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Found 5 results

  1. I picked these up at my local PD off the 4.99 rack... decided why not, but these where not labeled and The employees were so busy I didn't even bother to ask. So here I am uploading these pictures for you guys, if you don't mind I would appreciate it if you guys could help me ID these frags so I know what I'm working with! Thanks!
  2. I was given this little frag from a friend who got it in a package and didn't want it, anyone know what type it is?
  3. until
    http://midatlanticmas.org/mamax-2017/ MAMAX is an opportunity for reef aquarists in the mid-atlantic region to come together for a day of saltwater hobby exposure, education, conversation, contests and family fun. With over 30 vendors from across the country, raffles, a kid zone, presentations and contests throughout the day, we have something for everyone. General admission is just $8 online until 09/1/2017 and kids 12 and under are free. You can also purchase tickets at the door the day of for $10. Limited quantities of VIP tickets will be available for $40 as well! VIP tickets get you into the event a FULL HOUR EARLY at 9am before general admission to meet vendors, cherry pick coral and pick up exclusive deals. You’ll also get a frag cooler, frag deluxe fragging kit with glue and plugs, a MAMAS sticker, 25 Raffle tickets as well as vendor swag and exclusive deals!!!!! http://midatlanticmas.org/mamax-2017/
  4. My torch coral has tentacles growing out of tentacles...is this normal? this is the same torch that i accidentally chipped a bit of its flesh/skeleton off while fragging it.
  5. Whats up, I am starting a thread to document my 4.7 gallon Pico reef build. I have kept a few reef tanks for about 2 years now. I have kept aquariums for about 18 years now. Why I choose such a small tank? I am going to school, I live in an apartment that only allows up to a 10 gallon tank. I have also kept nano reefs in the past. I got inspired buy some tanks I found on this forum and on the internet that look amazing. I find it crazy how you can create a whole underwater world in just few gallons of water. The Tank 4.7 gallon all glass aquarium from Petco only cost $50 that has an all-in-one filter, and a led light that can grow low light corals! The tank came with a pump that was only 44 gph I upgraded it to a 130 gph pump that I turned all the way down. I have kept all the original filtration and media (for now) Lighting The original lighting and ABI par38 blue tuna light blub that I bought off amazon. Live stock Has of 9/3/2017 2 margarita snail 2 Hawaiian Zebra hermit crabs 1 peppermint shrimp