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Found 5 results

  1. Dave MN Nano

    LPS Leather compatibility

    Look at my hammer coral in the bottom center of tank. Withdrawing. Was much bigger. Is this a potential problem with too much leather corals near my LPS? It's been going down hill for a week or 2. Parameters: Nitrates = 5 ppm Phosphate = 0.03 ppm Calcium = 460 dkh hardness = 8 ph = 8.2 Salinity = 1.025 Temp 78 This is a 20 gallon long tank. The tank is about 1 year old. If not lps/leather incompatibility, what could it be??? Thanks much for you help.
  2. I'm hoping I could add a yasha goby, randall pistol shrimp, tailspot blenny, and a red firefish to my 13.5 gallon tank. Are there too many fish/any compatibly issues? All comments and or suggestions are greatly welcomed and appreciated
  3. Blissfully Dazed

    Introducing second clownfish

    Howdy, I adopted a 14 gallon BioCube. I placed the other livestock in a bigger setup. Remaining is a clownfish (see pic below). Knowing that these fish are social, I wanted to add a second clownfish to the aquarium. I did seek advice from a trusted source whom stated that I should proceed with caution. I was wondering y'alls thoughts and recommendations on adding an additional clownfish. I know that I cannot place too many fish in the setup, considering its size. Keeping that in mind, are there any other species of fish that are recommended for the aquarium if I cannot safely introduce another clownfish? Thank you, in advance, for your input!
  4. sapling

    Keeping a Six line Wrasse

    Hey Nano reef, I just had a possible Stocking question about my tank I'd really like to get a 6 line as my 3rd fish in my DIY fusion IM 20. I really like the colors on the fish since the begining, as it'd match with my clown and TSB, But I have a few Concerns I cant seem to find a straight answer to online. Mostly I am concerned if it will bully my TSB. Whether during every day or punk it out during feeding time. As I understand it, the wrasse is generally peaceful but might attack crustaceans in your tank. As far as I am concerned on my hermits, I am upset with them as one has somehow got twice the size compared to the others and has started killing the others, even though same species, and I do not care for them anymore as CC (especially since I've seen them steal food from my blastos and ricordea's mouths.) I would only be concerned if the 6 line would attack feather dusters, brittle stars, or my snails. if anyone has experience with 6 line's predatory diet, can you please list what it has preyed on? The second part of the question is because my tank is a bit Open, Will my rockwork be suitable for it? It's the reason I chose not to get cardinals, shy, or fish that like alot of rockwork since I want to keep their habits in mind. Lastly, would it attack a possible 4th fish being neon goby or other tiny fish if they were added after? Anyways I really appreciate any imput, because i've been mulling on the next fish to add for a long time by now. here is a picture of the tank for reference of the rockwork.
  5. jesseatam

    Dottyback with Gramma?

    So I have a standard 30 gallon which i think is 36x18x12 and about 30 lbs of live rock. I've always liked the look of dottybacks and have always been interested in them. I do know their reputation but most horror stories only seem to come from a few select species like neons, bicolors etc. The species I'm interested in are orchid, springeri, sunrise, indigo, and splendid dottys(captive bred of course). My only worry about adding one to my system would be the effects on some of my small inverts like snails, bristle worms, crabs and bristle worms, if I have enough rockwork, and then possible compatibility isssues with my royal gramma, George. Besides George the only two other fish are a "pair" of ocellaris clowns who only seems to bicker with eachother and have a healthy respect for George. Personality wise George is overall relatively chill, he's only moderately territorial and only goes after the clowns if they're too close to his burrow or invading his personal space. I'll also include an FTS to show off the rockscape. Oh and if guys heavily recommend against a dottyback what other fish would you recommend for stocking? I was also considering a kind of pygmy filefish or wrasse, an assessor or maybe even one of those biota coral beauties but I don't know if I feel comfortable keeping a pygmy angel in this size tank.
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