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Found 16 results

  1. Help! I set up my 16-gallon Biocube yesterday and something is wrong with the pump that came with it. I currently have live rock, sand, a fluval fan, and saltwater in the tank. In the back I have media, a heater, and the pump the tank came with. I was expecting a hum noise from the pump but it is very loud. To the point we have to raise our voices to talk if we’re in the same room as the tank. It sounds like a very loud buzzing noise coming from the pump. I’ve tried moving it in the chamber and playing with the suction cups on the bottom of it and the noise still persists. Any advice on what to do or other pumps to try?
  2. If anyone is currently using a coralife biocube 32 with the InTank media rack and the InTank floss could you please help me out.... I am having some odd issues that they have never encountered and I wanted to see if anything similar is happening to you guys... Must be the 32 biocube, InTank media rack and InTank (white and blue) floss.... this has me and them stumped... lol
  3. Hello everyone! Newbie here entering the 365 day challenge. This is going to be a 16g coralife biocube I just received from marineandreef. They had an amazing sell, and I just could not pass it up. I currently have a 54g corner tank in my living room, which was my first saltwater tank and was established 07/2019. I'm still a newbie and am hoping for the best. Even if I am not considered a finalist later, I'm hoping to meet some awesome people and gain some great advice! Reef on, my friends!
  4. iProShot

    Biocube 32

    I Recently started a Biocube 32g this is my current light schedule 1. 1:00pm-6:00pm 2.11:30am-7:30pm 3. 8am-10pm I don’t know if this light schedule is good enough?? I have been running the tank now for 42 days. Before starting the cycle I swap out the stock filter system the Biocube 32 comes with and got InTaNk media basket Poly Filter Floss Biological Ceramic Filter Rings Chemi-Pure Elite de-nitrate InTaNk Fuge Basket Chaeto- LeD 10 hours When Reef Asleep 💤 Live Copepods 12 pounds of live rocks Live sand Coralife Protein Skimmer Eflux Wave Maker (2) 660 gph day temp at 79f never exceeds 80f at 7pm my heater stops and tank cools temp down close to 75f through out the night at 7am heater turns back on again repeats Daily Kinda to give it that hotter temp by day cooler temp at night. I have a UV sterilizer connected to pump but only using when adding new fish or coral in case has any parasites I keep off otherwise today I started adding the ESV Bionic 2 part I added 8ml of each I will probably just add this same amount 1-2x a week or as needed looking to invest later on into a dozing system. currently have 1 clown & 1 purple dottyback gsp,candy cane coral, Zoan, 4-5 Herman crabs 1 starfish Slowly trying to add mainly corals and a few other fishes I’m Doing weekly water changes of 5-10g I’m using Red Sea Coral Pro Salt I’m Making My Own RO water using a 4 stage Please feel free to give me Feedbacks If Im doing something wrong or what I can do to improve the aquarium to make it better. Thank You Guys 😃🐠🐠
  5. 505nano

    Cycle question biocube

    Hello all! Thanks for readimg, I just have a quick question. I plan on filling my biocube 16 tonight and I'm not sure what filtration to run through the cycle. I initially planned on doing filter floss on top, and maybe the matrix media for the cycle? I also have pyrogen and carbon but not sure if it should be added right away during cycle. Also, can someone tell me how the mechanical filtration goes on top? Stupid noob question lol but not sure if it goes on top of this top part, or directly under it? And finally, I removed the sponge in between chamber 2 and 3 and am planning on running some carbon there. Thanks in advance!
  6. 505nano

    505Nano*New 16 Biocube

    Hello all, new to this forum and the nano community. I currently have a 54 Gal Aqueon corner tank, which was my first saltwater tank. I have successfully had that tank running from July 2019 and in that time, I instantly fell in love with owning and maintaining ( weird, I know) a saltwater aquarium, its almost therapeutic. I find myself now always looking for places to put a tank in my small ish home and I decided to look for nano for my bedroom. Marineandreef had a sweet deal for the 16 biocube with stand for $269 (after discount and sale) and I decided it was time to expand ha. After convincing wifey (really just ordering and apologizing after), I found myself tracking and waiting. Fast fwd to today, I have the stand set up in the corner of our room with the nano boxed back up ( did not want the toddlers to move it around and possibly drop it empty). I am currently studying, reading the journals and ordering the necessary items needed to begin the tank and start the cycle (so much fun, bleh). Enough backstory, the following will be about the nano I decided to start a journal from the very beginning of this nano to notate what is planned and get advice. As far as Filtration, I have decided to use the included basket for now with the following in order: Poly Filter Floss SeaChem Purigen SeaChem Matrix bio-media in bag (obviously) I have contemplated so much on the filtration and am open to any suggestions. I do not think I will be doing a refug at this time, so that will not be currently considered. The Heater I have decided to go with is the Aqueon Pro 100W, which will be placed in the 1st chamber after false floor is removed. Rock & Substrate: Walt Smith Reef Rock 2.1 20lb dry purple rock Carribsea fiji pink live sand 20lb I do plan on taking some of the smaller pieces of live rock from my current 54 gal to assist in seeding nano. Wavemaker will be the Jebao SW2. This is the brand I currently use on my 54 Gal, and have had no issues and love the controllers for them. I do not plan on modifying the led lighting just yet. Also, I will NOT be running a skimmer on this nano at this time, as I don't mind maintenance and will be planning on weekly 5 gal water changes. Now, Salt.. When I started my 54 gal, I initially went with IO salt as I was not planning on having coral, but of course I was seduced by the beauty.. now I am wanting to switch to some type of high quality reef salt for both tanks. I am leaning more towards Red Sea Coral Pro Salt, I would love any input on this! As far as livestock, I am planning on having 2 designer clownfish (havent really decided on type yet) and maybe a firefish or goby, also undecided lol I will have a clean up crew consisting of a couple trochus, cerrith and maybe astrea snails as well as a couple hermits and debating on a fighting conch. I am undecided on which corals I will be adding just yet, as I want to aquascape first and see where I can place them, which will better determine what I decide on. I will be posting on this journal for anyone who would like to keep up with the nano build. Let me know if anyone has any advice or critique! Thank you! 505nano
  7. Biocube 16 LED Thread Specs: Biocube 16 LED ~16 lbs Aragalive Fiji Pink Sand (slightly rinsed with saltwater) ~14 lbs BRS Dry Reef Saver rock (used epoxy and coat hanger to stack) Koralia Nano 425gph (replaced) Aqamai KPS Cobalt 75W Neotherm Heater (back chamber 1 false bottom removed) Cycle between, Purigen, Chemi-pure blue, and Chemi-pure Elite Livestock Clownfish x2 Hermits x 3 Turban Snail x 2 Certith Snail x 1 Duncan Coral Torch coral Ricordea x 4 Toadstool Leather Hammer Coral Acan Green Star Polyp Fire Shrimp Maintenance: I do a ~5gal water change every ~2 weeks
  8. Dear Fellow-Reefers, Greetings to all! Hope this post finds everyone well. First and foremost, I would like to give a shout out to @Jackal227, whose post on the BioCube 16 was tremendously helpful as I went through it before I setup mine. On the same lines, I also thank @Cpl_Wiggles for sharing valuable information on his tank and experience with the BioCube. Thank you so much! And I very well agree - "There are many posts regarding the BioCube 14 but very less information related to the Coralife BioCube 16 LED." That being said, I would also be sharing my journey with all of you and thanks to this platform, it will help me with my continual learning in the Magical World of Reefing! I've kept aquariums from the past 6 years but all of them were freshwater only. It is very recently I got hands-on with saltwater tanks. I've friends who have kept saltwater tanks for a long time and that helped with the familiarity around operations, but it took some time for me to convince myself that I can pull it through with full dedication and give my best to help thrive a healthy reef aquarium. Since this was my debut with saltwater, I wanted to keep it compact, space saving and easy to care for. That was when I started researching and reading a lot about Nano-Reefs. It was indeed very intriguing and thus a BioCube. I fortunately stumbled upon a great deal for this AIO aquarium + add-ons, that I couldn't resist and it was a no-brainer after some of my reefer friends told me to grab it without hesitations. TANK HIGH LEVEL CHARACTERISTICS (Updated as on 03/14/2019) ⇨ Aquascape : 12.5 lb. of CaribSea Life Rock ⇨ Sand : 10 lb. of CaribSea Fiji Pink Arag-Alive! Live Reef Sand ⇨ Heater : Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heater, 75 Watt ⇨ Lighting : AI Prime HD+ ⇨ Powerhead : Nero 5 Submersible Powerhead ⇨ Pump : Coralife S-700 Stock Return Pump / Cobalt MJ900 (I swap them during my 60 days full tank maintenance) ⇨ Skimmer : Coralife BioCube Protein Skimmer (was bundled with the BioCube package) // I had to replace the stock air pump as it turned out faulty // SUMP DETAILS Chamber 1 In the first chamber, I've my skimmer. Chamber 2 I upgraded the stock media rack with the InTank Media Basket which was worth all the $. The InTank filtration basket is really well built and does the job very well. In the top section, I have a double-bonded filter floss (by InTank). The second section has Seachem Purigen and PhosGuard, and the lowest/bottom section has Chemipure Elite. Chamber 3 This has the return pump and the heater. As mentioned above, its the stock pump Coralife S-700 (185 GPH) or Cobalt MJ900 (215 GPH). LIVESTOCK ❃ 1 x Ocellaris Clownfish ❃ 1 x Purple Firefish Goby ❃ 1 x Red Blood Fire Shrimp ❃ 1 x Pink & White Coco Worm ❃ 4 x Turbo Snails ❃ 2 x Astrea Snails CORALS LPS ◕ Acan Lords x 2 ◕ Aussie Teal Duncan ◕ Australian Lobophyllia (Sunburst Orange) ◕ Australian Lobophyllia (Sunset Orange) ◕ Australian Ultra Trachyphyllia (Neon Teal Core) ◕ Golden Branching Frogspawn ◕ Purple Tip Hammerspawn (Hammer + Frogspawn Hybrid) ◕ Indo Peach Tip Torch ◕ Metallic Green Hammer SOFT ◕ Blueberry Field Zoanthids ◕ Branching Green Star Polyps (Long) ◕ Branching Green Star Polyps (Mini) ◕ Japanese Toadstool Leather x 2 ◕ Red Planets Zoanthids ◕ White Polyp Toadstool Leather ◕ Weeping Willow Toadstool (Biota) SPS ◕ Green Pocillopora ◕ Neon Green Hydnophora ◕ Purple Stylophora ◕ Neon Green Cats-paw ◕ Green Stylophora I'm a year and 4 months in with my tank and its indeed been an amazing journey. I have two tanks - a BioCube 16G and a Waterbox 7G (both are mixed reef setups). Looking forward to share my experience and knowledge with everyone here. Thanks in advance! Cheers, Krish Following are the pictures of my tank's progression. MAY 2018 JUNE 2018 JULY 2018 AUG 2018 OCT 2018 DEC 2018 JUNE 2019 JULY 2019 AUG 2019
  9. DailynJ

    Which tank to choose?

    Hi all! I'm new to saltwater aquariums but not new to freshwater. I've been keeping freshwater all of my life, from 150gals to having 10 tanks at once. Now I live on the third floor of an apartment complex with a 20gal long planted tank filled with shrimp and a betta. Basically I'm trying to say I have a good amount of knowledge on basic stuff. I've been trying to decide on what aquarium I should get for saltwater reefing. I've been looking at the Coralife Biocube 32, as I found a kit that comes with an ATO, protein skimmer, and wavemaker, all for around $700. So this would still allow me to buy all the other essentials like heater and ro/di system on my budget, and possibly upgrade the light if need be. But I have been told it's not the best tank because of the curved glass, which often cracks. I've been recommended innovative marine tanks and red sea tanks. The innovative marine tank that is 30 gallons is a lot longer than what I was wanting, and it with a stand costs as much as the biocube kit. So I would still need to get the protein skimmer and all of that. Now the Red Sea Max E-170 is absolutely gorgeous. It comes with a built in protein skimmer, and comes with amazing lights. It has two filter outputs, so I don't think I would need a wavemaker. But the tank and stand is $1,365, which is WAY more than I was planning on spending for the tank alone. So my dilemma is: is the biocube good enough? Should I save up for the innovative marine or red sea tank instead? Do any of you have experience with these tanks: good or bad? I would love to hear any opinions or advice. Thank you so much, Dailyn
  10. Marek

    Best type of power bar?

    Hey there, Been lurking as a guest forever while I figure out how I want to set up my next nano reef. Love this forum! I am pretty sure I've got all the basics down, tank, skimmer, lighting, flow, filter, etc. but am stuck on what to use for power management. I was thinking maybe a controller like the Digital Aquatics, but it seems a bit dated and clumsy to program. The Neptune looks intense and is just out of my budget... That said I don't want to use a lame power bar, and might go ADJ for the switches but ultimately want more control than that. Also came across this Felix Smart wifi power bar type thing. Looks almost like a controller also? Anyone using this or have more info or feedback? Anyways let me know what you are using and if I am better off just getting the ADJ or trying to find something with more control. Thanks! Marek
  11. Me again! Lol so we got our water in (nailed the salinity first try... not bad lol 1.024) At least I don’t think that’s bad for a first full up lol question- i am wondering if we have slightly over filled it? The lens cover for the light seems to be always covered in condensation... I’m wondering if this will go away? Or if it’s because we may have just a tad too much water in it? the description of filling it is a little confusing in the manual.... we were not sure if we should have filled it to the line you can see when looking into the tank or the line you see from the outside of the tank? i know there is a very very slight difference however im wondering if this slight amount may be what’s causing it to fog up so bad (and yes we have the lights off) i also just wanted to make sure we have the back chambers filled up correctly- 1st chamber full to tank level 2nd and third chambers are filled to just where the slide in green thing is under the filter floss..... i read about everyone having to change theirs when cycling like everyday, 2 times a day sometimes and we changed ours this morning (nearly 24hours) and it was just barely even dirty... tiny tiny bit of brown.... now we were able to pour in our water so the sand was nearly undistirbed so I’m wondering if that’s why maybe? We are still changing it daily... just to be safe but it doesn’t appear to be catching much... could that just be because there is nothing to catch? Right now we have the output pointing towards the rock and out KPS on at 80% (840 gph) right at the main part of the rock on the left side... when our other KPS comes I plan on pointing it on the right side at about 80% as well...(this is just for the cycling period as I know flow helps get things up and running faster.... we used dr tims ammonia drops and Bio-Spira.... we are due for our first test (using his chart as we always do) in about half an hour or so.... jusg wondering about the filling and if I should remove a tad bit of water... thanks
  12. FrancineJ

    Biocube 32 Rockwork

    Hey guys... I’m in a much friendlier mood today lol 😂 i just wanted to post a pick of my sons rockscape he build... it’s very study and he did it all on his own... just wanting to know if this looks ok before we add sand and water.... I’m going to do a little drawing on the picture (as I’m waiting for a last minute part change) we can both fit our hands and magfloat around all sides of the rockwork and there is around 29-30lbs in there (I don’t think that’s too much) and are planning on 1” to 1 1/2” s of sand (closer to 1 and a half) We also have our final fish selection so any comments on that would be great: 2x clownfish 1x purple firefish 1x blue-green chromis 1x YWG (and Pistol shrimp- probably Randall’s- if not a tiger pistol) Do you think this is too many with that amount of rock and sand or will they be ok? They all seem to be peaceful with the acception of the clownfish possibly... My plan is to add a second Hydor Aqamai KPS... (where the circle is) I know that they are fairly powerful on their own (up to over 1000 and some gph each) but I plan to keep them on a lower speed ect and use the programming well I plan to keep the one where it is... pointed at the rockwork... the other (where the circle is, when it gets here tomorrow or Monday) and keep it pointed more behind the rock work to keep the detritus off from the back off the rock... and keep the stock output pointed towards the surface for gas exchange/oxygenation (May upgrade this part as well but not for now) Let me know what you guys think- and don’t worry no offense will be taken this time at all lol promise! You can even make fun of my drawings lol 😂 (just ignore where things are pointed now... I tried to point everything towards the rock work for cycling purposes but will change it up a bit when we start to add fish)
  13. I took out the stock pump on my coralife biocube 32 and I am replacing it with a cobalt mj1200 (The good Italian one not the maxi jet) im having some issues getting it to fit properly and how to make sure the tube doesn’t come off... (it seems loose but it’s 1/2” ID- standard tube for the BC) also when i attach the little protector part for the impeller it’s just barely touches the sponge... not sure if that’s an issue or not.... anyone who has this in the Coralife BC 32 could you please show me a picture of how yours is set up or if you needed to zip tie the tube or put something on the tube to hold it in place once there is water pressure (I’m afraid of it blowing off) here are some pictures.... some have the protector for the impeller on it (which I’d prefer to keep) and some don’t (first 2 do not have the protector, second 2 do have it) I will be running Chaeto with an InTank Fuge basket so I’ve been advised by them to keep the sponge in and just buy a spare and replace it once every 2 weeks (will probably just swap once a week with water changes and then rinse it out with ro/di water and let it dry out and then just keep swapping them back and forth... every week or 2 to protect my pump) any suggestions of better placement or making the hose stay on would be great!
  14. Hi everyone... Long time reader (research lol) First time poster, I am a LONG time keeper of freshwater and brackish water tanks and critters of all- from Dragon Gobies to Mollies to ACF’s/ACDF’s to Axolotl’s lol However this is my first step into the full saltwater world.... well it’s actually my sons... he is 12 and has convinced me to buy him the Coralife 32 LED tank.... I have posted on other general forums and have gotten so many opinions my head is spinning... Other than the tank and stand I have the following equipment: -Cobalt Neotherm 150W - InTank media tray - InTank (cant remember what it’s called but the part that closes in the gap between the tank and the back - I plan to have a goby and have heard horror stories) -The Hydor KPS WiFi Wavemaker - a good thermometer - regular instant ocean salt (haven’t ordered yet but this is what I plan to get and use- unless someone convinces me otherwise - a good refractometer (bought the same one I use to double check my brackish tanks- and also have instant ocean hydrometer) -mag float glass cleaner - Caribsea 20lbs of the LifeRock Shapes (I don’t think I will be using all 20lbs... probably more like 15-17lbs (I don’t have the glue or whatever for these yet so opened to the best idea to make them stick and stay!!) - I also want egg crate (I am just going to cut it to go on the rocks that touch the glass on the bottom.... not going to cover the full tank floor) but I’m not sure where to get it... I am in Canada and can only find it online at places that don’t ship to Canada... so any ideas or substitutions would be great.... - Caribsea special grade reef sand- 15lbs (aiming for about an inch on bottom so may not need the whole bag or if I need more it’s easy to get) -Already have the API saltwater master kit for my brackish tank and have ordered the reef kit for when we add corals and to monitor everything just in case) - Purigen, Matrix, Phosguard and the appropriate bags for each made by seachem -Filter floss -bottle of biospira And I am probably forgetting something lol My plans based on what I have got the most consistent advice on is: - don’t waste my money on a protein skimmer.... for a tank this size and what I plan to keep it won’t be worth it as long as I do my weekly water changes... which we will be... now keep in mind that when recommendations come in... this tank will be set up and run by my son on his own... so we are going for as simple as possible... he’s very smart and looks after his own 64g axie tank and 406 canister himself... and also helps me with all my water changes and mixes the salt for the brackish tank so he’s not completely unfamiliar with stuff.... so: Again been advised to skip protein skimmer.... keep up with W/C’s instead my plans are to install the heater into chamber 1 chamber 2 will have the InTank media basket: from top to bottom: Filter Floss Purigen and Phosguard Matrix I have also been advised that in a tank this small there is no point in installing the InTank fuge basket.... (surely the Phosguard and purigen combo along with the matrix should keep things under control and if phosphates or nitrAtes get too high I’ll just add more (either purigen or phosguard) until we know how much we will need.... but I’m sure 1 bag of purigen will be fine as my tap water has natural occurring nitrAtes at like 60-80ppm and 1 bag brings my 75g tank down to 5ppm- so in theory it should be able to handle the 32g (which isn’t even quite 32g’s and less when I add sand and rock) so I had thought about just dropping in another bag of matrix beside the InTank media basket in the empty spot... just for more bio.... So hopefully so far so good lol Let me know if you have better ideas or changes... keeping in mind it will be a 12 y/o doing the work.... Really the only benefit (and no one has really convinced me as I have read many contradictions both by science and by peoples advice is that maybe I should run a fuge with Cheato to make pods My easy solution to this is why can I not just dose the tank with the line of pods made by seachem therefore avoiding another thing to buy plus something else for him to take care of.... right? We will only ever be keeping easy soft corals and obviously it won’t be for a while.... so the stock LED lights should be fine I’m assuming.... Now I would like to add an ATO but I am not quite sure where to start with this tank... from what I gather you can buy the whole kits (pump and all) but I have no idea which ones to look for or really where to put the sensors and such (I believe in chamber 3).... honestly I’m not quite sure how they completely work other than some of the ones I have looked at have like a storage container where you put your fresh water and it automatically tops up the tank from evaporation and such.... so some guidance there would be nice... again looking for something reliable but cost effective... it’s a dark room so no sunlight hardly at all only light really will be if he has his lamp or TV on... plus the LED’s (when on) but I still think it’s a good idea as I know it becomes annoying with my 100 tanks I already have constantly topping them off lol.... size is also going to be a component... so the more compact the better... also because we only have a brackish tank using a large spoon and 5g bucket has been sufficient enough for mixing salt (we just temp match the water and do the water change right away and it has never swayed much from 1.005... maybe up to 1.008 but that’s ok for brackish however not ok for swings with saltwater so I am looking for recommendations on a powerhead that’s decently priced but will not break after 2 months or what your guys preferred methods are for water changes... his plan was to mix it up in his room with temp matched water and then just use a smaller container like a juice jug or such to pour the water in (taking it out is not a problem as we have a separate python from the freshwater tanks) so if there is an easier way for him to get the water in the tank I’m all ears lol and again a brand of power head (be specific so I don’t screw it up lol) or something for better mixing.... and water changes ** (I have no choice but to use distilled water but I am absolutely sure it’s 100% actual distilled water... I have a family member in the plumbing business and I made them test it for everything and it’s got nothing- others had tried to convince me to use RO water but my tap water is so bad I would have to buy a large expensive one (I have nitrAtes, copper, a water softener and other crap) So I’m fine with the distilled water because again I am certain it’s 100% pure....plus my faucets are not the norm... I would have to like disconnect the whole thing (if I even could) to get it attached (and they are crazy expensive) and I’m assuming I’d be going through cartridges like crazy and it probably still won’t remove everything) next i I believe would be stocking: for our CUC and Fish stocking we have went back and forth and are not sure on numbers and we want a variety (of CUC) that will each kind of do their own thing... This is sort of where we are but not entirely sure on number or if this will be overstocking the tank (keep in mind I’m only using a max of 15lbs of sand- and around 14-17lbs of rock) - 1 x Royal Gramma - 2x Clownfish (these are the only MUST have) - 1x Watchman Goby - 1x pink line wrasse (this was suggested to me by many however I’m having a hard time finding out exactly what the real name is- when I put it into google I get a bunch of different things but they are talking about the smaller more docile one so if someone can help me out with a better name that would be great so I don’t end up with the wrong fish because (and I maybe should have mentioned this) I have a family owned chain store here... not like Wal-Mart or Petco... they started out with 1 store here in my town and now have about 5 in the surrounding towns as our Walmart’s and such don’t sell fish.... so when I place an order for anything it comes separate from their order in my own box and I grab it as soon as the shipper drops it off and go home with it... even if they order more of the same fish mine always are separated right from their shipper) sorry now I will continue.... 1x Randall’s pistol shrimp (choosing him because of the neat relationship between him and the goby) 1x Scarlet cleaner shrimp 3x Trochus snails 3x Cerith snails And wanting a 3rd snail... something that will accomplish what these guys won’t like eating certain algae’s or turning up the sand bed The one that was recommended but I am hesitant on is 2x Astraea Snails- my concern is that they will get flipped over and one of us won’t notice and he will get eaten by something else in our tank or die or something lol Now 1: would that be overstocking the new 32g Coralife? Should I choose something else over the Astraea snails that may accomplish more and I won’t have to flip over? I’m not looking for something that’s going to reproduce like crazy (I know some of those snails will but I’ve been told most of the eggs will die off or will be eaten... and once they grow I can always sell stuff back to my LFS as they know the care that goes into my fish.... I apologize that was so long winded (and I still probably missed stuff lol) but if anyone has the time and experience to read through my mess of a post I would love to hear any changes I should make and the reason behind it... and the stocking is a big thing... we don’t want to over stock etc (also if you could tell me approximately how many of the cuc to start with (and I know to add the fish sort of least aggressive to most aggressive- will save the 2 clowns or wrasse for last... unless someone has a better stocking list I am all for it... the only thing that CANT leave is the clownfish and I’d like to keep the goby and Randall’s shrimp combo because I think that would be cool to watch... other than that... fairly simply... although as I mentioned he has experience with all sorts of fish... like bumblebee gobies and our dragon goby to the frogs and his axies (we hand feed all 4 of our frogs and all 3 of our axies) so the fish don’t need to be the most simple... more looking for some hardy and nice bright stuff that will make the tank have different colors etc but again no idea if with this list if I’m over stocked or under stocked lol Brand new world to me.... If there is anything equipment wise that I have missed let me know (I may already have it and just forgot to list it lol) Thank you in advance for anyone who takes the time to help us.... just please note I have a brain Injury which makes it hard to read long posts (and write them! 😫) so if it’s not too much trouble when answering questions and moving on to the next topic could you put the spaces like I sort of did with my post... it helps me sort through and read it easier 🙂
  15. has anyone here deployed one of the new LED BioCube 16 or 32 tanks? what do you think of it so far? what do you like? what don't you like? what are the available upgrades for it? what did you change/upgrade? I've been AFK for a bit as I just got married and we're upgrading from my 330sqft bachelor suite to a nicer 800sqft 1 bedroom. means I will have room to actually have a tank...or three or four, so I'm thinking the 16 or 32. reading a bit, the lights are enough for a few softies, but in reality, the need to be upgraded. I know Steve has a kit, so will likely look into that. I've also read that InTank has made some better filter modules. I'm not planning on being too extravagant...probably something like a couple clowns, and then some shrimo; especially would love a pistol shrimp and symbiont goby and a smattering of simple corals. I don't want a sump, so I'm looking for pointers/suggestions for things I should buy and change/upgrade. I know I'll need an ATO, lighting will need an upgrade eventually, same with pump and nozzles and that going with the InTank modules would be wise. if location matters at all, I live in British Canuckistan. thanks all.
  16. 2FazeeeFlow

    Biocube 32 LED

    Hey this is my first time setting up a saltwater tank. I've done freshwater previously. I'm a student / intern right now. I am hoping to keep my tank relatively low maintenance (hopefully). My tank has been running for about 7 weeks. I try to do biweekly 5g water changes with premixed store bought saltwater or distilled water with seachem vibrant sea salt. Equipment: Coralife Biocube 32g LED Stock Biocube LED Lighting Stock Return Pump Hydor Theo 150W Heater Hydor Koralia 425 Circ Pump Coralife Protein Skimmer Magfloat curved glass cleaner Refractometee from Amazon Cheap glass thermometer Aquascape: 20 lb Caribsea Coarse 5 lb Caribsea Oolite ~20 lb dry rock Chamber 1: Heater Protein Skimmer Chamber 2: Stock biocube filter cartridge Stock biocube media basket Seachem Matrix Carbon Seachem Purigen Seachem Matrix Biomedia Stick Sponge between Chamber 2&3 Chamber 3: Stock Coralife Return Pump Livestock: 2 small oscellaris clownfish 2 small firefish gobies 1 small cleaner shrimp 3 astrea snails 1 Mexican turbo snail 1 Tongan Nassarius Snail Detritus, lots of it Coral: 1 Green Duncan frag 2 Zoanthid colony frags 1 large green mushroom frag 1 small purple mushroom frag 1 pulsing Xenia frag 1 green star polyp frag Any constructive comments / advice would be much appreciated.
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