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Found 6 results

  1. I have had my fluval evo 13.5 tank cycling for 8 days. Today I noticed brown freckles on my dry rock and live sand, and big brown spots starting to appear on my live rock. After briefly researching, I believe this is diatom algae...correct me if it's not however. I am struggling to find what exactly I'm supposed to do (step by step)... I can't find a straight answer anywhere other than "this may occur and is a normal part of new tank syndrome" Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm brand new to the hobby
  2. Hi All, After some months of issues I finally got my tank back in decent order. I moved home from college 2 weeks ago and picked up some Green Star Polyp about 1.5 weeks ago. It opened completely about a week in, but recently only parts of it have been opening and I haven't been able to figure out why. Ph is around 8.2, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, and 0-5 nitrates. I understand the water here at home is different and dKh read about 6 which is low. Yesterday I started dosing to work back up but regardless the dKh has been around 6 since I've moved home so it doesn't seem to be the reason why they would suddenly not open all the way. Any ideas? I have some diatoms/dino's (don't know which) growing in the sand, is it possible its inhibiting the GSP from opening? I attached a picture of it fully opened Saturday, and then about half open today (which it has been the last few days). Thanks in advance, Chris
  3. Mike P

    Diatom help

    Hello all, was wondering if anyone has advice on controlling diatoms. I recently had a large bloom in my tank. My CUC is 5 snails mix between astrea and margaritas plus I have 2 new baby snails appear and 1 chiton. I do weekly water changes and my guess is the bloom is due to me leaving my lights on to long.
  4. Mike P

    Diatom Question

    I guess I have some diatom in my tank but have notice air bubbles coming up from my rock for the past couple of days. Could diatoms cause that? I did a 15% water change on Saturday then I noticed the bubbles all coming up
  5. Mike P

    Diatom Question

    I guess I have some diatom in my tank but have notice air bubbles coming up from my rock for the past couple of days. Could diatoms cause that? I did a 15% water change on Saturday then I noticed the air bubbles all coming up. I do not have a protein skimmer somce my tank is only 13.5 gallons
  6. 3 month old fluval evo 13,5, 12 gal, 8 pounds of live rock, 1 powerhead hydror 425, Stock filter - built in sump with nothing in the 1st chamber, carbon and dinitrate with stock sponge and filter floss in the 2nd chamber, stock return pump in the 3rd chamber Temp 80 degrees stock light - 9-10 hours white light per day 2 clowns, 3 blue leg crabs, 4 bumble bees, 2 nassarius snails, 1 emerald crab, 1 two spotted goby (which vanished from my aquarium for a month) 3 candy cane corals, red looking zoas, 1 unknown mushroom, 4 more zoas (don't know the names) I do water changes every 5 days with bottled RO water purchased from Walmart. Always keep my tank super clean and never had any algae outbreaks till i purchased 2 nassarius snails and 1 emerald crab. Since that i noticed a loots of poop on the sand bed, and every 2nd, 3rd day the sand bed covers with brown looking algae. Then it takes over the glass. It super annoying!!!and I DON't KNOW WHAT TO DO I DO NOT OVERFEED my tank at all. i feed my clowns every 3-4 day with a small pieced of food and nothing drops on the sand bed. My stupid API nitrate test shows 0. I don't believe it!!! I don't have test for phosphate. PLEASE HeLP ME WITH ADVICES! I was thinking to get Finnex HOB refugium and put some macro in there.Do you think it will help? Do i need tot get rid of nassarius Snails?? i don't see any benefits having those anyway. You will see the difference before and after on the pic.
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