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Found 15 results

  1. Was visiting family in Hawaii recently and found some little friends on a trip to the beach. Was wondering if anyone here could ID them
  2. WormLicker

    Can we talk about crabs?

    Can we talk about a different kinda crab? I see that aside from emerald, porcelain and hermit, there is a lack of discussion on crabs. Well, I do see other species mentioned but most of the love seems to go to those guys. I mean, there are even a few shrimp guides here. They are cleanup crew, useful opportunistic feeders. Right. What about as a primary resident? Aside from the "1 per gallon" guide, how do you figure the output of a larger crab? What is your favorite crab? Also feel free to share photos and stuff of your favorite pinchy friends. 🦀
  3. LucasYes

    Emerald crab molting? Or dead

    Hi, I’m new here, so I won’t be writing a 3 paragraph essay, as I don’t know the community. My emerald crab, turned brownish, and he’s just sitting there, not moving a muscle. I’ll include a picture, but I hope he’s not dead. https://www8.online-convert.com/dl/web7/download-file/5b3d0395-02b8-4071-b2ec-a9e4a08a5734/image.webp Here’s the picture, sue me if it’s a virus.
  4. First off, I apologize for anything I do wrong in this thread. I know very little about marine life and I wasn't sure where else to ask this. This isn't my photo, it's clearly a stock image, I am just overwhelmingly curious what kind of crab this little guy is. The bright red color is so beautiful. I thought it's similar to a scarlet reef hermit crab from what I've seen, but the eyes look a lot different, like all of the scarlet reef ones I've seen have a bright yellow color around their eyes. I can't seem to find it anywhere, I'd really appreciate any help. And again I'm sorry if this isn't the proper place to look.
  5. This little fellow was sold as a blue-leg in a batch of blue-legs, however it seems to mostly be nocturnal and hides with its' shell-facing out in rock-crevices during the day. Its' growth rate has been alarming compared to the other hermits in the tank and as its' gotten bigger it certainly-doesn't resemble them much either. It has kind of yellow, off-brown-green (bronze?) stripes on white-legs with a mottled white-body and spotted-claw, and bright-orange antennae. It doesn't really look similar to any species I'm familiar with. So far I can't say I've noticed any signs of it being a bad crab for the system, but some snails have seemingly-been thinned out (hard to tell for certain) and I have been having issues with a few corals (and I like to know what's in my tank anyway >_<).
  6. Stierlyz

    Crab from Black Sea

    Odessa env., July 2019 h=-3, wide 18 mm, lengh 13 mm
  7. Mike P

    Pom Pom crab between flower pot corals

    He finally came out for a while and that was thanks to some reef roid feeding for my corals. This little guy is always in the rock and I rarely see him
  8. I know this is off-topic to this forum's purpose, and I hope this is allowed, but I was wondering if anyone had any information on the freshwater pom-pom crab. They seem to be pretty new (or at least rare) in the hobby, and seem to be relatively hardy and easy to care for - but there's very, very little information on them online. Everything I'm seeing is either from vendors (which I tend not to trust), or is from forums with little actual information attached. I went to the LFS to see if they had any cool corals or inverts in from the latest shipment, and ended up finishing the stock in my freshwater 5.5 gallon. I picked up a trio of male endlers, 9 ember tetras (2 of which basically died in the bag, I assume due to immense stress), and a freshwater pom-pom crab to add to the pre-existing two ghost shrimp. This tank is definitely heavily stocked (overstocked, for some) but I'm pretty religious with water changes and am a believer in letting plants and algae do a lot of the work for you. Everyone has settled in nicely (with some good schooling action from the tetras as they follow the endlers around), and the pom-pom crab has made a few appearances too. Mostly picking at algae on the rocks and such. I'm assuming that this guy will eat algae, frozen shrimp, and maybe dried seaweed - anyone know differently?
  9. Was it a bad idea that I added a Halloween hermit to my evo 13.5 tank? He is the only crab in the tank. I have a small few snails, 1 cleaner shrimp, and 1 citrinis clown goby plus some soft corals. I did put some empty shells in the tank. Here is a picture of the guy and an older picture of my tank layout.
  10. So I just put together my first reef, and I bought some live rock from my local pet store, not really looking closely at the rock. When I got home I found a snail on it, and later noticed a teeny crab. The crab is very small. It's a white/gray color with orangeish spots. It's mostly hiding in holes in the rock and I haven't seen it again for a couple days. Anyone have any idea what it is? I didn't get a picture of it. I also found this snail. He stays on the rock. He isn't able to right himself when he falls onto the sand. I've had to pick him up and put him back a couple times. I also got this clownfish. One of his sides is completely normal but on his other side his stripe is broken. Any ideas what morph he is? He was labeled just a normal oscellaris and I even got him on sale. I'd say he was a steal
  11. MakisupaWisdom

    ID this crab

    Can anyone help ID this crab? Found it living in maidens hair i got from live aquaria.. It has been in my tank for a while and didnt even know it was there until i saw it poking out tonight..
  12. Peperomia

    Crab ID?

    This crab has been living in a tank at my store for quite a while now, I finally caught him during a rescape. He seems to leave fish alone but eats coral and killed an urchin. Any idea what species this is?
  13. Saw this today for the first time in the tank. is it a baby emerald? I have an emerald crab in the tank.
  14. Hey everyone, My 8g aquarium is almost done cycling and I am thinking about livestock options. I have had 6 years of experience with a 10 but after a 2 year break (went to Africa) I decided to start from scratch with a cube. I have 7 pounds of very porous pre cured live rock, 12 lbs of sand, standard mechanical/ charcoal filter, and a moderate intensity LED light fixture. I know my livestock selection is fairly limited so i wanted to get a couple thoughts before making any purchases. I move every year so the corals/inverts/fish do have to be a bit hardy. For a center piece coral, I wanted to do a birds nest coral and have some mushroom and zoos, maybe a couple other smaller corals or a leather eventually. Now the hard part. Fish. I know one or two at most but I really like symbiotic relationships and am having a hard time with compatability. I was at first considering a royal gramma (slightly larger than ideal though) for its coloring but I realized its a little aggressive. I am also thinking a pistol shrimp/ watchman combo but the coloring is kind of dull. Also I am concerned that the pistol shrimp might kill other inverts i put in. I'm of course going to do snails and hermits but I am pretty tempted to go with sexy shrimp and a porcelain/Pom Pom crab and spot feed. I could just stick with clown gobies or neon gobies but I like more active, free swimming fish I am completely open to suggestions and going with something completely different than what I have planned. Thought of a Harlequin Shrimp but those are too much work...
  15. Psilopsych

    Emerald crab reef safe NO

    So I bought an emerald crab after a lot or reading. Some said yes they are reef safe some said no. Lesson learned if there are no's don't get one. Mine almost headed to the toilet tonight. Caught it eating my hammer coral Whole tentacles at a time. Not a reef safe critter. He is off to the lfs Monday. Good by pest.
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