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Found 10 results

  1. I have a 6 gallon saltwater fish tank, I am looking to buy a pair of spotted porcelain anemone crabs and 2 pom pom crabs but I am unsure if they will be able to go in the tank so please could you comment something to help?
  2. Looselyhuman

    Gulf rock crab ID

    This guy is _tiny_. 1/8" body, 1/4" with claws. Trying to decide if he needs to be tossed in a back chamber.
  3. WormLicker

    Can we talk about crabs?

    Can we talk about a different kinda crab? I see that aside from emerald, porcelain and hermit, there is a lack of discussion on crabs. Well, I do see other species mentioned but most of the love seems to go to those guys. I mean, there are even a few shrimp guides here. They are cleanup crew, useful opportunistic feeders. Right. What about as a primary resident? Aside from the "1 per gallon" guide, how do you figure the output of a larger crab? What is your favorite crab? Also feel free to share photos and stuff of your favorite pinchy friends. 🦀
  4. perplexist

    Crab confusion

    I ordered 4 red claw red devil crabs off amazon. The next day they all died. I run a freshwater tank 60l at 25c and no surface area. I added blue velvet shrimp the same day. I did not acclimate either but only the crabs died. Is this due to no surface area and if so why? They breathe using gills so no surface area should not have been an issue. the temp was the correct temp for their species, and there was plenty of food. one had escaped later the day they arrivedd and i had to turn the tank inside out before i found him under a bag away from the tank. Is it possible that messing with the tank while they were still adjusting killed them? Is it possible that the one who escaped died first andd the others followed? Why are the shrimp doing fine? I also have triops in the tank who are doing fine as well. Id like to know because before they died, I had another order of crabs coming and id like to avoid killing them if possible. Also instead of surface area, Ive added the top of a jar to my tank with an air pocket. so hopefully that will help if the issue was really no surface area. Ive seen this done before.
  5. Adriana :)

    My First Nano-Reef Tank

    Hey! So this will be my very first reef tank! I absolutely love the idea of a mini ecosystem in my house, so here goes: 1. What natural (Maybe organic) fish/invert food do you reccommend? 2. What tank do you reccommend for a 35-45 gallon set-up? 3. What fish/invert species do you reccommend? (The smarter, the better) 4. What corals do you reccommend for a beginner? 5. What supplies do you need to start your very own nano reef tank. Also, what brands do you think are best? 6. Any tips and tricks? Thank you!
  6. A.m.P

    Micro Decorators

    Well, it's time for a Reefcleaners order and I've been eyeing the microdecorators and the fire fern macro they carry, that said mithrax and true decorators are SERIOUS no-go's for clam-keepers from what I've read. However the only similar florida-native species to what they've got in stock, at least that I've been able to dig up, are the cryptic teardrop crab and the banded-clinger crab. The former *may* be okay simply because of its' small size and potential to be a near-exclusive algae-eater and omnivore as a last-ditch survival adaptation, the latter would probably (eventually) result in aggression and removal at some point. Species identification can be near-impossible so I guess my question is does anyone have experience or additional photography of these little guys, or are there any invert guru's out there who may be able to take a shot-in-the-dark in terms of compatibility? Otherwise I suppose I'm probably better-off going without to be safe... (Nobody wants to lead the pack on animal "compatibility" lol, obvious reasons) https://reefguide.org/carib/peliamutica.html https://www.reeflex.net/tiere/11859_Pelia_tumida.htm https://reefguide.org/carib/bandedclingingcrab.html
  7. MakisupaWisdom

    ID this crab

    Can anyone help ID this crab? Found it living in maidens hair i got from live aquaria.. It has been in my tank for a while and didnt even know it was there until i saw it poking out tonight..
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