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Found 5 results

  1. I'm rebuilding my aquascape and I've been thinking a lot about focal points recently and thought it would be interesting to see how that concept applies to coral placement-- By selecting "showpiece" corals as the focal points of your tank, and then applying basic design principles to make them stand out against the others, you can make these corals look artificially brighter/bolder to the eye. Because you want your tank to emphasize these corals that you love, the surrounding corals take "second stage" and don't have to be as high end or special -- saving money without losing out on tank asthetics ! Let me know what you think?
  2. Brock9999

    Coral placement help!?

    Was wondering if any one could give me advice on where to put these corals I just ordered
  3. I have all these corals coming in tmr morning and my sand bed isn’t big enough to acclimate and if I do my elegance will sting all the other corals please advise
  4. Silly question but does anyone know if flowerpot corals can be placed next to each other or will one sting the other. I picked up a new frag last weekend and it’s a different color then my current one.
  5. Hello guys, This is my first reef tank and it is almost completed the cycle. I will first add my few fish I have picked out and then slowly start to add coral. I want to map out my coral placements instead of just buying and throwing them in there. That way I can research the corals and know how to take care of them and all of that. I will be adding the SPS and Lobo way later, at least 6 months down the road but the others I will add after fish are in there and everything is stable. What I need from you guys is to tell me if I have everything mapped out correctly or are things in the wrong place to where I will have problems. As it relates to flow Koralia 425 & Sicce 1.0 return pump, lighting (AI Prime HD) and coral warfare (will something be stinging something else if it's too close etc...) This is a 20G waterbox for size reference. Thanks!
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