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  1. Hello everyone, The story : I wanted a simple reef tank, smaller than my 20g peninsula (Here), and an easier maintenance. The maintenance on the 20g wasn't too bad but I'm really lazy, while I love a clean looking tank. I realized than a 20g was a bit too much for my current place and motivation, especially if something goes bad and I need an emergency water change. The plan : A simple looking rockscape that I can eventually take out of the tank when needed, especially for deep cleaning Bare bottom Enough stuff to make it simple to maintain (ATO, heater / fan with controler, etc.) One or two pieces of euphyllia (probably hammer) / some zoas with colors complementary to euphyllia At least one fish : a gobiodon or something similar Current FTS The system itself : I was happy to find a nice AIO Tank made by VIV : 30cm x 30cm x 30cm 27L / 7.5g Filtration : Chamber 1 : filter floss + media Chamber 2 : Chaetomorpha + light Chamber 3 : heater + return pump (sicce syncra nano) Wavemaker : SLW-10 really close to the bottom, behind the rock so the flow breaks and generate random pattern Light : AI prime 16 Controller for heater and usb fan ATO : simple system with a floating switch Livestock (so far) zoanthids : Lord of the rings zoanthids : Sunny D zoanthids : citrus cooler Red discosoma Reddish rhodactis sponges 2 astrea snails 1 other snail 2 hermits 2 hammer corals 1 montipora 1 paragobiodon 1 clownfish Next steps refrain impulsive buying wait till everything is thriving / growing refrain impulsive buying work on maintenance to get a routine refrain impulsive buying if everything goes right in the next few months, get more livestock enjoy the tank while drinking a cold beer Feedback so far : Knowing what livestock I was focusing on (nice hammer coral, softies to complete) was essential for choosing the equipment Testing the rockscape before gluing anything proved I'm shitty when it comes to measurements Having owned both AOI tanks and external filter tanks, I knew what to expect to the equipment I ordered Reefing is an addiction, but as long as you don't consume corals you should be ok
  2. Jumped back into the hobby a few months ago with a 20 long. Didn't last long, ready for an upgrade. My name is Cory, I live on the Central Coast, Morro Bay. Things I enjoy are long walks on the beach with Penny (my dog), riding my 66' ironhead and spicy ramen Don't really have a specific direction I'm going for with this tank but mostly to just learn and enjoy the coral and fish that would make a good addition. Mixed reef with everything being carried over from the 20 gallon. I would love to grow some sps colonies down the line. EquipmentTank: Fiji Cube 48 Shallow 30" x 23" x 15"Sump: Fiji 20 Lighting: Aquaticlife 24" t5 hybrid w/ Hydra 32HD Flow: Nero 3 & Vortech MP10Skimmer: SC Aquariums SCA-301 (for now) Return: Ebay return pump (for now) Doser: Kamoer F4 pro
  3. Tidal Tank: Aka the Frankencube Current Full Tank Shot: Contest Entry Picture: Equipment: Tank (5.5 gallons, 11" x 11" x 11") ATO Container (Tide Machine) Airstone for 40 Litre Tank ASTA 20 LED Marine "Hardscape": Cycled Rock from Mantis Tank Cycled Sand from Mantis Tank Collection Rocks from Beach Livestock: TBD The Idea: Tidal Tank, along with actual tide action.
  4. So this is going to be one of those stories that starts with a dream followed by absolute disaster, We will see the loss of everything and the journey it takes to get back and push on to greater goals. I truly thank everyone that takes their time to read along and follow my journey with reefing, Through the bad the ugly and the eventual gorgeous place a box of water can bring! Our story starts about a year ago, I was at a friends house and he had in his living room a 60g Cube reef. Personally i had never seen a saltwater tank outside of marineland (I know I know the evil bastards lol XD, this was when i was very young and more than 25 years ago). my friend explained the tank to me and showed me the few coral he had. After a few weeks I was still fascinated with the tank so he got me to start testing the parameters and do maintenance on his tank, I took in as much info as i could at this time as I was quickly becoming obsessed with this hobby 😄 A childhood dream was rediscovered. Fast forward a couple months At this point I felt pretty confident in my basic knowledge of reefing and had saved up some money. I search around for a used reef tank with all the equipment included and found a 125g corner bowfront with a HOB overflow to a 60g sump, Bubble magus curve 7 skimmer, and a programable 4' t5 fixture. It even came with live rock, sand and some corals for 1000$. We put the coral in a holding tank while we moved my new tank to my apartment, gave it a quick clean and reset the tank in its new home. The tank went through an instant cycle basically (it took a week) because i used all the old live rock and sand with about 20g of the old water also left the filters etc dirty for the week to help get the process kickstarted. after that i added a few fish and the coral that was chilling in the holding tank. I enjoyed this process and my new tank sooo much everything was looking healthy and I was learning so much so fast at this point it was Sept. 1 2020. Then disaster. I lived in an apartment building and mid Sept. 2020 we had a new tenant move in. This person was a little off and within a few days everyone in the building had noticed her odd behaviour and were getting uneasy. Within 1 week that tenant had a schizophrenic break and the voices told her to set her boyfriend on fire, she poured gas over her boyfriend and the couch he slept on then continued pouring it out her door and down the hallway of the top floor of a 3 story building. She lit it and ran outside. It was 2:00am Sept. 20 2020 I lived in an apartment on the second floor luckily when I first heard the fire alarm i went to my balcony and heard screaming someone yelled the building is on fire. Now I'm sure most people have heard many fire alarms go off in their life and 99.9999% it isn't actually a fire just some burnt toast in the toaster or the frying pan is smoking hot cooking some bacon and eggs or any number of other silly non consequential reasons a fire alarm will start yelling at you, so we can all agree that when you first hear a alarm you are probably thinking its no big deal well this I quickly found out was that 0.00001%. My friends were directly above me in one of the apartments on the third floor they were trapped with young kids luckily they had a couple friends over that night. As soon as I heard the building was on fire I heard my buddy almost in tears yelling down to me that they couldn't get out of their door. A few seconds later he was hanging over the balcony by one hand down towards mine and his wife was started handing him the kids one by one he managed to take each kid with one hand and pass them to me after we got all three kids down safely to my apartment him and his other two friends climbed down and we got the kids out of the building to the street. One of my buddies friends helped my buddies wife get down and out of the building, at that point the smoke was coming into my place and starting to fill up the ceiling i had just enough time to grab my cat and run out of the doors. The firefighters arrived but because it was set by gasoline the flames didn't go out for hours everything in the entire building was lost luckily everyone got out and there was only one person with injuries. At this point understandably I was crushed... and while I am writing this it is still something that I have only barely been able to start processing and healing from. I had just lost everything in my life. It took about a month and a half to find a new apartment at which time I was couch surfing with a friend, when i moved into my new place I was gifted a 20g breeder and a 29g tank from a close friend that is really into fish and had a few tanks laying around that he could spare and free up some room at the same time 😄 . This was amazing it helped my depression and gave me hope that soon I would be able to have this dream of a saltwater reef. Its almost 2 weeks after I moved in and its Dec. 1 2020. I get some dry rock and some sand toss it into the 29g with some saltwater to start curing the rock. I'm really hesitant to run a nano tank at this point so i'm still trying to find something bigger to run at this point but all I can find that i can afford is the glass panels from a 75g so i buy that and make some grandiose plan of making a pentagon tank out of it that would have a plywood bottom epoxied and be around 150g. Two weeks later I find a 25g rimless cube tank with a clean looking stand and the dude thats selling it is awesome he only wanted 60$ for it. I buy the cube and its just such a nice looking tank even though it is only 25g. At this point I know I want a sump but I also know I want some fish soon to help get past that horrible disaster, so I bite the bullet and set it up with an internal filter a couple small powerheads and heater. I cycle my tank for a month no fish then start looking around to find some clowns that don't look like Nemo 😄 . A local guy is selling baby clowns and had some of the ones that i was looking for. I buy a midnight clown from him and get it settled in its new home. which brings us up to current basically now what? Well upgrades of course. Now I mentioned that i grabbed that glass from a 75g, now I've also managed to grab a couple beat up old tanks people were throwing out so I would have some glass for projects so its time to build. 25g Cube + 50g Custom Rimless Build The Plan So essentially the idea is to add a sump to the 25g cube now looking around if i want to buy a overflow box thats is decent i'm looking at around 200$ cad and pre fire that would have bothered me but at the moment I am still trying to replace years of furniture, studio equipment, and decor so money is super tight lol. So that being said im not spending that much on a overflow box that will make me have to use a internal box portion that takes up room inside my tank, which is already imo small. Lets build it 😄 , I have glass and a cutter I have silicone and a caulking gun, I can pick up the right drill bits for cutting holes and save a ton of money, also I can notch my tank allowing me to not have an internal box portion to my overflow. Next I will cut down the 75g glass panels i have to make a custom rimless tank that should sit around 50g, for this i will use the excess glass and build a bean animal overflow box for the 50g. Finally I am going to make baffles for my 20g breeder and use that for a sump, Both tanks will drain into the sump and will each have their own return pumps by doing this I can ease my mind and minimize the un-stability of a nano tank system making my overall system volume to 85g-90g
  5. sabareefer

    diy 10 gallon aio tank

    Hi all. Since I’ve just finished this project, I figured I’d share it on here. this tank started as an ordinary 10 gallon setup filtered by an aqua clear 70, but I always wanted an aio tank, but couldn’t find a reasonably priced tank where I live. After waiting a while, I pulled the trigger on the lifeguard aquatics 9.98 gallon aio tank. At first I was happy with it, but I quickly realized the design flaws with that tank. Firstly, the overflow weir cut outs are too small. That combined with the improper heights of the baffles meant my return section was running dry at an alarming rate. After giving up with that tank, I decided to try to create my own aio tank. Since I don’t have the means (or budget) to have the aio system to be created from acrylic, I decided to take a risk and use corrugated plastic. I found a black sheet of the material for only 5.99 CAD which was very convenient. The most time consuming part was precisely cutting the overflow, because I tried to make it look proper by printing a template, and gluing it to the plastic. Upon realizing that I Couldn’t properly make the rounded overflow like the real tanks, I just cut out a rectangle opening, and cut out small rectangular pieces to act as the barriers. I then siliconed them to the back of the opening. It’s fragile and crude, but it works. for the baffles, I modelled them after the Fiji cube aio box. The intake chamber will consist of the media, and the return chamber will have the heater and the pump. I went this way because I didn’t think I would have enough space for a middle chamber. Soon I will make some sort of media basket to properly contain the filter media in the first chamber. Please disregard my crude silicone job. At first I had taped off a perimeter to keep it neat, but after I removed the tape I decided to add more silicone to be safe. P.S The tank is still cycling, no livestock is in here yet. thanks for taking a look everyone.
  6. Hey guys! It’s been a while since I posted on this forum as I transitioned back to freshwater for some years due to work and lack of time. I have grown quite bored of my freshwater cubes and I’m planning to get back on the saltwater hobby taking baby steps. Free time is still in short supply. I want a simple cube with a clownfish pair (tank bred percula 2-4cm at the time of purchase). The tank will be FOWLR at first but I know I’ll want to graduate to corals at some point. I have attached pictures of the equipment I’m going to use. I’d really like your input on the light fixture (the larger model). Do you think it will suffice for softies? As you can see in the pics I chose somewhat low flow. During my past experience (20g with 2300 l/h) I saw my small clownfish struggling to keep up. They’d stay on the same spot in a corner. When I turned off the pumps though, it was a different story. During the FOWLR period, would you suggest I keep the salinity at a lower level, let’s say 1023, to allow room for error and save some money? Would you go any lower? The set up will be minimal with a few pieces of rock and Aragonite sand just enough to hide the glass. So here’s a list of what I want to achieve with this tank. Any tips are appreciated 1. The least maintenance possible 2. The least ALGAE possible after the diatom bloom 3. Choose an affordable light that will allow growing softies in the future. Thanks! EDIT: I eventually picked up Versamax 2 for filtration and circulation, which adds about 0.5 gallons of water volume and is rated at 800 l/h PS. Here’s my old tank!
  7. Raindog3030

    Waterbox Nano Owner's Thread

    Howdy y'all! I believe I may be one of the first to adopt one of these gorgeous little Starfire beauties and I figured it would be a good time to start a thread for anyone else who may/has purchase(d) one! So far, Waterbox has been very responsive in dealing with the only issue I have run into so far [with the 7g model], the included return pump. They did so by sending me a free Sicce Mi Mouse return pump to replace the ECO66 pump, this may or may not be the case with other tank sizes in the series. I don't think any of us can argue that these AIO cubes are very attractive considering the quality of materials, construction, and included accessories! So, without further ado, please join in on the conversation! Is it just another AIO? Do you have one? What do you think? Are you some weird-o lizard person impersonating a reefer?!?!?! Here is the manufacturer page for reference: https://waterboxaquariums.com/cube/
  8. Leo_ian

    20 gallon cube fish

    After two of my beloved fish have passed away from brook, my gramma(the first fish to ever be in the tank), and my spriger’s damsel (she was a true spriger’s, very little black patches) I am now looking for fish that would not compete my Lubbock male for food and would not be out competed by my wrasse for other food. my choices currently: Neon goby pair(will move my breeding pair) Fang blenny flasher wrasse (group of different males) pacific blue eyes bicolor blenny radial filefish mysis eating harlequin files spriger damsel pair masked gobies knight gobies??? Other suggestions are very much welcomed
  9. PieMan2k

    Pie's 12^3

    After 2 years in college and contracting with the USAF I finally have saved enough to move out into my own apartment which allows aquariums. So I decided to do a low maintenance acan, now reclassified as micromussa, and favia focused tank with a few other corals ranging from lps to sps spread about. Equipment: Tank: Mr. Aqua 12"x12"x12" cube, 7.5gal internal volume Light: Wavepoint Blade HO, for now, If an upgrade is needed this will change Heater: Cobalt Neotherm 50 Starting "foundation": Carib Sea Pink fiji sand and dry rock with Seachem quick start dosed for 2 weeks Filtration: Aqua Clear 20. Might have to look into a bigger or better HOB filtration system. The biggest issue is space along the back of the tank with a rim mounted light. Livestock: Currently a single blue Damselfish. This picture was taken the morning before the Diatom explosion. You can see some spots of diatoms beginning to form on the rocks directly below the fish. I just got a new phone so all of my old photos of the tank when it was initially setup got lost in the transfer. The tank is currently going through the first step of the "Ugly Phase" with a full swing diatom bloom.
  10. thecoralbeauty

    Anthrax & Gangs! 50G SCA

    11/15/2020: 4/16/2019: 2/13/2016: 1/28/2016: 11/22/2015 11/14/2015 11.14.2015 Video FTS (Two days after transfer:) 11/8/2015 ORIGINAL POST:
  11. Aquascaping_Nature.be

    Skimmer recommendations for Waterbox Cube 20

    Hi all, this has probably been asked a hundred times, but here comes number 101 😉 Simple question: what skimmer to use on a waterbox cube 20? Available options in europe (Belgium) aren't huge, popular ones are: OPTION 1: Comline DOC Skimmer 9001 (DC) (https://www.tunze.com/en/details/9001.000-comlineR-doc-skimmer-9001.html) (will have to modify this one for it to fit, because the magnet won't fit between the baffles of the back chambers, so we'll have to mount the magnet sideways) https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/368761-tunze-9001-im-nuvo-fusion-20/ OPTION 2: Hydor slim skim 135 (https://www.hydor.com/en/slim-skim/) Tight fit, but might work. Have no idea how this compares to the Tunze model... Other than that I don't see a lot of options, maybe the Bubble magus QQ might fit, or the QQ2... But is this a really solid choice? I anyone knows whats best, please let me know! Thanks!!
  12. So after a few years off from keeping a tank, the big bit again, and armed with the knowledge gained by making ALL the mistakes (open top, over feeding, under filtered, canisters, poor research, eels...) I set out to make a Pico reef that would tick all my boxes. So a 30cm cube was bought from a certain large river, as well as a tiny wave maker, a budget LED light and a minuscule preset heater. The five gallon format would allow for 100% water changes in a matter of minutes and for a couple of quid. The old tank was big (and annoyingly deep) enough to make maintenance a chore (especially with our growing family) so this was a major consideration. Endless topping off would be dealt with by the construction of a lid from acrylic. The original plan was to try and mimic Jake Adam’s Ecoreef Zero, bare bottomed, no filer, minimal bioload, however the plan changed slightly to accommodate a pistol/ goby pair, so sand happened. Not just any sand though- 1.5 kilos of Limpopo black sand, which gives a minimalist look. As this was now starting to go the reef route, rather than the original minimalist ethos, some nice branching rock was procured from my lfs along with my first flexible water carriers full of salty water. pic below is a couple of months in.
  13. Noob fish tank owner here! Wonder if anyone can help, I've recently bought a Biorb cube 30 litre and have been researching fish etc I'm after a combination of small/nano size fishes and that can live with a heater or not depending? Ideally i would want 1 catfish, 1 shrimp, 1 pea puffer and any other fishes that'll fill up the rest of my space. I need help as every website is saying different. I know 30 litres isn't a lot to work with but I'd like to make the best out of my situation. Thanks
  14. undertheseaquarium

    Coral Beauty Angel Fish options?

    So... a local buyer was having a deal on a Coral Beauty angelfish. I have a 30G cube tank but now I'm hearing that it might be too small. I did do my research and many people advicated on allowing a baby coral beutty to be in there but I just want to make sure I didn't make a mistake. I'm planning on purchasing a larger reef tank (70-80G) in the next few months. I only have 1x Clown, 1x Sleeper goby & 1 Cleaner shrimp... The coral beauty I got is approx. 1in in length. There is enough rockwork to hide behind. I do have some LPS & zoas. Will she be ok in my current tank util I get my bigger one? Should I just keep her in the 20-30G long QT tank? or Should I sell her?
  15. Psilopsych

    12x12 diy cube

    So here it is. I built this tank from some free shelves I got from a couple on Craigslist. It’s 12x12 inches. I have a 250gph return and a 110 gph in the display for flow. An aqueon 10w heater, coralview 3” smart fan and inkbird to run them. Smart auto top off with a 5g rodi storage container. Filtration is tanken care of by foam, filter floss, chaetomorpha and an ns80 reef octopus skimmer. Great lil unit! There is around 9lbs live rock and a 2” sand bed. The tank is lit by a nanobox mini. Big upgrade from the Chinese box light. Livestock includes a oscilaris clown, pajama cardinal, Randall’s goby, margarita snails, astrea snails, electric blue hermit, red hermit, and left handed hermits. Corals. Chicken pox discoma and a red and blue dot disco. Green branching hammer. Blue branching hammer. Green octospawn. Eagle eye, gobstopper, and Rasta Zoas. Montipora setosa. Sunset montipora. Green palys and utter chaos paly. Birds nest. Some sad ass trumpets and acan that burned up with a crappy Chinese box light. And a green and purple Favia. I have had a lot of success’ and failures with this tank. I have lost fish,inverts ands corals. I have also brought corals back from the dead. I fought and beat bubble algae and bryopsis. All in all this tank has been a rollercoaster but I feel like I am finally getting on the right path. I do weekly 3-5g water changes. Clean the glass daily and test weekly to bi weekly. Hope yall like like what you see and happy reefing.
  16. Bailyfox

    Baileyfox's 7gallon cube

    Day 1 - Tank has cleared up and is looking good, I've seen some neat creatures as well as my first aiptasia anemone on my rock work. full tank shot one of my lovely hitchhiker mushies my hitchhiker bumblebee snail Adorable micro brittle star, I'm so happy to see a few. Hopefully I'll have some feather dusters hiding somewhere as well. I'm thinking of killing the aiptasia by frying it with a lighter and then putting a glob of super glue over it, is this a bad idea?
  17. Hey everyone figured I go ahead and start a journal of my tank setup and have it logged on the internet for ever and ever ha. Anyways not my first tank but its been a while and my previous tanks never had a sump this time around i wanted to build a cheap decent setup plus i found this tank for cheap while craigslist searching for harley tanks and somehow this "fish tank" came up on the all for sale section so i impulsively bought it🙃. 24x24x12 Mr Aqua Symbolic MA-610 30Gallon Two Kessil A160WE Custom Acrylic light mount I DIY'd 20lbs of Reef Saver Dry Rock by MarcoRocks Ecotech Marine MP10QWD ReefOcto Classic 110-S Eheim Compact+ 2000 return pump Neptune Systems ATK V2 Neptune Systems Apex Jr with Display and Temp Probe DIY Acrylic sump 21Lx14.5Wx13H = 17gallons roughly 10-12 actual use gallons, drain and emergency drain go into a chamber that overflows into the filter sock then into the Skimmer Chamber then over into what will be a Refugium with live rock rubble chaeto and maybe some marine pure blocks? or bags with media? that then goes over another baffle into return chamber. Custom made stand i DIY'd BRS 6Stage RO/DI unit let me know if you guys have any suggestions on equipment or think i should add anything else or any great products i should look into, I know this was a bad idea but i couldnt find any info on if people do it or tried it but i added three loc line flat nozzles to my return line output inside the tank would like to change them to RFG Nozzles with a bigger sized return pump to hopefully eliminate having to add another MP10 but of course need to keep the sump flow low in order for the fuge to work i figure the bigger pump would just help maintain pressure coming out of three loc lines being fed by one 3/4" line🧐
  18. Latest FTS 2019-11-05 FTS 2019-10-25: Dear co-Reefers, First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Harmen, I am from the Netherlands, living in a historical city called Zwolle and I have been lurking here for quite some time. I am really inspired and baffled with the things you come up with and what you guys and girls create! Hopefully I can add some quality nano reefing here as well. Since I was young I've been fascinated with all the small creatures living on this planet, from the small poisonous frogs and insects living in the jungles, to the nano fishes and other inverts living in and around the great (and small) reef banks in the world. Since I visited the aquariums in the zoo of Berlin in 2016, with some great smaller reef tanks, it was my definitve confirmation I wanted to be part of this world. Luckily there was a LFS only a few miles away from my home, so it was not hard for me to get over the threshold and start something for my own. Because I am fascinated by the small animals living in the sea and my appartement providing me space for only a small tank, I decided to give it a go. In december 2016 I started of with my first reef tank, a Blue Marine 125 (liters) and simply enjoyed the small things that came from the live rock and the animals that fed from it, especially my little fellow blue legged hermit crab and different kind of dwarf angelfish. Since then, I ran all kind of tanks, last now a Superfish 80, which I converted to a saltwater tank with an 4x24w t5 ATI Sunpower and Real Reef Rock. But for me the RRR doesn't feel like the real deal and I miss the 'hunt' for all the small treasures hiding in some good pieces of live rock plus the lack of biological filtration giving me a hard time to gain a stable enviroment for the fishes and especially the corals to thrive. So, I hope with the experience I gained over the last few years and with the lessons learned, I can start a new tank from scratch, with all the good parts I like. This is going to be a slow and (hopefully) quality build of a natural nano reef tank, because the one thing I learned from the last years is to be patience and work with quality elements and let nature does 'her' thing. For now, I only can show you the Aqua Medic Blenny, which I purchased yesterday without any of the technical equipment. I didn't realise the black acrylic partition was also not included, so I need to figure out if I can reorder one from my LFS. 😅 Next friday (March 9) I hope to get the stand for the tank, which I need to reinforce cause the original stand can't keep with more than 90 pounds. The actual Aqua Medic Blenny: And the stand I hope to get next friday: That's it for now folks. I will keep you updated and hope to get it wet before the end of this month! 😉
  19. SLOOYE'S 10 GALLON NUVO FUSION BUILD OVERVIEW: Decided to start up a small nano again after being away from the hobby for a bit. I was 16 at the time I set up my first tank (20 now), so iv'e been able to learn a substantial amount of information since then. Along with being able to learn from my mistakes. My budget has also increased so that will definitely help with setting up more of a sleek looking setup. The plan is to track my progress weekly (or whenever something worth talking about comes about.) The tank is currently in its cycling phase and is set up in my bedroom on my dresser. THE PLAN: The plan for this tank is to keep everything pretty simple. Since I only have 10 gallons to work with I want to work with keeping the bio load quite low. With that being said I want to keep only 2-3 fish stocked at max. Fish wise, I'd like to go with a designer clownfish. Thinking a snowflake most likely. (There is a facility that breeds designers about an hour from my house.) Also maybe a blenny eventually. I figured since there won't be many fish in the tank, I want the ones that are to really stand out. For corals, I'm thinking LPS at the moment. Want to keep this tank as bright colored as possible. EQUIPMENT: -Nuvo fusion 10 -Kessil A80 tuna blue -Kessil gooseneck -Sicce 0.5 (upgraded the stock return pump) -Nuvo spin stream nozzle -Tunze nano ATO -50w eheim jager -Chinese digital thermometer off amazon OTHER SPECS/INFO: -8 pounds of dry rock (From Bulk Reef Supply) -Bio active live sand -Using Dr. Tims ammonia and Instant Ocean Bio Spira to fishless cycle the tank. -Chemipure blue nano (added filtration) -Instant ocean reef crystals for mixing -Hydrometer (Need to order a refractometer) -API Saltwater Test Kit PROGRESS: Before Adding Water: 10-18-18 Water added: 10-21-18 Current: 10-27-18
  20. Hello Guys, I have failed with my previous build in DSB setup, so i have removed sandbed and started new tank with sump, this will be Aquaforest probiotic methode reef mainly focused in to sps and lps, System info Tank : 24*22*12 inch edge polished shallow cube Overflow :pokpo2500 Hob overflow Sump:12*12*12 cube, Filteration: 500 microne filtersock, AF Zeomix,Carbon, Phospate remover, Light : kessil a150 ocan blue and skyblue Chiller: Ocean geotronics 60 Bacteria additives : AF Probio S, AF -np pro, started with prodibio biogiesgest and bioptiem Lets start the journey, here with i'm attaching some photos of aquascape of new setup 🙂
  21. R1sky_Biz

    Minimalist Cube Build

    Hey everyone! My name is Matt, I live in beautiful Charleston, SC. This is my third build and the largest tank I’ve owned to date. I’ve been a fan of this forum since I started in this hobby in 2015 and felt like it was the best place to document my new build! So here we go. Picked up a rimless 50g SCA in August from a friend who was upsizing and finally got it up and running on 8/25/18. Wanted to go for a minimalist scape with some decent negative space for the corals to eventually grow into. I plan on doing a mixed reef with a decent amount of SPS and since I’m totally mesmerized by movement I’ll be loading up on Euphyllia. I feel like torches and hammers bring drama to an aquascape but also really like the contrast of encrusting corals like cyphastra and of course the colorful Acros branching all over.. With any luck and probably a ton of help from the NR community I’m hoping to make that vision a reality. Stats: Tank: SCA rimless 50g Starfire Glass Light: EcoTech XR-15W G4 Pro Skimmer: Reef Octopus 110S Liverock: BRS Reef Saver Sand: Caribsea Fiji Pink Salt: Brightwell NeoMarine ATO: IceCap Doser: Jebao iPhone photos don’t really show as much depth from the front as there is in person but you get the idea. Main Scape With the Fiji Pink (really dirty glass) Top down View from the couch 😁 Thats it for now, I plan to start updating this thread weekly. Cheers! Matt
  22. ReefAmorous

    30g Cube Nano Reef DIY Project

    Hi Everyone, I started recently to build my first SPS tank, and I want it to be a nano cube, so here is my build specifications Display tank dimensions: 50cm cube = volume 30g External Sump: 10g External refugium: 8g Light: A80 Kessil Skimmer: Reef Octopos A8 This is the build video https://youtu.be/OniBBbOSHsU There are some other videos for my refugium and for my SPS frags added to this tank
  23. Selling eshopps cube nano refugium/sump, includes everything including new micron bag and new flex hose (used flex hose too) but will need new foam filter. Cleaned, Vinegar'd and ready to go, ignore the brown dirt in pic, its just detritus and gone now. going a different direction with a tank upgrade. details in link below of item. $100 OBO local, not sure if shipping at this time New Jersey 08876 area https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/cube-nano-refugium-sump-eshopps.html
  24. JonBonPony

    Is CADLights good?

    I'm considering getting a CADLights versa 60g cube and I've heard varying opinions on their quality, does anyone have an answer?
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