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Found 4 results

  1. Marine Depot

    How to Acclimate a Clean Up Crew

    How to Acclimate Clean Up Crew Invertebrates Here's how to safely introduce the critters who'll keep your tank clean! PLUS: Sign up to get early access to our Black Friday deals >
  2. Hi everyone, I am needing some help with how large of a CUC I need for my 32 gallon Biocube. My concern is the algae. A little history: My tank has been up and running since October 1 (one month). It cycled completely in 2 weeks, and at the end of week 2 I started getting some brown algae and green hair algae. On week 3 I added a small CUC: 2 trochus snails 1 serpent star 1 emerald crab 1 coral banded shrimp 1 snowflake clownfish I originally didn't want another clownfish, but after a few days I realized I should have bought a pair together. We returned to the LFS, tested my water, and got my 2nd ocellaris clownfish and 3 small blue legged hermit crabs I wanted to go slower than that, but apparently I got a little too enthusiastic. Anyway, everyone is doing just fine aside from having my first fatality (one very small hermit crab who I believe got trapped in a rock and was missing for a few days)...I found half a body yesterday during a water change. All my water parameters have been fine (testing every other day), but I have a lot of brown algae on the sand and on my rocks. I also see some spots of green and dark red algae on the one live rock I have. I'm hoping this isn't cyanobacteria, but not freaking out yet. I will deal with it. I think my clean up crew is too small. I know I have only 2 snails, but the amount they poop is insane. Most other tanks I've seen have way more snails and CUC. What are your thoughts? Should I add more snails, hermits, or other? How many do I need? Thanks! Ashley
  3. GenericReefer

    Clean-Up Crew Confusion

    Hey reefers! One of the last things I ask to set up my 10g reef tank is the clean up crew! I decided on having a no crab clean up crew, because of their possibly violent nature, and having to place in more shells. My stocking is just an Ocellaris Clown, a sexy shrimp, and some tisbe pods being fed Spectrum Thera A pellets daily, with Rods food biweekly. @Lula_Mae has recommended me several types of snails, but I am still unclear on how many to add. So how many and what kinds of snails should I add, and when? Thanks  -Generic Reefer
  4. reefhound


    Just got an order in.. super cheap, super clean, alive and kicking.. bought a Pack with shipping included.. ridiculously reasonable, quick ship to SoCal, great email response time.. 5 stars
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