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Found 13 results

  1. Kpatel28

    Clown acting odd??

    Hello all, I'm new to the saltwater hobby and I've set up a 13.5 Evo tank. It's been up and running for a little over a week now. Today I introduced two clowns, a peppermint shrimp, and two hermit crabs. I've checked water parameters and everything seems alright. Everyone is settling in well except for one clown. I am slightly concerned about how it is swimming. It has been swimming vertically most of the time...almost like it is trying to reach the top of the tank. Not sure what is going on, so reaching out to the forum for some help. I've attached some pics and some videos I took (the last two I captured from my night vision camera). Hope someone can help! https://youtu.be/zjH4Ew3Wpv4 https://youtu.be/GKoeIKaZDVE https://youtu.be/jkWu4EdI3yI
  2. veiledfox

    Black Saddleback Hosts Condy Anemone

    My saddleback clownfish hosts a condy anemone. She also hosts a bubble tip, but she definitely prefers the condy. I wasn't expecting my clown to take any interest in the condy but she proved me wrong ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Newbienanoreef

    Sudden coral and fish decline!

    Hi, pretty new to this so please be kind! Set up our nano reef tank a couple of months back (35 litre). Cycled the tank, got shop to check water parameters before we introduced anything and been regularly checking and keeping on top of everything. Recently had a bit of an outburst of green algae which I've been trying to clean from the glass and remove from the surface of the water. Last week or so, one of our larger soft corals has stopped opening up and we've noticed that it's started bleaching quite rapidly โ˜น. Checked the salinity and it was a little high, so brought that back down to normal levels (around 1.024) hoping that would fix things slowly. Since, all other soft corals have remained closed 90% of the time and we've just woken this morning to find one little clown fish dead and the other clearly on its way. The fish had been absolutely fine up until now! Just wondering if anyone can suggest something else we can try before we lose everything in the tank? We're going to take a sample of water into our local shop tomorrow as its Bank Holiday today so everywhere is closed!
  4. Tbradley

    Leopard puffed fish and clown fish

    Has anyone had success with A leopard puffer and a clown fish in the same tank? Either way, please explain your experience!
  5. Afropenguin

    Afropenguin's Clown Tank

    February 2021 Update: Got rid of aptasia, added some new coral. January 2021 update: Did not update for over a year Original tank update: Hi! This is my tank. I like it very much. I hope you like it too. This is my second saltwater tank. All pictures are taken with a pixel 2 with no gel filter and no editing (I'm too lazy to do any of that). Parameters: Salinity - 1.025 Calcium - 420 Alk - 7.9 Mag - 1320 Temperature - 77ยฐF Nitrates - 10 Phosphates - 1 Equipment list: Tank: 40g Mode Aquarium 15g Sump (about 10g of water in there) Some heater Hydro Smart ATO Filtration: Reef Octopus Classic 110 Space Saver Skimmer 40Lbs Base rock ~20lbs live sand Bag of activated carbon BRS 6 STAGE DELUXE PLUS RO/DI SYSTEM Lighting: 2x AI Prime Circulation: Hydor Koralia 425 Jebao Return Pump Husbandry Schedule: 5 gallon water change once per week Fill ATO container once per 2-3 weeks (5g container) Clean glass / empty skimmer cup as needed Stocking List: Fish 10 Clown Fish Inverts 4 Trochus snails 1 Cerith Snail 1 Nassarius Snail 1 Blue Tuxedo Urchin 1 Fighting Conch Anemone 1 Green Haddoni Carpet Anemone 7 Bubble tip anemone 4 Rock flower anemone 1 Maxi-mini carpet anemone Coral 1 Orange plate coral - RIP Elegance coral 2 torch corals Some GSP Sun coral Red gorgonian Some acans Green Candy Cane Green Monti Cap - RIP Feeding: I usually just feed a blend of whatever I have to the clown fish and the leftovers get picked up by the NPS corals. I spot feed the anemones silverside once a week but will probably start feeding them squid since the clowns won't eat it. Lighting Schedule: Plan to add: Algae reactor Auto roller mat Replace lid with something else
  6. Hello Everyone, Matt Rumer, Here a Production for Film and Television. I was guided to this forum through a very good friend of mine who has spoke highly of this group. I am Looking for: -Clown fish Aquarium with their Anemones. Preferably ONLY Clown Fish. -Los Angeles Area -Wiling to travel with their Beautiful friends. I am shooting a Science Show for CW and Generation Genius which is a Distant learning show for Grade School Children. And through this crazy time, we are trying to keep kids on a fun and safe educational track. For this segment with the Clown fish we are high lighting symbiosis. This is a very weird time in human history, for everyone, especially for the filming community. So I am asking you all if you know anyone that is willing to come by our studio and set up a tank next week to be filmed for the Science Guy. There is a budget to compensate for your time as well as credit in the TV show and would love to ask you to come back in future episodes. Hope everyone is staying safe and thriving!!! Absolute pleasure to connect with you all. XOXO MATT
  7. xofish

    Clown fish with Ick?

    I have two clowns in a tank, no live rock no corals. Only my fish and a few decorations for them. I noticed two tiny white spots on the smaller fish. He's acting normal, not scratching and eating very well. The other fish doesn't seem to be effected. I did a couple water changes recently since I had gone on vacation and my ammonia was high as a result. The other clown fish bullies him a bit as well. Do you think these things are stressing him out? What should I do? Is this even Ick?
  8. xofish

    ammonia at 0.25?

    Im having a problem in my tank. I have two clown fish a ceramic hide out for them and some sand. I usually use instant ocean, but recently switched to coralife salt because the pet store by my house ran out. After each water change (about 50, 65 %) the ammonia levels read at 0.25? I tested my water without salt and it was 0, but after I added in the salt it came up at 0.25. What should I do? Should I use another salt mix? And if so how can I know it wont be adding ammonia to my tank? Thank you.
  9. Hello refers. So I recently had picked up a maroon clown fish very impulsively. Not actually knowing that they are a much more aggressive clown than ocellaris and percale which are usually not even a safe match to put in a nano or even a larger tank. The maroon ended up finding a low flow spot under a rock and camped out there till my light went out. Before I went to bed a hour or so after lights out I went to see how these fishies wanted to set up sleeping for the night. With my phone light dimmed I tried to shed a little light in to find them. I found my maroon had taken over original clown "coco" (lsf said its a black ocellaris but I personally think that it is a photon and feel feel to let me know what you guys think from the pictures) typical sleeping spot. When I saw this I was a little concerned so I did a little research and felt that I had just put a assassin in my tank, and was actually planning to bring back my new pick up the next day. I ended up leaving the fish together in my 60 liter reef since from the 5 hours together they to my knowledge had not cared to interact. The next morning 'coco' was up to the same routine it always is (btw the clown is a year old and I've have had it for 6 months so assuming coco is a female) and the maroon was back hiding in the same low flow spot and seemed territorial, but not aggressive as coco seemed to check in consistently and annoying it. Feed went better than expected, with coco going crazy and the maroon coming out a little to grab a couple pellets. I was now relaxed a little and decided with my busy day I'd return the fish the following day. I spent the next 5 or 6 hour doing homework and keeping a close eye on them. all of a sudden when I took a peek the maroon had joined coco daily fun in some playful swimming against the flow. This is when I started to see the personality of the two fish. Coco would chase the maroon around and I was thinking the she was trying to show that she was the queen of the reef but it seem more that she was just happy for a friend and they acted like 2 dogs playing with each other. Later after getting home the maroon had returned to her rock and coco was acting normal. Now its about 2 hours after the lights had went out and wanted to see what the 2 had chosen for sleeping. Coco is kinda in her usual spot and the maroon had picked to sleep roughly four or five inches away right threw a little cave in the back and seem like they were starting to 'pair' in a sort of way similar to my experience with clowns of the same species. Please let me know any feed back of experience, thoughts, precautions, or whatever you'd like :) https://youtu.be/uUAx4bSg-S0
  10. 805NanoReef

    QT tank set up

    I have a question.. im going to set up a QT tank to treat one of my clown fish. Ive heard some say i can use a live rock to have some beneficial bacteria so the ammonia wont spike. Just as long as i don't take it out and use it on my main display tank. Some say not to because the parasite an latch on to the rock.. I heard about the filtration sponges but i don't have time to let is sit in my tank to get populated bacteria. Any suggestions??
  11. Question, can I add a baby clownfish to my tank that has a medium size Wyoming white? Saw a few awesome baby ones today and it was so tempting but I donโ€™t want to get one and put it in a bad situation. Itโ€™s neat seeing so many and they all swam to me when I pointed at them hahaha.
  12. What's the recommended size tank required to house a couple of ocellaris clown fish and what anemone should I get for it, it's for my sons room. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated as I'm a first timer Sorry if this has been posted before.
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