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  1. I have a clownfish and he ate almost all the flesh off my Birdsnest, there is a little bit left on the bottom towards the frag plug, will the flesh grow back?
  2. JachPot

    JachPot's Evo 13.5

    Hi all, A bit about me. I'm originally from Oklahoma where I learned about aquariums from my time working at "Wet Pets by Steve." Big shout out to them for teaching me so much and giving me a strong basis. I've been all over the map with tanks both fresh and reef. My 2 favorites have been my shrimp dominated 55 gallon planted tank and my 29 gallon reef. I had to get rid of all of my tanks before grad school due to moving in with my future wife into rental houses and apartments as we moved around. I'm finally a home owner! So I'm dipping a toe back in with a Fluval Evo 13.5 for my office. This tank is not even cycled yet, and my wife is already asking when I'm putting a "big one" in the living room. 😁 Fair warning, I've been taking pictures of absolutely everything and I have a huge photo dump coming. I own a heavily modded Ender 3 (v1) printer and I'm attempting to print most of the Evo 13.5 mods in PETG. They'll be the grey additions to the tank. I do want to give one shoutout. I was deeply inspired by @DevilDuck His 13.5 was absolutely beautiful and I'm hoping to recreated some of that magic. Here we go! For post one: Here's the empty tank in all its glory, the absolutely sweet rock I found, and cat tax!
  3. Hey all, so I have been reefing for almost a year now. I have a 24g AIO with 2 clowns (now 1), a watchman goby, and a pistol shrimp. And then a handful of blue-leg hermits, nasarrius snails and some random other snails. I had several assorted LPS, mushrooms, 2 rock anemones, some duncans, and some zoas in the tank. I usually keep my salinity at 34-35 PPT. Over Christmas we got a nasty flu that kicked our asses and I barely left my bed. Unfortunately, I am thinking my Hanna pen needed calibrated (I suck) when I did my last water change, before we get ill, because when I finally came around and tested it after a few days, my salinity was at like 23 ppt and everything in the tank was looking pretty pissed! The irony....my new ATO came while I was sick and just sat on my desk. I have gradually gotten it back up to 34 ppt with water changes, but the damage is done. EVERYTHING, except 3 mushrooms looks to be dead....including my one clownfish. My ammonia is 0, trites 0, trates 10. That is all I really test for. Is it safe to say that the salinity swing is officially what killed everything? If so, do I need to wait until I started adding corals back?
  4. Rickyrooz

    Ricky's Reef (120 Gallon)

    Hello everyone, I am new to Nano Reef but not new to the hobby. I wanted to start a build thread to share my photos and track my progress over the years. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.
  5. Hello! Thanks for reading this! I'm a long time hobbyist. I run a YouTube channel called Alasdair Aquatics which follows my fishkeeping journey. I have over 15 years of experience with planted freshwater tanks however my reef experience is limited. I am looking to get back into the saltwater side of the hobby. I have kept 3 reef tanks in the past (all but one were failures and were over run with pests) and am in the process of setting up a new nano reef and taking the plunge once again, I plan to one day setup a larger reef showcasing bubble tip anemone and clownfish symbiosis, I know it has been done many times but this is my future goal👍 My plan is to journal my new nano reef and occasionally start discussions related to nano reef topics I find interesting! Nice to meet you! Alasdair Aquatics - Alasdair McPhail
  6. Kpatel28

    New Zoa Identification

    Hello all, I recently added some more Zoas and would like some identification if at all possible. I feel like one of them are some more Gorilla Nipples like the previous one that I purchased.
  7. jcrisman2009

    Acan/Micromussa issue.

    What the heck is going on with this coral? I just recently bought it and it looked "normal" at the LFS. The guy said its an acan but, it also looks like a micromussa. Will burying the slumping side make it level out with the normal looking side? Will it eventually fix itself?
  8. Hi, I've kept saltwater tanks and fish for a while and now am beginning to get into reef tanks. I purchased my first bit today but am not sure exactly what it is. Is it a bubble-tip anemone? (It's in the middle of the photo and it came attached to a small pink/purple/green rock. Each of its 'tentacles' are no bigger than about 0.5cm long. Also I tested all its water parameters that it came in the bag with to compare it to my tank water and it was all almost identical except the pH in the bag was 8.8 and mine in the tank was 8.2, is this too different and should I increase my one? I've read different things online and not sure what is correct. Also the green weed/plant in the photo on the bottom left had grew on its own, I don't think it is a type of coral but a seaweed. The picture is here: https://ibb.co/sR2Y9Ms thank you.
  9. SaltyTanks

    SaltyTank's 40G Mixed Reef

    Hello & welcome to my new reef journal! I’m a SoCal nano-reef enthusiast that’s been in the hobby 4 years, and I’m finally committing myself to starting this journal – mostly for my benefit, not yours😊 No seriously though, I need help holding my bad habits in check and hoping you will all help me achieve my goal. My goal is that 1 year from now my 40-gallon mixed-reef tank will be a living masterpiece, and so appealing to me that I will have no impulses to stick my hands in the water to move/add anything. That said, here’s some more background and visionary objectives: SETUP: Tank: 40-Gallon Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion (24” x 20” x 19”) Lighting: Radion XR15w Gen-4 Circulation: (1) IM stock return pump w/2 spin stream nozzles; and (2) Icecap 1k Gyre Heater: None (controlled room temp) Cooling: Desktop fan controlled by Inkbird thermostat/temp controller Mechanical Filtration: (1) Aquamaxx HOB 1.5 skimmer; (2) filter floss Bio Filtration: (1) RealReef dry rock; (2) Caribsea sand; (3) CerMedia Marinepure biofilter balls Chemi Filtration: RedSea carbon Top Off: Tunze Osmolator 3155 Dosing: manually, Brightwell Reef Code A + B & magnesium BACKGROUND: I’m a middle aged father whom loves to drink red wine while staring up-close at my fish tank excessively. I grew up by the ocean and first fell in love with tropical fish & corals when I got scuba certified in Indonesia circa 2000. Since then I’ve done many dives around the world and find myself more interested in biodiverse macro reef-scapes than shipwrecks and cageless bull shark feedings. Also, I’m a photo enthusiast and art aficionado, which I aim to incorporate into my reef keeping. My wife gifted me my first tank about 4 years ago (a 6-gallon JBJ AOI), and pretty sure it’s her biggest regret of our long-standing relationship. I'm now about 1 year into the current setup. VISION: If I were shrunk down to be a little 2 inch scuba diver and my wife threw me into my tank, I want to be surrounded by colors, contrasts, textures, movement, and dimension. I’ll want to swim down, up, around, through, under, and over copious amounts of corals, and be accompanied by a few fish friends that will join me without fearing they’ll bully or eat me. OBJECTIVES: Over the next 12 months, I’ll try to post progress updates every 1-2 weeks. Additionally, I’ll try to engage you all into helping me fill in the holes with new coral suggestions. Since I like to go to the local LFS’s frequently, maybe together we can make this an interactive team effort - although, let me try not to get ahead of myself here. So for now I’ll share some relevant pics and focus on following through with a 2nd post sometime soon. P.S. I have a lot of bad habits to work on... - hands in the tank frequently - impatiently making changes, expecting expedited results - providing poor instructions for friends to care for tank while on vacation - overfeeding and then underfeeding - vindictively taking vengeance on hungry hermits that snatch food from feeding acans
  10. Dave MN Nano

    Help with Nitrates

    Hi, This is my first saltwater tank. It's been up and running about 8 months. Not exactly sure if I am doing anything right. I wonder if I should be worried about nitrates??? Here is my setup: 20 gallon long tank HOB Aqueon filter HOB refugium with chaeto Aqueon No skimmer Current USA Marine Orbit IC LED dual lights set on 14k color (par should be from 50 - 175 where my coral are) Fish: 2 oscellarus clowns, firefish goby, yellow watchman goby. Bengai cardinal Inverts: pistol shrimp, skunk cleaner shrimp, 5 hermit crabs Corals: zoas, palys, 1 hammer, 1 xenia, GSP, bubble coral, duncans, Ricordia mushroom, candy cane, toadstool leather, 1 acan, 1 favia, 1 clove polyp water test: amonia = nitrite = nitrate = 0, calcium = 420 and dkh = 9 (API test), phosphate = 0.03 ,(Red Sea test), salt = 1.025 Fish all look good. YWM Goby and pistol shrimp paired (very fun). My xenia has really gone downhill since I got it (my first coral about 3 months ago) looks bad now. Shrinking and moving less and less. I know these should grow like weeds. Zoas and Palys and hammer and gsp and toadstool and candy cane have grown. Not much change in any of the others. Question: Should I worry about my low nitrates? Is my xenia doing bad because of this or something else? Would my coral grow faster if my nitrates were 5-10? I think this is a full load of fish for this tank and even after a month without a water change, maybe my phosphates get up to 0.05 and nitrates still 0!!!! I have turned my refugium light down to 5 hours a day. I feed more dry food and less brine (supposed to increase nitrates more than phosphates says BRSTV), still no luck. Should I stick with what I am doing and call this relatively successful, so far, or do something different to get nitrates up????
  11. I love supporting my local store but they have really gone down hill the last couple of years. I realize that part of this is certainly due to Covid but just the availability of any product even the most readily available items are not coming in any more. If and when they do get stuff in there stock looks good and are almost always healthy but such limited selection it’s hard to build what I’m wanting to. I have asked about ordering in and they say they will put it on there list but I have yet to get one animal I have ordered in the last 2 years. Especially corals Is this typical for anyone else in Canada? So my question is where are people getting coral, fish and inverts from when you are ordering online that is either located in Canada or will ship to Canada? Who is good to deal with?
  12. Hello Everybody! My tank(Peninsula Mini 15) is 2 months old now almost.(~12 gallon volume) I have added a clownfish(1 month back), leptastrea coral(around 2 weeks back). Clownfish is healthy. Leptastrea coral is also looking normal. I added a new zoa frag.(About 5 days back). I have attached an image below. The rightmost zoa polyp opens completely when the lights are on. When the light is on, most of the polyps in the frag dont open but some of them seem to turn green(actual color of zoa). While one in the front(next to the blue one) turns white. Although I do see some hair like structures(brown) on the zoa polyps which have not opened. I saw them on leptastrea when I introduced it but they went away(stress?) These are my tank parameters : Ammonia : 0.02 ppm Nitrite : 0 ppm Nitrate : 5 ppm Calcium : 450 Alkalinity : 12dkh Salt used : Instant Ocean (Moving to Red Sea Coral Pro) but alkalinity seems to be always high. Water Changes : 0.6 gallon every 4th day Salinity : ~1.025 Filtration -Phosguard(very less amount, takes about a week to turn yellow) -Filter Floss and Carbon The zoa coral is slight shaded but it still receives light. Can you give me suggestions as to what can make them open up? More/less light? Should I wait for 1-2 weeks? Thanks, Omkar
  13. Bullred710

    New kenya tree

    Just picked this guy up from a local pet store and he hasn’t opened up yet and it’s been 2-3 days any suggestions?
  14. JRC

    Coral ID help

    Can anyone help ID these coral. I got them in a frag pack at a trade show and can't for the life of me figure out what they are. Coral #1 Coral #2
  15. C_R_V2000

    Charles' 24 Gallon Cube

    Hello everyone! Just wanted a thread to present my tank and generally start up some discourse and get ideasThis tank and all the life in it were actually transferred from a Biocube 16 (emergency leaking issue) about 4 months ago, in total I've had these animals for 8 monthsAquarium: AQUATOP Recife ECO 24g, Cube style, AIOLighting: AI Prime 16HD ReefFlow: 2 Aqueon 500gph powerheads connected to a JBJ wavemaker, alternating flow every 30 secondsReturn: Stock return pump, they say its 465gph but its probably more in the 200-300gph rangeFiltration: Stock sponge, Chemi-pure Blue, a chunk of extra live rock, the middle chamber houses a refugium with cheato and those bioactive media ringsStock2 Ocellaris Clowns1 Geometric Pygmy Hawkfish1 Sailfin Blenny1 Randall's Pistol ShrimpCoral:1 Bird of Paradise Birdsnest1 Neon Green Pocillopora1 Superman Montipora1 Kenya Tree 1 Neon Green Mushroom2 types of Zoa, not really sure on the exact type but they are prettyCUC1 Fighting Conch9 Astrea Snails1 Red Tuxedo Urchin5 Mixed species hermits (mostly blue legged)So I guess my question would be what suggestions does the nano community have? What corals should I get? I'm thinking about one or two more SPS, about 2 more zoas and then the rest is LPS or maybe, MAYBE, an anemone.
  16. Hi everyone, my old tank was a 20 gallon aqeuon with a tomato clownfish and a yellow watchman goby. This will be a slow thread as I'm a little tight with money at the moment, but I hope the end result will be fantastic. Anyways I picked up the top fin 55 gallon tank kit. I am aqua scaling it to have 2 clumps of rocks on both sides that slope into the middle like a trench. I was watching serpa design and he painted the back of his tank with Rust-Oleum acrylic black latex paint and I think I will do this to really get the trench vibe going. The goal of this tank is to not have many corals but have huge colonies that will fill the tank. Tank: TopFin 55 Gallon Filter: One TopFin 75 Gallon Power Filter and an Aqueon 20 Gallon Whisper Heater: TopFin 200 watt Heater Skimmer: Reef Octopus HOB 150 gallon Light: Fluval Reef Tank Light 48 inch Wavemakers: Koralia 1150 gph Algae Scrubber: undecided Livestock plans in order of introduction: Fish: 1x Yellow Watchman Goby (from current tank) 1x Lawnmower Blenny 1x Tomato Clownfish (from current tank) 1x Radial Filefsih 3-5 Harem of chalk Bass 1x Green Clown Goby 1x Atlantic Longnose Butterflyfish Inverts: Different species of Squat Lobster (experimental) 1x Crinoid 1x Ball Sponge 1x Spider Sponge 1x Christmas Tree Rock 1x Coco Worm Various Tunicates 2x Staghorn Hermits 2x Porcelaine Crab 1-2x Brittle Starfish Army of Hermit Crabs 1x Caribbean Thorny Oyster Army of Snails Corals: All Current Corals Various Colors of Sun Coral 1x Fathead Dendrophyllia 1x Carnation Coral 1x Chili Coral 1x Ref Finger Gorgonian 1x Yellow Finger Gorgonian 1x Blueberry Gorgonian Various Goniopora Various Gorgonians
  17. Hi all, ive been looking into keeping coral and a fish in a 5 gallon tank. Is it safe to keep a fish in a tank that size? I tried to look it up but I keep getting conflicting information but I heard it’s good to have a fish with coral so that they can each benefit each other. Would it be better to keep inverts? Any info/advice would be appreciated 😁 Thanks!
  18. i bought this little piece of coral 2 weeks ago and i feel like it’s turning more and more brown. I don’t know why or what’s happening and i can also see the sides turn white.My water parameters are:Ph: 8.2Sa:34.2Kh:8.3Ca:420Mg:1215No2:0No3:<0.05Po4<0.02I also feed my corals red sea reef energy plus coral nutrition AB+
  19. Hello, What are the best clip on lights that will make my coral the most colorful? All the lights I see online seem like they just make everything look blue which isn’t the look that I’m going for. The lighting I see from like professional YouTube channels makes everything look so pretty though is probably too big an expensive for what I’m looking for. Any recommendations for a clip on light $200 or under that can bring out corals? Thanks!
  20. I’ve been researching about what order to introduce coral and fish to the tank but there are a lot of mixed responses. So far all I know is that I’m going to add a CUC first. My original plan was to do CUC, coral, and then fish but I’ve read that fish are disease prone and I wouldn’t want to get a fish that brings in some type of disease to the corals. I would quarantine the fish I get but I don’t have the space/resources to setup a quarantine tank. But I don’t want to do fish first and then have my water parameters become unstable due to the bigger increase in bio load and stress out my fish. Any tips? Thanks!
  21. mylertitchell

    Majors Nano Reef 49l

    Background So Tank was started in July, it all started with doing a water feature in the garden (a well with some goldfish), then a betta tank (aquaponics) for the office, then I came across the reef hobby, started googling galore, owned nothing and had every system dreamt up, i wanted to get a nano tank that would fit into my house with no upset and then if all went well and knew the hobby was for me, I would be able to upgrade down the line. I read an article, that was just spoke to me and it was based upon a book, so i found the book, bought it in hardcopy (the wife said was on the phone too much) and was locked in. Reef was gonna be definitely for me. I had a friend who was a long time fish enthusiast (tropical) and had just got into the saltwater game, FOWLER tank and then into corals and then sacked his tropical tank and upgraded to just one reef tank. Having a Reef Buddy has definitely made this journey even more enjoyable. So after reading the book, my brief was simple a nano tank that would fit on the table I already have, buy equipment which can be used in the next tank (modular etc) and hopefully i enjoy the hobby and if so upgrade to as big as tank I can (ie id love a 6ft peninsula with walk in room behind it, dividing the dining room and living room, but then id need a new house, most likely 200l, big enough tank but in scale with the room), and if i didn't well, well don't even need to finish the sentence. As its a great hobby! Goal Fully stocked stable Tank, once I Reach this target I will begin the journey all over again with most likely a 3ft sumped tank, then convince the wife we need a bigger house and its nothing to do with the fish. Tank Spec Start: July 2019 Display: Aquael Nano Reef Duo 49 Litre Rock: Aquanetta 2 Module display (ceramic), 2 live pieces (donated by friend) and some dry pieces Sand: CaribSea Aragonite Fiji Pink Sand 15LB Lighting: Stock , Zetlight 1201 x1 x 2 Heater: V2therm 50 Digital Heater 50w Wavemaker: APS 2500 Powerhead, Jebao SW-4 (running at 1000l),Jebao SLW-10 (3500lph) Filtration: Stock, HOB Canister Filter APS-500, Filter Media: Coarse Sponge, FIlter Floss, Seachems Matrix, Phosguard, CarbonMatrix ATO: Autoaqua Smart ATO Micro (4l res - Cereal Container) Testing: Salifert test kits (Alkalinity, Calcium, Nitrates, Phos) Dosing: Manual - Microbe-Lift Calcium, Saliferts KH Buffer, LaCl3*, Carbon (NitraPhos Minus)* Automatic - Single Doser - Kalk/Vinegar solution, Manual - Microbe-Lift Calcium*, Saliferts KH Buffer*, LaCl3* *if required I have been on quite the journey so far (including a bad crash), it is gonna be quite enjoyable going down memory lane to get yous up to date... Plan of Action: Monthly updates as part of my routine. July 2019
  22. ethanhh

    100% Water Change

    Hey there, I need some advice. For the pass month my fluval evo 13.5 has had some problems. I brought it home from college in November. I have no clue what it is. My assumption is that its an algae bloom, but that means it should have gone away by now. I tried dosing MB7 and my LFS told me to take out all the reds, whites, greens and yellows from my light. I have no idea what to do next. I was thinking what if i do a 100% water change and drip acclimate all of my coral and fish back in. I wanted to reach out to everyone on this form to get a second opinion. If there’s any other recommendations I am very glad to listen. I do a water change every week and change out my carbon along with it. Please HELP.
  23. So this is my first dip into saltwater and this forum. I'm quite intimated with all of the information I don't know like what type of substrate I should use, how many fish, what type of coral, what species are compatable, etc, etc. I know I'd love to have a pistol shrimp/goby pair. Maybe a tasha shrimp goby? A tailspot blenny would be awesome to have. Is there another blenny I could add? I really like the pink streaked and possum wrasse as well. What considerations should I have regarding gender? I was hoping I could use arag-alive sand. Would 20 pounds be enough? Do yall have any suggestions? Literally any ideas/suggestions/information is welcome.
  24. Dr. Dendrostein

    Pacific oysters filtration

    7.5 gallon nano tank. Simple filtration, 7 Pacific oysters ( not all oysters created equal), little dry rock, right now one skimmer on only daytime. Going on 90 days. Other system 120 gallons has 60 Pacific oysters over 1 year 6 months. See video to get an idea of setup. https://www.instagram.com/p/CH8K1gvjI0E/?igshid=ujrt3214yhhq
  25. Could someone please identify these corals for me and let me know if they are toxic/aggressive toward other corals? I am thinking if I can place them on the rocks closer to other corals or I should keep them in the middle somewhere far from others. Thank you.
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