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Found 10 results

  1. Hey everyone! The time has finally come (some peer pressure was involved haha) and I'm ready to show off my tank! I upgraded recently from a Cadlights 8G to a Cobalt C-Vue 26g, transferring everything to the bigger tank. This is my first biotope however I'm pretty proud of how it's coming along. I've seen a lot of Caribbean biotopes lately and noticed a lot of interest in them. I'd like to clarify though I have had a Caribbean biotope in my home since late 2017! 🙂 Here is a FTS of my old 8G (since has been transferred and taken down): 8G - FTS March 2018: Now here are pictures of my current 26G tank: 26G - FTS April 2019: 26G - Left Side: 26G - Right Side: Bonus macro shot of my Jawfish and neon Ricordea: -EQUIPMENT- Tank: AIO Cobalt C-Vue 26G Custom black stand Lighting/Heating: Single AI Prime HD Cobalt 75W Heater Inkbird ITC-306T temp controller Filtration: Intank Media Basket with filter floss, Chemipure Blue and Purigen Cobalt filter sock DIY Chaeto Reactor Flow/ATO: Icecap Gyre 1k Cobalt pump AquaSmart Micro ATO -LIVESTOCK- *11/19 Update* Fish: Chalk Bass - Serranus Tortugarum Yellowhead Jawfish - Opistognathus aurifrons Neon Goby x1 (Non-mated pair) - Elacatinus oceanops Sailfin Blenny x2 (Non-mated pair) - Emblemaria Pandionis Cherubfish - Centropyge Argi Inverts: Blue Leg Hermit x5 - Clibanarius tricolor Porcelain Crab x2 - Petrolisthes galathinus One lone Cerith Snail - Cerithiidae Pepppermint Shrimp x2 - Lysmata Wurdemanni Corals: Gorgonian x6 (when viewing left to right): Yellow Sea Feather - Pseudopterogorgia sp Purple Brush Gorgonian - Muriceopsis flavida Knobby Sea Rod - Eunicea sp Rusty Gorgonian - Muricea elongate Yellow Sea Whip - Pterogorgia citrina Purple Sea Feather - Pseudopterogorgia sp Rock Flower Anemone Florida Ricordea x4 Various Caribbean Zoanthid species x4. Caulerpa in the display and Chaeto in my reactor. Big shout out to KPaquatics.com for always being top notch on livestock and being patient with my questions. I apologize for the bad photos I just got a reef phone filter lens and am still playing around with it. I will keep posting photos here as I have much more planned for the future!
  2. *Edit* So I am now feeling comfortable with my final product. I am willing to sell them for $10 for the floss holder and $11 for the filter sock versions (filter sock takes $1 extra of material). If anyone is interested in buying them message me separately. I am currently only printing in black, but I am thinking about using neon orange and green in the near future. Also new video of them! Hey guys! So I have had the C-Vue 26 for about 6 months now. I love the tank, but a lot of people have been having the same complaint as I do. The water volume into the back of the tank is quite loud. So I replaced my filter socks with Intank floss holders. They helped a little, but it was still too loud. I then decided to design a 3d print for a water silencer to stop the trickle sound. I have finally done it for the floss holder and am working on a version for the stock filter sock now! Check it out. Check out the video and pictures of it: Here is what it looks like in the tank. Let me know what you think about the idea, and I will keep everyone updated as I edit the filter sock version.
  3. Hello folks, I was planning on setting up a new reef tank with a Nuvo Fusion 20, so I bought all these equipment brand new a couple of months ago. Well, it turns out that I'm now relocating from Chicago to Boston with a job that requires frequent travel, and so will have to shelve my plans indefinitely. Here's a list of the equipment I bought -- all brand new, unused, in their original unpacked/sealed boxes. I currently live in Lakeview area, Chicago, and preference would be local pick up. Thanks. Nuvo Fusion 20 stand only (black, anodized aluminum construction), $195 (bought for $300) Nanobox Duo Plus M (black, 9" gooseneck), $280 (bought for $425) Icecap Smart RO/DI (4 stage, 100 gpd), $260 (bought for $400) Tunze Osmolator 3155 ATO, $130 (bought for $200) Trigger System 5 gal ATO reservoir (Crystal color), $65 (bought for $100) Sicce Synra 1.5 (358 gph), $45 (bought for $70) Two (2) Cobalt Neo-therm 75w, $40 each (bought for $63) IM ChaetoMax 2-in-1 Refugium LED 9w, $45 (bought for $70) Two (2) IM Spin Stream Flow Nozzles, $13 each (bought for $20) If someone can take all the above, I'll sell for $1,000 even, which is basically almost 50% off what I paid for them. Again, all brand new in their original unopened boxes. Thanks, Ben
  4. Nutri-Sea Ocean Water CarribSea live sand Carrib Sea Life Rock 10 lbs Dry 10 lbs Live Kessil A80 Tuna Blue Hydor AUQAMAI Cobalt MJ 606 2 filter socks Poly filter 2 pouches of Chemipure Blue - less than recommended amount 2 Oscellarus Clownfish 1 Skunk cleaner shrimp 2 hermit crabs 5 bumble bee snails 2 margarita snails 3 Nassarius snails Zoa Frag Hammer Frag Current Setup END OF WEEK-1 END OF WEEK 4 7 Weeks in
  5. Hey just wondering if anyone who has the biocube 32 and is also using the cobalt version of the MJ1200 as a return pump has heat issues in their tank.... my heater had never came on ever.... the tank stays at a constant 79-80 degrees.... (which is fine) stock LEDs.... no other equipment but the InTank tray with floss, purigen and chemipure elite... Other than 2 aqamai KPS wavemakers on all sorts of random flow patterns and they make no difference in temp (heater is located in chamber 1 and it’s a cobalt neotherm and also is indicating that the temp is around 79-80- by the flashing light) but everywhere in the tank is the same temp... the DT, and all 3 chambers... (my temp probe is in chamber 3 with the MJ) and it reads the same... I have even used an external thermometer and it reads the same like 78.9, 79.5.... always consistent (I know that’s what’s important I just want to make sure there’s nothing wrong with my MJ because I know they can shut off when they overheat (it has NOT done this yet).... only other thing Hong I can think of is that it’s very new and I keep everything very clean MJ included.... is is possible that its creating that much heat? I read others that very commonly use this upgrade but they always mention having a heater?? So I’m lost.... thanks for any help...
  6. Aquatic Life: https://premiumaquatics.com/products/aquaticlife-wall-mount-hardware-swing-arm-150w-hid.html Cobalt: https://premiumaquatics.com/category/sale-clearance-items.html?filter_brand_id=1044 Easy Reef: https://premiumaquatics.com/category/sale-clearance-items.html?filter_brand_id=1233 Innovative Marine: https://premiumaquatics.com/category/sale-clearance-items.html?filter_brand_id=1107 There are 73 products on Sale & Clearance. Many of these sales are based on inventory, so make sure to find the deals fast! https://premiumaquatics.com/category/sale-clearance-items.html
  7. BigMikeSD

    BigMike's C-Vue 45

    Haven't seen many of these aquariums about so I figured I'll start a journal here and hopefully give others some information as I learn as well as track my progress. Tank - Cobalt Aquatics C-Vue45 Stand - Cobalt Aquatics C-Vue 45 stand Light - AI Hydra 26 mounted on HMS Single Arm Return - 2x Cobalt 265gph I think they are the same as the JBJ Acclea Tunze Comline 9004 skimmer in the left return Jebao SW-2 Heater - Cobalt Neo-Therm 150w Rock - 25lbs live rock Sand - 30 Lbs CaribSea Bahamas Oolite Livestock. 1 small hammer frag 1 Orange tip rainbow Clove frag 1 Orange mushroom frag 1 Pulsing Xenia Frag 1 Candy cane frag 1 Duncan frag 1 Toadstool 1 GSP frag CUC
  8. Yesterday I decided to make water for my normal water change and stuck my normal Neotherm 100W Heater on the inside of my 5 gal bucket as normal and left for a brief time, to return home to a hot/smokey smell. I noticed my mixing bucket had black small drops of "oil" floating in it and the heater had no lights on when plugged in. I immediately unplugged it and let it cool and removed it to find a huge crack down the side, after I placed it down the whole back panel cracked off. I noticed severe burn marks... Upon further investigation the heater was shorted to the water (electrifying it). I then contacted Neotherm who will be sending me a new one, but my trust in this brand has gone down significantly..... any thoughts on this brand?
  9. Newbie Ian here, experienced wild betta breeder and rare plant grower. After months of research I went to my LFS and picked up a FLuval SeaEvo or whatever. Brought it home decided I was an idiot and went back for the new Cobalt C-VUE 18 AIO, which is GORGEOUS and great quality, at least for an AIO, though It actually doesn't come with all that much. Perhaps I'm old fashioned but when it says "All In One" I should get a heater, skimmer, and especially a light. That being said the tank is lovely 20"W 12" T 16 Deep with dual filter socks, and a Flow Rate of 165 GPH. So my first question is this, anyone else running one of these? 2. I am going to buy Live sand this week and water and stone in two (payday ya know?) how important is light and heat at this stage? Thanks in advance for the A's
  10. Romulu87

    Romulu87 Nuvo 10

    Well, got around to setting up my wife’s 10 gallon. Had a 7 gallon Jbj that I upgraded to a Nuvo 10. I am very impressed with this little guy. I can’t wait to start adding corals. Very eager to see and hear what you guys recommend regarding live stock and corals Specs: Tank: Nuvo 10 Lighting: Kessil A350W Flow: Sicce Voyager nano 1000 Filtration: live rock, IM Media basket- filter floss and Chemi pure nano Heater: Cobalt 75 watt Top off: Smart ATO micro Current live stock: Two black ice extreme clown fish One Dwarf blue leg Hermit Corals: Green star polyp Keds Red Zoanthid Unidentified Zoanthid ( for now) Would like opinions and suggestions, anything to help the progression would be much appreciated. I recognize the Kessil is a bit overkill and would like to hear your perspective. Looking into a nano glass skimmer and or a nano media reactor next. This tank is next to my bed on my night stand so noise level is a concern ( for my wife).
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