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Found 4 results

  1. How can I start a culture if I can't access to live phytoplankton? Is there any commercial product that can help? Thanks.
  2. Im wating to start culturing live phytoplankton. Looking for advice from people that do it. I would like to see your setup and what your process is. All the info I'm finding is from years ago. Looking for places to buy from to get started. Where do you buying your fertilizer and other stuff. Thanks in advance.
  3. Index: Phase 1 of 4 (looking for phyto in water bottles) - p1 Phase 2 of 4 (culturing bird bath phyto) - p1 Phase 3 of 4 (capturing algae spores, porch phyto) - p3 Phase 4 of 4 (saltwater porch phyto) - p4 Phase 1 of 4 (looking for phyto in water bottles) While doing some research on culturing phytoplankton, I ran across this: - Wilkerson, Joyce D.. Clownfishes (Kindle Locations 3934-3939). Microcosm Ltd.. Kindle Edition. I thought I'd give it a try (with slight modifications). Who knows, maybe nothing will come from it, but I thought it'd be interesting. I'm going to use: two 16.9oz clear water bottles w/ caps for saltwater one 16.9oz clear, unopened bottle of filtered drinking water (as a pseudo control) saltwater mixed to 1.016 using dechlorinated tap water 1 drop Miracle-Gro Liquid All Purpose Plant Food per bottle of saltwater 1 drop Kent Essential Elements per bottle of saltwater The caps will prevent evaporation, rain, mosquito larvae, and other contaminates. The saltwater will eliminate the need to acclimate the algae to a higher specific gravity. And the nutrients and elements should help to feed the algae. Note: Even though I rinsed the mixing container thoroughly, there is still a possibility of contamination from Nannochloropsis oculata (which I culture), or its spores. Obviously the freshwater bottle would be free of this contamination. If I can get a green tint within a month, I'll strain the water and attempt to culture the phytoplankton. If the control bottle develops a green tint, I'll use that one. Regular updates will be provided. And so it begins. I put a S on the saltwater caps, and a F on the drinking water cap. I also thought that placing the bottles horizontally would make them less likely to blow over, give them more sun, and provide a little more surface area.
  4. Well everyone, It's time I finally get some jellyfish going, I've gotten some polyps of cold water moon jellyfish and have begun setting up a polyp culture. The polyps are acclimating at the moment and we'll see how this goes. I'm still figuring out posting images, so bear with me. This thread will follow any progress I make and tips or tricks for these gelatinous critters are much appreciated.
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