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Found 6 results

  1. So I have been running this tank for around 2 weeks now (with fish) four weeks without. 2 weeks after I added the fish I noticed this lighter purple algae (I think it's cyano). It would be great to have an ID on this algae/bacteria (aswell as a few other potential pests). I found it odd as this is a brand new tank though and I am aware of the diatoms on the rock. BTW this is my first fish tank. The tank is a 10 gallon IM Nano. I run my light 8 hours a day though I have reduced it one hour due to the algae. My salinity is 1.25, 0.25 ppm ammonia, no Nitrites, little to no Nitrates and 7.8 ph. I cycled the tank using live rock for two weeks with no water changes (I know that's not long enough) though I was instructed to do so by my local fish store. I am also using de-chlorinated tap water and I know I should be using RODI water. I have also done a 20% water change each week. I have stocked the tank with a ocelaris clownfish aswell as a bi-color dottyback and when I stoked the tank I used Seachem new tank stabilization system. I change the filter every week and use Chemipure blue in the filter sock. Also on that note I was wondering how often to replace the Chemipure blue nano packets. No clean up crew yet but it's in the plans. I just forgot to add that I feed the tank once a day a little bit of misis shrimp i think is what it's called. I have a power head in the tank as well lots of flow. I have also have attached a few other species that I have found in the tank I thought one of them was Aptasia but i am unsure. It would be great If I could have an ID on these species. Thanks! I'm trying my best and would appreciate some help with my new tank! and I am new to Nano Reef so I may have set this up incorrectly. Bryce Image 1. Aptasia maybe? Image 2. Red hair like algae? Image 3. flower like thing coming out of a tube Image 4. Lighter purple algae Image 5. Again lighter purple algae
  2. Having an extremely bad fight with cyano, almost scraped my entire tank but cyano seems to not be regenerating as quickly. Not quite finished with the war but have been able to control it with more frequent water changes--would prefer to starve it than chemically treat. Cyano choked out probably half of all my corals 😩 I'm trying to prioritize my battles here, as I am also trying to figure out a rise in heat in the tank. Not sure if that played a role in the cyano?? Peak temp with lights on is about 83, which probably isn't helping the surviving corals. I switched out my Koralina for my smaller one to see if that was it, but doesn't appear to be so. I'm thinking the stock pumps, Accelas, at 12w each may be heating up the water, they are +2 years old now. Thinking with going with Tunze 1073.008--they are a bit slower in flow but their wattage is minimal and I heard they are much more efficient?? Funny enough my monti forest fire didn't seemed very phased at all by the mess. However, sps are just a bit out of my league at this point, so thinking of going with easier corals first like LPS and shrooms first, after things stabilize. Current tank parameters, sg 1.024, ammonia 0, nitrates 15 ppm, dkh 9, calcium 400. Have 1 lawnmower blenny, 2 percs, 1 watchman, 1 springeri damsel, a strawberry conch, emerald crab, scarlet hermit, zebra snail, urchin, rock anemone, forest fire monti, duncans, small frogspawn, small acan, and some xenia. Filtration, from top to bottom is filter sock, polyfilter, carbon, changing 5-10 gallons a week at the moment. Any advice on cyano and pumps would be appreciated, this has been on going for weeks now and I'm starting to wear again 😞 I love my tank and hope I can help it bounce back to a new glory!
  3. Hello all, I hope I don't kick myself for posting having beaten cyano My intent is to share my experience to support others. In short, had minor cyano problem. Live sand dry rocks for cycle. Months, hundreds of dollars on reactor and maxspect gyre, etc. Tried with gfo, without gfo, starved the tank increase flow, extra power head and a lot of flow. 3 day lights out a couple of time all No help. Water params constant and good. 0.00 phosphate (hanna low range, a waste of money in my opinion); 2-5 nitrates (red sea) etc. Even after cyano disappeared no change in these numbers. After a lot of research I just accepted that phase that new tanks go through especially with dry rock and low nutrients. Steady consistent maintenance, weekly water changes. I would suck out cyano with each water change. One week, it never came back. It has been 3-4 weeks now cyano free. My hope here is that other's can find hope and learn from my experience so that other's can spare themselves the stress, self doubt, and frustration. Patience, good maintenance, weekly removal is what worked for me. It was months! but gone. Fear as I go look at my tank right now it will be back for making this post.
  4. Thatoneomahaguy

    Can't find way to stop/prevent algae

    Hello everyone! For the last 6 months or so I have been battle a slow but persistent pest. I believe it is a red cyano algae. It grows on the predominantly on the sand bed bad has made its way to the rocks. It does seem to grow stronger/more dense around areas where the flow isnt as high. I have noticed increased growth around some frag plugs or around my bushy hammer coral. I have tried everything to get rid of it but cannot conquer it! I have tried tank blackouts, siphoning the algae out, and multiple treatments of chemi-clean (both the liquid and powder). I know that sometimes cyano can be caused by poor floor. I have two jebao Sw-4's running at 100%. I will try to get a picture of the algae later today. Like I said its not super aggressive but it keeps coming back and making my tank look junky. Other stats: dKh - 9.2 pH - 8.5 Nitrate - 0 Ammonia - 0 Phosphate - <= .3 Mg - 1000 Any thoughts or ideas to help me remove this problem altogether would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Atarius

    Experiences with NO3PO4X?

    Hi guys I've had continuous slight algae issues (cyano on the sand and hair on live rock; I also have a sulking Duncan which made me try to improve params) since taking over this tank, and have decided to do something about it. I'm using NO3PO4X consistently at the suggested dose and have seen my nitrates fall to around 10ppm from 20+ppm. However, I don't have any detectable phosphate or nitrite. At this level, should I still be getting algae growth? I would think that 10ppm nitrate and 0 nitrite/phosphate should be good enough. I'll keep aiming to bring the nitrate down with NO3PO4X until it stabilises, as per the instructions. Anyone have any ideas if I'm barking up the wrong tree or should be doing something different? Tank size (volume) - 16 gallons Tank age - 2 years (moved and rescaped 6 months ago) Lighting - AI Prime Nitrate - 10 (fallen from 20 2 weeks ago) Nitrite - 0 Phosphate - 0
  6. Hello all, I am needing help. I am losing battle with cyano. It is not bad or carpeting substrate but starting to move up rocks. Been trying to stay ahead of it, but think I am losing. Sorry about the length of post, but want give necessary info for other to be able to help. Reefer 170 34g display, 9g sump. System is approx. 4 months old Water Instant ocean salt rodi 0tds ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate less than 5 (red sea) phosphates 0.00 hanna low range DKH around 8.4 to 8.6 and steady Hanna PH 7.7 to 7.9 (low but not chasing ) Live stock 2 clowns CUC 1 cleaner shrimp 5 astrea 3 hermits Have lost a few snail over the past month, fear starving tank corals (all frags) 1 mushroom 1 frog spawn 1 hammer 1 favia 1 zoa 1 cancy cane 1 pom pom xenia feeding: flakes or mysis (more flakes than mysis) feed ever other day. Do not feel over feeding, if anything I am starving the tank filtration live rock and sand protein skimmer; fairly light tea skimmate mini ractor with carbon and GFO Power head; maspect gyre 230 (30% various flow patterns throughout day). Return pump 528g hr. total flow 33x tank volume, if my math is correct Maintenance: increased to two water changes per week, went back to 1 per week. Approx 13% volume change. Vacuum or stir sand and blast rocks with turkey baster during water changes. Have bubble trap that I rinse out with every water change change carbon and gfo every two weeks for now. Filter sock I change when looks dirty. Prior to thanks giving I sucked out what I could of the cyano, 3 days with out lights and water change. Tank looked a lot better, then came back. Not sure the origin of the problem is. I am hoping not to go chemical route. I must be missing something. It is growing more in lower flow areas I have moved power head a few times to try to target problem areas, but then new ones pop up. Plan: considering removing a large rock to allow more water movement, Wonder if my CUC too small, so not getting detritus etc. Could increase flow, but 33x feels like should be enough. Fish and corals doing great, getting some growth on corals and shrimp molts once to twice a month, fish look happy. Any advice/suggestion/feedback would be very welcomed.
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