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Found 5 results

  1. BGJames

    Detritus on sandbed

    Hi guys, I keep getting this build up on detritus looking stuff building up on my sandbed. Its building up in the low flow areas of the tank (I will add more flow) but Im curious as to what it is. Ive only got 2 clowns, a hermit and a turbo snail. Is it just poo or something else? Tia
  2. Hello guys I got a question hoping some of you can answer me. My 70g tank is running stable. Phosphates are around 0.02, Nitrates around 5. I dont have any problems with Cyanos or other pest that bothers my tank. Corals look good. Whenever I clean my sandbed (I have a very shallow fine sandbed around 1,5 inches deep) I notice quite a lot of detritus. I dont see it building up on top, its inside the sand, so whenever I disturb the sandbed I see a thick brown cloud rising up. After a few hours my tank is crystal clear again. Is this good or bad? Should the sandbed be completly clean, meaning if I disturb it I see nothing rising up? I clean my sandbed every week when doing a waterchange of 5g. How do you clean your sandbeds and how much time do you spend doing it?
  3. hello, my water quality is not as clear as it once was. There seems to be so many fine little particles floating around everywhere, I even believe some of those are microbubbles. Im running an IM10 g for about a month now, tank cycle properly, all level were 0. I finally added my first clown and some hardy corals, everything is thriving and loving it. For about a week now, I've been having this problem where small particles or micro bubbles are floating around everywhere in my water. I've been using sachem clarity once a week, it doesn't seem to be doing much.. Aside from weekly water changes and blowing my rocks, what else can I do or add in my tank to make these stupid particles/bubbles go away? the tank is so beautiful and these little things are ruining the beauty of it. Any tips would be great thanks (before you say it, I know the tank is young, I've been in the hobby for 5 years, I know what to expect and I know patience is key. but something with these particles is just telling me something is off)
  4. SOLD HUGE FREAKING ROLL OF DOUBLE BONDED BLUE/WHITE FILTER FLOSS We have 1 ginormous roll of brand new inTank Filter Floss® that needs to go. Estimating 50-60 FEET long (it's at least 50, probably longer. I'm not unrolling to find out) 8-1/2" Wide Diameter of the roll before packing is 31 inches Thickness: 1" before packing Great for those with larger tanks, a pond, or you want a LIFETIME supply. Minimum Retail Value: $120 (calculated at 50 ft long including S&H) Sale Price: $45 + shipping Here is what it looks like before packing: Here is how it will arrive: Details about shipping: Because the box is 21x21x9" shipping gets a little expensive. Instead of adding into the price the highest rate to the longest distance, and possible overcharging someone closer to our amazing warehouse, creating vast profits that will surly be used for questionable activities. We will calculate shipping prior to purchase and add to the sale price. Estimated prices are $15-31 UPS Ground®, possible can go Priority® if you are in a zone close to 53051. Please PM if you are interested with your shipping zip code. If you have a business address please mention this as rates are cheaper UPS Ground®. PayPal® accepted
  5. lonewonderer

    best way to remove detritus?

    Hello, i'm new to the hobby. I have a bare bottom 40 gallon with a 10 gallon diy sump, skimmer, HOB, 40 pounds LR and 10 small fishes. What is the best way to remove detritus beside water changes? thank you
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