviar. The paint is waterproof. Still debating if I need to clear coat it. I haven't with my other 2 stands and after 2.5yrs they are in great condition. SAND I chose Caribsea Aragamax Select because dry sand is budget friendly and Caribsea is really the only sand available here. I got 30lbs but only plan on 20-25lbs. I want a very minimal sand bed just enough for aesthetic purposes. ROCKS I will be using my existing rock except one small one with paly's on it and I am also adding 7lbs of Caribsea Life Rock I chose the life rock because it's clean and injected with bacteria, therefore needs no curing. I've used it before in my tanks with no issues. I will be soaking it a few days before to remove any dust that may be on it from sitting in the store. EPOXY I decided to try the Reef Welder epoxy because it's less waste. If you make a mistake you can just add it to hot water and reuse. You can't do that with the epoxy sticks and you get less too. HEATER CONTROLLER I have never used one on any of my tanks but decided to add them as a precaution. I chose the Ink Bird. It has great reviews and is reasonably priced. The probe is stainless steel and although various vendors have stated it's safe to use, I am concerned about that. So I coated the probe with a coat of aquarium sealer. Other hobbiest's have done this as well as a precaution. HEATER I chose the Eheim Jager 75watt. It's about the only heater I could find that will fit in the back chamber and these heaters have never disappointed me before. GFCI I can't change the sockets in my apartment so I decided to go with a portable option. I got the Tower Inline GFCI and I will be plugging my powerbar into it. ADDITIONAL ITEMS buckets seachem ammonia alert - i tested it to ensure it is working. I simply placed it over windex and it immediately changed colour. I then cleaned it before any use as it was exposed to ammonia. DAY BEFORE TRANSFER(PLAN) - Rinse sand in tap water until it runs clear and final rinse with distilled water. I will then store the sand in a sealed bucket - Make saltwater and store it in more buckets DAY OF TRANSFER (PLAN) - siphon water into a bucket, remove all coral and place in bucket with a small powerhead. May need to put some in tupperware since I want to keep the sps separate from the lps - siphon some water into another bucket and place rocks from my tank into this bucket - Siphon additional water into a large tupperware and place my clownfish with their frogspawn and the blenny in this with an airstone. The fish are all friends so they will be fine together - siphon any extra water into another bucket - remove all equipment from the tank. - remove a cup of sand from the tank to add to new sand later. - remove old tank and stand - place new stand in with the 25g lagoon. Ensure stand is level. - Add eggrate to the new tank for rock stability and prevention of pressure points from the rock : I don't use a full sheet under the sand, I use pieces under the rock so there is still open areas without the eggcrate. - Add rocks to the tank. During aquascaping I will be misting my rocks with a new spray bottle filled with saltwater. This is just to prevent any die off. - add new sand, add the cup of old sand - add new saltwater, add saved water from the 15g - add media from my hob into the custom caddy, add all equipment, start up the tank - wait a bit to ensure water is clear and at correct temp. Test Alk, CA, and SG to match my existing parameters. - start adding corals to the tank, then add the fish and inverts - Monitor tank for any spikes in ammonia. I have Prime on hand if I need to use it. Then comes the clean up of the mess I will make! My plan is to take pics during the transfer and will post them and any hurdles I encounter along the way
  2. Hey there, I'm wondering If I can get some input on a massive dino outbreak I'm having. I have fairly high nutrients but it is a mangrove and macro tank so I struggle to keep the levels high enough without starving the macros. Could anyone help me ID this strain of dinos? They reproduce so fast and my corals are really struggling. It's taking a lot of the joy from reefing when I clean everything and the next day it's covered in a brown snot-like sludge. I'm going to try a few things, including raising the temperature to 82 for a few days to begin.
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