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Found 6 results

  1. ReefFrenzy1974

    Need new snails for algae control

    I have a 40g breeder and I need to add some more cleaners to get rid of a green hair algae bloom. My current CUC is 4 red legged hermit crabs, 1 Halloween hermit, 1 emerald crab and a peppermint shrimp. I also have extra shells around my substrate so the hermits shouldn’t bother the snails. Which snails would be the best for watching as well as most beneficial. How many? Thanks.
  2. Aidanj

    Clown Harem

    I am setting up a 72 gallon clownfish harem with 18 clowns. I am planning to purchase all 18 from the same clutch, plenty of Bta anemones, and feeding 4 times a day using an auto feeder to reduce aggression. I have a few questions though. The first is on flow. What type of flow pump would you use? I’m trying to decide between a gyre and a puck. The second question is on cuc. I am running a protein skimmer rated for more than double my tank size. Along with a refugium, Carbon and gfo. Would this be overkill or too little? 2x sand sifting gobys (not sure which yet) 5x astrea snails 5x nassarius snails 5x trochus snails 3x red leg hermits 3x blue leg hermits 1x tuxedo urchin The third question is on anemones. Should I place the clowns In the tank before or after I stock anemone? Does anyone have any suggestions on types of food your bta anemones prefer? The forth is on clown food. What type of food would you recommend? Any suggestions on good auto feeders? Any other suggestions and tips would be greatly appreciated.
  3. xofish

    Clean up crew

    Hi, I recently got a single Percula clown fish. He's super super tiny right now and is having a hard time eating the pellets I got for him. Im going out to a second clown today and some smaller food, as well as making a few adjustment to his tank. One of the things I was wondering is if there are any fish who would benefit in eating some of the food he drops. Because it's too big it just falls to the sand. Are there any fish that could eat some of those leftovers?
  4. Hi everyone, I am needing some help with how large of a CUC I need for my 32 gallon Biocube. My concern is the algae. A little history: My tank has been up and running since October 1 (one month). It cycled completely in 2 weeks, and at the end of week 2 I started getting some brown algae and green hair algae. On week 3 I added a small CUC: 2 trochus snails 1 serpent star 1 emerald crab 1 coral banded shrimp 1 snowflake clownfish I originally didn't want another clownfish, but after a few days I realized I should have bought a pair together. We returned to the LFS, tested my water, and got my 2nd ocellaris clownfish and 3 small blue legged hermit crabs I wanted to go slower than that, but apparently I got a little too enthusiastic. Anyway, everyone is doing just fine aside from having my first fatality (one very small hermit crab who I believe got trapped in a rock and was missing for a few days)...I found half a body yesterday during a water change. All my water parameters have been fine (testing every other day), but I have a lot of brown algae on the sand and on my rocks. I also see some spots of green and dark red algae on the one live rock I have. I'm hoping this isn't cyanobacteria, but not freaking out yet. I will deal with it. I think my clean up crew is too small. I know I have only 2 snails, but the amount they poop is insane. Most other tanks I've seen have way more snails and CUC. What are your thoughts? Should I add more snails, hermits, or other? How many do I need? Thanks! Ashley
  5. GenericReefer

    Clean-Up Crew Confusion

    Hey reefers! One of the last things I ask to set up my 10g reef tank is the clean up crew! I decided on having a no crab clean up crew, because of their possibly violent nature, and having to place in more shells. My stocking is just an Ocellaris Clown, a sexy shrimp, and some tisbe pods being fed Spectrum Thera A pellets daily, with Rods food biweekly. @Lula_Mae has recommended me several types of snails, but I am still unclear on how many to add. So how many and what kinds of snails should I add, and when? Thanks -Generic Reefer
  6. reefhound


    Just got an order in.. super cheap, super clean, alive and kicking.. bought a Pack with shipping included.. ridiculously reasonable, quick ship to SoCal, great email response time.. 5 stars
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