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Found 14 results

  1. Is this one really tux sea urchin? My LFS said it is
  2. filefishfinatic

    20 gallon long journal

    I am making a journal for my 20 gallon aquarium, my diy inventions, and my success and occasional failure in the hobby. to start the thread, i will get everyone up to speed on exactly what happened with my reef tank. I dont test anything. I let my lfs buy the test kits and if i have a problem then i go have them test for me. only thing i check is salinity and temp. i assume my peramaters are good because im not getting much intense algae growth and i have a very healthy colorful neon green/blue long tentacle anenome. Start date: June 12th 2021 On this day, i got my distilled water. i filled my tank with 20 pounds of fiji pink and i added my rockwork. i used biospira to skip-cycle along with my live rock/sand. 1st fish, coral, and clean up crew: June 13th 2021 After my water cleared, i went to my lfs. at my lfs, i got a blue leg, a black leg, and a red leg (Burnt by heater) hermit. i also got a green star polyp rock and a bicolor blenny that was missing its yellow in its tail, its very happy and gluttonous to this day and i assume its just due to genetics. not much happened during this time, all the inverts were healthy. i got a explosion of sea lettuce which turned to dinos. i cured the dinos pretty quickly by raising my temp and not dosing and water changing. 2nd and 3rd fish: July 8th and 12th 2021 I got a arc- eye hawkfish (Paracirrhites arcatus) from petco and i got a scorp (Neovespicula Depressifrons, acclimated to marine salinity) from aquatic arts' warehouse store because they were incompetent at sending me my order a few months prior. 4th fish July 17th 2021 At this time, my tank started to take off. I got a pair of sand sifting starfish for my mom. I also got a aptasia eating filefish, (Acericthys Tomentosus) he is greedy and dosent touch any of my inverts besides the occasional nassarius. thats to none of my concern because every fish does that. I got a cuc from reefcleaners sometime in august, i totally forgot when i got it though. 5th fish July 24th 2021 I got a peaceful clarkii clown, nuff said. Gave scorp to friend september 3rd 2021 I gave my friend my scorp as breeding stock. he wants to try to breed them in his brackish tank. 5th fish: September 5th 2021 I went to my lfs and got a Long tentacle anenome (macrodactyla dorieensis) along with a sinulara leather, a zoanthid colony, and an acropora eating "harlequin" filefish. he was trained to eat brine but unfortunately, he died of cyanide posioning or internal bleeding. if i wouldve gotten the avant-garde aquarist any earlier, i wouldve realized it and asked them to order me a captive bred one in the future. the anenome is great. zoa is opening also. 5th fish: september 6th 2021 On my birthday, i went to petco. i got a lid, an acclimation box (my mom didnt want a repeat of what happened to my acropora filefish) and i also got a BEAUTIFUL melanurus wrasse. they are only a juvenile but i believe they are a primary male. he is even acting like a cleaner wrasse. yesterday+today: sep 7th-8th 2021 I got my light (relassy 300w) its funny because it folds but it gives my tank good lighting and my anenome has gotten brighter, probably due to the zooxthallae inside it. clarkii is starting to hoste the nem and overall good day. this morning, i noticed some damage to my clarkii's slime coat/some parasites mabye. i am not going to have a excorscisim of my fish because parasites are normal in the wild and every fish probably has 4 or 5 parasites. it is probably due to the fact that his slime coat is damaged from the anenome. i expect the problem to sort itself out though. no fish in the tank appears to be stressed or anything. after i get a whiteworm culture, some fish oil, and a auto brine shrimp hatchery target feeder that keeps the eggshells in the bottom, all my fish should be in breeding condition. i have noticed my clarkii cleaning off my anenome and feeding it so possibly its in breeding behavior. i doubt it will actually breed though because its a lone male.
  3. I’ve been researching about what order to introduce coral and fish to the tank but there are a lot of mixed responses. So far all I know is that I’m going to add a CUC first. My original plan was to do CUC, coral, and then fish but I’ve read that fish are disease prone and I wouldn’t want to get a fish that brings in some type of disease to the corals. I would quarantine the fish I get but I don’t have the space/resources to setup a quarantine tank. But I don’t want to do fish first and then have my water parameters become unstable due to the bigger increase in bio load and stress out my fish. Any tips? Thanks!
  4. Aidanj

    Clown Harem

    I am setting up a 72 gallon clownfish harem with 18 clowns. I am planning to purchase all 18 from the same clutch, plenty of Bta anemones, and feeding 4 times a day using an auto feeder to reduce aggression. I have a few questions though. The first is on flow. What type of flow pump would you use? I’m trying to decide between a gyre and a puck. The second question is on cuc. I am running a protein skimmer rated for more than double my tank size. Along with a refugium, Carbon and gfo. Would this be overkill or too little? 2x sand sifting gobys (not sure which yet) 5x astrea snails 5x nassarius snails 5x trochus snails 3x red leg hermits 3x blue leg hermits 1x tuxedo urchin The third question is on anemones. Should I place the clowns In the tank before or after I stock anemone? Does anyone have any suggestions on types of food your bta anemones prefer? The forth is on clown food. What type of food would you recommend? Any suggestions on good auto feeders? Any other suggestions and tips would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Today I went to the opening of a new fish store and saw some bumble bee snails that looked cool. I picked up 2 of them plus a few frags for my evo 12. After looking them up when I got home I’m wondering if I made a mistake. Anyone have experience with these guys? I have 3 astraea snails and one Halloween hermit plus 1 citrinis clown goby in my tank and a few corals. Used to have a couple of more fish but an ich outbreak got them 😢
  6. I have had my first saltwater tank, a Biocube 32, running for two and a half weeks, and it seems like my cycle may be coming to an end. Today my ammonia was 0.0, nitrite was 0.3, nitrate was very high, at least 50, and pH was 8.2. As soon as my nitrite goes down to zero I will do a water change, and I have a few questions about how to proceed. -How extensive should the post cycle water change be? 30% or 50%? Or should it be even more? -How tolerant are clean up crew members, such as snails, hermits, and emerald crabs to moderate to high nitrates? I was planning on adding my first clean up crew this week, but I fear that even after a water change the nitrates may still be somewhat high. Do you think it will be safe to add them?
  7. Hey guys, just wondering if I could get some input on whether these kinds of snails would be a good start to my clean up crew? My tanks been cycling/going for around a month or two now, I see multiple Amphipoda crawling around constantly and I’m starting to get some algae growth. I’ve placed nothing in there except for a few zoa frags Would turbo snails, nassarius snails, and trochus snails be good for my tank? Note that I’m rural Australia and would have to drive a good 2-3hrs to get to a marine store and can’t find many good websites to order live stock thanks!
  8. Hey so the day has finally come.... our tank is cycled... no ammonia after 12 hours and 0 nitrites.... did water change to being down nitrites to around 5-10ppm So basically my cycle went fairly quick so I don’t have a lot of algae (I’m sure there will be more to come lol) but as of right now I just have diatoms on my rock, some , but certainly no crazy amount.... because of that I only ordered 2x trochus snails and 2x Nassarius snails (this way I can at least feed the snails if there is no algae left right? Trochus snails will eat dried seaweed is what I got from my research and Nassarius snails will eat just about anything so I could just drop in a bit of food every now and again and it should keep them alive- this is the info I got from researching each type so I’m hoping this is right... (I got no algae at all on my sand bed or glass... rock only) I cycled at 2ppm or slightly higher (did fishless cycle with ammonia) I will be adding the 4 snails on Thursday at some point (probably around 10-11 am as that’s when then truck comes) Im guessing these 4 snails will not come close to 2ppm ammonia so I’m wondering if I will be able to add a blue-green chromis (blue, green, blue-green- which ever name you call it it’s all the same fish as far as I can tell lol) Would it be safe to add one on Friday.... it will be a little over 24hours after adding the 4 snails... I have also researched that they actually like to pick at some algae’s as well (detritus I think) so my questions.... do you think that will be too much in like 28 hours when I’ve cycled to about 2-3ppm (I also have a bottle of Bio-Spira on stand by Incase levels do increase)? And when I add just these 4 snails should I add any of my media? Or just keep it with the filter floss? (I will be using purigen and chemipure elite) I just wasn’t sure if these would be wasted on just a couple snails? also if you guys think it will be ok to add the blue Green Chromis (it will be small- just around or a bit over salable size) i should add my media before adding him/her in correct? I know that it will still be a small bioload and won’t use up the media very fast but after that I will be waiting a MINIMUM of 2 weeks to add anything else and my next fish will be a purple fire fish OR the YWG/ Shrimp combo and then finally my 2 clowns.... then that will be it.... so after the chromis what should come next.... if anyone has ideas please label them but these were my thoughts: purple fire YWG/ pistol shrimp (either Randall’s or Tiger)- going to add together at the advice of research and apparently if added at the same time it’s easier to get them to pair up 2x clowns (they will be very very small and shipped to my store together in the same bag- just the 2 of them) now please note there will be WEEKS in between these additions.... the only one I want to add close together is the 4 snails on Thursday and the blue Green Chromis on Friday (if they can get one ordered and in stock for me) I am also hoping by adding the fish close to adding the snails there may be more for them to eat without my having to supplement the snails food..... I plan on (as recommended) feeding the chromis a varied diet of NLS 0.5mm pellets and a variety of frozen but thawed mysis and brine shrimp and flakes.... I’ve been told they will eat just about anything.... but there is some conflicting info on how much... I think once a day should be enough but some others are saying twice? I think that’s a bit much as long as he gets a good meal the first time (yes I know not to over feed lol)
  9. I'm recruiting a cleanup crew for a 16G and I've read this ode to the Tuxedo Urchin. They are "guaranteed to vigorously graze a wide assortment of algae". My idea for the 16G clean up crew is: For algae: 1 Tuxedo Urchin For uneaten food: 1 or 2 nassarius snails, 1 or 2 astrea snails. (Do I need more?) Would one tuxedo urchin do well in a 16G, keeping algae under control? I assume more than one would starve in a 16G.
  10. I'm setting up my first tank, a 16G nano cube. I plan to have 3 fish in it, pretty heavy bioload (not gonna add them all at once). Should I get a clean-up crew? Does the clean-up crew add to the bioload or relieve it? I'm not very fond of snails -- instead I'm thinking shrimps, sexy shrimps specifically, emerald crabs as well maybe, but I'm not mad about crabs either. I like the idea of a clean-up crew composed entirely of sexy shrimps, but how many of them? And is it feasible to have one or more sexy shrimps in a 16G tank with 3 fish? Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks a lot!
  11. Hi everyone, I am needing some help with how large of a CUC I need for my 32 gallon Biocube. My concern is the algae. A little history: My tank has been up and running since October 1 (one month). It cycled completely in 2 weeks, and at the end of week 2 I started getting some brown algae and green hair algae. On week 3 I added a small CUC: 2 trochus snails 1 serpent star 1 emerald crab 1 coral banded shrimp 1 snowflake clownfish I originally didn't want another clownfish, but after a few days I realized I should have bought a pair together. We returned to the LFS, tested my water, and got my 2nd ocellaris clownfish and 3 small blue legged hermit crabs I wanted to go slower than that, but apparently I got a little too enthusiastic. Anyway, everyone is doing just fine aside from having my first fatality (one very small hermit crab who I believe got trapped in a rock and was missing for a few days)...I found half a body yesterday during a water change. All my water parameters have been fine (testing every other day), but I have a lot of brown algae on the sand and on my rocks. I also see some spots of green and dark red algae on the one live rock I have. I'm hoping this isn't cyanobacteria, but not freaking out yet. I will deal with it. I think my clean up crew is too small. I know I have only 2 snails, but the amount they poop is insane. Most other tanks I've seen have way more snails and CUC. What are your thoughts? Should I add more snails, hermits, or other? How many do I need? Thanks! Ashley
  12. Swifty3565

    Is it time for a CUC?

    Trying to decide if it's time to start looking at a CUC. Tank has been up for 12 day with lights on a timer. BC 32 w/Eflux wavemaker 1040 gph. About 5 days ago started to see a diatom bloom (brown dusting covering rocks, sand and glass). I wiped the glass down and stirred up the sand at that time. I am now starting to see more green algae showing up on rocks and glass and mixed with some brown on the sand. Also see a couple of small spots of purple. Current water parameters: Temp 78.4 f, pH 8.0, SG 1.027, nitrite 0 ppm, Ammonia 0.25ppm, nitrate 40ppm. Is it ok to add some snails at this time, or should I hold off? Suggestions for snails is greatly appreciated.
  13. GenericReefer

    10 Gallon Aquarium Setup

    Hello! I have just begun to get into the world of saltwater aquariums, and would like to get feedback on my possible setup and stocking list! Note: All these items are suggestions and thoughts, nor are final. This entire setup is intended to be under $350 or under, and would like to keep that with any setup. Equipment -Tank and Filter: Grreat Choice 10 Gallon Aquarium Kit -Light: Orbit Marine Led 18" -Heater: Eheim Jager (75 watts) -ATO: Custom ATO found on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/AutoTopoff-Nano-Water-Level-Controller-for-Reef-Aquarium-Auto-Top-Off-ATO-/172782246208?hash=item283a9fd940:g:UOwAAOSwmLlYB52i -Salt and Hydrometer: Both Instant Ocean brand -Powerhead: Hydor Koralia Nano 425 -10 lbs of Live Sand and Dry Rock each: To buy at LFS -Automaric Feeder: Ani Mate Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder (would like to upgrade to Grasslin Rondomatic, later) Stocking I would like to be conservative with stocking, but still have a diverse reef. Here is what I will add, but in what order should I add them in? Fish: Ocellaris Clownfish CUC: Sexy Shrimp pair (I still haven't decided on what CUC should mainly consist of, but would like to avoid any types of crabs if nessesary) Corals: I would just like a few soft corals, both because of looks and budget restraints for lighting. A toadstool coral, GSP, and Xenia are what I've thought would look nice and fit in well. Being new still comes with questions, and here are mine: What should I feed my tank (staple and supplemental), and how often? I would like to use pellet foods, if I can. With my general stocking plan, how much water will need to be changed, and how often (a biweekly 1.5 gallon water change is what I think will be necessary, but I would like to extend the time between water changes as much as possible)? Will plain Instant Ocean salt supplement the tank? I thank you for your time, and would like to hear from you soon! - Generic Reefer
  14. reefhound


    Just got an order in.. super cheap, super clean, alive and kicking.. bought a Pack with shipping included.. ridiculously reasonable, quick ship to SoCal, great email response time.. 5 stars
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