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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys so I am currently very invested in buying and keeping a dragonet or something like it. So dragonets, they like copepods to feed on 24/7 right? Then that means we need a decent copepod population, enough for it to be feeding on all day. Of course the whole goal of dragonets for some people is to get them to feed on prepared foods. While that is a goal of mine I will be postponing it for a while. The real goal for right now is to establish a good "podpulation", haha, but the problem is that I have a biocube 32 which is not running a sump. So I have done a little research on it and haven't found much on keeping a successful pod population in an AIO (That doesn't mean there isn't any I just couldn't find any of them). I am making this a journal of my experience/journey of trying to keep a successful copepod population without having to do anything or buy anything frequently. I am hoping this helps anyone else who wants to keep a dragonet but have an AIO. So here are the tank specs currently: Aquarium: 32 gallon Biocube Light: RedSea50 LED Flow: Sicce 1.5 return pump (switched out for original return pump), and the aqamai kps Filtration: Intank media basket (takes up half of the 2nd chamber), using filter floss, chemi pure blue, and chemi pure elite (1 bag each) Heater: Cobalt aquatics neotherm Established July 2020 Yes I know it isn't the best pic of my tank, I don't have a camera so I am using my phone with a filter square, but it is the most recent I took showing all of the live stock right now (some corals can't be shown but that doesn't matter). So as you can see I have a goby pistol shrimp duo, clownfish pair, snails, hermits, and corals. So since I am planning on getting a dragonet, that means I need pods. Obviously there is the option of just buying pods every week or something like that, but that isn't fun plus your kind of wasting money IMO when you could either establish/culture your own population. (Yes I realize not everyone has the time to do that but for those of you who do I suggest you try keeping them on your own instead of buying them). Also I am successfully keeping amphipods in my tank right now so I think I can keep other types of pods. I am thinking of getting Tigger pods and apex pods but not sure so if you guys have any suggestions for who to buy from please do. So there are 2 ways I want to try keeping a population of pods in my tank. Option 1: The "pod hotel", the pod hotel is basically a small box with 6 different floors and each floor having room for detritus and other things that pods love to attract them to it and give them a safe haven for feeding and multiplying. So my plan with this would be to keep it in one of my chambers and input the pods I buy right into the chamber I put the pod hotel in and hope they multiply and survive and also possibly feed into the main display without me having to do anything. If they don't go into the main display then I would take it out every certain # of days (3-7) then dip and shake it into the main display or just simply set it down somewhere and leave it overnight and let them leave it and go into the rock or wherever while everyone else is sleeping. I am not sure which chamber I would put it in though, I could either put it in the first chamber at the bottom which has nothing in it except for a heater, in the second chamber to the left of my media so they would get clean water I guess, or the third chamber where the return pump is. Where do you guys think it should go? Also is it true that the pods will die if they go through the return pump? Anyway onto option 2. Option 2: An HOB refugium, an HOB refugium is basically self explanatory. Not sure what side I would put in on but I can't do the back because it would 1 not fit, and 2 flow right into the return pump so if any pods flowed out and they do die from the return pump then I would be sentencing them to death. So I would obviously just put in some macro algae or something and input the pods right into the refugium most likely, and so on so forth. If neither of these work then I will simply culture my own copepods as well as phytoplankton maybe. So now you know my goal/objective, my tank specs, live stock and soon to be live stock. Do you guys have any other ideas that might work to keep a thriving copepod population for dragonets in an AIO? Do you have any experience keeping a thriving copepod population already in an AIO? Please leave any ideas/suggestions and please answer some of my questions if you are able to, thanks!
  2. HingleMcCringleberry

    Mandarin fish that eats flake food?

    I really want to add a mandarin fish to my tank but I don't have a tank large enough for a sustainable supply of copepods. I've heard some captive bred mandarins will eat flake food. Is this true and where can I buy one?
  3. My tank has seemed to develop the infamous dino outbreak guys... I've also noticed they've wiped out my copepod population and I've lost 2 out of 3 snails which has solidified my diagnosis...unfortunately I thought I had a diatom bloom in the earlier stages. I want no chemicals and no peroxide involved whatsoever, I'm trying to go all natural and then if that isn't successful then I will result to chemicals / tank breakdown and restart. My plan of attack is this: I'm currently on day 1.5 of blackout out of 3.I took a tiny peek and can see that the algae on the sand is 50% eliminated. (I'm also running an airstone). My theory is, at the end of the day I need to replenish my copepod population to prevent these kinds of outbreaks from happening again. On day 3, I plan to add the copepods (at night) and then dose phytoplankton according to package instructions. I'm figuring I'll be attacking the dino's while they're weak and hopefully the copepods will finish the job.. What are your opinions ? Have any of you tried this method of attacking dino's? What have your best method's been to eliminate this pesky algae?
  4. Anybody want to see an amohipod that climbed out of a coral frag? I took a picture of its eyeball because it was super intense and thought you'd like to see it!! and the eyeball under the microscope Yes!!!
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