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Found 20 results

  1. cassianoyoung

    Cass' Aquamaxx 22 Long

    Inspired by two favorites from the Nano-Reef community, I have decided to start my own nano reef. I will be mixing an matching ideas from the magnificent tanks of both MrNanoReef and Scorched to make my own little reef while keeping track of the actual cost of building a (hopefully nice ) Nano Reef tank. Any advices that you veterans have for me would be very welcome! Now, lets dive into it.
  2. Is anyone having a problem with the weather underground link in the Bluefush controller app? I cannot get any stations to report and the default location Fiji is not even updated. The date listed as last update was Nov. 2019. I have blinked- up again, no fix. I believe this might be an outdated link in the app. Please help
  3. CoralVue Aquarium Products

    Reefs.com: The HYDROS Interview

    Richard at Afishionado Channel conducted a roundtable interview with Jeff, Jeremy, and Don from the CoralVue team about HYDROS, our new line of smart aquarium products. We discuss the capabilities of the platform, how HYDROS differs from other aquarium automation solutions, and what's next for HYDROS. CHECK IT OUT: https://reefs.com/2019/10/07/macna-2019-coverage-hydros-from-coralvue/
  4. New Steves Led Hurricane pwm controller Comes with extra wire $40 plus shipping
  5. Aquarium controller for sale! Apex j: 4 outlet controller, temp probe, LED screen/remote, Netgear Wifi extension $175 shipped EB8. almost brand new, <6mo old $120 shipped PM1 in photo is no longer available. $250 for the complete package shipped. Also have a Nanobox Duo Led + t5 hybrid light for sale. Check my other post.
  6. Only used for testing Steves leds hurricane x controller with all wire headers $40 Pinpoint ph meter no probe included $30 Prices include standard shipping
  7. Started this tank on March 30, 2017 with stock pump and filter sock, koralia nano from previous tank, and 5 lb of LR, and about 8.5 gallons of saltwater to start. The tank is almost a year old now and some upgrades have happened. (will take some better pics with the camera later) Equipment -IM Ti ATO (going to tunze nano ato) -Ran a kessil a80 for 11 months before going to a radion (diffusion kit/rm -Jbj 1/15 hp Chiller with 1.0 return -Sicce 0.5 return - inTank Media rack with 2 filer floss on top, seachem matrix, bottom two filter flosses -inTank universal media skimmer -was running a IM desktop Media Reactor with carbon but since the RMS mount is fairly big i had to remove the reactor (don't mind that because its freaking study!) So in turn I have a Fudge basket that I might run with more matrix in it if the tunze 9001 doesnt work out (coming) -MP10 wQD -inTank Frag rock (2) - 5 lb LR -3 lb Sand (going to take down to less lb's till its barley covered probably -Cobalt Aquatics Neotherm 100w heater - 6.5 chemipure Live Stock: - Rainbow Acans - Duncans - Walking Aussie Duncan - Purple Tipped Frogspawn - Young Maxima Clam - Rock anemone -3 nassarius snails -3 Trochus Snail -3 Aussie young scolymia/s? LOL -Side plant is one of 3 succulents I got at a baby shower and decided to try to grow it under the XR-15 instead of my bedroom window lol, so if they switch out ever that why. Let me know if you have any thoughts on the tank! Plan on upgrading to a Lagoon 25 at some point this year I hope!
  8. Hi all. I've changed lights again and have 2x Kessil A360W E-series lights I no longer need. They are the saltwater Tuna Blue spectrum. Beautiful lights and I had great results with them. They have about 4 months of use on them, 7.5 hours a day. Full disclosure - one light has a little bit of pitting on the hanging ring (but the body/LEDs are flawless). I also have the controller (with magnetic mount) and a link cable for the lights. All are in perfect working order. Will sell separate or together. Free controller if you buy both! Price includes tracked/insured shipping to CONUS. International at your cost/risk. Message with any questions! Thanks! Kessil A360We Tuna Blue - $225 Each Kessil Controller - $70 Buy both lights and get the controller free!
  9. I've never had a powerhead controller (i.e. Hydor smart wave). Are there any advantages to using a powerhead controller rather than a programmable power strip ? (advantages other than having a physical button to turn off the powerheads for feeding time). Why shouldn't I get a programmable wi-fi power strip instead? It can be programmed to turn the powerheads on and off with a timer, isn't that what a powerhead controller does? It seems to me both devices are capable of the same functions.
  10. Selling a used but like new GHL Profilux VorTech controller. This will allow you to control all vortech pumps. Selling for $55 including flat rate shipping via USPS. More details on product can be found on original manufacturer's website: https://www.aquariumcomputer.com/products/pump-controller/vortech-controller/#main
  11. I recently set up my new tank, Its a 29 gallon with a DIY LED setup with a 10 gallon sump. Everything turn out great and I am just cycling the tank at the moment. My question is I have 3 drivers for the LED's the drivers have Dimmers but are manual, I want to be able to set up something for it to be automatically even Wifi controllable, I was looking at the the TC421 but my problem since I am new to wiring electronics is how do I wire this thing and is it even possible to work? Or what controller do I need. Here are a few specs of the drivers If it even matters. Its 36v 700mA Output 120vAC input driver It came with Manual dimmers. The drivers are powering 10LED each, and i have 3Drivers. Its looks great but I just want to have some type of control.
  12. This is SOLD Selling my Digital Aquatics reefkeeper. Head unit, 2 p4 power bars, temp probe, hookup to your computer gauging interest. Will post pics if anyone interested $150 including shipping- PayPal *** price drop *** $115
  13. Hello, I'm selling my brand new Hydor stuff. All brand new never opened. I will cover the shipping cost thru UPS ground. buy one or buy it all for $110! it was a gift but I already have them all. Hydor Koralia wave pump 565gph $30 Hydor Koralia Gen 3 1950gph $65 Hydor Koralia Smart wave controller $60 or buy it all for $110! All brand new never used ? hello, I'm selling my brand new Hydor stuff. All brand new never opened. I will cover the shipping cost thru UPS ground. buy one or buy it all for $130! Hydor Koralia wave pump 565gph $30 Hydor Koralia Gen 3 1950gph $65 Hydor Koralia Smart wave controller $60 or buy it all for $110
  14. Want to buy used storm controller,
  15. Two week old Maxspect Gyre XF230 + Advanced controller. Includes all original packaging and accessories. Essentially brand new. Happy to post pictures or can send via PM. Price - $200 + actual shipping (PM your zip and I'll calculate exact cost) -Adam
  16. Bozeman, one of my pico tank's lighting cycle values. Kessil A80, controller by reef-pi. reef-pi has been configured to send telemetry data to adafruit.io, where IoT data is stored and graphs are made.,
  17. Kessil A80 Dawn to dusk lighting setup using reef-pi, the opensource raspberry pi based controller.
  18. My reef tanks, one biocube 29 and two pico reef tanks. Powered by two controllers. First one inside the bc29 stand, other one mounted on wall, with touchscreen display
  19. I am exhibiting reef-pi, a raspberry pi based open source controller in Bay Area Maker Fair. I have couple of pico reef tank powered by reef-pi in display. Kids love the corals :-) , got lots of good feedback/interests. Here are some snaps if any of you are attending the Bay Area makerfaire, please drop by and say hi
  20. trodrigues

    LF led controller

    Looking for a cheap pwm controller for my spare diy led
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